Toyota Tundra - How much did you pay?



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    Sounds like something's very wrong at Fred Haas Toyota. I'm pretty surprised since I had such a good experience with them - really I did. However, I am also aware that sometimes good experiences aren't duplicated. I tried to work with one of the salesmen (Learie Wells in Palm Beach Fl.)I kept reading about on this forum but I never got through to him - left many messages and never heard from him so I finally gave up.

    I guess if I were you I'd get in touch with the Fleet Mgr (Hector Castillo) and if he could't do something fast, look somewhere else. If you want, e-mail me and I'll give you the names of the "top dogs" at that dealership. They were given to me in case I was not a "completely satisfied" customer.
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    Hello...The vehicle is a 4x2 Access Cab V8 Ltd...tks,
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    Thanks for the info. I will try and get accross the water to check it out. How much did you pay and for what style and options?
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    Were you really able to buy the leather package with bench seats rather than the captain chairs? If so do you have the option number for this package?
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    I had seen a couple of trucks with the leather on lots at dealerships in Atlanta. So when I ordered it, I ordered leather. Southeastern Toyota Dist. may have it as an option for their dealers. I am completely satified with them. I don't have the sticker with me to tell you the option code.
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    They ARE for real. My tundra purchase was super smooth. All these guys telling of hassles with dealers and paying thousands over's too bad more dealers aren't run this way. Still enjoying my $200 over invoice Tundra SR5 V-8 Access cab.
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    Does anyone own or have any info on the V6 access cab? I can't find one in Orange County California.
    I have been told that they can't even order one?
    Or do you know a company that makes a shell for the regular cab Tundra?
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    So far I have walked away from two [and as of
    Monday maybe three] Toyota Dealers in Central
    Arkansas. The main problem seems to be an
    incessant need to low ball on the trade and creep
    upwards of 25% over invoice on the new.
    Armed,(thru Edmunds),with the facts these
    "professionals" seem to look at you as if you're
    from Mars when you give them an honest offer. I
    have remained consistent on my trade's appraisal
    and offered a flat $500 over invoice. In each case
    I have watched every dealership creep those
    figures back up to 27K-29K while I stand there and
    tell them I know the cost is just over 25K. One
    "rocket scientist" even wrote his "bottom dollar"
    on the actual invoice. When he showed me his
    figure I saw that the invoice on it was $24,975.
    He said he had to get $28,000 for it. I shook my
    head and laughed and said "I hope you get it...but
    it won't be from me".
    If we all would do this we could bring these guys
    back to reality.
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    The internet is great! The shady, parasitic car dealers hate it. Keep the good info coming, together as consumers we will forever eliminate one of the greatest scurges on earth. The worthless salespeople who gouge consumers for money while lying and playing games.
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    I have finally [after three dealers] figured out
    where my figures and 'theirs' take opposing turns.
    In each case 'the dealers' have items such as:
    MAF and PIA and PIO added to their invoices. Ask what they are and they "can't tell you". All I get is that this is something that all the cars have tacked in and advertising and floorplan and financing is drawn against it. Can you get out from under any of it by pre-custom ordering? NO.
    What has happened is all the 'splurge' money I was intending to use on optioins I wanted would now be eaten up by these non-existent costs that "the factory puts on there". Not this time, Toyo. Keep your Tundras til you decide to play fair.
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    I too am in Arkansas and have tried the internet car buying services without success. With Gulf states you are probably going to be conned/hustled it seems to me. It looks like the dealers are holding together on this one in this area. Am considering going the 800+ miles to Jim Barkley but wonder if I would go that far and not find what I expect. No hassle and a realistic price would be nice. There may be a Chevy in my future, my Ford is ready to retire.

