Toyota Tundra - How much did you pay?

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Anyone interested in sharing what they paid for
their new Toyota Tundra? Please mention what state
or geographic area or dealership you purchased your
truck and what model? Anyone see a Tundra with ABS


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    I have ordered(from regional distributor) a Tundra Access Cab V8 4x4. I live in North Carolina. The dealer sold it for $900 over invoice plus tax and tags. Mine has the convenience package(CQ), CD system(DZ), fog lights(LF), alloys w/std. tires, hitch & wiring harness(XH6), and fender flares. Base INVOICE price in Southeast U.S. is $23,181(includes shipping) add $188(CD), $848(convenience pkg),
    $519(alloys), $80(fogs), $225(hitch), and $275(flares). Total invoice price was $25,316. Dealer added $900 for a total before tax of $26,216. I should take delivery by 7/24. F.Y.I. see topic #490 for interesting tidbits on the Tundra and its competition. I figure the dealer got a fair profit of $900 plus the 2% holdback. I talked to six area dealers and this was the best deal I could find.
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    I forgot to mention that I have seen 3 or 4 Tundras with ABS brakes at differnet dealerships but did not test drive any of them. I believe they are a $630 option(retail) if my memory is correct. I chose to bypass the ABS. Hope I don't regret it.
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    Been scounting around South Louisiana and Texas. Dealer quotes vary from MSRP, $1000 off MSRP, to invoice cost plus a markup.
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    If anyone has found any dealer discounting the Tundra would you pls. post a note.
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    Todd Peacock

    Could you post the dealership and phone # where you purchased your tundra.
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    Oops, that's supposed to be Toyota!
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    Anyone had any problems with dealers saying you could not order Tundra the way you want it??

    Seattle, WA
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    I purchased my Tundra on June 3. I wanted to order one but several dealers told me that Toyota was not accepting orders. What they would do was to see if any of the ones allocated to them in future deliveries were similar to my selection and then contact Toyota and see if they would change those items that were not the same, i.e. paint color, interior, etc.

    They said that when Toyota would start accepting orders which may be in August that it would take 12 weeks for it to arrive.

    They had one on the lot that was the same paint color as I wanted, but the interior was different, althought I now like it. It had options that I really didn't want but they were not too costly.

    Overall I am very happy with it.
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    I live in the DFW area and it seems no dealer that I talked with so far wanted to sell me a Tundra SR5 V8 4x2 for less than $800 under MSRP. Also even in that case I still have to wait for 4-12 weeks depending on dealer.
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    Probably bought the world's most expensive Tundra made at $1000 off sticker but the truck's so nice I don't care. Got the new Platinum Metallic color and it is gorgeous! SR5 4x4 Access cab with AB, CC,CQ,DZ,LF, Bedliner, mats, WY4 wheels and TG1 fender flares (these two make the truck), Hitch, and their Toyota junk, tot $30K.
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    You are absolutely right about the flares and wheels. They definitely make a huge difference in the Tundra's appearance. I ordered mine the same way and highly recommend them to future buyers. I saw a Tundra like yours while visiting Winston-Salem, NC last week at Modern Toyota. The Platinum Metallic looked good with those flares and wheels. Best of luck.
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    I read above where someone said they probably purchased the most expensive Tundra in the world. I may have you beat or running a close second!!! My feeling is similar to yours ... I really don't care because I got the truck I always wanted ... A Toyota V8 4x4! If I was someone's slut ... that's my business! HA!

    The sticker on my truck was $30,124 and finally ended up negotiating a buying price of $28,372. I actually got the dealer to come $1750 off sticker! Not too bad from what I've heard from others!

    I did have new tires and wheels added aftermarket because I like sporty wheels and this one had steel wheels with Toyota hub caps! BORING! So, I paid $1000 extra for NICE tires and wheels! What a difference they make!!!

    The options on my truck were ... AB, CK, CQ, DZ, LF, P1, I1, W1, SL, RL, B8 AND DH. I even got the dealer to throw in a free window tint!

    I really like the woodgrain interior trim on this truck. I actually like my white truck! The color HAS grown on me.

    I went to THREE Toyota dealers in the city and the best offer I got up to this point was $450 off sticker! Hell! I'm NOT even stupid enough to pay THAT for a Tundra!

