Infiniti G35 Maintenance and Repair

kd6aw1kd6aw1 Member Posts: 116
My outside air temperature reads ok most of the time but sometimes doesn't function accurately. Called dealer in San Diego and they are communicating with the Infiniti engineers and are supposed to call back. Some other people are having the same problem. Any ideas appreciated. Great having this board. Love my G35!

El Cajon, California


  • gator37gator37 Member Posts: 6
    Paul and I have the same problem. Don't be shy let us know if anyone else is having this problem and if you have a fix.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Member Posts: 956
    Personally, I've never seen one of the things that operates accurately. Or consistently. The best I've seen is on the Subaru ... they put one in the mirror and the sensor is far up from the engine, the road, and everything that can tease the thing into inaccurate readings -- but sometimes it's wacko too.

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • dmmattixdmmattix Member Posts: 77
    is a bit fuzzy due to some vibration. I cannot feel it in the floorboards, the shifter, or the steering wheel. Clears up if I put my finger on the bottom and hold it. Anyone else have this problem??
  • boomer23boomer23 Member Posts: 125
    Only noticed this problem when I had the bass turned up high on a rock CD. Otherwise, no significant shake.
  • dmmattixdmmattix Member Posts: 77
    then I will have them check the mount during the 3750 mile service next month.

    thanks for input.
  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Member Posts: 116
    Seems to have corrected itself. Have had correct readings for four days now. G35 fixes herself, what a car!

  • purwinpurwin Member Posts: 18
    Owners manual reads ' hold outside buttons till you get a slow blink'. You will get a fast blink. The fast blink is correct.
  • purwinpurwin Member Posts: 18
    How do you get to the Oil filter?
  • cls73cls73 Member Posts: 9
    Recently purchased a G35. Absolutely awesome car! Except for one minor issue. I've had the car for 3 weeks and when I use the turn signal (left or right) there's no blinking sound inside the car. The sound was there when I first purchased it, but it has since disappeared. Same thing for the Hazard. The turn signal and hazard lights outside of the car work fine, but no sound.

    Has anyone encountered this?
  • tonyg35tonyg35 Member Posts: 52
    Have the dealer check that out. I do not have that problem.
  • dmmattixdmmattix Member Posts: 77
    Normally you don't have that problem. Normally it is noisy as hell. Someone at freshalloy mentioned(jokingly) the possibility putting in synthetic blinker fluid. This is the first car I have owned in quite a while that I never miss when the blinkers don't automatically cancel(my wife claims I am deaf, eh??)
  • pdrumans1pdrumans1 Member Posts: 48
    I just discovered that when depressing the unlock on the key fob, that the rear windows do not go down with the front like they should. I have tried it several times based ont he manual and nothing. I will have to try my otehr fob when I get home. Hopefully a fault in the fob, not the car, but either way I will have check by service dept.
  • sanandtonsanandton Member Posts: 342
    Just a guess, but does it have anything to do with power window override switch on the drivers panel. I wonder if setting the switch to "off" prohibits this feature. Let us know.
  • pdrumans1pdrumans1 Member Posts: 48
    tried the power override switch too. My other key fob does not power down the rear either. Will have it checked out.
  • dmmattixdmmattix Member Posts: 77
    Probably not programmed into the car's computer correctly. I suspect they can disable the feature entirely, add auto-close, etc if they want to...
  • pdrumans1pdrumans1 Member Posts: 48
    I will will have them correctly program and see if they can program for auto closure of windows and maybe even sunroof which would be nice.
  • morgan1112morgan1112 Member Posts: 36
    I was told that if you don't have the premium package (which has all 4 windows w/ auto up/down) then only the front windows go down. Made sense to me since I don't have the premium package. Maybe somebody can check that out.
  • pdrumans1pdrumans1 Member Posts: 48
    Seems like that is the case, w/o the premium, only the front go down :(
  • zbest855zbest855 Member Posts: 13
    OK, keep the comments to yourself...
    Has anyone else found that their Xenon's tend to
    jiggle up and down when driving over bumpy roads?
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Member Posts: 285
    OK, I'm stumped! What do you expect them to do? :)

    If these are the first Xenon's you've driven with, could that be the problem? From what I understand, they are much more "focused" with regard to their beam and therefore, in combination with the low focus that Infiniti has on the G35, may give the appearance of "jiggle".

