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    I stopped in at Fred Haas last night to look and see if they had any new Tundras and talked to a salesman very briefly and he said that they are not selling for any less than MSRP. I of course mentioned the $3000 to $4000 markup over invoice plus the 3% holdback fee they get from Toyota and he still wouldn't budge. He said that they sell them really fast that that if people were willing to pay MSRP then that was what they were going to sell them at. Looks like I will have to just get mine from Marshall, TX. Does anyone remember that guy's name and number???
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    Anyone know an aftermarket for fancy running boards and cost? Dealer in atlanta said not in stock-would have to order and not to fancy either.Iwould appreciate any info for quick installation [short legged] thanks,earlb2.
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    I don't understand why the dealers here in jersey are having a hard time getting this truck. And/or are not telling the whole truth.
    Thanks for info
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    Well, the dealers east of Pittsburgh have started to get more Tundras, so last night I went shopping. Finally saw the Jade Green and the Platinum in real life, and I liked both, the green a little better. Now I just need to find a blue one.
    Test drove a Limited with the TRD package and an SR5 without. I must say that I found little difference in ride when I took it through a pothole-ridden gravel lot. Now I'm inclined to skip the TRD, since it handled such situations well without. On the road the TRD package felt nice, though, so it doesn't take anything away. What are people's thoughts on this?
    After I sat down with the salesman I told him what package I might want . . . SR5 4X4 auto with the 3-in-1 radio, captain's chairs, 5-spokes, ABS but no fog lights, floor mats, running boards, all-weather or off-road package. Then he gets the sales manager (I think) to try to find one, and I end up talking to the sales manager. He tries to push the off-road package and running boards a little (I'm sure if I had indicated that I would accept them he would have pushed them more), but I asked him why he can't order one from the factory. He says they have two to be built, and he could change one to fit my needs once we settle on a price, and it could take 4-8 weeks to get. Not bad. And as far as price, he offers to sell it to me at 3% over invoice, and I'd barely started haggling! Good deal. I told them I'd have to think about it, and they gave me the dealer search print out showing the invoice and MSRP. Interestingly, it lists ADP, dealer holdback, and a Wholesale charge, or something like that (don't have it with me). So I figure, since they already have these built in, and I'd be having them build it for me - giving them all of the dealer hold-back without it spending time on their lot - I really shouldn't even let them get 3%. However, it sounds like that's a good deal already, based on what folks on this board are saying.

    To add to this, I've been driving a new extended cab Silverado for the last week. It's quite a good truck, I have to hand it to Chevy. No blind spot like in the Tundra, some things seem better designed even, others worse. It's too long, though. And I wouldn't trust it for a long life, unlike the Toyota. But ride quality, noise level and engine smoothness are all very competitive with the Tundra. It's certainly causing me to hesitate more on spending a similar amount for fewer features. I do hate the way the Silverado locks the door on you, requiring one to unlock them at every stop, and the lights on the one I'm driving are automatic, turning on whenever the lighting is too low . . . what if I don't want to blind someone in a parking lot? So, I think the Tundra is the best option for me, but I'm not blown away. Therefore the final price will really be an issue, and I don't think I can let 3% over invoice happen. Any thoughts?
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    Why all the idle chatter. This is supposed to be a posting for what people actually paid for their trucks; not a truck owner wanna-be gripe board.
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    From what I've read and experienced, if you can get 3% over invoice on a Tundra of your choice, you should grab it and run.
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    What is the Invoice price on these Tundra V8 Access Cab... anybody?
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    Checkout or for pricing info.
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  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437 for invoice pricing. I have found their site to be the easiest to use.
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    You CAN get a Tundra in one month or less without it being one that is already "on order" by the dealer. It is done by "preferencing" a vehicle. Each dealer gets an allocation of vehicles on a regular basis from their regional distributor. In the Southeast, dealers get their allocations on Saturdays. Vehicles arrive at the distributor with various factory options...they are also scheduled to be outfitted with other options at the distributor(alloys, hitches, toyoguard, bedliners, etc). The dealer can reserve a truck(as part of their allocation for that period) that is coming to port and either add or delete options that were to be installed by the distributor to fit the buyer's needs.
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    cal dlr cost 21862
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    Where did you buy your Tundra at such a great price. I bought mine at Longo in El Monte and paid sticker 6 weeks ago. Although they were very fair with my trade in, they said all Tundras were rolling at sticker.

