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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks for your message. Guess I'm not facing the sole dealership problem... It's just the salesperson....

    Just want an opinion... I'm interested in a G35X with just the premium package. Is it realistic to pay just $1000 invoice? Too little? Too much?

  • From what I've seen I don't think that 1k over invoice is too much to ask for just a premium G35X. In fact, I bet you can probably do a bit better. Maybe $750 or $500 over even? It all comes down to inventory. Near the end of the month they will definitely be willing to move anything they have too much of. Are there other dealers you can check that are maybe not the closest to you, but close enough that it's worth the drive? When I was looking I was about to go out of state for mine but luckilly one popped up in more of a local market for me.
  • Unfortunately, the dealership here hasn't been ordering too many new G35s... They had over 100 2006 G35s back in january, so they had to get rid of those first. But great tip! I'll check out the Portland inventory (it's probably 5 hours away...)
  • Going this Friday to a dealer that has a 2007 G35 with 6MT. { I would tell you the dealer's name but afraid someone will beat me to it!!!} The Sport and Sport 6MT are rare these days, all the models here are the all-wheel drive variety.
    This one has the colors I want, a premium package but with a spoiler [dunno about that] and splash guards. The price comes to about $1608 below MSRP totals found in the Infiniti web site. Seems like a good deal? Or am I dreaming?

    Still unsure about that 6 speed though..but thats what this Friday is all about.
  • Concentrate on the OTD price instead of soley on the vehicle price.
  • Just put in an order for 2007 G35X Sedan w/ Premium, cargo net, and splash guards. Total = $500.00 over dealer invoice. Should be getting it on Monday or Tuesday. I'll post again when I get the car.
  • Correction: Car = 500.00 over invoice, Total (OTD) = ~$37500+
  • myboynoy, for reference where (city, state) are you buying?
  • mez2mez2 Posts: 10
    Looking at the G35X....Loved it alot. Was given the following quote is it good or am I crazy
    MSRP $41,000 Sales Price $37,300 Prem with Tech and Nav Pkgs
    Lease payment for 39 months is $555 (Includes 7.25% tax) $885 out of pocket. 12K miles a year.
    PS Offered a m35X for $619mth 27/mths also.
  • mez2, approximately how many miles per day do you drive on weekdays? weekends? A friend of mine leased a G35X back in '04 and his lease is almost up. He said it went by quickly.
  • It would seem attractive, but I actually think that you can do better. See if you can get an exact breakdown of EVERYTHING. What exactly does the $885 out of pocket cover (1st month, tax, registration, doc fees, etc.) Are there any fees rolled into the cap cost. They may say that they are selling the car for 37300, but are they adding things like the acquisition fee into the cap cost? If I take the best numbers IFS is showing for a 36 month lease...I think that 39 month leases are good...the numbers aren't usually as good as 36 either. Anyway, IFS is showing .00211 Money Factor and 58% residual with 12k miles. I calculate your payment to be around $527/month INCLUDING tax for 36 months/12k per year.

    I can't guarantee that they will give you those residual and MF numbers, but you can certainly ask. Ask your salesman what the exact MF and residual he is using to calculate the lease. Then someone can break it down and see if they are hiding any costs in there anywhere ;)
  • I've been reading your posts and appreciate your input. I'm seeking advice on this deal,I intend to buy on Monday.Looking at leasing a 07 G35X with nav and tech package listed at 41K. Lease term 24 months/12K miles. Here is what they quoted: 589 p.m with 2 K down. Good deal? Bad deal? Can do better? Please please advise.

    Many thanks. :confuse:
  • I'm looking to buy a 2007 Infiniti G35 sedan AWD with nav and premium package also. But with no down for 36-39 months, 12000 - 15000. I would buy if lease deal is about $550/ month. Is that a good deal? Let me know how you do.
  • I'm currently deciding between an IS350 and a G35 coupe. So I went into Coconut grove Infinit in Deerfield beach, FL. After being immediately swarmed by sales reps, I found that I like the G35 sedan more than the coupe. Apparently it is completely redesigned in 07 and I like it a great deal. I talked to a rep and said i was interested in the sedan. We test drove it and it was nice. I was looking at a G35 sport w/ premium and nav. According to, the dealers invoice for this is about $34,348 with an MSRP of $37,4.

    So we sit at his desk to negotiate and he starts giving me BS about how these cars are going for above MSRP regularly. I refuse to make an offer on my part.. so he goes to the sales desk and comes back with MSRP as their offer.. I couldn't believe my eyes, I could barely choke back my laughter. After that I immediately knew I wouldn't be buying here since theyre trying to screw me directly off the bat. So I counteroffer 32,500.. the sales person balks and told me, "YOU CAN'T GET A G35 ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FOR THAT!!" After some more huffing and puffing, I tell him I'm matching one BS offer for another.. which he doesnt like but I tell him thats my offer, he goes to the managers desk for a while. After that, he doesnt come back, the sales manager does. He tells me my offer is very low and I told him I was matching a dumb offer with a lowball which he seems to understand. Shortly after this, my original salesman comes in and they start doing the "Good cop/bad cop routine." We meet around the middle at $34,700 before TTL.. I didnt care at this point what the price was because I knew I wasnt buying here, I just wanted my trades to be evaluated. After this, we start talking trades. I have a 1999 land rover discovery II loaded (95k miles) and a 2000 v6 mustang convert loaded (49k miles), both lien free. Now that we have a price set, they give me this cheeseball offer of 9k for the PAIR!! I was disgusted and about to leave.. they tried to get me to sit and explain what I thought was reasonable. I told them I wanted at least 12k for trades. The trade manager starts pulling up Manheim (spelling?) dealer reports of wholesale auction closes and spouting how these cars probably wouldnt get more than the minimum price fetched. I explain how my mustang has 49k miles and is worth at least 7,5k at individual auction on ebay or other similar place and how the land rover was worth 6k no matter what. After I was about to walk, all of a sudden they offer 11k for my trades. I suddenly realize if theyre willing to give me 2k more immediately, my instincts of getting at least 12k we on the money. After holding out for 12, they say they can't do it. I drive off.. they have called me twice after i left and once so far this morning.