    [email protected]
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    For everyone looking to buy a Tundra in the Gulf States Region (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma), I recommend that you check out Covington Pike Toyota in Memphis. They are outside of Gulf States region and don't have all of the little sticker add-ons that Gulf States has. I placed an order for a Tundra in early December and received one with just the options I wanted by mid January at about $500 over dealer cost. My salesman was Randy Hirsberg. I couldn't be happier with the truck or the deal.
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    I recently took delivery of a SR5 Access Cab Tundra-V8 with the following options: CK,CQ,OF,DZ,CF,BL,DH. The dealership had to find the truck I wanted with the options I had selected. It took them about a week to find it. I had also wanted the V-3 security system. The dealership got me the V-3 security system and installed it for 464.00 which included the labor to install it. I got the truck for 500.00 over dealer invoice even though they had find one with the options that I had wanted. The dealership was GREENS TOYOTA CITY in Lexington,KY. I had been to several others with my offer of 500.00 over invoice with every other dealership saying there was no way they could meet my price. It pays to shop around. One dealership, about 5 miles south of lexington, TOYOTA ON NICHOLASVILLE, said they would go 1200.00 over invoice. After I had been to GREENS and the price to 500.00 over invoice, I went back to TOYOTA ON NICHOLASVILLE and told them what GREENS had agreed to do, but they still would only go to 1000.00 over. I told them no and the next day the phone rang and guess who it was? It was TOYOTA ON NICHOLASVILLE saying they could go 500.00 over invoice! It is amazing how they said there was no way they could go 500.00 over invoice until they found out they had lost a customer to their competition trying to be greedy. The week that I bought my truck, GREENS was selling everything on their lot at dealer invoice! If you go there, talk to Wendall Zolphi. He is the sales manager and the salesman I dealt with was Hank Cannon. These people treated me right. It took us about 30 minutes to make this deal with no bull___.
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    Thanks to everyone posting info on this Town Hall!
    It's really great to finally be an informed consumer. I'm ready for a Tundra - After test driving several and comparing them to Ford & Dodge - it's definitely a better ride, performer and superior fit & finish
    Does anybody have any insight into what deals are going on in the midwest? specifically, IN, OH, IL, KY? All the dealers in central IN are asking $1500 + over invoice (then they act like their performing some type of miracle to get to that cost!). I think the 2% hold-back plus $500 over invoice is more than fair. Certainly willing to travel 500 - 600 miles if I must!
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    Getting ready to pull thr trigger on a SR5 V8 4x4 Access with the following options:TRD,CQ,RB,ABS and hitch/harness. Dealer quoted $24,488 before tax/title.Am adding wheel flares and possibly CD (another $463 invoice). Seems like a good number;doing factory order. How does this compare to what the rest of yoy are seeing? This site has been great reading and very informative.
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    I have been looking for Tundra deals in the newspaper and have repeatidly seen ads for a Tundra model #7728 at $3300 off MSRP of $25,199. Does anyone know what the model #7728 or if this is a good deal. Also, has anyone seen good deals on the SR5 2WD Access cab?
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    In the Orange County, CA area?
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    Ontario, CA
    I purchased this truck on 2-9-00 from Crown Toyota
    in Ontario.
    Tundra 4x2 SR5 V8 Access Cab
    Destination Charge 480.00
    Total MSRP $25,199
    Paid $22,982 (plus CA tax and lic)

    This was $500 over dealer invoice including the
    ad fee of $247.
    I called the Fleet manager for the price on 2-8-00. The truck and docs were ready the following
    day. I spent about a half hour at the dealership
    to take delivery of the truck. (No pressure to
    purchase additional warranty, alarm etc.) I am sure this is not the absolute lowest price possible, but it was reasonable and saved the 2 to 3 hour haggle time.
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    Toyota of Des Moines (Iowa) is advertising a 4% of dealer invoice sale thru February 29.
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    Just picked up my Tundra 4x4 Access yesterday and love it.
    MSRP $28128
    final price
    $25228 + they are going to add a Tonneau Cover.
    Rich Toyota in Huntington WV.
    They acted like they had never done a deal like that before.
    I am pleased with the deal, only 20 miles from home. Man what a great ride, I LOVE IT.
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    I bought my new SR5 REGULAR CAB 4X4 in the Louisville area on Feb.3. During my search I put questions on the town hall, I got no response from anyone, not even any type of direction. After getting all of my figures together I decided that a fair price to pay was 3% over the dealer invoice, and I got that deal on my own with research I did by using
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    Just purchased a Tundra Limited. Does anyone recommend a particular type of alarm for this particular vehicle? I also used Edmunds for my research. All the numbers matched up.
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    I think most alarm systems work as claimed, I would be more concerned with the shop that does the installation. I would check them out - I have heard horror stories about some "fly by night" installers that when you have a problem after 6 months they are no longer in business and nowhere to be found.
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    2000 Toyota Tundra V8 Access Cab 4WD Limited with the following Toyota
    Factory Option group;