  • jethrog35jethrog35 Member Posts: 14
    Anybody have a guess as to why Infiniti would not support the auto-locking door feature? You know, where the doors lock automatically at around 10mph?

    Perhaps it just the Canadian models, but my local dealer says that they've contacted Nissan and they've confirmed that the feature is not supported. I thought that it was a safety feature on most cars these days.

    I'm convinced that the feature can be enabled through a software code. All my family noted that the doors auto-locked for the first 2 weeks or so, then I tried changing the locking mode so that the horn wouldn't toot every time I locked the car. That seemed to disable the auto-lock feature permanently (I can't get it back).

    Do the U.S. models auto-lock?
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Member Posts: 285
    So far as I've been able to determine, they do NOT auto lock. I wish they did. I have gotten used to in on my Dodge Durango and would feel better, for my wife's sake, if they did on the G35 also. Then again, I didn't notice that ANY other sport sedan we drove did so.

    Go figure...

  • dfd3dfd3 Member Posts: 57
    Hi All:

    Has anyone experienced excessive noise from the a/c on their G35s? I noticed it the day I picked my car up - when first starting out in the car, the howling noise can be heard in direct proportion with engine speed. It seems to go away after the interior has cooled down and/or I increase the temp. control past 72 degrees or so. It is really aggrevating and there is a thread over at freshalloy on this subject. I have not taken it to the dealer yet, will probably do that next week. Anybody else experience this?
  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Member Posts: 116
    Air conditioner noise. Red G 1700 miles.

    On several occasions I have experienced noise that seems to be coming from the compressor during acceleration. On gentle acceleration I wouldn't hear it but accelerating up to 3500 rpm or so sometimes it really sounds off. This problem is intermittant and doesn't usually happen. Called the dealer and they said they haven't yet experienced this problem. I will watch this and probably bring it in next week. I am wondering if it could be caused by belt slipage. Love the G but wish to resolve this. My 1999 Maxima never did this.


    El Cajon, California
  • aggie4aggie4 Member Posts: 16
    BTW, am also dfd3. Paul, my A/C noise occurs ALL of the time. I'm in North Texas and it's been warm and humid, so I use the A/C every day. The noise begins immediately at start up and continues until the interior cools off and I raise the temp. I know it's the A/C because when I hit the A/C button to turn it off the noise stops. As you mentioned there is a thread over on freshalloy so we are not the only ones with this problem. I have a svc. appt. scheduled for Monday next week and I'll post results.

    Other than that, no problems and I love my G. It's emerald mist w/ sport pkg, very rare I'm told. Oh, I did have some a**hole open their door and put a nice crease in the right rear QP last week - it cannot be fully removed by the paintless dent repair people because of it's location. Damn car still has dealer temp plates - less than two weeks old. Wish I knew who did it.
  • jethrog35jethrog35 Member Posts: 14
    Thanks Paul, I gave up on it figuring that they just borrowed a chapter from another manual and didn't verify that the feature was actually implemented on the G35.

    I'll give it another try.

    -- Geoff
  • jethrog35jethrog35 Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for your input Scott. I must admit that I didn't notice the feature on other sport sedans, but I simply wasn't looking for it. It's one of those things that you just assume is there.

    It's probably one of those things that you don't get at $12K, you do get at $20K, you don't get at $30K, and then you get it back after $50K (along with a new kitchen sink)!!!

    -- Geoff
  • peaceofmindapapeaceofmindapa Member Posts: 9
    A little off subject but just wanted you to know that I share your pain. I purchased my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4X4 with every single option on it about 6 months ago. I had looked for this specific one for close to a year and came across it one night through a local dealer's website.. I was there the next day. It was a 2001 model they needed to get rid of so I got an outstanding deal plus .9% financing. It is perfect-Oxford White with tan leather. Just the way I wanted and awesome price/financing.

    Now to relate to you...about a month after I purchased it I came out of a store and there it was, a gash in the driver side door the size of a nickel. It was in the plastic trim that runs along the door and it looked like a big black hole in the door. I do not think they could have taken more paint off if they had tried and there was no car parked next to me so there was no way to tell who did it. I went straight to an auto store to buy touch up paint and will have it professionally fixed when I get a collection of these little guys going. If I ever see a car going down the road with a pound of my Oxford white paint hanging off the edge of their door-there will be trouble. My girlfriend might be purchasing (will be if I have any say-so) a new G35 in a couple of months. Thinking about paying bums to guard the car while we go in places...LOL. Take Care all
  • dfd3dfd3 Member Posts: 57
    As promised, I am reporting back what the dealer found with my car. They told me that the a/c compressor has "bad" bearings and that it will have to be replaced. They said that as long as it cools correctly there is no problem with operating the a/c system. They have ordered the part and expect to have it in in four days. Will get it installed and report back with the results. The service person mentioned that they have had several other failures at their dealership. Hope this takes care of the problem.

