Toyota Tundra - How much did you pay?



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    Yeah, I was starting to wonder. I thought that I read somewhere on Edmund's that you only pay DC when you order, but then I couldn't find that anymore and there was a section that you definitely should pay DC, so I wasn't sure, and didn't want to go in uninformed.

    Sorry about the redundant post all, I hit refresh and didn't realize that it would repost the response...
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    First, everything is negotiable.

    Having said this, dest charges are a "true cost" whether you buy off the lot or order. So if you are negotiating "over invoice" the dealer will include the dest charge.

    Concerning the holdback, yes, Toyota is like most mfgs and has a 2% holdback. I don't understand why CR is showing no holdback. Certainly there are enough deals at $500 over invoice being reported on Toyotas that they must be getting this holdback to swing the deals.

    - Mark
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    Sounds like a nice truck. Just what I am looking for. Can you let me know where you picked it up? I'm in the Northwest corner of Ohio, "Jeep country". Most of the dealers here only one 4x4 on the lot and most are the LTD PKG. They all want to start talking at 8% or better over invoice, some will come down to 5% with some talking but they all tend to stall out here. It sounds like there are some deals being made better than this. All assistance is appreciated
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    I purchased a new Access Cab V8 Tundra for $500 over dealer invoice. I used Costco buyer service on the web. They forwarded my request to Jim Coleman Toyota in Bethesda, MD. I had to pay the destination charge and the advertising fee plus $500. The truck and all options were at dealer invoice and these prices agreed with Edmunds dealer invoice prices. The dealer was great and actually got the truck from another dealer without making me sign for it first. They added the remote keyless entry, running boards and a few other options also at dealer invoice and gave me a set of floor mats. They also swapped the standard steel wheels for a set of alloy wheels from another truck. My truck is black and the wheels look great on it. I am very impressed with this truck and the dealer.

    I am interested in finding out about caps, front bug deflector and if there is a larger after-market gas tank available for the Tundra.
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    I am in Phoenix, there seems to be little plenty supply of 4x4's. Not many 4x2's. I spent about a 3 weeks negotiating with the dealer. It's not easy getting them down. They try to add fees after the deal is made. I purchased my Tundra from Camelback Toyota.
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    Oh, and it is a 4X4...
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    I posted the purchase price for my Tundra. I'm posting again for those new shoppers who are interested. Deal made on 7/3..... delivered 8/13.

    Access Cab SR5 V8 4x4 with:
    convenience package
    3-in-1 CD
    fender flares
    Distributor alloys
    Fog lights