    CK- All Weather Guard Package with Heavy Duty Battery, Heavy Duty
    Starter, Heavy Duty Heater, Anti-Chip Paint

    EJ- Premium 3-in-1 AM/FM/Cassette/CD Player, 6-Disc in-dash CD Changer
    with Six Speakers and Power Amplifier

    AB- 4 wheel Anti-ock Braking System, Daytime Running Lights

    OF- Off Road Package with 16" 5-spoke Cast Aluminum Wheels, Front/Rear
    Contoured Mudguards, Wheel Ornament, Fog Lamps, Painted Overfenders, BF
    Goodrich 265/70 tires, Bilstein Shocks, Off-Road Tuned Suspension

    LA- Leather Package with Captains Chairs, Power Driver's Seat, Synthetic
    Wood Trim

    CF- Carpet Floor Mats-Set of 4

    9Z- Wiring Harness for rear bumper

    List (MSRP) Price . . . $30964
    Invoice Price . . . $27893
    Market value . . . +4%
    I can offer this vehicle to you for $29008 plus tax, license and
    documentation fees of $2821.37

    I have this vehicle in stock and available in Black with Oak Leather

    This was just his first quote, but it seems pricey to me.
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    I leased the 2000 Tundra access cab LTD v8 4x4 TRD fully loaded with leather, in dash 6 disc changer, power everything. The only option it did not have was the factory alarm.
    The cost- $ 0 down $ 410 p/month for 39 months.
    By far the best vehicle I have ever owned, even better than my 97 4 Runner. Loads of power, comfort, options and room for my 2 kids as swell.
    This truck is worth every $ I spent.
    I found the best price from and picked it up at a local dealer here in New Jersey.
    This is my #9 Toyota truck and by far the best.
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    Z71bill: Thanks for the info. You know what's funny is the guy at the dealership told me "If anyone else other than Toyota cuts a wire to install an alarm, it will void you electrical warranty." Not true. Anyway, I paid 26,000.oo plus fees for the Limited, the only option missing is the alarm. I don't know if this is good, but I checked at and they are higher.
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    A bit off topic, but important nonetheless:

    DO NOT PURCHASE THE TUNDRA FACTORY ALARM (VIP RS3000). I found out too late (after paying $250) that it does not automatically lock the doors. It will "arm" passively, but not lock the doors. In addition, there is a "entry delay". Which means, if you forget to arm the truck with the remote (which DOES lock the doors), it will only arm. Now, a would-be theif simply opens the door (which is unlocked), and takes a cell phone, radar detector, purse, whatever - and leaves. The alarm will start going off 15 seconds after he opens the door. Great design! Toyo will not credit for the alarm.

    I don't know about you guys, but the whole idea to a "security" system is that it secures your vehicle. If it doesn't lock the doors, it's not a security system.