    BTW, the experience at the service dept. was great! I could have had a full continental breakfast if I wanted to. Coffee, danishes, OJ, fresh fruit, etc. And of course, free loaner. This beats the hell out of previous experiences with "other" makes I have owned in the past. Now, if I could just find the SOB who creased my QP!
  • zbest855zbest855 Member Posts: 13
    Looking to run my remote radar detector thru there, but can't find an opening.
    Any clues?
  • famousamosfamousamos Member Posts: 2
    The problem I had with my G35 has been solved but I thought other G35 owners might be interested in hearing about it. Bought my G35 w/leather April 27. The next day the "service engine soon" light came on. I called the dealer and made an appointment to have it checked out. Two error messages came up, both pertaining to the transmission. The transmission shifted fine but one of the messages indicated a bad board in the transmission control unit. I'm not sure what the other error message was but Infiniti installed a new transmission and transmission control unit. The car was in the shop for nine days. I live in Alabama and the transmission came by truck from California so it took awhile to get here. It appears to be shifting fine. The experience hasn't changed my mind about the car, just one of those things, I guess.
  • jvalenty1jvalenty1 Member Posts: 1
    I ordered my G35 at Discover in San Diego on Apr 27. Having a hard time waiting. I appreciate all the info available on this forum.

    thanks guys!
  • yongbryongbr Member Posts: 6
    I have noticed that the G35 does not have a means to hang my clothes. My infiniti dealer did not even notice it until I mentioned it. Has anybody else heard about this?
  • jethrog35jethrog35 Member Posts: 14
    To the right and left of the trunk, just behind the tail lights, the interior trunk liner is run fairly close to the outside body panel. BEWARE, this liner is only upholstery!

    I've recently had the unpleasant experience of carrying some fairly heavy objects in the trunk (small lawn ornaments) and had one shift in the trunk, banging against the inner lining and denting the outside quarter panel.

    Cost: $325 (Cdn) to have the rear quarter panel fixed and re-sprayed.

    Once fixed, I'm going to buy some styrofoam to stuff between the inner trunk liner and the outside body panel. I'm hoping that this will help protect against a similar incident (sliding golf clubs perhaps?) from occurring again.

    My old Celica had a stiff plastic trunk lining, so this was never an issue. Perhaps some of those "hard interior plastics" that many reviewers complain about would have been well placed in the trunk liner.
  • jvalentyjvalenty Member Posts: 41
    Thanks, I carry lots of odds and ends in my trunk and would never have thought of this safeguard. A testament to the value of this and other forums... Amen.
  • mdurenmduren Member Posts: 5
    Not sure if this is news or not, but according to my local sales manager, Nissan has been aware of the A/C problem for about a month and has been actively pursuing a fix or correction of some sort (different compressor, bearings, whatever.) Apparently, they have identified a preliminary fix that is currently being tested in Texas. He suggested they might know something more in a month or so.
  • weathereweathere Member Posts: 2
    Yongbr, I also noticed the lack of a coat hook. Very irritating every morning as I throw my suit jacket on the back seat.

    I wrote Infiniti about this today, suggesting they send the parts to all owners. I'll let you know what they say.

    This must be an oversight, right?
  • cia1cia1 Member Posts: 3
    You can get a plastic clothes hook that will hook over the handle above the window. Obviously not a "factory look" but it works. Our laundry gives them away. Also check at stores like The Container Store or Everything Organized. They have lots of little do-das that might work.

    Doubt Infinity goofed and left it out. More like they figured we didn't need one.
  • racingmaniacracingmaniac Member Posts: 11
    Does the transmission ever shift into 5th by itself? How come everytime I push to manual gate even at highway speed the display always show 4th? Or does it downshift to 4th automatically at highway when you push into manual gate?
  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Member Posts: 116
    When going into manual mode the transmission always goes into fourth gear which is very practical because you can do it at any time. Once done you can shift to any gear and the transmission will only shift up to the selected gear. actually a very good system!