    I strongly suggest shopping around ... eventually a dealer will WANT and NEED a sale! I recommend waiting until the end of the month! Work the phones and even check out of state! I tried Dallas and they were not ready to "Deal!"

    Good luck all! I love my Tundra SR5 V8 4x4 Access Cab!

    Ohhhh ... what a feeling ... Toyota! (I coudn't Resist!)

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    Let me just say in California, the dealers are holding the price at MSRP. Even at that it is difficult to find one without having to special order. The best I could do was $500 off MSRP and that's having a connection to the General Mgr. Question: has anyone done a comparision of performance with a CA smog Tundra and a truck that does not have CA smog? Is it any faster without CA emissions?

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    This message is for tp4unc.
    Can anyone order a Tundra from the regional distributor you mentioned? If so,how can someone contact them?
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    I live in CA.Anyone know of any dealers or Distributors or Agents discounting Toyota Tundras
    more than 500.00?
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    I live in California and have ordered a Tundra 4wd limited w/ TRD off road pkg, CA, AB, DH, EJ, CC, V3, 3K4. I think I ordered everything except the leather seats (I have dogs). I put a $1000 deposit and they quoted me $30K. From KBB I calculated a invoice of $26,803. Of course they will not negotiate price until the truck is on the lot and delivery is not going to be until Sept. We shall see how good my negotiating skills are. From the reviews I have read I think it will be worth the wait and price.
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    I want to get the wheel flares on my V8, and how big a tire can the Tundra handle? it looks like a 26575r16 is max.
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    The fender flares make a BIG difference in the Tundra's looks. The invoice price is $275(sticker at $385). I saw 2 Tundras at a dealer in Winston-Salem, NC that had 275 Dunlop(I think they were Dunlops) tires on them. The largest I have seen elsewhere are the 265 tires. I went with the distributor installed alloys with the standard 245 tires but I will upgrade to the 265 at replacement time.
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    I just ordered my tundra ltd- $900 over invoice. Dealer said approx 12 weeks for delivery.
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    I thought that Toyota was not taking customer orders. The only was to get one not already on the lot was to pick one from the dealer's upcoming allotment. Is this true?
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    As someone else asked, are there regional distributors throughout the US? If so, how would I find one here on the West Coast? I live in the Southern California area; actually east of Los Angeles in the San Bernardino area. Any info you have about saving money inregards to purchasing a Tundra would be appreciated. The best any dealer will do so far is MSRP and that is for three dealers I've spoken with in Ontario, Redlands and Hemet. Thanks for your help K
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    I do not know about the rest of the U.S. but the southeast dealer's are served by Southeast Toyota Distributors, Inc. out of Jacksonville, Fl. My truck was purchased from Rice's Toyota World in Greensboro, NC at $900 over invoice. They preferenced it for me on a future allocation. Had to wait about one month. I was told I could order direct from factory but that would take 4 months. Do not know if this is true however.
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    I've purchased my SR5/access cab 2WD on June 3rd.

    Factory options are:
    CQ (Convenience Package/Power windows etc...)
    DZ (Cass/CD w/6 speakers)
    LF (Fog Lamps)

    Port installed options are:
    L2 (leather)
    A1 (port aluminum wheel upgrade)
    SL (spare tire lock)
    T1 (Tire Upgrade/P265/70R16)
    SB (chrome tube step bars)
    CB The extra mile option/pkg C-includes:
    **floor mats
    **permavin glass etching
    **custom pin stripe
    **Securikey Plus (Keyless Entry/Alarm)
    **Under Rail Bedliner
    **Coler-Keyed Fender Flares
    **Road assistance
    **DH (Receiver Hitch and Wire Harness).

    I then purchased the Factory 5-spoke alloy rim to replace the port aluminum wheel upgrade.

    The sticker was 28,655 and I negotiated $27,112.
    I was pleased to pay that for this truck.
    If anyone has any questions-please ask. I know I knew more about options on the Tundra than my salesman knew. Thats why I had to study so hard to get the truck that I wanted. I also have access to a sales guide to all models and their options that are available. Hope this has been of some help!
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    Living in Denver I ventured up the road to Longmont, a sleepy farming community rich in Fords, Chevy's and Dodges. The Longmont Toyota sales person was one of the nicest persons I have dealt with. It took us longer to drive up there than to order our vehicle.