    Overall experience: 2/10
    Salesman experience: 1/10
    Lot evaluation: 3/10: every single vehicle on their lot has a dealer added pinstripe sticker added along the length of the car that they charge $700 for.

    If you want an Infiniti in South Florida, goto miami or sawgrass.. to me these guys were just looking to squeeze money out of me any way possible. Please tell me how I did and if my price negotiation was decent for G35S coupe w/ premium & nav.. this is my first new car buying experience.. the only info I was going on was here and
  • mez2mez2 Posts: 10
    From my experience so far you should be able to get this deal. If you are able to buy the Money factor down with security deposits this is the way to go. You should be able to do under $550/month. On the opther hand if you are able to wait a few months, the dealers around me think they will see wome promotions on these. Right now you can get the M35X loaded for LESS than the G35X on a 27 month lease, vs a 39 month lease for the G35X.
  • Just bought our new G35X with tech package, Nav package, and preminum package. It is beautiful. The dealership had 3 with all 3 features, 2 sold in less than a week while we were waiting to make our decision. We wanted to use this dealership, which is very convenient and has a perk called 500 club which offers all free maintenance for 2 years, free oil changes for life of car, free car washes whenever you want, and detailing 1X per year for life of car. They think 500 club is worth 2500$ at least, :) over life of car. We paid 1350$ below MSRP for this car. Not feeling great about the deal, but it did seem this car was in demand. We live in NoVA, an affluent area, where many people drive a nice car and have too much money to spend on things like luxury cars. Just looking for comments about the deal and 500 club perk.
  • I paid $500 above invoice which is about $3000 below MSRP for the same car in NY, no 500 club though.
  • "I paid $500 above invoice which is about $3000 below MSRP for the same car in NY, no 500 club though."

    Next time hold out for invoice... and never pay above!
  • "Next time hold out for invoice... and never pay above!"

    I thought I did well. I have not heard that anybody got the tech package at invoice.
  • I have also been to Coconut Creek and left with a very bad taste in my mouth. Salesmen all over you, like they are doing you a favor. I to am looking at a G35 but in June. I will be going to Sawgrass, Palm Beach or Miami. Anyone has to be better!!! Stay away from Coconut Creek.
  • I live in Southern California and was just quoted $38,500 out the door for a 07 Journey with Premium, Navigation and Tire / Wheel Package. Is this a good price?
  • murrowmurrow Posts: 72
    I also tried dealing with Infiniti of Coconut Creek. What a sleazy bunch. I tried dealing online, and it was a nightmare. It always boiled down to "call me" or "stop by." When I finally DID get them to give me a quote, it was ridiculously high. And you won't believe the silly video e-mails the internet sales people send. They're on a webcam reading from an "insert customer's name here" script. I truly don't get the point. Then, for weeks later, they'll send you form-letter follow ups.

    Just a heads up -- I believe Sawgrass is owned by the same people as Coconut Creek.
  • Without knowing all the specifics about your deal, it is hard to tell. However, typically in California, the way I figure it is that selling price of car + 9.5%-10% of selling price of car = Out The Door total. The 9.5% -10% is for: tax 7.75% or 8.25% depending on county residing in, license, $45 doc fees, $8.75 tire waste disposal fee. Seems like a decent deal about $1,000 over invoice.

    Do you mind sharing your details to determine how much over invoice you paid for the car?

  • mrg2mrg2 Posts: 29
    I've been considering buying the same car/options as farmgirl (except a Sport model vs. AWD) and have been to the same dealership. They haven't been willing to go below MSRP with the 500 Club promo deal. As a matter of fact, they keep telling me that the 500 Club promo has gone away, even though it keeps showing up in their advertising. Based on my experience in the this area, you got a good deal with those options. Any thoughts on the value of the free service for 2 years? That is really the primary value of the 500 club as far as I'm concerned. They say it pays for Factory Maintenance (according to the Severe driving maintenace in the manual). I noticed in the car manual that there are 3 levels of service: I, II, and premium. Has anyone looked at the these in depth? I've never seen "premium" level maintenance listed before.
  • Sounds like great purchase negotiations now. walked away from an '07 Sport model 6MT, mainly because of the all the flack regarding the clutch but now aiming for a 5AT Sport...where did you purchase if I may be so bold?
  • thanks for the response. Yes, it is $1000 over invoice. I live in L.A. County so tax is 8.25% I have not purchased it yet as I want to make sure this is the best I can do. Outside of tax, I didn't get a breakdown for the rest of the fees yet. I just told him I wanted the OTD price.
  • Infinity of Chantilly, Va
  • Dealership never mentioned that the 500 Club promo is going away. The car manual and nagivation manual are so huge that we've only gotten through a small portion of them so haven't read anything about 3 levels of service. Will take a look.
  • Hello,

    I went to a dealership in NJ to get a quote on the following:

    2007 G35x (Black Obsidian)
    Premium / Navigation / Wood / Splash Guards / Cargo Net
    MSRP $39,540
    Invoice $36,118

    $0 down, $1600 total out of pocket (TTL, 1st month)
    15k miles/year
    $519/mo + tax

    Is this a decent deal? I was hoping for a number under $500/mo all in. The only basis for comparison is the '05 FX that I lease for $480/mo (paid $2800 out of pocket back then) for a $40k+ MSRP

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