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Dodge Ram Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Could you tell the board how many miles a month you are driving? My back of the napkin calculation is that you are putting 2500 miles a month on this rig or close to 30K per year. You are going to need some expensive 20" tires real soon. More maintencance will follow. When will the truck's warranty expire?

    Sure a VW would save on some gas. But, maybe the issue isn't if can you afford the gas. After all the transaction costs (taxes, etc. etc.) I don't think you would save a lot if you switched say to a new Toyota that got better mileage. Really, isn't the question, can you afford to drive 30,000 miles a year to work AND own a $27,000 truck? What if you got rid of the $27,000 Dodge and picked up something used for $15,000 to better afford the gas?
  • That's true. We're looking for a good used car. We just went ahead and bought the truck without talking to anyone, so this time I am pretty stubborn about asking as many people as I can for advice so we do the "least" retarded thing in the end. I mean, we know we blew it. We're just trying to get out from under this truck before we put too many miles on it. I mean, what's the probability of someone taking over payments on a truck we haven't made one payment to yet? Not good. Thanks for your advice. :)
  • Oh, and your calculations about the gas are pretty accurate. We bought an extended warranty, so it's good until we hit 80K miles. We also have insurance in case the tire blows out, but obviously not just for basic wear or tear.
  • After my first post I gave it some more thought and came up with the idea of buying a CPO car. Given how many miles you drive, a 6 year, 100,000 mile CPO warranty seems the way to go. Believe it or not the Jaguar's CPO is the best. How would your husband feel about dumping the 27K macho Dodge truck for an 18K Jaguar X?
  • that won't be bad...but of course we have to take into consideration that if we trade it in, we'd have lots of negative equity to deal with...I guess that's our problem, eh? I think John could definitely handle a Jaguar, but I think the insurance would be a bit prohibitive. I mean, we're pretty young...he's only 20. :-) Thanks for your advice. We are hesitantly hanging on the new hope that a friend may be interested in taking over payments on our truck....hope he qualifies! Then we could just start over, as it were!
  • Hey bickislandguy,
    I guess the 4 auto mechanic guys that I have talked to over the last 15 years are wrong for buying their Ram Diesels. Of course they are still driving them and haven't hadn't had any problems. Maybe you should worry less about other peoples financies and more about your own.And please don't tell me how much you make, I really don't care.I don't drink coffee and didn't even show the guys at work my new truck for a month because when I did they all got real jealous. Which I knew would happen. Yea, let the wife drive it and she loved it. I'll show you the Dodge factory bed liner if you real must see it. Anyways have a nice thankgiving everybody from sunny 88 degree Phoenix AZ
  • Hello bickislandguy,
    Hey is that 2k plow assembly for snow? I remenber that stuff from the 26 years I grew up in Rochester N.Y..It's cool to look at and play in when your a kid. But I'm 54 now and rarely wish to see the real thing. Yea, my sister loves shoving snow in the winter for exersize. Me I'd rather go ride my bicycle.
  • Oh one last thing bickislandguy,
    What do you drive? I'll check back in about 2 weeks I got better things to do than play on my new computer.
  • Just wanted to find out what every one thinks of the deal I have come up with. I got a 2005 Ram ST white "work group" with a 4.7L 5sp auto, cruise, carpet, cloth seats and heavy duty engine cooling. MSRP was 23,400 with invoice at 21,300. With 6500 in rebates and college grad program that gives it to me a 1% below invoice, I am getting it at 16,300 out the door. I'm picking it up on Tues. and just making sure I did well on the deal. Tell me what you think.
  • I thought that the trucks only had $2,500 in rebates. I must be losing touch. Yes, that sounds very good.
  • I had a couple of questions on the Cummins diesel. What kind of mileage do you get driving empty (commuting)? Is the mileage much less when hauling a trailer (boat)? The window stickers on new Ram trucks don't list a mileage rating if equipped with the diesel. Can you get the 20" wheels with the 2500 series Dodge Ram? Thank you.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    My truck had been getting 16.7 mpg on the stock Michelin tires - that's a 4x4 2500 with a tall cap on the back and my lead foot. When I put on BFG AT tires, my mileage dropped to 15.2 mpg. I run mostly empty, tow nothing, and it's about 90% stop and go commuting and 10% highway driving. The newer, more powerful engines (mine's an '03, early common-rail engine) are supposed to be about the same mileage, and I've read numbers like 8 mpg towing heavy loads. A small boat isn't going to challenge the Cummins very much at all. Sorry, I don't know the answer to the 20" question, though I expect not since they're 8 lug wheels instead of the 5-lug ones on the 1500.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 94,280