    Price---$26,216 + tax. (M.S.R.P. was $28,859)
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    Oh, and it is a 4X4...
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    Just purchased a new Tundra. Less than 1 week old. By far this is the BEST vehicle I've owned. I've compared the Big 3 and they do not come close. Don't get me wrong they are good Trucks but when it comes to quality Toyota is it! I had just a few comments about the Tundra and please let me know if you have come across this. 1) The doors do not stay open on slight inclines. It appears that the springs are not adjusted properly. 2) I get a slight clunk when engaging 4x4 and disappears when engaged. (is this normal?) This does not happen all the time. 3) The clock needs to be higher in the dash. 4) The odometer and trip needs to be shown together. Other than that, Toyota has really put a nice truck together. If you purchased one, you should be proud. Those of you still looking, stop your search and buy a Tundra. It's the best Truck on the Market.
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    With my headlights turned on. It seems that they drop off about 20 yards in front of the vehicle. Does anyone else have this problem. Solutions? Has anyone tried to upgrade the bulb?
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    looks like a good deal to me - when I was shopping they wanted MSRP + $1,500. I told them to shove it and bought a fully loaded Silverado for $3,000 less plus Chevy gave m $2,000 more for my trade. I knew the price would come down after they got the first 25,000 suckers to pay full MSRP ++. Glad you got a good deal and also glad I did not wait - the Chevy Silverado has been great.
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    Sounds like a great deal, but I wonder if they will actually sell it for that. They have been known to make the deal sound great and then when you get inside to fill out the paper work......everything changes. Just beware and good luck!!
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    I have had excellent luck when dealing with Fleet dealers. The last two new vehicles I bought (a '90 Toyota truck and a '96 Honda Civic) were from Fleet. Just call up the dealership, ask for Fleet, and they will give you their lowest price and even fax you their invoice with your price, tax, license and document fees, so you know to the penny how much you will be writing your check for when you go in. No "lot lizards" to contend with and no haggeling. It is the only way to go. I haven't bought a car from a regular salesperson since 1983. Anyone can use this service and all large dealerships have a Fleet department.
    I have had very poor responses from the dealers when I tried using the internet buying services, (Autobytel,, etc). I just don't think they are the same people, or they think the internet customers are a low priority. Try it and I think you'll be surprised at how easy it is.
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    Anyone from NNJ or CNJ satisfied with their Tundra purchase deals? I'm interested in the SR5 Access Cab 4x4 V8. My current Toyota Camry S/W LE V6, was bought from Hudson Toyota in Jersey City back in Feb. 1990 (no typo that's 1990), got a great deal thanks to invoice info. provided by Consumer Reports, but the service stinks so I don't plan to buy from Hudson ever again. I also bought a 1995 Dodge for my wife from North Hudson Dodge (currently known as Towne Dodge) in 1994, great deal and excellent service, I checked their customer service record with the Better Business Bureau prior to purchase, BBB rating was right on the money, I should have done the same before buying my Toyota.
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    I got a good deal on my Tundra 3 months ago. Since then I've referred several people to the same dealer. If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail. The dealer is in West Chester, PA (probably about 2 hours away). [email protected]
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    The bulbs are designed to do that on low beams, if you look at the bulbs, you can see the metal shield that causes this. I upgraded to a set of Osram 80/100 watt bulbs that are a lot brighter and helps the shadow problem quite a bit.
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    Today I tried to buy a Tundra AND a Sienna in Southern California. I had three cars to trade-in, lured to the dealer by a promise of getting 120% of wholesale on my trades.

    I was working with the fleet sales manager. My question is this: the edmunds MSRP information I had matched the sticker. But the invoice prices he had were almost $300 more than the Edmunds invoice prices (again, the MSRP's matched). I offered him 400 over HIS invoice number on each vehicle (800 total) while thinking this is too much considering what they are going to make off of me on my trades.

    What the hell, so far, so good.

    My trades were : 95 Suburban 44k (Excellent), 86 Vette z51 37k (Super Cherry), and a 90 Integra 97k (Average). The used-car appraiser offered me $1000 to $1400 less than Kelly wholesale – without mileage adjustment of course. But this was too much of a surprise – I had to walk. Was I wrong?

    We drove our old cars home.

    I must say I'm feeling better about our old cars tonight.
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    Was this 1,000 to 1,400 in total or for each vehicle?

    In my experience Totota dealers do not offer as much in trade as other dealers. My last Two trucks have been chevy because (in part) Toyota would not give me a reasonable trade in allowance. One example 1990 Toyota Cressida with 50K miles & in perfect condition Toyota offered $1,700- Chevy offered me $6,000. Trade in value per Kelly was $5,800.
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    Apparently Lexus dealers do the same thing. A buddy of mne was offered $3000 for his 300 ZX. The KBB and Nada wholesale values were right around $7000. Of course his 300 is not in the best of shape, but still, I think it would be worth at least 5K. Myself, I had pretty good luck with my trade in. I got 13K for a high milage slightly beat up 94 model 4runner. That was pretty much mid retail price, so I was happy.
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    Does anyone else think Toyota has not gone far enough with the Tundra V-8 4X4 LTD.? Can anyone get a tow hitch on one? Not in Az. What about a locking rear diff.? N/A ??? Rear A/C ? N/A How about signal mirrors? N/A I think Toyota needs to add more if they want to play with the big boys. Try adding a real center consol, H.I.D. headlights, standard ABS W/4whl. disc and a tow hitch all for around $30,000!!! Then we can talk.
  • a4mer_gm_fana4mer_gm_fan Member Posts: 6
    It was $1000 to $1400 on each. From what I see here, that's not unusual if your talking a Toyota dealer. I took a look at Ford on the way home today. A super duty V10 might be nice.