    I don't monitor this site, so if you have comments/questions, email them to [email protected]

    Oh, one other thing... the dealer may tell you (as mine did) that an after-market alarm will void the electrical warranty. I didn't know it then, but that is ILLEGAL for them to say. Get them to put it in writing, and you've got a lawsuit... They won't put it in writing.
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    erkm... Picked up my new SR5 access cab today with alarm system,etc. Mentioned your problem and was told that you have to program the chip. I guess they put the key into the ignition and hit the alarm function. Must have worked, cuz I have had no problems with it and after several cycles works AOK. Good luck !
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    Steve Clifford at Alexandria Toyota. VERY squared away guy who posts on Town Hall as "Cliffy1". He is the internet sales guy and will e-mail you a price on the Tundra you want.
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    Forgot ' All weather guard Pkg. also..
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    My new Tundra was sale priced at $4,000 off MSRP. MSRP was $28,145 so that made the price paid $24,145. Document and DMV fees added another $78. That was it! This was at Thomason Toyota in Gladstone, OR. All 4X4's in stock (about 40 of them) were at $4,000 off.
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    Anyone with base invoice on a 2000 Tundra V6 2WD Access Cab?? If so, please e-mail.
    [email protected]
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    There are about 3 or for different options on the alarm (i.e. entry time delay, locking doors when you start the truck, passive arming 15 seconds after last door is closed, etc.). To change any of these, as you said, the key has to be in the ignition, and the remote is used to reprogram them.

    However, having the doors LOCK when the truck passively arms is not an option. Please verify that your dealer was able to make the alarm lock the doors without you pressing the key remote. If so, I'd like his phone number, so he can tell me exactly how he did it.

    Try this for me, if you have a moment:

    With passive arming on, start the vehicle, then turn it off. Exit the vehicle. Close the door. DO NOT LOCK THE DOORS WITH THE REMOTE. Wait about 15-20 seconds. You should hear a 2 second long beep (sounds like a microwave that's finished warming your coffee). Check the LED, it shoudl be blinking, indicating it's ARMED. Now, simply go to either door, and open it. Bet it's not locked. If it is - I will worship the ground that your dealer walks on.

    Here's another thing... After the truck has armed on it's own, un-arm it with your key remote. Open the door, and then close it. It will now NOT re-arm automatically.

    So, let's say you and your significant other are just exiting the vehicle. You arm it (or it arms itself). Then she says, "oh, unlock it real quick, I need my purse". After she closes the door, you both walk away, ASSUMING (you know what happens then...) that the alarm will ARM - wrong. It won't. The alarm will only arm passively under two conditions:

    A) you removed the key from the ignition (after it was in the ON position), and the last door was closed.

    B) the vehicle was disarmed by remote, but the doors were never opened. It will then rearm automatically.

    If you open a door after either A or B, the vehicle will not re arm.

    Geezer3, I really hope you can prove me wrong. I'd rather be wrong with an alarm I can live with, than eat the cost of replacing this "Fisher Price" alarm.

    If you don't mind, please reply to [email protected]

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    We are in eastern PA and have been working with dealers on a Tundra Limited V8 Access Cab 4WD with options CK, CF, OF, RB, HP, and EJ. We know the invoice price for this is $26646. Our problem with the dealer is the Advertising fee of over $500 and the finance fee of over $200. We spoke with a rep at Toyota headquarters, they explain that the dealers are not mandated to pass this cost on to the consumer and have know idea why they are charging us the finance fee. The dealer explained the finance fee as the fee Toyota charges the dealer to purchase the vehicle on credit. We feel that the advertising fee is way to high when compared to others we have read in the TownHall discussions and secondly what is this other fee about? Can anybody explain the MAF, PIA, and PIO? I really believe that the dealers and/or Toyota are padding the invoices because they know consumers are getting wise to there bottom line prices. Help! Anybody!
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    Woah, Finance Fees?, MFA, PIO, PIA??? What the heck? Who are you dealing with? I'm in E. PA too (West Chester), and I didn't pay that stuff (I'm pretty sure). I bought mine from Carousel Toyota, and was happy with the purchase. Shoot me an e-mail (through my profile) and I'll fill you in with the details.
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    I have a Tundra LTD very similar to yours and paid 1000 over invoice, which is close to what you paid for yours. I thought I got a good deal. I could have gotten better, but would have had to drive 600 miles to get it. By the way, the profit spread on these LTDs is about 3100-3600 dollars (MSRP - invoice cost).
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    I am in the Chicago area, and am looking to buy a Tundra SR5 access cab, v-8, still deciding 4x2 or 4x4. I'll be ready to buy within a month or so. Anyone had good luck with any particular dealer in this area? What about Detroit (I'd be willing to go there for the right deal.)
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    Anyone have a recommendation of dealers in the Sacto/Northern CA area? I think I can get the vehicle I want but believe in persosnal recommendations?
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    I am amazed at the prices some of you have paid for your Tundra. Up here in the Northeast, Toyota Dealers would rather give up the first born than to let a Tundra go for $500 over invoice. They all seem to want $1200 to $1800 over invoice not to mention, they want you to pay the TDA of $400. I mentioned to one dealer that I DON'T pay for Dealer Advertising and he indicated that all cars brought into the country must pay the TDA. Of course I had to break the news to him that the Tundra in made in the USA. These guys are disgusting and can't wait to take advantage of their loyal Toyota customers!
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    Anyone knows a good Toyota dealer in DE or PA? Please recommend. I want to buy a Tundra SR5 V8 4x4.

