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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hintzhintz FloridaPosts: 65
    Was offered 1K off msrp of 33715.00 silver/premium/wood/trunk mat. Didn't do the deal want them to move a little more. Plus trading in 01 g-20 with 26K. Any deals in florida with any dealers???
  • Hi I was wondering what's the best deal available for a Desert Platinum w/premium package and sport package? I was offered $1800 over invoice and I think it's too much. Thanks!
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774

    What dealer offered you that price? While it may not be the best, at least he's willing to move. I'm trying to buy a G in SoCal next month and would appreciate any input.

  • To Duhill:

    Yes, you are correct...too much money.
  • gperrgperr Posts: 129

    ok I'll bite, where did you get your great deal?

    email me:

    [email protected]

  • Bravest, OK I need to know were I can get a deal like you. Please email me at [email protected]

    Thanks Tom
  • I live in Austin, have been internet shopping for a G35 in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin and am being told, "G35 sells for MSRP" by one dealer and "best price I can give $750 off of MSRP...The mark-up on this vehicle is less than 10% and we have no rebate money yet...with the demand for this vehicle as high as it is, the dealership does not need to do that just yet" by another. Is demand in Texas so much higher than in other parts of the country that prices are still that elevated? Or, am I getting the brush off for requesting quotes via email? I'd really be interested to see whether other Texas deals are happening in the $1800 - $2000 off MSRP range. Any advice? By the way, I did see the earlier posts from jjw1 about Grubbs in Dallas, and they were one of the sources of the two quotes above.
  • it's infiniti of montclair.
  • and more, like I just have to know where to go, and how to go about getting it...this is my expertise. Not to boast, just being honest
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    You are more than welcome to share your expertise within the discussion. However, soliciting is strictly prohibited in the Town matter how subtley disguised.

    KarenS/OC Host
  • I purchased a 2003 G35 and paid 2700 under MSRP and received 3.9% financing over 60 months...for real! I'm pretty certain you cannot find a better deal anywhere. This was purchased in the NY,NJ,CT area. The salesperson does not wish to have his name printed here, so I will respect his privacy. By doing your homework, you can also find a deal like this. If you need some advice on how to get a good deal...I am always here.
    I have bought many cars and know where to look. I am not in this business...I run into burning buildings for a living. Is this better Karen?
  • robtflrobtfl Posts: 36
    Scott Infinit is the largest in the state, and they say they won't budge off retail. Now I didn't stay to haggle, but for a dealer that's supposed to be bigger than the others in the area, and he has a decent supply out back, about 30 cars, you'd think they'd discount some! any advice, and any Florida buyers with good experiences? if so, point me in the direction! Thanks!
  • Hey Rob, if they're not willing to budge off MSRP, then simply walk out. Wouldn't you travel 50 miles to get 2000 off MSRP? I would, and I did. I traveled to another state and got well over 2000 off. You need to go online and figure out exactly what you want in the car. Do all your negotiations on the phone. I called over a dozen, and there's no difference on the phone than in person. Actually, I recommend haggling over the phone, why? You tend to me more assertive and aggressive on the phone. In person, I think they have the advantage of manipulation, while over the phone I say it like it is. "I want this option, with this package, do you have it in stock? Yes, no? Ok...well, the guy down the road offered me 1600 off MSRP...what can you do?"
    Call as many as you can, and when your close to a satisfying price, then you can chew them down even more.
    When I came up with my final figure which was a nice round number...I wasn't budging. The dealer said "I can't do it." I said "fine, I will move on." He said..."your going to walk away from this good deal for 6 extra dollars a month?" I told him..."listen, I will get MY PRICE, so if YOU aren't willing to do this for 6 dollars less, well, you will lose out on this customer, my friend." He paused and said, OK I'll do it at your price. Don't let these phonies push you around.
    Again...know EXACTLY what you want in your car...come up with YOUR number (for the G35, at least in my area, approximately 2200 under MSRP or $1200 over invoice give or take is a good bet). And don't buy until you feel good about the price. Also, I am not familiar with Florida, but once you know EXACTLY what you want down to the interior and exterior colors, then just call all dealers within 50-75's worth it. Always ask for the internet manager, and tell them your an online customer...then go right into it, and don't let them bully you...YOU do the talking. Hope some of this helps...I could go on, but GL.
  • I got $1,000 off of MSRP, $500 over trade-in value on my trade and had them throw in a tint package.

