Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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OK. I'll be the first to fess up on less than stellar bargaining for the G 35. Man these things are in short supply right now. I have bought "Many" new cars in the last 8 years and rarely have paid more than invoice plus or minus $300. I live in the SE US and called dealers in Fl. GA, SC, NC and found only one built to my specs available. Needless to say they had me over a barrell.
G35 Sterling silver, (wanted Platinum but
no one had the car built like I wanted)
Luxury leather
splash guards
MSRP: 36,415.00
Final sale 35,500

Luckily, My bank has a 5% interest rate at the momnent. Pick it up today. Maybe the prices will come down as the popularity wanes a little. But now that I am an owner I hope not too far down.


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    Just bought the G35 last month and paid $32,000 (before taxes, license, registration, fees, etc), $35,000 out-the-door. Bought it from the fleet manager, other sales reps wanted MSRP which was $33,565. Just curious what other owners paid for theirs and if I paid a fair price.
    Luxury Leather, Premium, Sunroof, Desert Platinum, Xenon Lights, Wood trim package, and including $695 LoJack.
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    Kh168, that's about $100 less than I paid in late March for the same package on a blue one. Pretty good price at this point in time.
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    I just bought a G35 in San Diego with the following:
    Premium package
    Navigation system
    Sport package
    Pearl White
    MSRP $35,740
    Paid: $33,700
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    Just test drove the G35 and was very impressed. Dealer in Flemington was offering $33,770 for

    Winter Pkg
    Xenon HL

    What do you think?
    PS- I didnt even haggle
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    Can anyone tell me what kinda interest rate infiniti is offering? Nissan is offering 0.9%
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    realsox3 - go to they have the lowest auto rates I've seen so far. you're not going to get an incentive rate from Infiniti on the new G35.
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    Have been researching since the G35 was announced, took 2 test drives at different dealers. Finally posted some inquiries on various auto web price sites and had a dealer email me indicating he would sell me the G35 at cost + $ 350.00. So I spoke with my Infiniti dealer whom I have leased 2 I30's in the past 6 years and he asked me to forward the email and he matched it. So I just ordered the G35 w/Leather and trunk map, plus sun roof for $ 28,409.00
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    I'm shopping for a G35...I would like to get a deal like yours? which dealership? You can email me if you'd like. [email protected]

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    Which state? I'm in SoCal. Most buyers seem to be getting the leather model for anywhere from 500 to 900 off MSRP. I think that's pretty good for a car that's in such demand. Buying at the end of the month helps if you buy one on the lot. Dealers want to make their quota. I bought the last day of the month, but ordered one to get "exactly" what I wanted. Don't compromise on what you'll be sorry. Leather with the graphite interior seems to be most desirable combo, therefore will have the best resale. I generally don't like leather seats, but I like these. The seats are soft and have more of a matted, rather than shinny finish. Good luck.
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    please tell me where you got such a good deal. I'm in central Florida but willing to travel to save some $$. The dealer here is stuck on MSRP and is selling all he has. Thanks for the help
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    I have bought mine week ago from North Shore Infiniti. Sales person, Mike Weitz. Tel 516 503 7652. Luxury Leather, Premium, Sunroof, Desert Platinum/Graphite, Xenon Lights, Wood trim, 2 free oil change for $31019.00 before Tax. I think this is great. I got this dealer information from other posting and got a better deal. Day of the sale even he came to my home to pick me up. I recommend him to any one.
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    Has anyone done a lease on a G35? I am curious to know what Infiniti is targeting the residual value to be after 36 months.

