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This is the place for venting and anticipating and
waiting for your Silverado to come in!!!!!

I can't wait any more. It's only been 5 days since
I placed my order. That means approx. 75 more
days tops, 33 mins. 20 seconds. If I had the time
I would spend an afternoon staring at my brochure.

Call me nuts, I know, my friends say forget that
you even ordered a truck until fall.


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    Ok....You're nuts!!
    (Just kidding)

    We all want it now!..But it don't work that way.....but listen to Mick..
    "You can't always get what you want"

    Hang In there

    What you gonna be like after 5 Weeks??!!

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    did you by chance, order the option AG2 (6 way
    power seats)? my dealer says it's on the contraint list.
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    No, I didn't order the power seats. What's a constraint list? I could only imagine.

    What I ordered:
    2000 - 3/4 LS ShortBed
    Ext cab
    locking diff
    hd trailering pkg
    fog lamps
    deep tinted solar windows
    sliding rear window
    block heater
    on/off rd. tires
    Thats it!
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    Do like I did...stay tuned to Edmunds pickups and check out dealer info at wheels.com.They update production once a month.It took 5 months for mine but that was last year.It is painfull.When you pick it up it all goes away.I saw mine in the lot and could not take delivery till the next day! Talk about pain.
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    I ordered a 2000 Sierra ext cab 1/2 ton SLT Z71 4x4 on June 18, 1999. Dealer does not have a build date yet! Please post your order experiences. If anyone knows knows the order process please post.
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    Do you have an Order # yet??

    Should have that by now.....and then maybe in another 4-6 weeks...you will have a build date.
    About 2-4 after that...you got a truck!!
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    Let me know when you take possession of your truck! I hope we ALL get ours soon. Why does it have to be this way? Seems like they need to be more efficient, or have more manufacturing plants to meet the demand?!?

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    GM never recovered from their strike either.

    Is this your first New Truck?

    This process is nothing new....yes it sux!..but nothing new.

    Enjoy the summer and next thing ya know...It's here!!...In your Driveway!!

    It will be worth the wait...Trust me!

    Hang in there.

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    (Believe me I am getting better) ;-)

    I was wondering, my dealer got delivered 4
    brand new (2000) Siverados - they had them in the lot when I ordered on July 12th. (NO 3/4 tons though)
    How did he manage that? When would they have to have them ordered to get them on the lot?

    They told me the last one they ordered only took 7 weeks, no kidding! How did they do that?
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    6 weeks can be done..sometimes...it all depends on the situation.
    1/2 tons were starting to be built June 15th...just 4 weeks ago!...maybe he was lucky and got some of the very first ones. The dealers have to have their orders filled just as we do. They need stock too! You could order 2000's June 1st. (as the Dealer probably did?) There was no pricing..but at least the order would be in.

    My salesman had a Suburban ordered for a Guy. He waited his few months and it was built..2 Months ago!..and he still doesn't have it yet due to the Rail Shortages...so Do some Praying there Cindy!!...Never know what may happen...

    3/4 Production is supposed to start up today...we shall see??

    Good Luck

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    Don't give up on finding a truck you like, already built and sitting on a lot. Keep shopping. If you find one you like, you can cancel your order. I did. I ended up getting a different color, Pewter instead of black. Pewter is so much easier to care for than black, I'm glad I did.

    In my case, I also got leverage to get a good price. I just said I was so frustrated, I was going to buy something else, maybe a Ford. The dealer accommodated me by giving me the same deal for the truck in stock as the one I had on order. The one I found on the lot was at another dealer. I asked my dealer to try and get it for me, and they traded an allocation to make it happen.

    Time is of the essence.
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    TIM :-p
    I understand how the dealer got his now, but how did my dealer get HIS before you got yours? You started with a 99 in March, now you switched over to a 00 (soon to be delivered). I think there are some things we (the "Joe Public") just don't know about as far as what the deals are between the dealer + manufacturer. Do you think so.

    QUAD -
    I would love to have a truck NOW, but I don't want a 99 model, now that I have a taste for the 2000's. And, as I told Tim, I really needed a truck without carpeting, no one has one that way, so I figured on ordering it, someone offered to tear it out, but for the money, I know it sounds snobby, I'd rather have everything "factory installed". Thanks for the great advice, I will just have to wait. Tim says 3/4 production starts today, mine may or may not be on that line (I don't have an order number yet) but I'm happy for Tim - he's been waiting alot longer than me.

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    Remember Cindy, just because you placed your order with dealer, it doesn't mean it has been "really" order yet, esp. if you don't have an order number.