    MSRP 34,640
    Stearling Silver
    Areo - Rear

    Work with internet sales mgr. and worked most of the deal out over the phone.
  • kqlekqle Posts: 1

    I'm new hear, and just wanted to give my comment.

    My brother in law recently bought a G35 Sedan.
    MSRP price is around $33,000 w/ the Premium package. Because he was a AAA member, he recieved $1,000 off the price, at Cerritos Auto Square in California.
    I'm wondering if I should join AAA for a year, then cancel, just to get this discount. I think it's around $50 per year. I wonder if this discount works for the G35 Coupe as well?
    Has anyone else done this?
  • I bought my silver G35 three weeks ago at Sewell Infiniti in Dallas. It came with luxury leather, sunroof and xenon headlights. I paid cash and acquired my wonderful new toy for a mere $29,500 (not including tax title and license). Scott Belding was my sales rep. He was very polished and knowledgeable and made the experience very pleasant. This dealership does not engage in any cheesy high pressure sales techniques. I found a deal that was a little better at Crest Infiniti in Plano (through their fleet rep)but Sewell has such an incredible reputation for service I decided to pay an additional amount just to make Sewell my dealership.
  • I just ordered a G35 configured like so:
    G35 Leather, Emerald ext, Willow int
    Premium, Sport, Winter, Aero (spoiler) pkgs
    Trunk Mat

    The MSRP was $34,890
    My purchase price (no taxes and lic) was $32,650

    I picked out the exact color and options package (and did test drives) at the dealerships. I then did all my negotiations by phone with the 6 or so dealers in my area.

    It seemed much easier not being face-to-face with the salesmen during the negotiations.

  • Can you disclose dealer, I am in NorCal myself, and would be interested in "cutting to the chase.."
  • We purchased the 2003.5 4-door sedan with leather in Brilliant Silver with Willow interior and premium package on October 31st. The dealer faxed me his MSRP of $33,465, which included the premium package and the trunk mat with space saver spare (advertising fee not figured in). For this car, the dealer invoice subtotal would have come to $30,216. His advertising fee ($400 at other dealers in the area) would bring the total dealer invoice to $30,616. He sold me the car for $30,516 plus tax, license and documentation fee. We paid no other fees except the $5 tire-recycling fee. We bought below dealer invoice. The following Saturday, we noticed it also came with wheel locks (an added bonus). We were pre-approved by Wells Fargo at 5.04% for 60 months and our credit union at 4.75%. The dealer gave us a better rate at 4.49%. There was no sales pressure - just an opportunity to buy an add-on package that included the interior motion detector, low-jack, and extended warranty at a very good price. They waited for us well after hours to close the deal, missing their time at home with children and grandchildren in their Halloween costumes. I researched this buy for almost three weeks and I have to give credit to James Bragg at Fighting Chance. I followed his suggestions on timing and faxing fleet managers. The next best deal I had lined up was for $1000 over dealer invoice. The overall buying experience was educational and I spoke with some very nice people who really wanted to earn our business.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    You've got to tell me where you got such a deal! I'm thinking about buying in SoCal next month, so if your dealer is there, I'll try to use him.

  • Wow, some deal! Edmunds says there is only a '1% of the Base MSRP' holdback on the G35. This would be only $335. If invoice was $30216 and you bought for 30516, then the dealer made a profit of around $600 (excluding the advertising). WOW, looks like you found the bottom.

    I have been looking at the G35's and noticed that dealers have a lot of them right now, some lots over 30. I guess they want to deal.