    Just curious.
  • anitafaginaanitafagina Member Posts: 22
  • rjprjprjprjp Member Posts: 12
    bostonboy.. I was givena residual value of 57% on a 39 month lease and 58% on a 36 month lease.
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    hey all,
    I was intent on buying a G35 with sport pkg, aero pkg, twilight blue,leather, and sunroof. Nothing more nothing less. The first dealer I went to told me they would trade for one with a regional dealer for me. When it arrived I found it also had a Bose system and winter pkg (nothing wrong with these options but I personally didn't want them). Of course it cost more but they also added tint, pinstripes, and gold plating running the tab to $34,500 or so MSRP. So I walked, luckily I didn't put down a deposit. They told me they would give me a discount about $1200, but it wasn't what I wanted. Then they told me I would not find anything else like it for months. Well, I drove across town to another dealer, they had G35 coming straight from Port, equipped exactly how I wanted. I paid roughly $800 off MSRP about $30,800. Not as much of a discount but I got exactly what i wanted. So my advice would be to shop around and don't settle for less or more than you want. These cars are great and are selling fast but don't buy into the "this is the only one ever" scheme.
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    My family got the Canadian Luxury Package, which is the base model we have here. It has Leather, HID light, 6 CD Changer, 17-inch 6 spoke wheels, power driver's seat, climate control...etc.

    We paid $46,050 Cdn for it include delivery charge, tax and everything. It is MSRP before tax at $38,900. Waited 3 weeks before delivery.
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    Hi All,

    This will be my first time buying a new car by myself. My last new car (9 years ago and it was a Camry), I had someone with me who was very good at wheeling and dealing (my "then" fiance). Anyway, I've not yet bought the G35 but after seeing it just 2 days ago for the first time I'm feeling quite compelled on an emotional level to want to buy one. Until just very recently, I was thinking of just keeping my still very dependable Camry and riding it in to the ground but after seeing this G35 I was in a trance. I test drove the car and loved it but the salesman that tagged along was very aggressive and I found I didn't have the time to really pay attention and inspect the car as fully as I should. Although I had made it quite clear I was in the "looking" stage and that there were other cars I still wanted to inspect, he insisted on running a credit report on me because he "just wanted to do what he could to put me in this G35 today". Well, luckily, I didn't give in to the pressure but I am still interested. My questions and concerns are: 1. When I asked to see the invoice he wouldn't show it to me. 2. He said that these cars were moving so fast that they couldn't keep them on their lot and that their next shipment doesn't come in until August and even then that will only have 8 G35's. I told this guy that I wanted to do my homework because I didn't even know all the different trim packages available and he said they had already run out of brochures and with all his fast talking I wasn't sure what exactly the G35 came with as standard. He first said that they all came with sunroofs. Is this true? I don't mind because I do like sunroofs and would want one. However, some of the things I'd like in 1 car they didn't seem to have as they didn't have any Premium packages left. Also, is leather standard on these cars or just on the Premium?

    Anyway, I'm also looking at the Audi's, VW Passat, Nissan Altima and even the Nissan Maxima (I know that's quite a wide range there but this is purely based on looks of these cars at present and the fact they all seem to rate highly between Edmunds and Consumer Reports). But, I know that my heart really went pitty pat when I saw the G35. Since this seems to be a car that's moving quickly, is anyone in a position to haggle? Also, this salesman told me that as each new shipment came in that about 2K would be added to these cars (has anyone else heard this?). I hate dealing with car salesman and going in to a dealership as a lone woman makes me feel somewhat more vulnerable.

    If any of you could give me some good advice on how to go about getting the right trim I want (as in does that mean special order)? Also, how does one go about finding or talking to fleet managers? What's the advantage in that? Also, would I maybe be better off just going through my credit union and giving them a list of features I want and then let them find the G35 that has all the features I want? I'm in no real hurry to buy a car unless it does mean that these will just keep going up in price as the salesman told me that the few cars that are out everywhere are really just being introduced to test the market appeal and if they prove that they're very popular with the public then the price will indeed go up (which is probably true as that does sound logical).

    Anyway, sorry for all the rambling. I've been up late tonight doing research on all the cars I'm interested in and at this point am getting more and more confused.

    Hope someone will respond and give me some advice on how best to approach this and what I can do to possibly level the playing field.


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    Ok.. I read your post and you are not alone. I am trying to buy a new car too! Let me give you my 2cents.