    Another Toyota dealer said they have 30 Tundras. I'm going to check them out too.

    I'm not getting impatient, so I can just keep trying.
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    I agree super duty is a nice looking truck, my next door neighbor has one - his is a crew cab diesel. I can hear him leave for work every morning. But that is more truck than I need. He used to have an F-150, claimed it did not have the power he needed to tow his trailer.

    Good luck on finding the right truck - I think it is fun to shop for a new truck - if you did not have to put up with the sales BS --
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    Yeeouch! That IS a great deal. Our license fees in AZ are 10 times what they are in OR, but they are s-l-o-w-l-y bringing them down. Congratulations on a good deal.
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    There is not sales tax in Oregon on anything, even a 100K motorhome, and the DMV fees are cheap as dirt, but hold on to your wallet if you own any property there, the property taxes are out of sight. At least they put the gas in your vehicle, there is a state law forbidding any self-service gas stations in the entire state so you end up paying the full-service price whether you like it or not. However, it is a beautiful state and a great place to live.
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    Yesterday I bought a Tundra SR5 V8 Access Cab with AL, CQ, DZ, LF, and Gulf States Toyota's distributor installed options DG, P1, B8, and DH.
    I had visited six dealers in the area of which 2 had a vehicle I would accept. I chose Carl Hogan in Columbus, Mississippi based upon the best price and closed by their offer to deliver the truck to me in South Mississippi (300 miles). However, I wound up driving the new truck home and they are going to bring my car down this weekend. So far I am very favorably impressed by this machine. Any one wanting a good 1994 V8 T-Bird, please contact me.
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    Has anyone purchased a Toyota in NC,SC,GA, or FL and been able to negotiate away the $500-$600 fee Southeast Toyota Distributors tacks on? This fee is always added to the Edmunds dealer invoice amount when the dealers in these areas talk invoice. Do other states have similar add on fees?
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    I purchased my Tundra in Maryland, Mid-Atlantic Toyota is the distributor and they do not charge and fees.
  • brucec35brucec35 Member Posts: 246
    Try the web page for Jim Barkley Toyota ( ) (I think)

    They have their entire inventory on-line, with photos of each vehicle. I drove from the Atlanta area because of their prices and no-haggle approach. I paid a couple hundred over invoice for a 2wd V-8 access cab w/ conv. pkg, bedliner, tow pkg, distributor installed alloy wheels and michelin tires, two-tone paint, cap. chairs, toyoguard....I can't remember what else. $23,512. I walked in with a check, test drove the truck, and drove it off in about 20 minutes. EASY transaction. Local dealer quoted about $2,000 more. So I'm sure there are many places that will hold out for a lot more.
  • brucec35brucec35 Member Posts: 246
    forgot to mention, that price didn't include any distributor fees.
  • jvshopejvshope Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a Tundra access cab limited 4x4 on jan.13. MSRP 29054. I paid 25200 cash with no trade. i tried 5 different dealers and none came within 2k of this price. the invoice price was 25992. I've put 600 miles on it in one weekend and really like it. I'm looking for some accessories (bug deflector,bed cover or cap). the dealer is located in St. Albans WV. name is Love Toyota
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    Has anyone been able to purchase a Tundra for less than $1000 in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois or the Dakotas? I'm willing to drive a bit for a deal, but unwilling to travel to the east coast or the west coast where the best deals seem to be. Any help would be appreciated. Please post price over invoice, dealer's name and location and salesperson's name. Many thanks and happy trucking!
  • jyukonjyukon Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone been able to purchase a Tundra for less than $1000 in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois or the Dakotas? I'm willing to drive a bit for a deal, but unwilling to travel to the east coast or the west coast where the best deals seem to be. Any help would be appreciated. Please post price over invoice, dealer's name and location and salesperson's name. Many thanks and happy trucking!
  • chicagoareachicagoarea Member Posts: 2
    Anyone found a good deal in the Chicago area?
  • ckski1ckski1 Member Posts: 20
    Do you have any contact information?
    Can I refer to your deal?
  • macduffmacduff Member Posts: 15
    I'm buying a 4x4 access cab Limited, with all the options, for about $1000 over invoice. I called about 5 different dealers, and this was the best deal I could get. Elmhurst Toyota, ask for Jeff or Ron. They had to order it from the factory, in early January, but it should be here in a about 10 days now.