    Thanks for the info!!
  • neaudineaudi Posts: 21
    I am looking to get a G35 in March. I understand that ordering this vehicle will take 90 days. Trying to figure out if I would get a better deal ordering it during the last week of December with a March delivery, or just walking in and buying one off the lot at the end of March. Of course, ordering it does get me the exact car that I want. Any thoughts on pricing?
  • Anyone got a good deal on G35 Coupe in Chicagoland?
  • Finally took the plunge! Heres what I got:

    Graphite interior
    Trunk mat

    MSRP $34,890

    I actually paid $32,600, plus they gave me what I wanted for my trade (essentially kbb good value)

    Dealer stated that my request was a money-losing proposition for them, until I revealed that I knew exactly what invoice was. The finance manager I was talking to walked away, then came back and told me I was right. They gave me exactly what I wanted. That price is about $750 above invoice. I might have been able to fight em and get them to $500 above, but the hassle and ill feelings would not have been worth it. Other than the negotiations, the whole experience was very pleasant.

    When the manager shoot my hand, she said "You did well. Good job on the homework." I think dealers respect a customer who states what they know and what they are willing to spend, without being rude to the salesperson. My wife knows a person at her work who got $1000 less than KBB on her trade, and only received $1000 off the car, on the exact same vehicle. We wont be sharing our experience with her.

    Its a great car. Looking forward to driving it more.
  • This car is phenomenal. The demand is high, but so is the price. Anyone have any luck getting this car below MSRP? I'm in So. Cal.
  • Here's a suggestion for G35 shopping. On Infiniti's website you can "build" your G and then search dealers' inventories to see what they have that matches or comes close. This will also give you an easy way to see how many they have in inventory. I'm in Texas and I noticed around the state that currently inventories range from 30 - 60 G35's. I imagine those dealers with upwards of 40 cars are pretty motivated to move them.

    Also, you might be able to get a local dealer to do a dealer swap if you find the car you want at another dealer. I used this info to do that on an I35 for my mother last month. Since the dealer was still moving a car off his lot, due to the swap, he was willing to give the same deep discount he was offering on I35's in his inventory. btw - discounts can be incredible on '02 I35's right now. I've seen as much as $4870 off MSRP at one DFW metroplex dealer. I am not a dealer, just a savvy shopper.

    I found the inventory numbers to be pretty reliable. More reliable than some dealers' own websites. That's because when they do the paperwork to report a sale to Infiniti the inventory is automatically updated. Sometimes the dealers can take a couple of weeks to update their own websites.

    Happy and Informed shopping!!
  • I'm glad to post any information I can to help. I was actually told that Infiniti has a 2% dealer holdback, which would initially have given them a $657 profit. Miller Infiniti said they were the 'largest retailer of Infiniti's in the west and the largest retailer of G35's in the country' - possibly hype but still a good source to check out. Cerritos had a lot of G35's but quite a few of them were the earlier release and were loaded with dealer add-ons. The second release (2003.5) had cosmetic changes but I'm sure they would have incorporated any mechanical or electronic fixes and I definitely wanted to take advantage of that. Research pays off but then so does being in the right place at the right time. Best of luck.
  • I went to the Infinity dealer last week and found a G-35/Leather sedan in Emerald Mist which I loved. However, it didn't have a sticker on it and the salesman said it was previously owned and had 5200 miles on it. So I asked him what the price was on it and it was like I was asking him to reveal this big secret. He said originally it was a $32,000 vehicle, but that's not what I asked, I wanted the selling price. He said probably around $30,000. All they wanted to do was estimate my monthy payment. He had it all figured out that I could drive this car for about 460/month (I had mentioned I could roughly put down $7000). Well, I left and called back the next day and asked for a list of the options and the "flow sheet" of how they came to that monthy payment. All I got was a phone call saying now I could get it for $430/month, never recieving the fax that I requested.

    My husband and I recently bought a Chevy Tahoe and NEVER saw this type of "secretive" behavior. We didn't even talk about a monthy payment until we had a set price on the vehicle!