    1) Find the car you like first. Then haggle about price on a later date. I find it is more fun to test drive and check cars out in showrooms .. without the pressure of dealing or talking price.. If you want to know price and invoice then check edmunds out and make a printout..If salesman asks you about when you will buy. I say "when I find the car I like". This allows them to sell you a car on it's merits instead of price or discounts. After you decide on the car (in my case it is the G35!) then you can talk price.

    I also found that the salesman spoke so much during my first test drive that i couldnt even concentrate on driving the car. (I guess I should have told him to shut-up :) ... But I have driven the car several times now and finally was able to get a feel for the car. (yes I love it!)

    OK. as for the G35.. Yes it is the "hot" car of the month. Dealers are trying to create a feeling that if you don't buy now you will miss out!! This is a sales tactic. Their tactics will change every week. But if they only have 5 cars on the lot... they aren't going to give the G35 away for too much discounts. Also, I have not heard of any price increases on this model. So I doubt they will mess with it so early in the year. So sit [non-permissible content removed] .. if you have to wait untill August to get one.. IMO you should be OK.

    Also, you need to study the car a bit and go to the dealership and study the options available. This is what the dealer is supposed to help you with.. afterall they are the experts and know the features and options. They can go over each and every option in the showroom and you can decide which options you want. (Like I wanted the sports Package option - it has nicer tires and wheels) But this option may not be important to you. So choose all the add ons you want..color.. etc.

    Lastly, after you choose the exact car.. I mean the exact car and color and options.. write them down. In my case it is a Black exterior, Graphite interior, Sunroof, Premium Package and Sports Package and Navigation. MSRP around $36K

    Now call dealer and any other buying services you have access too (like credit union).. tell them exactly what you are looking for and want the best price quote on "your car" with the "options you chose"..

    Someone will want to earn your business....

    Hope this helps...! Good Luck!

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    Let me try to help you a little...I do this for a living and women are my biggest fans for the reasons you are stating.

    First don't sign a thing or agree to a thing until the day you are ready to buy. They want your credit report so they can start profiling you...what kind of person you are.

    ALL car salespeople are not liars but for the simple reason that MANY of them are...DO NOT believe a word that one tells you. Simply take note of what they say and verify it here on the internet. Go to a search engine and punch in "G35" will find an endless supply of information.

    When you take a test drive and the person will not stop bugging you, ask him/her politely to be quiet. You did not go there to make a new went there to test drive a car. They should only be saying something if they are answering a question. That is supposed to be why they are with you. Not to continue profiling you and trying to 'put you in that car today'. Also if the test drive is a 2 mile drive around the block that they tell you to take, make it a longer one. Test drive the vehicles in situations and on roads that YOU will be driving, not them.

    I would advise you to use your credit union. Not so much for the prices but for the financing. You do not need a lease since you owned your last car for eight years and the warranty on an Infinity is very good and longer than average. For these reasons I would suggest financing and a credit union is almost always the best place for that. Use the information on the web to find the options you would like to have..get the invoice and MSRP for your local motor vehicle dept. or tax division and find out all the taxes you will need to pay for the vehicle and add all that up.

    IT sounds a little complicated but one night on the internet with all the correct information and you can have a number figured out. The G35 is 'new' and a 'luxury' car so don't expect to get it at 'invoice' but I would not pay MSRP or anything above MSRP either. There is about 3 grand of markup in them plus their holdback (OH NO I ACTUALLY MENTIONED HOLDBACK) so if you got it for 1500 to 2000 under MSRP that would about split the profit between you and the dealership.
    Take that number..add your taxes...and write them a check. If that dealership says no go to another one. To me personally (and this is a personal choice) I would drive 500 miles to save 1000 dollars. I do it for my customers. If you buy out of state though, you will only pay for the car. You will pay for the taxes in your state so be aware of that.

    There are just a few options for the G35 so it should not be too hard for you to figure out what you would like to have on it. I have seen a lot of ones with the luxury leather and sunroof. There are only about 4-5 things you can get to have one 'fully loaded'. But that will also drive the price up 4-5000 $$$. You can go to Infinity's own website and 'build one' yourself to see all the options and then go to KBB or somewhere else to get the invoice price for those options.