    We got the Tundra Access Cab V8 SR5 with first choice in color the two tone Jade/Thunder Grey, Thunder Grey second choice and White third choice in color.

    Will come with:

    CK All Weather Guard Package
    CQ Convenience package
    OF Off road upgrade
    EJ Premium stero upgrade
    AB Anti-lock brakes

    Total $28,940. We figured dealer invoice to be between $25,000 and $26,000. This price was allready lower than the posted invoices on demo's on lots in Denver.

    If this was not their first year in production I would have pressured for a little more off but I got dealer invoice for a couple of options and the salesman missed the additional charge for the two tone paint if I get it that is ;).

    As my wife stated that we could wait until the "newness" wore off but by that time inflation would push up the price to what we are paying now and we would not be enjoying our new toy.

    Delivery should be in 8-12 weeks, just in time for hunting season. It will give me plenty of time to get my SUV ready for resale and to look for some type of shell for the bed. I have inquired into a camper unit and was told by a local dealer that they can provide one to fit the Tundra. Most of the units they build are semi custom anyway so there is not going to be a problem fitting a camper shell in the bed of that truck.

    I just can not wait to see all the looks as I drive the I-25 corridor to and from work.
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    Talk to someone else at the dealership. The flares ARE available. My father-in-law had them added by the dealer 2 months after his purchase(I do not know the price he paid). I ordered my Tundra and the flares are to be installed by Southeast Toyota Distributors in Jacksonville, Fl.
    The sticker price for the flares is $385...invoice price is $275. If that doesn't work, try another dealership. The flares are worth the price because they sure do improve the looks!
  • hall2hall2 Member Posts: 40
    I called another dealer and he said the same thing. He told me to call back in a month to see if they will be available. I live in Rochester, MN. Any info to get the fender flares is appreciated.
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    Where did u purchase your Tundra from at 900.00 over invoice?
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    If anyone is interested in a loaded 4x4 Limited near Kansas City I saw one today at Roger Smith & Sons Toyota. address is 73rd and State Ave. in KC, KS. I don't know the phone #.
    it was an Access Cab 4x4, black with the TRD offroad package, leather interior, 6 disc changer, all weather package, running boards, bed liner and abs brakes. it was a very sharp truck! the leather seats really look nice.
    I am personally waiting til spring to buy a 2wd Limited myself.
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    Does anyone know the 0-60 Speeds of the V-8 and V-6 2WD Auto? I want to compare them. Thanks
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    I heard on Paul Harvey last Friday that Toyota is starting a new policy on ordered vehicles. They vow to have their orders filled and delivered with 2 weeks I think. Did anyone else hear that and does it apply to the Tundra?
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    Did not apply to mine....ordered on 7/3 and still waiting.
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    I read on the auto industry news website that Toyota is going to have a 10 day delivery schedule. That means you will have a customer ordered vehicle to the dealer within 10 days. I think they are going to start with one of their US plants that manufactuers the Camry then go to the Corrola. The article did not mention the Tundra.
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    I am wanting to buy a tundra! They said at a Birmingham dealership they would take 1200$ off price,28,000. Then we come to the agreement of 26,000 and out the door and the price included t,t,and t. They said they needed to sell one! Here's the catch, 10.49 interest. Should I do it? Has any one found a better deal in Alabama?

    [email protected]
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    Toyota's marketing materials state a 7.3 sec time for 0-60. That is incredible for a stock truck. However, I sure that was with the non-CA emissions model which 245 HP versus 240 HP.
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    I purchased my new Access Cab on Tuesday and paid sticker - $25,139. I did receive extra on my trade in, but the dealer said no Tundras were going out under sticker. On the other hand, they were not marking them up over sticker, as I've seen at other dealerships here in southern california.
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    I Purchased my new ACCess Cab from Kolar in Duluth MN it is a fully loaded 4X4 SR5 thunder gray has no TRD BUT EVERYTHING ELSE list for 29870 paid 2200 under list or 26670 I have 500 miles on it and love the V8
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    Anyone aware of a dealer in the midwest (IA,IL,MO,
    IN,KS,WI) who is dealing on Tundra for $1000 over invoice for an order. If so please respond. Dealers feel free!!!
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    saw an ad in todays paper in northern illinois where libertyville toyota is advertising 2,000 off msrp for tundra...says 7 in stock...dont know if that puts you in the ballpark or not...
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    I bought mine for $1500 over invoice in Ames, IA. I know thats more than $1000 over but was the best I could find in my area.
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    I don't know about other regions of the country, but here in the southeast you can check out dealer inventories online through the dealer's website.