    Is this how Infinity usually does business? I've never dealt with them before but it seems strange, which is unfortunate because I love the car! What do you think this car is worth with the number of miles? Thanks for any info!

  • I live in SE USA and had purchased a 2003 G 35 Silver/Willow, Navi, premium, winter, xenons, wood for 35k in april. Due to the big "D" divorce forced to sell. Sold it back to a dealer for 29.5k they sold it in less than a week. hope this helps. Got 4 local dealer quotes all came in at the same level.
  • Unable to find invoice prices on 2003 G35. Anyone know who's offering the best prices in the Chicago, Il area. There's appx. 5-6 Infiniti dealers in the area. Is $500 over invoice out of the question? I hear dealer holdback is only 1%. Any info is appreciated.
  • Ken,

    Thanks a lot for your advice. I am in market for new G35 and I hate the process of buying cars just because of these pressuring sales people. That is why I bought my last car from CarMax. Too bad they do not have Infiniti dealership. Your advice will definitely come in handy when I go out to a dealship. Thanks again.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    HA HA goodluck my friend. Seriously I doubt you would find any dealer willing to dgo that low on the car.
  • fpughfpugh Posts: 2
    Edmunds doesn't seem to list the inovice prices onthe g35. Does anyone know where I can find them? e-mail the link at [email protected]
  • vicheviche Posts: 30
    Stillsmiling, Steelratt, and others,

    1. Did you include destination charges in your invoice figure?

    2. Why do you include advertising fees in your invoice figure?

    3. Where did you get the 2003.5 invoice #'s from?

    4. When you say KBB value, do you mean KBB dealer price, private party price, or trade-in price?

    Thanks everyone!!!!

  • invoices prices available at
  • Also at
  • Hi....Has anyone from the Westchester NY, CT area purchased a G35 from Pepe Infiniti in Whiteplains, NY or Devan Infiniti in Fairfield, CT. If so, can you recommend a sales professional that you liked, gave you a fair price and was non pressuring? I have heard very good things about both dealerships. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to respond directly to me, you can send an e-mail at [email protected]

    Thanks much!
  • Ok..ive gone to the infiniti site and built my car..2dr coupe luxury leather 6mt..diamond graphite exterior and graphite interior..i really dont want a sunroof but in order to get the bose system and aero package i have to have it..the price is 34,000.00+...what is the invoice price and is the dealer holdback 1%?...any info wld be great cause ive checked other websites and there is no inoive prices listed Thanks
  • reclegal777,
    I looked around for invoice pricing for the G35 coupe also. has invoice pricing for it. They do say that it is not published info from Infiniti though ( must be estimating it).

    I just built a car, on the Infiniti website, like the one you mentioned in your posting and it came out to ~$35k (6MT, Aero, Bose). For $400 more you can get it with Aero and Premium.... might be worth considering if you like the things dual climate controls, auto headlights, and dimming rear view mirror. All of the 6MTs I have seen in the bay area have at least Aero and Premium; most also have Navigation.

    In terms of pricing, at least in the Bay Area, the cars are in such demand and so little supply, it seams that you can only get it at MSRP or over(some dealers are making people buy things like Lojack, interior/exterior protectants, etc). Edmunds TMV suggests a minor discount but I have not come across a dealer that is willing to even consider selling the one or two manual coupes they have below MSRP. Maybe it will be different in Texas... good luck.

    I have my 6MT coming next week:
    Brilliant silver

    Cant wait.
  • Silvercar1, I went to but all i could find was an invoice price for a g35 sedan...can you tell me step by step how you got the coupe invoice price...or if anyone else knows it please anxious to start bargaining but I dont wantto overpay..thanks
  • Thanks..but I finally got the invoice price off
  • Hello!
    I've seen a previous post about the vpp and would like more details if available, esp. the price you got (on the sedan?) and how you worked out the delivery details. Thanks!
  • Can anyone share their leasing info for the G35 luxury sedan, with no crazy options? I'm looking to lease one soon, and would like to be able to compare numbers. Thanks!!!!
  • cab7cab7 Posts: 3
    Can anyone share their purchase experience and cost for the G35 coupe in the Boston area?
  • Just got a G35 Sedan for my wife at Troncalli Infiniti in Decatur, GA.