    The dealer gets an allocation (every two weeks I think) on what types of vehicles he is allowed to order. Until they get an allocation for that type of vehicle, and put your order in for it, it really isn't ordered. Sometimes, early in the model year, dealers will not put customer orders in until they get the their own orders in to have vehicles on the lot.
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    It is correct that when you place your order with the salesman..it may not be ordered until 2 weeks later. If you do not have an Order number yet..your truck will not be no where near production this week. I got in way early and I'm getting the 3rd week of production...So You are going to be way down the line (Maybe??)

    The 3/4 tons came out later in the game ...and then were stopped a few months later...so there are a boat load of 3/4 people waiting for these!

    First The order number (which means it has been ordered)...several weeks later..Build date..(which I already have) No order number yet...it hasn't been ordered from the factory yet!

    Dealer gets his before me cuz they were 1/2 tons....3/4's just started today. The Joe public thing is kinda true...Dealers have to have something in the lot for people to see and drive.

    So all the Joe Publics can't be first...therefore dealers get squeezed in here and there..out of sequence. I was lucky to get in when I did.(It's Not What you know.......It's who!)

    Most dealers around here have a wide variety of LS Silverados with many different Combos to please the average Joe.
    Lt's are hard to come by..cuz all the Yuppies snatch them up. 3/4's are impossible. When you start getting unusual options (such as no carpet)..That's when ya gotta order it. Makes you feel better when it comes though..knowing it was built just for Cindy!!

    Quad is right....search around lots....or Try Gmbuypower.com.....you can search every Chevrolet Dealers stock for what you are looking for.

    Like I said...Go enjoy the summer...Drink beer..lots...and don't think about it. (although hanging around this site kinda makes it hard when someone gets their new one in!)

    Keep telling yourself.."I'm waiting for the Best Full Size truck made!"

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    Oh..and it's NOT Snobby to want it Factory ordered.
    ..for what They are charging us..It BETTER be EXACTLY the way we want it!

    Did you get that Beer Open yet?

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    I will have a few beers. My sister works at the dealership where I ordered and she even says, after a customer requests an order (depending on whether they are actually ordered or not, I imagine) - things are pretty quiet until the truck actually comes in... so when I ask her - "hey did you hear anything on my truck?" she says no. Funny thing, I know she'd tell me if there was ANYTHING AT ALL NEW about it.

    I have toned down the impatient thing a bit, but still love to chat about it. Where else can "keep" talking about it without driving the people around me nuts. No one understands the pick up thing. This is just absolutely the best pick up ever made. You guys know what I mean.

    I know after a couple more weeks, you may not hear from me as often, until I get to take delivery. Tim, I do want to share the excitement with you, I appreciate all the info that you have shared. So, you do have someone out here rooting for you.


    (Here's a toast to you both!)
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    Was wondering...
    What is the Vortec 6.0 on the 3/4 tons equivelant to? How many cubic inches on this engine?
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    6.0 is a 364

    ...So you are here to drive US nuts??..eh?
    ..(just kidding)

    Glad someone is rooting for me...most of the time I just piss people off..nobody has a sense of Humor anymore....(or not one like mine?)

    In a couple of weeks..I may not be here much any more...hopefully I'll be in my new Silverado by then!

    Yes..it is the best pickup ever made...Now make Mine Guys!!


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    I am probably imposing on this topic since I want to order a Dodge Ram. But my question is very general. What are the steps of the ordering process? Does the dealer have to have the prices in order to order?

    I am nervous about placing my order, $27000 is a lot of money, since i am only 19 years old i dont want the dealer to take advantage of me. This site has helped me tremendously. Thanx!!
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    I went to test drive one on Sat. and i asked if they deal a lot with invoice prices. He said "we sure do" then i asked how much over, and he replied no more than $500 over cost. So i think that is a good deal.

    Do i have to be approved for financing ahead of time?

    Eric G.
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    It don't hurt!

    Would be a bummer if some kinda small problem held you up from taking your Truck home that day!

    If dealer financed..it only takes 20 minutes or so over the phone...They usually wait until the day of.

    Good Luck

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    Hey all you who have got a peak at the 2000
    Is it really true that their is added Hp to the engines? It was said +15 hp increases on 5.3 and 4.8. Any other changes in 2000. My dealer hasn't any info or trucks in yet... or if he has any info is not sharing.
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    That is a good question, are there any changes in the 2000 model from 1999? Except of course, probably the fixes for 99's models??

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Hey Cindy!
    What question??.

    Just a few options added..Flares for 1/2..4th door later on..Tonn.Cover.....that's about all!

    Hope to hell all these probs are fixed by the time mine gets here!

    Perhaps Leasing is the way to go for now?..
    We shall see

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    I was just thinking, what good is an Order number?