    Thanks, Nascar
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    Wow, that's hard to believe. The Tundra I had spec'd out was a V8 access cab with power, hitch, 3-in-1, captain's chairs, ABS and 5-spoke wheels. So what you bought should be around the same price, but invoice on mine would be about 24,800. How could you have gotten it for 21k?! The ABS is only about $800 invoice, so doesn't make up the difference. Did you trade in something, accounting for the difference?
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    I am looking for a 4x4 regular cab tundra. I would like a long bed, access cab model but Toyota doesn't make them with both, and need the extra lenghth in the box. Other than V-8, air, tilt and crusie witha aluminum wheel I don't need anything else for what i will use this Pickup for. It is a worker first and a "car" second....
    Anyone own or seen anything like this out there? At this point the Tundra seems to be a truck aimed at the money folks who don't actually work their trucks..would I be better off sticking with a Ford?
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    That seems too good to be true. You should check out some of the on-line pricing site (edmunds, carprices, kbb) to see what invoice is. I assume that option package CQ-power group, is included. That price seems too low.
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    I second the question: where did you get the great price on your tundra?
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    tonite, i was at the largest dealership in memphis, trying to get just a base tundra acces cab v8 4x4. i got the dealer to cut all the options except for the sr5 package and the 5-spoke alloy wheels. i had this truck figured for about $23k. the price they gave me was unreal. they wanted me to pay $24976 for a tundra with absolutely nothing on it. the dealer is under quota for the month of sept. and they still wouldn't budge on the price. i'm just wondering, is the truck really worth that much money? all responses are welcome and appreciated. thanks. -frank renner
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    David, be careful. Although you are getting it at 3% over invoice, you are getting hacked by additional charges. In particular, the ADP. That stands for "added dealer profit" (ADP). In Arizona, the ADP of a dealership was $3500. Look carefully at the ADP, storage fees, in fact the entire itemization. The only fees you pay are destination and processing (should be modest). Other fees are bogus. Don't let them spell-blind you with a low % over invoice and them have them WHACK you with fees from the left.
    Good luck
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    I finally bought a Tundra on my terms. Thunder gray 4X4 limited access cab with captains chairs, all weather guard, TRD, 6 disc cd changer, floor mats and bed liner. The truck listed for $29449 and invoice was $26083+496 hold back, I payed the dealer $1000 profit (this includes hold back) the total price was $27083 plus tax and tags thats $504 over dealer invoice. Don't give in to them get the best deal possible the sales are starting to slow down, Good luck and enjoy it.
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    Did the price you quoted in #142 included any advertising fees. The dealer that I am dealing with in Memphis wants $300 for Toyota advertising. Is this unique only to this region or are others being charged for this? By the way, where did you get your deal?
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    I hate to burst your bubble, but I checked the invoice price on your truck (post #142) on and the invoice came out to be $26083 like you said. However, holdback is not in addition to this. The dealer pays the manufacturer $26083, and then gets back 2% of the base invoice price of $24,794, or $496. It looks like you paid $1000 over invoice. I have seen Toyota dealers show the customer the invoice price list with the holdback as a separate line item, and then try to convince the customer that this is an additional cost, which it is not.

    Check out the site for additional info on holdback. Per Edmunds, Mitsubishi is the only manufacturer that charges the customer for the holdback (its not imbedded in the invoice price). Also, if you order your truck and it doesn't set on the lot any amount of time, then holdback is essentially pure profit for the dealer, since holdback is a way for the manufacturer to help pay for the finance charges while the vehicle is on the lot.
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    I agree with Arkie6...unless I'm missing something, it looks like you paid $1000 over invoice. Which is still not all that bad considering what others are paying.
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    Has anyone received their truck from this dealer yet? I am still waiting and want to know how long it takes and if your order was correct.
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    Has anyone found a dealer that is dealing in So California?
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    Has anyone purchased a Tundra in Idaho or Utah? The best offer I have received so far is $1,000 off MSRP. I've offered the usual $1,000 above invoice with no success.
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    I was just quoted $27,815 for a Limited 4X4 with ABS, Bedliner, All Weather package, Cargo net, Floor mats, cloth Captains chairs. This included freight and that stupid Toyota advertising fee. Anyone else in the Baltimore, Maryland area that has got a better deal????
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    That sounds like a pretty good deal. I'm in SE PA and bought my 4WD LTD w/ same options plus Leather and TRD for $29K and a good deal on my trade in.
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  • zitasszitass Member Posts: 5
    I live in Detroit {suberb},the dealers have plenty of Tundras.The nice thing is with all the U.A.W. workers around,no one wants a Toyota truck.I have yet to see one on the road,so the dealers are all over you to buy one.I will be ready to buy in a couple of years and hope to get a good deal.My '93 Toyota truck runs great but is to small for my family.Come on up to Detroit for a great deal...we also have a new casino for the gamblers.
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    toyota of orange in orange cal, i had no trade in ,and did not finance with them , i came in with my own, iwas shocked that they let it go for that too.
  • 1taxman1taxman Member Posts: 27
    Who did you talk to at Toyota of Orange? It may be worth a trip up there.
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    The real gamblers are those who keep a Dodge or Chevy past the 36,000 mile, 3 year warranty period. Spin that wheel.
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  • brucec35brucec35 Member Posts: 246
    I just got home with my 4x2 access cab v-8 sr5 that I picked up at Jim Barkley toyota in Asheville NC for $23,512, as advertised. I've posted the options here before on this one...but it looks like just a few hundred over invoice. They are a one price, no hassles, no pressure dealer, which I liked. As for the truck, it is light years ahead of my Ram, and significantly more sophisticated than my F-150. My only "gripe" would be slightly less leg room for my left leg than I'd like due to the emergency brake pedal being in the way at times.
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    The dealer holdback is 2% of the base invoice price, or 2% of $24,794 = $496.