  • jvalentyjvalenty Member Posts: 41
    Excellent 4 page review by Forbes.

  • dfd3dfd3 Member Posts: 57
    Hi All!

    I am one of those owners experiencing loud a/c compressor noise. Thought I would bring you all up to date: I just got back from the dealer and they installed a new compressor. The service tech told me that this is essentially a "temporary" fix. The compressor is still loud but not as bad as the original. He stated that Infiniti knows it has a problem with the G35 compressors and they are working on a more permanent solution. I will probably have to take it in at a later date once Infiniti comes up with the correct solution. For now, the compressor is a bit louder than normal but better than it was. It also cools well and they told me that it was okay to drive. I'll post any further info and y'all (I am a Texan) do the same.
  • cpranger22cpranger22 Member Posts: 21
    New G35 owners if your compass doesn't work immediately when you first get it, drive (slowiy) in a circle a few times and then it should give you a reading.
  • khl68khl68 Member Posts: 10
    I'm hearing this annoying "clicking" noise coming from the seat belt buckle everytime I step on the brake or move in my seat... anyone else hearing the same annoying noise or experiencing any similiar problem.
  • dane4dane4 Member Posts: 107
    Yes indeed khl,

    I have this same clicking noise and it has been mentioned several times in the main G35 forum on this board... I'm not certain what it is, but Infiniti is apparently aware of it as an issue, and the standing procedure appears to be to replace the entire female portion of the seta belt latch...

    It almost sounds more like a tiny solenoid actuating back and forth that becomes particularly noticeable when stepping on the brake at slow speeds (or maybe the sound is just more easily heard when the cabin is very quiet)

    My G35 is due in for the 2nd service very soon and I will most definitely have them swap out the latch. Its one of those needly minor things, but it can be like chinese water torcher when driving in stop and go traffic for long periods of time :)

    Just to let you know, you're not going crazy, but the sound just may drive you there :)

  • faenorfaenor Member Posts: 99
    Gads! I can't believe I wrote "torcher" instead of torture in the previous post! LOL! I must have been really really sleepy.... ZZZZzzzz....
  • sanandtonsanandton Member Posts: 342
    I also have the annoying seat belt click when starting and stopping. I guess lack of road noise in these cars makes these minor things obvious. I also have a click coming from the passenger side speakers when listening to music with deep/clear bass at medium volumes. It is one of those things most people won't notice unless they really like music, or are in the car a lot. I currently have a loaner G35 (more to follow) that does the same thing. Does anyone else experience this?
  • sanandtonsanandton Member Posts: 342
    Well, yest. 5/31/02 Fri. I got into my G and cranked her up. I immediately noticed a brighter than usual display of lights from the center control panel (stereo, heater/AC control area). It was 5:00am so it was still dark. Anyway, Almost all of the heat/ac panel lights were lit up and the stereo back light was not working. The stereo was playing, but would not respond to the buttons on the center control. It would not turn off, change channels, change volume nothing. But, when using the steering wheel controls It would respond. Also the temp was set at 74 degrees and would not change, the fan would not change speeds, and I could not even turn it off.
    Called Infiniti locally (Bradshaw in Greenville SC) and they were immediately responsive. Bring it right in they said. I had to wait until lunch due to my schedule. I went in, they put me in a nearly identicle G 35 as a loaner and told me to keep it until they found the problem. This will include a weekend trip out of town and about 500mi of driving. They called me back and told me that it was fixed and I could pick it up. I could not make it by the 6:00 o clock closing, so they told me not to worry just come in Mon AM.
    The problem apparently was one of the buttons on the center control panel had become "stuck" on and this sent it into a lock down mode. They reset it by disconnecting the battery for 10 mins. I have a new center panel on order, but it may take a while to get here.
    Man the Infiniti service experience sure beats the H*#! out of my experiences with Ford, GM in the past. I was always treated like a criminal, idiot, and liar in those service trips. The premium has proven to be well worth it already. Still Smilin car at 2700k miles in less than 1 month.
  • mdurenmduren Member Posts: 5
    I had the same problem on my driver's side seat belt buckle. I brought the car in for service and they ordered and then replaced the buckle. I have not had the problem since then.
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Member Posts: 285
    Regarding your word of warning. Have you contacted Infiniti about this problem? It does seem to be a fairly important one that they might want to know about and, who knows, they might even compensate you for it?!? :)

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