    I mean, what can you do with it? Is there a place you can use it to see where you are in line to get a truck or anything? What keeps the dealer from just telling you they have your order in the computer and then giving you a fake order number.

    The reason I ask is that a dealer down the street is just now able to order the 2000 GMC trucks, but every time I ask for an order number they tell me not yet. There is a second dealership about 20 miles away that told me come in and they can order it today. What keeps the other dealership from just saying this to get my order, and how do I know I'm finally in line for my new truck?

    Thanks for any light you can shine on my problem.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Once I had my Order #..I gave it to "the powers that be"...and got my order moved up!

    Good to be the King!

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    Ordered a 99 Silverado on 3/18 (guess the dealer
    didn't realize the "books" closed for 99's on 3/12
    Finally took delivery of an 00 on 7/12. 3 months,
    3 weeks later. I'd say it was worth the wait.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Hell yeah it is..

    Hope you enjoy it!

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    I have no problem waiting in line to get my truck, but I just want to hurry up and get into that line.

    I never thought I would have to search for a dealer willing to sale(order) me a truck. I'm confused about why they can't just wonder over to their computer and place my order now???

    Tim - I assume by your comment that an order number is good if you know the right people, but unfortunately I know none :( Can I monitor my order over the internet with an order number, or check on it in anyway. I lose my GMO discount on Dec. 18 and I don't want there to be any problems. (i.e., if the dealer sales my truck to someone else, I want to have time to get another one in)

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    Get it in now!

    Why they would not want to order is beyond me...have too many already?
    Some dealers just don't want anything to do with GM discount...(lots here won't even talk to you)or maybe new orders for that matter?
    I know they are steering towards Out of stock sales.

    Did you mention GM discount to them?

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    The number can't be used for tracking...it's like an Invoice number for the dealer basically.

    My buddy works at the Chrylser Tech center and he can track any car or truck they make...it tells him what stage it's in and exactly where it is..along the whole process....
    THAT is what all customers should be able to do.....without being an employee of the big 3.

  • mfreeman1mfreeman1 Member Posts: 13
    I didn't tell them until I set down to pick out my options at the computer. They keep telling me that they can't put the order in until they get the new 2000 prices, but since my deal is a set price, I don't understand why that is a big deal.

    I'm sure you're correct about the out of stock, because they can pocket another 2.5-3% off the deal, but if they won't take my order I will go to a place that will.

    I will probably go looking at the other dealership tonight if they don't want my business.

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    Mike -

    I'm in the same exact boat as you - Raytheon, I assume. I know a dealer here in San Diego that will deal with a GMO. I have an order in with them right now for a 3/4 ton truck and we're just waiting to match up one of their allocations right now. If you're not too far from SD, email me if you're interested.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    That's a Crock if they can't take the order until all the specs are in!

    I ordered Mine June 1st!....and Now They have all the 2000 specs..and prices..I believe.

    He even gave me a print out last week with the actual Price for GMO.
    It was a 3/4 LT.

    Someone is pulling your leg ..or really stupid?

    Go to a dealer that WILL take the order...His loss I guess!

    Good luck

  • mfreemanmfreeman Member Posts: 37
    Goose- I'm with Raytheon also, but I'm in Texas.

    I'm giving this dealer until tomorrow, and if he doesn't come through, I'm going on to the next one.

    Thanks for all the advice, I think I'm going out to one of the high volume dealers and giving them a try. I figure they are more interested in a little profit on a large volume, so my offer will be a little sweeter to them.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    You guys had problems with GM discount at small dealers..right??

    Most tiny dealers here want nothing to do with GM discounts. That's the problem here.

    Good luck in the City!

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    Because I want the fourth door, two Chevy dealers here keep putting me off until they have more information. ...... Dealers have had it rough with the strike and all the problems getting the new Silverado in full production. If they don't have vehicles they cann't sell them. The dealer I bought my last couple from sold all their 99's a month before they started receiving new 00'. ... But what I resent is they want to charge more to make up for the problems. Maybe GM and the Unions should reimburse them. ...... One reason to wait until dealers have al the options etc is that sometimes they have new packages or features that a person may miss out on. For instance Dodge has several new packages coming out this year that those who have already ordered their 2000 Dodge will miss out on. I know Chevy is going to have a new radio but will a person get the new one ordering early? The 1/2 ton will have fender flairs as an option (not my favorite) and ordering early may cost you a chance to add that option. But by know most of that should be know to the Chevy dealers. ...... Rich
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Order as soon as possible...you can always change it down the road before the Build date!