    I would also suggest selling your camry yourself. I assume it is paid for and you will get more for it that way. Do your research on it also and run some ads for it. Use that money to make the first XX # of payments on your new car.

    Hope this helps a little, like I said. You already did the most important thing though...asking for advise BEFORE signing the dotted line. You're welcome to e-mail me if you have any specific questions. I start getting flamed by car dealers that surf these message threads when I try to help someone too much though..;-). Good luck...Ken
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    I recommend as a great source of information before you go into any showroom.
  • boomer23boomer23 Member Posts: 125
    Looks like papa gave you great advice.

    In addition, go to to the G35 pages and "build" a car exactly how you want it. You'll learn a lot about the options and packages. There are many required combinations and deletions. The car can be had without a sunroof, but they are rare and your dealer didn't have one, so he lied to you.

    I agree that you should use your credit union. They probably have a buying service and they won't get lied to.

    I found the fleet manager at my dealer to be a great guy and very responsive. I made a pricing inquiry at and got fast responses from two dealers.

    My other recommendation, if you do go back to the dealer, is to take a friend, any friend, to calm you down and remind you of your 'plan' because we do get emotional when our hearts go 'pitty-pat'. Take a man if you can, just for the same reason you mentioned. These guys just treat men differently.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out.
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    One trick I use to keep a salesman who comes along for the test drive quiet...pop in a CD and crank up the stereo. You get to check out the quality of the stereo and don't have to listen to sales talk.
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    Anyone from Florida? How much you paid? I need help. If anybody out there knows of a good dealership down here, could you please give me their info.? I've tried to contact a dealer in Palm Beach and the sales person does not want to come down from MSRP.
  • fntfnt Member Posts: 31
    I don't know about Florida prices per se, but in general, I think you're doing exceptionally well if you can get the G35 for $1,000 below list. I've seen prices $500 below and even some above MSRP.
  • fntfnt Member Posts: 31
    If so, that's a great deal. Congrats!
  • ecofresiecofresi Member Posts: 4
    Really? That's incredible. I'll guess I'l have to wait. Thanks.
  • tcrowelltcrowell Member Posts: 1
    Pulled the trigger on Saturday at Infiniti of Memphis (Sales Consultant - Jim Hawkins, outstanding). Desert Platinum, Winter Package, Sunroof, Bose for $30,450 (MSRP $32,025). This is a terrific dealership and there was absolutely no pressure. They've probably got around 12 more on the lot. Initially I did not want the sunroof or Bose, but I would have had to wait until late-August / September to get one from the factory and the Memphis summer made that a painful prospect (the a/c on my '93 G20 struggles a bit).

    The car is awesome. In a different league from anything I've owned before. It makes little errands a joy (and I now take the long way).

    Thanks for all of the info in this forum. It makes the experience that much more fun. I even swapped a wave with another G35 driver this afternoon (Ivory Pearl w/spoiler).

