Toyota Tundra - How much did you pay?



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    That 265 is only at top end, problem with racing our V8's is you won't see any power until about 3.5k RPM, in otherwords you won't have nearly the low end power the V8's have. If you use a truck for what it's meant to be used for you need low end power to haul/tow.

    Also, by adding the supercharger you're really defeating the primary purpose of a Toyota, reliability. You'll probably see 65% of the normal engine life, not to mention that you'll be putting an added strain on the weaker transmission and other drive train components.

    Also, never good to boast about something you don't yet have, especially to those who DO have.

    Good Luck
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    Dealer cost with hold back is over $13K. No freight, no prep, no dealer charges? Soon, no dealer. And they all lived happly ever after.
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    I just bought a jade 4x4 Tundra access cab in Columbus, OH for $27,500 about $1350 off MSRP. Included was: LF (foglights), CK (all weather package), CQ, AL (5 spoke alloys w/Dunlops), DZ (cd player), bedliner, trailer hitch, and carpet mats. I drove it off the lot the day I bought it. The dealer was willing to negotiate right away. First dealer I went to was not, and claimed no other dealers were willing to go under MSRP in central Ohio. Goodluck everyone.
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    I'm a sucker for a nice car, I paid 31k, Less TTL, for a loaded LTD, leather, prem stereo, all the options and got a good trade-in for my previously over paid for 4runner. At least I didn't get raped on int. this time. My moto: Why pay less?

    Wish i had a haggleing bone in me, maybe next time.
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    The sticker price was 29,584. I was able to get
    a price of 27,00 before all the taxes & title
    items were added. You never feel like you got the
    best deal, but i don't think this was too bad..
    By the way... Love the truck!
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    rubluetoo, I know you are blue. We want facts, not random undocumented ramblings from a HIC. Now I can call you a hic because I once was one, but I progressed and am better now. So, pull yourself up out of your hole of ignorace and learn. For a real shocker, just go out and count all of those Chevy junkers that are in your yard rusting and are nothing but shade for your dogs.
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    Just odered my 4X2 White Limited for a $1,000 over invoice. The sales manager called his district manager since I wanted oak interior with a bench not captain chairs. They said they could do a line swap and put in a bench and I would have it in six weeks. Let's wait and see I should have the conformation and final pricing in one week. I also have to take what other options are on the truck or walk away.
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    I'm picking up my Black Tundra LTD Monday evening, and I can't stand the fake wood dash. Do you want to swap? Let me know.

    [email protected]
  • dmeyers2dmeyers2 Member Posts: 2
    Are you in Southern California? and do you have a bench seat?
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    Made a deal for a 4X2 SR5 with cloth interior and capt.chairs,cd player, bedliner, floor mats, conv. package, fog lights, two tone paint and alloy wheels. I paid $23,800 or what the dealer says is $600 over the invoice. The dealer Kendall Toyota Miami FL.
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    No, I'm in PA. Got it with Leather, Off Road, and ABS.
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    How long is it running on deliveries from Gulf States? I am only two weeks into the wait but would like to know if I should plan on 6 more or 12 more weeks for delivery?

  • hillmrvhillmrv Member Posts: 10
    This is my 8th week of waiting and have been told
    90 days if I am lucky.
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    I put an order in last week (9/7) for a White 4X4 LTD TRD w/ Leather. I was told that the vechicle was scheduled to be built on 10/27 and it would take about 20 days to deliver to PA. I asked for a different color w/ same options. I picked up my BLK Tundra last night.
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    I bought a 4x2 Access Cab SR5 in Atlanta area. Cap. chairs, floor mats, bed liner, ABS, fog lamps, conv. package, CD player, automatic etc.
    Sticker was $25,247 I paid $23,250.
    Good Luck!
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    You should try to be flexible with your color choice and options. That way you may be able to get your Tundra sooner, maybe now. I wanted the Sunfire Red with grey interior with bench seat. But when I had to wait over a month for it I found the red with oak interior and captains chairs. I got it right away and now I love the interior and seats. I was firm on the others but am glad I was flexible in my decision. I love my Tundra.
  • hillmrvhillmrv Member Posts: 10

    Thanks for the advice, but you know how it goes.

    I know what I want and I want what I want.

    I will just wait and read the posts.
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    I ordered my white access cab 4x4 LTD TRD w/gray leather on 6-30-99. I'm still waiting,
    although my dealer says anyday now. I jump every
    time the phone rings. I pray it will be here SOON!
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    I have been shopping for about a month. It looks like the best prices are about $800 to $1000 over invoice with nearly everyone willing to do $1000 off msrp. The Aubery deal was outstanding. Currently waiting on an Autobytel quote and will try if that does not work out.
    Can anyone recommend a reasonable dealer in Arizona? Phoenix, Sierra Vista, etc. As usual, the Tucson dealers are a joke.