    I believe ALL 2000's will get ALL the new Options..(More HP/Radio?whatever else they have)
    Any older parts left over..(which is hardly nothing these days)..all goes for parts for dealers.

    Disregard what they say....Order it!..and add the 4th later..(which is IN the system at My dealer)
    ..You want to make a orad trip to Michigan to get one??..hehhehe

    Good luck

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    I have a 2000 GMC Sierra ext cab 4x4 1/2 ton on order since June 18. I don't have an order # yet. Should I go to a different dealer? Will I lose time by placing another order at a different dealer? The Dealer I placed my order at is Mid sized. Would I have a better chance going to one of the very large dealers? Thanks for any help.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    6 weeks into it...I'd hold out..

    Every dealer is allowed X-amount of cars per week.

    Bigger dealers get more than small guys...which is why most small dealers don't want to go with GM discount..they only get so many vehicles per year!

    They tell GM what they want to order..GM figures how many order #'s they can give out nationwide...the dealers get their orders taken based on basically their size!..(kinda)

    If they can't put in the order this week...they try next week. Sometimes GM has "specials"..and they say OK..we are gonna allow X amount of cars this week as Bonuses...In a Lottery type pool.

    it's very screwed up!..if we just got rid of the Union...we could have some good workers who would work 8 or more hours..instead of 4-6 and get paid for 8....and we could build more Trucks per day and fill more orders quicker.

    I'd hold on now....you WILL lose your place by going to another dealer...besides...June is much better for a 2000 order than Almost August would be.

    ...You could order another one elsewhere and see what comes in first....and refuse delivery on the other one. As long as it's not some Horrible combo...most dealers won't mind having in their lots.

    Good Luck

  • briandudebriandude Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the advice Tim. I will wait on this truck. I am a union construction electrician. My dad worked 30 years in an Union auto plant. I like GM products but don't like GM management. They need major changes in there order process. If they are going to build the best truck they should make it easier to order one. GM would love to build the trucks in NON-UNION Mexico. I like full sized v-8 trucks built in America. Some will agree with me!
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157

    The Union is good in some places...but all stories I ever hear in the Auto Industry are one big Joke. Kinda a big excuse to screw off and get paid damn good money to boot!

    Without it in GM....we could pump out a lot more vehicles per day.

    So no offense to you was meant.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Of courese I agree that American made V-8 Trucks are best too.....just needs to be a better way of getting them!

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    Has anyone actually taken delivery of a year 2000 1500 Silverado that they ordered? Are orders actually being accepted by GM (meaning does the computer show an order number and projected build date)? I've had a Silverado 2wd SB LT with Ride Control ordered since 10/5/98. The ride control didn't go into production until Feb. The order was accepted by GM and in May and a projected date of mid June was posted. For what ever reason, it never got built. It has since been removed from the computer by GM and I am being told by the dealer that it must be reordered. The reason I have stuck around is I got 1% over invoice deal. Now I am being told that I will get price protection (same actual dollars as the 10/5/98 deal) plus an additional $1000 off for hanging in there. Pretty good deal but I still don't have it. What do you all think? Should I give up?
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    Hey i am planning on ordering a truck next fall sept-oct 2000 (2001 models) u think i should go put in an order now so i wont have any problems? hahahhaa no its a joke. Do u know when you can put in an order for the next model yr like i mean like how many month prior. i think ill go place an order for a 2001 tomorrow so i dont have to wait to long but id probably have trouble too and have to wait another yr because the process sounds like it sucks so bad. GOOD LUCK everyone on gettting ur truck hope u get it soon jane.
  • jeffthrojeffthro Member Posts: 35
    Looks like ryanbab also needs to seek mental help. I guess this is what happened when he bought a Ford. Cut the useless comments.
  • planejaneplanejane Member Posts: 167
    thanks, hope i get it soon too.

    cindy (Planejane)
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    USELESS COMMENTS? What r u talking about fords for? Ill never drive a ford. I was being funny u know HUMOR because everyone is having so much trouble ordering. Lighten up tight @$$. Humor JETHRO try some sometime.
  • jeffthrojeffthro Member Posts: 35
    I ordered a 2000 silverado. I have also read the comments about the 99 Silverado. It seems factual that they are experiencing vibration problems, engine noise, interior rattles, and seat mechanism failures. Am I concerned? You betcha. It is not kind to joke about others misfortunes. This kind of joking I left in high school.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Im not joking about people problems like MECHANICAL u idiot im talking about the ordering process. HEy its a truck trucks are supposed to be rough not perfect they shoould be biug bulky and have some squeaks. It cant be silent i think you should have to deal with it. Maybe im used to it cause i drive a blazer and an S-10 or maybe i dont care as much as noises.
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