  • riverrat69riverrat69 Member Posts: 3
    I don't know where you live in Florida, but you might want to try Infiniti of Tampa. Give Dave McCarley a call (813)879-3233 make him an offer and see if his sales manager will give you the same deal they gave me. I had to order but paid about 5% over invoice. Good luck.
  • controlzeecontrolzee Member Posts: 1
    Did anyone get free oil changes from their dealer? I got 2 years, but have heard people getting lifetime.
  • ecofresiecofresi Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the tip # 29!! I live in Miami but, I am willing to go the distance to save some $$. I'll give Dave a call.
  • salty7csalty7c Member Posts: 3
    Couldn't negotiate any discount in Tampa with same dealer but not same salesman referenced several times in this forum. In fact didn't even get return call from Sales Manager.
    Called Mike Weitz, Northside Infinity, New York. cell phone 516-503-7652 nice guy to talk to. He offered $2000 discount off MSRP on fully loaded G35. Actually invoice plus 420 advertising plus 1000 mark up. I was debating going up there anyway for family reunion so it will work out nicely. He is presently searching for the car I want. Delivery scheduled for July 8th at my request. Mike is a really comfortable person to talk to. He offered me a larger discount if I was interested in a less well equipted model that was more plentiful.
    I believe he enjoys his position as a non-traditional salesperson.
    I will post a follow up when I see if it goes a smothly as it appears. Will let you know definitely after delivery.
  • longgone47longgone47 Member Posts: 2
  • longgone47longgone47 Member Posts: 2
    Just checking too see what was the best price out the door to include taxes, tags and destination cost. I am looking for a Derset Platinum color, willow interior, wither package, BOSE system, sunroof and spoiler.
  • wack101859wack101859 Member Posts: 5
    I went to Able Infiniti In Rockville Centre Long Island (New York) 516-536-9000. Doug Hacker gave me a great deal on a Silver G35, Graphite, Bose , Sunroof, Sports Pkg and Winter Sport for 30,874 which was the best in the area. Doug is very easy going with no pressure. I felt very comfortable with him. I take delivery on or about July 8th. I saw the magnet board and they have tons of cars coming in or on the lot already. Anybody looking for cars with the sports package or other hard to come by options will be very happy. I hope when Salty7c comes up from Tampa he'll take a ride over there and check them out.
  • itsagrinditsagrind Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought the G35 with the following:
    Premium package
    Sport package
    Xenon lights
    Trunk mat

    I bought the car at an Infiniti dealership in So. CA for $33,200 (not including tax & license fees). The salesman said this was the best price he can give, especially with such high demand on this car... I'm pretty sure I didn't get the best deal out there, but did I get an ok one?
  • jvalentyjvalenty Member Posts: 41

    We have a small San Diego club of G35 owners. We plan to get together for Breakfast sometime in July. We are all owners or soon to be owners with dreams or cars on order.

    Please contact me at [email protected] so I can include you on our list. I'll send you the list of other SD owners and let you know when we plan to meet.


    Were you able to buy at or below MSRP? That would indicate a good price.

    Jack Valenty (Scripps Ranch area)

    [email protected]
  • khl68khl68 Member Posts: 10
    I think you did ok. I paid $32,000 (b4 tax & lic) for mine: platinum/premium/leather/sunroof/xenon/wood package/trunk mat/lo-jack. I bought in back in April from Costa Mesa Infiniti. So, the only difference is you have the sports package and I have lo-jack & wood.
  • talcloudtalcloud Member Posts: 2
    I just sold my 2001 Avalon with 40 K on it and I am going to buy a G35 in the next month. What are they selling for in California as I drive alot and can pick one up in any part of the State. The dealers in Fresno like to be close to sticker and I was in the Bay area they were singing the same tune. I would think I could get 1000.00 off MSRP or am I crazy? Looking for a deal I hope. [email protected]
  • sky_moppersky_mopper Member Posts: 1
    You could try calling Team Infiniti in the city of Ventura. The contact person is Frankie Travis at 805.642.8844. You should be able to get $1k or more off MSRP. Everyone in the sales team from the top manager down is extremely(not aggressively) helpful and eager to earn your business. You could also check their inventory on line at May the G force be with you ;->
  • jvalentyjvalenty Member Posts: 41
    I think there are three Infiniti dealers in the San Diego area. Discover Infiniti owns all of them. I have heard that they would sell below MSRP. Not sure if they still do now.
  • mattwkmattwk Member Posts: 5

    You've seem to have gotten a great deal on the exact same vehicle that I am looking for. Can you tell me the name of the dealer you went through and what kind of tactics you used to get such a great deal. Best I can find is 1k over invoice at a Bay area dealer.