    Also be aware of TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising) that varies by region, typical $300. Some regions such as Gulf States (TX,AR,LA,OK) have additional fees also.

    You also might check out They have a very easy to use site for getting invoice pricing.
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    I just took delivery on a 4x4 Limited with 60/40 bench in cloth with ABS andTRD. I had to order mine and wait 6 weeks. I really didn't want TRD but it appears toyota is only making a few without it right now and the only ones I could locate in 16 states without it had leather and captains chairs. It's a great truck.
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    I've had an Access Ltd 2wd on 'preference' since late August. My vehicle has been 'matched' and should be here in 30 days. Dealer called, an almost identical vehicle fell in their lap, would I like to look at it? I did, but suddenly the 'invoice' price has risen since August from a Toyota price increase of $600+. Or has it? Now, invoice includes a 'lot fee' in addition to the usual TDA, Gulf States, and other fees. Net result, am I being taken? We had a 5% over invoice deal, so the true invoice price affects my sales price. How true are the Edmunds, KBB, CarPrice etc. invoice prices? Is the invoice price on these sites really the price the dealer pays, less holdback? Could some of the Tundra veterans help me out here? Thanks.
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    Sounds like they are trying to "take" you. I personally wouldn't pay the new "fee". It's a total crock.
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    Go to and price it out. If I can help, call me.
  • frankmorganfrankmorgan Member Posts: 7
    Mark if you will go to you can price out your truck. This is a website we have here in Memphis where it will show cost and sticker. Just add the TDA to it. We are the #2 Tundra store in the world.
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    Frank and tp: thanks. I was happy with my deal until the add-ons started. Does your website price the same as the Gulf States area dealers? I'll check it out.
  • mark116mark116 Member Posts: 8
    can you confirm or refute that claim of a price increase the start of this quarter, supposedly $600 on a tundra? I haven't heard of this increase, although for the Gulf States dealers transportation has risen from $425 to $447 to $495 now.
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    Did you get a good deal? If you did who is the dealer and where are you located? You have what I want but I also want All Weather Guard and maybe the upgraded Stereo.
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    I think I got an OK deal. I ordered from Greentree Toyota in S. Indiana for invoice + $2000. When it came in they listed dealer holdback on the invoice which I refused to pay. It also did not have the hitch on it and dealer is putting it on for free. I did get all weather pkg and best radio with 6disc changer. I think the stereo sounds better than my previous Bose system. I ende up getting about $1700 off sticker which is about the best I've seen on a limited.
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    DEAL.(((( OR BETTER!!!!
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    Frank, I checked out the also. Good site, easy to use. Does the invoice price it figures include the fees such as TDA, "Dlr-Whl-Rsv" (what ever that is), and "M.A.F."(what ever that is too)?
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    Mark as of the October 25 production date there have been no price increase here. We are not part of the Gulf States and do not want to be. To many add on charges.
  • frankmorganfrankmorgan Member Posts: 7
    28K should not be a problem. We can not collect tax & Lics here except for the state of Tenn. You will pay that when you take our buyers orders to your city and pay taxes.
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    Has anyone shopped around for a shell, or cap (depending on what part of the country you're from). I need to be able to put a rack on top to haul gear weighing up to 300lbs. Suggestions would be welcome.
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