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    I bought mine in West Chester, PA. Got a good deal and I like the dealership. Shoot me an e-mail through my profile, and I'll give you the details.
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    Hi pete. Just sent a mail to you & hope getting reply soon.
    By the way, why you don't just give the info here?
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    I purchased mine using the Sam's Club buying service here in Michigan.
    Tundra SR5 2WD Access cab W/V8 and Automatic. captains chairs(cloth) 5 spoke wheels, sliding rear window,convenience package(power windows,locks,etc.carpet floor mats,fog lights,Cass.,CD and six speakers,chrome wheel arch ,bed liner and a tank of gas. Final price after tax and license was $24,500 out the door.
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    I haven't received the e-mail yet. I'm getting ready to head out. Better shoot the e-mail again.

    I don't put too much info here because I like to refer individual that are serious. I do this so that I can track my referrals to the dealer. If I get a bad report from someone I referred, I stop referring people to them. I do this with anything I refer someone to. The way I look at it, if I refer someone, both parties are linked to me in some way. My reputation to the person I refer, as well as the referee, is important to me (I still do business [I'm planning to buy another vehicle from them, as well as I get my cars serviced there] with the dealership and I want to continue my relationship with them).

    I used to be in retail sales (a long time ago), and I know the value of a referral. Like everything in life, this dealership has it's good points and bad points. I think it would be un-fair to publisize my views to the world, where others might have a completely different experience, especially since the dealership doesn't have an opportunity to respond to anything I post (just my opinion).

    I will, however, give you my honest - to the best of my knowledge - opinion on any question you may have with my dealings with them on a personal basis.

    If you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer them via e-mail.
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    Just sent another mail to you. Or you can send a mail to me from profile.

    Hope hearing soon from you.
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    Could anyone tell me the name of a Toyota Dealer in the South Florida area that I could get a great deal on a Tundra?? I have been a Ford man for years but am ready to make the switch if I can get the right deal.
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    Have sent 3 mails from 2 e-mail server. All of them fail to delever. Sth. is wrong with yr e-mail address. Can you check?
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    I just wanted to thank sphynxx (jan 29, #363) for recommending Ben Kane of Toyota of New Orleans. After having read your report, he was the first salesmen I spoke to--and the only one I need to talk to, as it turns out. There was no petty haggling, and no pressure. He was very knowledgable and friendly. The entire transaction went so smoothly I can't imagine going anywhere else the next time I buy a car. Thanks, sphynxx!
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    Just submitted and order with Marietta Toyota in Georgia for a 2000 Tundra 4x4 LTD Access cab with a few extra options....what a deal! Within one day I locked on a deal for $500 over invoice....almost unheard of around here! Looking forward to picking up "the power" on 3 weeks once it is delivered. If anyone around Georgia is looking for a good deal, contact Marietta Toyota and ask for Mike Floyd...tell em Chris sent ya and he will work something out for you.....good luck!
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