    For those getting 2200 to 2700 off MSRP. That is close to 100 to 500 over invoice. Obviously, there are great deals to be had so let us know where and how. Thanks!
  • insulatorsinsulators Member Posts: 1
    Some dealers are playing a tight game and trying to hold at MSRP, but playing a little hardball & shopping around doesn't hurt. We just purchased a leather package with sunroof (MSRP of $30,565). First dealer initially said no discount, then eluded that $500 off max may be a possibility, but if we found a better deal elsewhere to take it. We went elsewhere and with stiff negotiations we hacked out an $800 discount off MSRP. Great car and well worth it!
  • aceizwildaceizwild Member Posts: 2
    Bought the Luxury Leather model in black/graphite with Sunroof, Xenon, Premium, Sport, Aero, Trunk Mat for $32,875 plus tax. Most in NY wanted MSRP. Purchased from Competition Infiniti in Smithtown. Great experience, no problems and car was delivered EARLIER than promised! That was a first.
  • sgorhamsgorham Member Posts: 1
    Bought Luxury Leather model in Silver/graphite with Premium, Sunroof, Wood, Trunk Mat and Xenon. The car was a demo with 1,130 on the odometer. Paid $31,500 vs the MSRP (which the dealer said of course all G35s are selling for) of $33,495. Good Luck!
  • plchan911plchan911 Member Posts: 1
    I was planning to purchase 2002 Maxima in about a month ago or so. Then I realized 2003 Maxima just came out and I might want to check out 2003 model too. My friend just mentioned to me about G35 but I thought .. geez.. I might not be able to affort this expensive car anyway. But tonight, i checked out the and noticed the invoice price of the G35 does not cost too much than the 2003 Maxima. I kept reading thru all posts in this site and I get lot of information. Since I was going to use VPP to purchase 2003 Maxima, then I thought why not have a test drive on G35 too?
    More I read thru the posts, which I love this G35 more.
    I have not done any test drive on G35 yet but I will. I am no rush to purchase a new car yet so I want to do more "homework" and get the load work out with bank / credit union prior I go to buy this baby.

    Thanks a lot!!
  • jimboy435jimboy435 Member Posts: 2
    You all need to calm down and NOT pay the MSRP. I repeaT NOT PAY the MSRP. True its a great looking CAR and I bought one(more on that later), but MSRP is not the way to go. I walked into an infinity dealership, loved the car. He offered me the MSRP+tax+tags+fees. I simply refused...MSRP for an infinity? The dealer started to compare Infinity with a BMW M3.."M3??" I said. You know "M3 is a 300+ horsepower car.." to make the story short. I offered him 2% over Invoice. He replied "its a luxury sedan"..I said true it is but its still an infinity..not a BMW or a mercedes to be paying MSRP. HE agreed with me. after haggling(trust me I had all day to spare), We settled on 4% over Invoice + tAx +tags + 149 processing FEE.

    Final Price = 26770(invoice) + 4%(1071) + 3.2(tax)891 + 149 = 28,880 OUT THE DOOR.

    You need to know that dealers look at edmunds as we consumers do. However, being a great site that edmunds is, It still needs INPUT from everyone to come up with TMV. Hence the TMV is MSRP since the car just came out. IF the dealer mentions edmunds, Just state that Hey thats true you are right but it says "what others are paying" not "what I have to pay"..have is the KEyword here.

    Best of luck. I am crusing in my silver infinity G35..will get a spoiler soon :)
  • jonalan323jonalan323 Member Posts: 4
    I made my first trip to a local Infiniti dealer this afternoon. A Sales person took me over to a G35 in the showroom. Within the first 5 minutes, he was offering $1,100-$1,500 below MSRP.

    I can't wait to actually start negotiating price. I'm shooting for 2% over invoice. Wish me luck!
  • brewha2brewha2 Member Posts: 2
    Any one have a recommendation for a good dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

    I went into Grubbs and asked what kind of great deal they would offer . . . 14 minutes later I was supposed to be convinced that MSRP was a bargain. For some reason I did not jump on this great offer.

    Well I'll be buying in the next week or two (waiting on the sale of my Corvette) and would like to know if anyone has found a good sales man. I have considered even looking out of state if I need to to get a deal.

  • duckchowduckchow Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a Platinum/Graphite Leather, Sunroof, Bose Stereo, and Standard Trunk Mat for $29,387 plus tax and license. He came 2123 off MSRP. I felt it was a pretty good deal.
  • spunkybspunkyb Member Posts: 2
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