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Cactus5, OK, you asked. I drive a Porsche. I bought a new Cayenne last December for five reasons:

    1) its 6000 GVW means I saved about 30% on the purchase price because of the Section 179 tax break,
    2) since I bought it at a net savings of one third off the agreed upon price my resale will be fantastic,
    3) its AWD gives me the all weather capability I like
    4)it is the right size with nimble handling,
    5) finally, I liked the more professional Porsche buying experience (Do you really want to spend 40-70K with the typical sales guy who is so transient that he has a handwritten business card?)

    What do I do for a truck? I have an 87 Ford Supercab XLT 4X4 for general hacking around. Bought it new, loaded for around 18K. I've kept it up with good maintenance and attended quickly to any body issues with regular detailing and paint as required. It looks great. BUT, just this week I discovered that a front frame rail just before it arcs up for the front wheel well is badly rotted. Sure, its been 17 years but frame rails shouldn't rot like that unless abused by plowing. I want to avoid the vibration problems of the new Ford F150 so I am now looking at a Ram 1500/2500 to replace the 87. Yes, I weigh my spending decisions carefully and with an eye to the tax implications. No, I'm not going to pop for a diesel (I'd rather put the $5500 after tax money into an emerging market bond fund and watch it grow).
  • cseancsean Posts: 1
    Is this a good price with the friends and family discount?
    2006 Ram SLT 4X4
    5.7 Hemi
    Premium Cloth Seats
    Anti-Spin Differential
    Trailer Tow Group
    20" Wheels
    rear slide
    fog lights
    leather wrapped steering wheel
    MSRP 35,400
    EP 30,600
    Friends and Family Deal offered: $28,200
  • I never figured you to be on the SUV bandwagon bickislandguy. Do you need the AWD where you live? I gave up that winter wonderland stuff a long time ago. Yea put that $5500 into a market bond fund you bean counter. Go ahead and resell that Cayenne someday. I drive my vehicles until they die. I would still be driving my 95 Ford F-150 if it wasn't for the jerk who ran a red light in Aug.05 and totaled her out. You bought what you wanted and I bought what I wanted. Enjoy your ride, I sure do. Happy Holidays
  • Thanks. Yes, I like to go to work early, stay late, and then go to the gymn on the way home. The only way to do that in New England is with AWD.

    Now help me out. I'm going to get the Ford '87 frame welded but I'll dump it as soon as I figure out what to buy.

    Does the new Ram 1500 have the same type of vibration problem as the Ford F150? Is the new Ram '06 frame an improvement over the seemingly same body style but different frame on the '05? Are they both boxed? The Ram seems technically the equal of the Ford but with much higher depreciation. I like high depreciation if I am buying used. So do I just pick up a used '05 quad cab 4X4 in summer '06 for, say, 21K? (They are now 28K new and about 25K used for the SLT version).
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Yes the '06 frame is fully boxed, so Ford can stop using Toby Keith of all people to boast about how the F-150's frame is fully boxed. And the suspension revisions quelled all of the vibration problems. However, any pick-up from a Toyota Tacoma to a Dodge 3500 is going to have rear reverberation and tail hop if the bed is empty. But the '06 Dodge is a step ahead of the '02-'05.

    I disagree with you on the depreciation statement. The Ford depreciation rate is much higher(about 22.3%) than the Dodge because there are many more Ford's on the road(1) and (2)the Ford's quality and reliablility has suffered as of late(J.D.Powers and Wards).

    I had a '05 Daytona Edition that I sold last week back to the dealership for an '06 SRT-10 4-door. The '05 new was $36K minus $5200 in discounts. I still got $28,300 for it. How's that for first year for depreciation. It had about 21K miles on it.

    Did you know that Dodge Cummins-equipped trucks have the best resale value in it's class? Yeah, that's beating out Duramax and Powerstroke and with better reliability and lower maintenance. I've got an '04 2500 4X4 Cummins TD Laramie and a '05 3500 Dualie Cummins TD Southern Comfort Custom and have never experienced the problems that the Ford or Chevy guys go through.