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    I wanted to order a Gray leather also but couldn't find it in the various reading material so I checked with Toyota. They said they do offer a Gray leather. They only offer leather in Oak. You may want to follow up on this with your dealer. This may be the cause of your delay.
  • pickup2pickup2 Member Posts: 13
    The sentence "They said they do offer a Gray leather." should read, They said they do NOT offer a Gray leather. Sorry for the miss typing.
  • thessickthessick Member Posts: 23
    I was considering a Limited just to get the color matched fender flares but was not real happy with the plastic wood trim. Has anyone tried to replace it yet? Are the cloth seats in the Limited nicer than in the SR5?

  • thessickthessick Member Posts: 23
    Every time I price a Tundra on they are over MSRP.
    Why would anyone use them?

  • andygandyg Member Posts: 12
    I was told by several dealers that the truck would leave the factory with cloth and the gray
    leather would be put in by Gulf States in Houston.
    Anyway, i'm sure this is what's holding mine up.
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    Some of us ordered Tundras from carorder before the price hike. I myself ordered my Tundra on 29 August for $1000 over invoice. If carorder is now pricing Tundras at MSRP I would advise against using them. Patience is a virtue and if enough people will be patient enough to say no to MSRP and walk away, the prices will fall. I went to five toyota dealerships and walked away from all of them when they quoted MSRP as bottom line. If Carorder had quoted MSRP back in August, I would have walked away from them too.
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    Cloth seats in limited are better than the SR5 (seems thicker).

    And yes, the wood dash sucks. Let me know if you find an alternative. I'm thinking of bending over and just ordering the grey dash, window switch plate, and center console from Toy. This will cost LOTS (but the imitaion wood is hideous).
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    Be very weary of aftermarket Leather. I had originally put a down payment on a Tundra, and had the dealer install Leather. It didn't turn out very well. Here is a short list of what I found. (Rear seat leather loose, Passager seat leather loose-definite difference between the driver and passenger seat, door panels wavy, seams on headrest and armrest not tight, and no leather steering wheel).

    I walked away from that deal and no have a BLK LTD with factory leather. I'm much happier.

    Your experience may be different, Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  • demi007demi007 Member Posts: 2
    Got a 2000 SR5 4x4 on lease for $287 a month plus tax. The sticker price was $29,640 and it is pretty loaded with everything I wanted. The lease is for 62 months and the residual will be $14,000 if I want it.
    I don't mind the 62 month lease since I intend on keeping this beauty for awhile.
    Drove it up and down some mountains with my sons ATV's this weekend and it did fine. This is the best driving truck I ever owned and the engine is amazing. I don't know how the Big 3 are going to stay in business with products like this being made by Americans who care about quality. Must be something about those Union shops that produce inferior products since there is no incentive to produce something of substance.
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    Gulf States Toyota Distribution is located in Houston on Hardy Rd. just north of Richy Rd I believe. I may start going by and staring at the trucks through the fence.
  • kirbytkirbyt Member Posts: 39
    You could hang around the fence or just watch I-45 as the trucks haul out to the dealers. Several Thunder Greys were northbound last Friday!

    By the way, which dealer did you find the best deal?

    Still waiting for prices to settle.
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    As of yesterday 9-15-99, I joined the Tundra-Owners Club as I picked up my SR5 V8 Access Cab 4x2 from John Eagle Sports City Toyota in Dallas. Options include CQ, DZ(am/fm/cass/cd), under-rail bedliner, fog lights and carpet floor mats.

    I originally put in my order through on 8/16. I was guaranteed a $1000 over invoice price. They ordered my truck through JESC Toyota and estimated an ETA of 4-8 weeks. Early September Randy Penn from JESC called me and said my truck was being built around the 13th and probably would be here before the 20th. Then carorder mailed the dealer the subsidizing check between the full sticker price the dealer quoted them and the price they guaranteed me. Randy forwarded the check to me the next day since it was cut to me. Two days later carorder gave me a suprise by telling me that due to some Texas law they could not participate in the deal anymore. But they would still honor the check to compensate my purchase. No difference to me. Tuesday Randy called me and said the truck was on their lot already and I transferred fund and picked up the truck yesterday. 6 miles on the odometer! A total of 30 days from my entering the order through carorder to my being a happy owner of the nicest truck I've ever seen!

    Did notice some degree of vibration on the center console on the bench seat, but I don't think it's gonna bother me a lot. I will be too busy enjoying the rest of the truck. Unfortunately after driving the truck, my wife said she likes it, too.

    Tundra rules!
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    Congratulations!! I picked mine up Monday. BLK 4WD LTD TRD. Love it.
  • atoyotatoyot Member Posts: 58
    I am waiting until January until I get my Tundra for many reasons, but the main one being money!!!

    I saw the truck I wanted last night at Fred Haas Toyota in Spring, TX. It was a Jade/Gray Limited 4x4 TRD. It was the most beautiful truck that I have ever seen. I showed the wife and she liked it too, but I still had to sleep on the couch after I suggested putting the kid up for adoption when it gets here so we could afford it. Just kidding. It really is a good looking truck. It didn't have running boards on it, so it looked real high and tough. Guess I need to get a second job to pay for it.
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    looking for Tundra SR5 V6/V8 accesscab 4WD in Northern California. Are there any dealers out there that will negotiate below MSRP??
  • mfinntnmfinntn Member Posts: 4
    How about a dealer who lists his inventory and sale prices on the web: Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville, NC.