    Anyone want to buy a used Impala SS?
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    I am working with a Houston area dealer and have negotiated $500 over invoice for a 4x4 SR5 V8 ordered from the factory. My dealer just came back to me with 2 problems: First, he claims that, unlike other car makers, Toyota does not custom build Tundras at the factory. Second, he says they are not building any with both the anti-lock brakes and the offroad package. I am surprised by this. Can anyone confirm or deny these claims? Thanks. email: [email protected]
  • kentekente Member Posts: 28
    I have owned for four months a Tundra SR5 with the off road package and anti lock brakes. It sounds to me that your dealer doesn't want to order.
  • macduffmacduff Member Posts: 15
    I ordered mine 2 weeks ago, and it's coming from the factory with the off road package and anti-lock brakes. I was told it was shipped yesterday. Don't take any bull from that weeny dealer.
  • anonymousanonymous Member Posts: 314
    Does anyone have any lease prices they could post??? I would like to know a ballpark range for a 4x2 access cab with leather. SR5 or limited. thanks for any responses.

    I currently am leasing a solara SLE V6 and love it. now i have use for a truck and being a toyota nut i would like a tundra. Please include the amount of down payment.... I prefer NO down payment. Thanks again
  • neusslneussl Member Posts: 28
    Southeast Toyota Distributors (AL,GA, NC, SC & FL)
    have a lease ad on local TV Stations in AL for $299 a month, $750 down and about 1K total drive off price. You might want to contact for info.
  • aluxalux Member Posts: 1
    After struggling to find a Tundra configured close to how I wanted it for a month, I decided to special order it. I paid $600 over invoice plus destination fee. $3,000 down was required and an approximate three month delivery was agreed to. The vehicle is built in Indiana, as you probably know. I ordered regular cab, no ABS, 4X4, V8, no convenience package, styled steel rims with the bigger tires - just a good hunting and hauling truck! I've taken a lot of razing for not liking ABS but I'm still a believer in "simpler is better". I ordered it from Ron Tonkin dealership here in Portland.
  • m40m40 Member Posts: 2
    any fair deals to be had in oklahoma? please give dealers name and location.looking at sr5/v8/2wd.
    have only notice one tundra on the road.
  • katzeekkatzeek Member Posts: 2
    mpilat and markjenn, I also live in the Seattle area. I was wondering what dealerships you have visited. I've only gone to one and that was in Renton. They did not have a Tundra Limited 4x4 Access Cab in the configuration I desired. I have lots of time to shop since my time frame of purchasing a Tundra is not until June or July. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated from anyone else in the Seattle area. Thank God for I-695.
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    I would check with your insurance agent. Most will give you a discount if your car(truck) has anti-lock brakes, over 5-6 years it will pay for itself.
  • hillmrvhillmrv Member Posts: 10
    I bought by sr5, access cab, 2 wheel drive at Northcutt Toyota in Enid Oklahoma. Talk to Pat, he was very fair and an excellent person to work with.
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    You will see lots of Tundras in Davidson County. Davidson Water bought 16 of them.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    I always liked Davidson Co. Obviously very intelligent people there!!
    When is Hege gonna buy a few for those off-road arrests?
  • tmwilkinson1tmwilkinson1 Member Posts: 13
    Try Heartland Toyota in Bremerton. Talk to Jim Dunlop. He gave me a great deal on my Tundra.
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    You cannot use the word intelligent and Hege in the same paragraph. LOL
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    I ordered my tundra from Fred Haas Toyota and disappointment is setting in. I ordered mine on Nov 23 with minimal options and have not received the vehicle yet. The dealer initially said 4 weeks then 8. He now seems to think early Feb. I paid 2000 off sticker, but dealer added 380 dealer fee. Salesman said everyone has to pay dealer fee, even he had to.
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