    I got quoted $35.5K today for the 3500(btw, which has 32,000 miles on it) today because I'm in the market for the new 3500 MegaCab
  • Thanks. I think you are right on all counts.

    Dodge IS on a roll with lots of best in class features and the resale willl show it. Now if they would do interiors a little bit better they would be all set. (Take a look at the Laramie and compare it to a similar top of the line XLT, for example.)
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I agree, the interior is a little austere. However, one of my close friends has a F-150 Lariat SuperCrew with that great interior. Only thing is that it rattles like it is coming apart. So I'd take the less than pretty but non-rattling interior anyday.
  • blkhemi, Regarding the release of the 6.1 in the Ram in late december, If they are still intending to do this, it has got to be the best kept secret in the automotive field. There hasn't been a peep and the month is 2/3 over. Even if they announced it today, it would take a month or better to see any at dealers. Word would be out if they were already on the line.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The 6.1 release was pushed back until at least the 3rd QTR of '06, according to last months newsletter release to DC employees. DC has too many projects going on with the 6.1(ie: SRT 300/Chargers and JGC's) and they don't have the engine supply to supplement the higher selling Ram. However, it was slated to be released in unison with the revemaped '06 Ram in 4th QTR of '05, which is right now.
  • Well the 3rd quarter of '06 will be the '07 model year, if it even makes that. Odd thing about that is I've read that the plant making the 6.1 is no where near capacity and only producing the 6.1 "as needed".

    What about the 4.7? That engine can obviously produce a lot more power than it is ( if they can get 345 out of a 5.7). It almost seems as if they are intentionally letting it die. Any plans on infusing any life into it?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Man I hope they don't let that marvelous engine die off. I can remember the days when you either chose the gas-hungery 318 or 360 motors. The 4.7 that was introduced into the '99 JGC has been a great motor every since. I can't understand why DC won't squeeze more power out of it. They did a little extracting in the '05 Dakota H.O., but 260 hp, that's not enough to move the needle unlike when they did the Dakota R/T a few years back with that monsterous 360 in that mini pickup.

    I've got a '03 JGC Overland with the high-output 4.7L in it and if I can go from 260hp to 370hp without cracking open the engine at all, surely DC can massage the internals to get more power. DC, are ya listening?
  • All of the gas egines that DC has in the Ram produces about 60-65 HP per liter except the 4.7 which produces a measely 50 per liter. Add 'em up, even the 3.7 produces a greater percentage of power.
  • Guys, I plead ignorance on this. But wouldn't it be easier for them to make the V10 more available? Speaking of the V10, you don't see them much but at as an option wouldn't it be far more cost effective than a diesel? I see Ford dealers that just can't give away the pickups with the V10 yet to me that would be a sensible alternative to the Power Joke. Sure, you wouldn't have bragging rights at the local coffee shop and it wouldn't have the low end torque to pull out stumps. But for highway towing or hauling a camper down the interstate the V10 might be better, easier to live with and a whole lot less money.
  • The 6.1 was being developed to replace the V10. It had higher HP and torque and less displacement. Instead the corporation was pushing cars (by the time the engine development was completed). The 6.1 was originally to replace the V10 that was strong, but ate too much fuel. The V10 that remains is the derivitive of the viper and has no coerelation to the V10 that was offered in the 2500/3500 series trucks. They have left an enormous gap between the 5.7 and the Cummins that only Ford seems to be filling and very limited at that. Fuel economy is a big issue and with diesel fuel costing much more than gas these days, they have lost favor. Both Dodge and Chevy has really missed the boat on this one. A Ford F250 V10 has a good chance of making it to my driveway in the near future.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Since this line of thought is really not on-topic here in PP+BE, feel free to start a "2007 Ram 6.1 Hemi" discussion over in the Pickups Board.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • Would you buy the Ford just for the V10?? (I do though think you could get one though for short money.)
  • If my choice was a comparably equipt Ford V10 or a Dodge 5.7 3/4 ton truck, there would be absolutely no question that I would chose the Ford. The 5.7 is great in a 1/2 ton and in a 3/4 ton "delivery" truck but not nearly powerful enough for towing or hauling serious loads. The Dodge lineup has a massive gap in power in thier trucks between the Hemi and the Cummins.
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