    I live in TN but ordered a 4x2 SR5 with anti-lock and all the usual stuff for less than $800 over invoice.

    I got my quote via internet/phone because antilock with bench seat seems to require special order. I'd prefer to partronize my local dealers but they all make buying a painful experience.

    Mike in TN
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    Just got my Tundra limited 4X4, TRD, leather, captains chairs, abs, step, tow pkg, cd changer for 1800 off msrp. I also got the dealer to add mat and tint at no extra charge. I have under 300 miles on it and haven't noticed any problems with vibrations. It took about a week for the truck to get in town from the port in houston.


    thank goodness no tundra bashers at this post.

    Anyone know where to get a bug
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    I put a Lund bug shield on my Tundra. It is model number 18083. It is made specifically for the Tundra. You can purchase one from I purchased mine locally from a 4x4 shop. It went on easy looks good.
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    I have been visting the local dealers here in Utah, have gotten a best deal of $1450 off MSRP. I was going more towards $2450 off MSRP. I have tried to get price quotes from dealers in Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming with no luck. Might even try Jim in NC if I have too!! Any help out there? I have ca$h in hand but that doesn't phase these dealers b/c they are getting $1000 more....
  • thessickthessick Member Posts: 23
    I am in Tucson, AZ and cannot find a reasonable deal on a Tundra. The local dealers will offer a little off MSRP but nothing close to JBarkley. The dealer in Sierra Vista (Autobytel) quoted 8.5% over invoice. Two of the Phoenix dealers have not returned E-mail quote requests. is not in AZ but they are in S. California. May be worth the drive.
    It looks like the internet auto buying services are really slipping. Carpoint and Autobytel just refer you to the same local dealers and prices you can find in the phone book. is listing over MSRP.
    I talked to a broker today and his response was "just wait a month or two, everyone expects production to catch up with demand very soon".
    It still amazes me that I can order a truck from a dealer in NC, pay shipping and still save a $1000.00 over buying from my local dealer who I have patronized for years.(Camry owner). Yes, Tucson has programs and slogans encouraging you to buy local when you can. This is what you get in return!

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    Greetings! I'm new to this entire process, but I think it's great. My problem is that I'm looking at a Tundra and I'm convinced that this will be my next truck, but I'm having difficulty determining the dealer cost for dealer-installed options. I've gone to the Edmund's web-site as well as the Consumer Reports car-buying service to no avail. I'm from Charlotte, NC, and am looking at a vehicle Town and Country Toyota (Southeast Toyota Distributors, Inc.) Could anyone give me some info on dealer cost for the following options:
    CM3 - electrochromatic mirror (*)
    DW4 - woodgrain dash (*)
    JB2 - under-the-rail bedliner
    LA3 - Leather seats
    LD2 - chrome step-bar
    MK1 - front protection mask
    PC1 - cargo net
    PV4 - carpet mats
    QS1 - remote security system
    SA1 - accent stripe
    TG1 - color-keyed fender flares
    TX1 - two-tone paint
    WY5 - 5-machine cut allow wheels with Michelin tires
    XH6 - drop hitch rec/wiring harness
    XY3 - dealer protection pkg (*)(paint/upholstery/glass etch VIN)

    Just a note - I don't really want some of these options(*), but am not sure I want to wait to order - have read about some horror stories, so I'm trying to determine a "fair price" for the existing vehicle - i.e. $900 above invoice.

    Any input would certainly be appreciated!
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    By the way, I received my truck EXACTLY the way I wanted it. Did not have to get that overpriced protection package or pinstripes. It was worth the short wait. It is a Thunder Gray Access Cab V8 4x4 with CQ, DZ, LF, flares, hitch, & wheels.
  • gravertgravert Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info - I'm certainly going to call Paul Cullinan.
  • reinsmanreinsman Member Posts: 1
    thessick, try
    gravert, try
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    does anyone know if a 4x2 access ltd exists. I have called three dealers and got no response from two and one said production in November for sale in December
  • atoyotatoyot Member Posts: 58
    I have seen multiple Tundra Limited 4x2 in the Houston area, but most of them are totally optioned out and the MSRP is 30k or higher.
  • gravertgravert Member Posts: 3
    I just looked at one on the showroom floor in Charlotte - Sticker price was $28,700.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
  • thessickthessick Member Posts: 23
    I have seen several 4X2 limited's in Tucson. All of them have leather. I was quoted 8.5% over invoice. I like the color matched fender flares but the plastic wood is just unacceptable.

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    You haven't gotten your Tundra from Marshall dealer yet? What is the hold up?... I order mine beginning of October...look like I'll have to wait another two months. I am so tempted to cancel my order at Marshall and buy one from one of Houston local dealers. The wait really hurts.

    Does Fred Haas have any discount on any Tundra on their lot when you were there?
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    GET ON IT?
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