    When I was lookng for my Tacoma, I simply went to,hit dealers then typed in only the state to pull up a list of all dealers in that particular state. I then went to each individual dealer's site and hit "new inventory".

    I was able to scan inventories in Alabama,Georgia,South Caroina and Tennessee doing this.

    When I found a dealer I could actually deal with, I told him where the truck I wanted was located before he knew!
    The only info you'll get through the inventory is color,list price, transmission and body type but you can email the dealer to find out what individual options the truck has on it.

    Hope this helps some of you find YOUR Tundra.
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    Paying over invoice is simply a sin for any of these trucks. Despite constrained inventory you can buy these for under invoice. Also, you can order a truck off the list of what the dealer is receiving in the next month or two if you do not like their stock. Please, folks, negotiate this vehicle and make it less painful for the next person to buy one. Tundra is hot, yes, but it can be negotiated. Be firm, tell them what you want and will pay and don't budge until they deal. They can and will in some cases (at certain dealers)offer below invoice.
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    Has anybody tried autobytel to buy a Tundra andgotten any real benefit from it? My local dealeris not honoring autobytel at all on a Tundra.
  • rphronrphron Member Posts: 21
    Tried Auto-by-tel but got, "they are only going for MSRP" crap. Another dealer offered $1000.00 off MSRP. Not to impressed with Auto-by-tel...
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    Well, I just made my first visit to the dealer today to take the Tundra for a test drive. I must say that I was pretty impressed with the truck. I thought that I would list the exact options that I was interested in and the price that the sales rep gave me. Keep in mind, I didn't do ANY negotiating on this visit, but I can assure you that I will before I write a check.

    *Access Cab 4X2
    *Thunder Grey with Charcoal Interior
    *Cloth Bench seats
    *V8 / Automatic
    *Deluxe 3 in 1 stereo with CD
    *16" Alloy Wheels with "Michelin" tires (NOT the alloy wheels that come with the Dunlops) Code WY4
    *Floor Mats
    *Fog Lamps
    *Frame mounted trailer hitch
    *Convenience Package
    *Fender Flares

    Price quoted $25,456 and I live in the south east.

    Is there anyone else out there that has priced these exact options, and if so, what kind of price did you come up with?

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    although I am wanting a 4wd I was looking at a sr5 2wd when the salesman approached me and seemed to be desperate to sell the vehicle. It was pretty close to yours except two tone paint, no fender flares, it had abs, and the factory bedliner, as well as cloth captains chairs.

    I wasnt even showing real interest and within 20 minutes he had come all the way to 24000 even. Not including ttt. He may have taken somewhat less but I doubt much. Hope this helps....I am in Southeast also
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    My vehicle is equipped exactly like yours with the following exceptions:

    1) Mine is a 4x4

    2) I have your Alloys but with standard 245/70 tires.

    I paid $26,216 plus tax in North Carolina.($900 over invoice) Please go back to post #1 in this topic for complete breakdown of INVOICE prices for my Tundra.
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    Really try Learie Wells mentioned above. The praises are well in line with the delivery. I'll never buy a Toyota from anyone else no matter where I live.
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    Just bought a tundra regular cab v-6 model for a
    leader ad price of $12,799. this is less than
    half the costs of a fully outfitted access cab.
    Love the truck, really love the price. With the savings I want to install the factory super charger wich pumps the ponies up to 265HP. It will be fun racing the $28,000 V-8 models.
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    Response #59, tim thayer, do you happen to live in Oregon? I've seen a lot of loss leader ads in the papers when I visit there. Also a great place to buy a vehicle, NO SALES TAX, at all. Also vehicle registration is only $30 or $40 for 2 years.
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