    Twilight Blue G35 Sedan (looks almost Black)with Graphite interior
    Premium Package (includes Bose audio and sunroof)
    Sport Suspension
    Navigation System
    Aero Package
    Xenon Headlights (std for 03.5; not std for 03)
    Winter Package

    Sticker price: $36,740
    Invoice Price: $33,516
    My price: $33,850 (plus tax, title, license)

    I think I got a good deal, and my wife loves the car.

  • I'd say you got one heck of a deal considering the Nav System alone is worth 2 grand!! How did you get such a great deal? Did you shop the internet? Walk in to the dearler? Nice going!!
  • Well, I searched the Infiniti web site for the exact car I wanted, and told a salesman at the dealership we were coming. We had test driven one at another dealer, but they did not have the winter package, and heated seats were a must for my wife.

    Showed up at the dealer (Troncalli Infiniti in Decatur, GA), armed with invoice and sticker prices. We test drove the car, and sat down to business. I admit I am a good bargainer-- I could start a second business helping folks buy cars from greedy dealers.

    Their invoice price was $426 higher than Edmund's because of a "Market Adjustment" for the Atlanta area. I confirmed that all the Atlanta Infiniti dealers charge this. I don't like it, but was stuck with it. They also charged a $499 documentation fee. I told them I was taking these fees into account when I made my offer.

    Negotiations started with them at sticker and me at invoice. They offered to split the difference, I went up $200. They offered to again split the difference, I went up $100. They offered $34,100, I said $33,850. They said $33,900 and finance with Infiniti and the deal was done. I said $33,850 final or I walk. They caved in and granted me the final $50. We financed with Infiniti at 4.99%, which is lower than our credit union.

    The only real problem came when Troncalli Infiniti tried to charge the wrong tax percentage. In Georgia, you pay tax on the vehicle depending on which county THE BUYER lives in, not where the dealer is located. The dealer was located in a county with a 1% higher tax rate, and told me I had to pay the HIGHER TAX rate. I told them NO. I walked to the Nissan dealership next door and confirmed the rule with the sales mgr. Then I called up a couple of dealerships on my cell phone and had them talk to the Troncalli people. The Troncalli folks said, OK, we can deliver the car in your county, but you have to sign a notarized statement stating the car was delivered in your county. No problem, show me where to sign. We were able to get the lower tax rate, and the car was "delivered" in my county.

    All in all, a stressful, but satisfying experience. I feel that a got a really good deal, considering how popular the G35 is now. I think the dealer made some good $$ also, so everyone came out OK.

  • Just picked up a silver sedan w/ premium pack, winter sport, aero & trunk mat at a Philly dealer.

    MSRP - $34,890
    My Price - $32,800

    I found a couple of local dealers willing to go to this price (over $2k off MSRP), but I ended up with the dealer that gave me the best trade value (basically galves price), and treated me the best during negotiations.

    For financing, they offered my 4.9% / 60, but I ended up w/ my credit union at the same.

    I liked it a lot during test drives, but now that I have it, love it and I can't wait to drive!

    Go Pack!
  • Here I thought I got a good deal at Troncalli (Atlanta), but cbarry1 trumped me good. I didn't get the Winter Package (this cold snap is making me think I should have) and still ended up paying slightly more. I was all excited to tell the group I've been silently following for months of my good fortune, but am left speechless by cbarry's skill. I should have waited one more weekend before making my purchase so I could have seen his post and supplemented my negotiating tactics with his hard work. Nice job, cbarry!

    Here's what I got:
    2003.5 Sedan
    Desert Platinum with Willow

    MSRP: 36,440
    Invoice: 33,281
    My Price: 34,000 (+TTT)
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