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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am searching for a g35 in Desert Platinum with a willow/leather interior. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area I've only been able to find one dealer who says that she can get me that particular color combo but with a 1000 dollar sunroof and a 900 dollar Bose upgrade. She's willing to go a thousand off msrp with this.

    I get a net price of 30,465.00. Im wondering if I should go for it. I get the impression it's hard to get exactly the right package.
  • I'm interested in a G35 in Texas. The car I want comes to about $35,500. Would love recommendations for cash off MSRP in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, or Dallas.
  • Well Im taking Delivery on a Desert Platinum, willow leather, sunroof, wood trim, trunk mat. That's it. $815.00 off of MSRP.
    Deal struck on Sunday car arrives in two days from SoCal. It helped me going into dealer with Blue book printout indicating exact options along with calculator. It helped keeped me on track negotiating.

    $32,769.00 out ..CA SALES TAX HERE 8 1/4%.

  • Will the rear seats fold down on this model?
  • Yes...The rear seats do fold down. A button you can reach in the trunk while standing behind the car releases the rear seats. Just push and they drop down. You can also release from inside the car. I had a chance to drive the pre-production coupe last week. 6 speed trans!! A rocket!!
  • Exactly where is this button for folding down the rear seats?
  • As you are standing in back of the car, with the trunk open, you'll see a button on the left as you look into the trunk. Just press it, then lean forward and push the seat back down. Very simple. If you want to release the seat back from inside the car, there is a small button on the top of the seat back. Push it down to release the seat back.
  • I don't know what car you are talking about but my leather G35 sedan does not have button on the left in the trunk and there is not a small button on top of the seat back either.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    If you would read up a bit you will see that he is refering to the coupe, not the sedan. The coupe's seats do not recline like the sedans'.

  • The coupe's seats DO recline. The sedans seats DO NOT.
  • rpawlak98 - You have the two crossed. The sedan's rear seats RECLINE back. The coupe's rear seats FOLD DOWN forward.

    June '03 - G35 Coupe for me
  • Right. That is what I meant.
  • Jim Coleman in Bethesda is trying to play hardball with me. THey said they can only give me the car: G35 sedan/silver/sport package, aero pkg for MSRP only at 34,740 and they had 1 left! Oh, Im scared and I want to buy in right now!hahah. Anyways, not sounding desperate but interested, I casually told her that I can get it somewhere else far away thats cheaper.

    After I told them that a dealer in NY is willing to knock off 1200-1700 MSRP, and I would be willing to drive all the way there for it...the lady's tone changed. She said, possibly we could work out a discount, but I dont know about 1200 off MSRP. SO, now its possible? hahaha..dealers crack me up.
  • cheerioboy26, you got 1K over Invoice? How much was the invoice for your car?
  • no - not 1K over invoice, I got over 1K off sticker - around 1500 IIRC. I paid just about the midpoint btwn invoice and sitcker, and absolutely no added fees save registration and tax.
  • dlaodlao Posts: 6
    I live in Boston. I want to get a silver G35 with Premium package, winter package, navigation system, xenon headlights, willow interior with wood package. Apparently, only 1 dealer in the whole New England area has it, and there's only one left. I called them this morning, told them I was going to pay cash. They offered to take off $500 off the MSRP. That just made no sense to me. For something that costs $36,200, a $500 discount would be... errr... 1.38% And no matter how hard I tried to point that out to the salesperson, he still wouldn't give me a better offer. He said he knew this is the only one car in the whole New England area that matches my preferences- that's why I was willing to come all the way down from Boston (150 miles) to get it- and that's why he couldn't give any more discount. Before today, I REALLY wanted the car, but after this negotiation, I'm not as excited about it anymore... Sure I still want it, but $500 discount is simply unacceptable. There are many dealers in NY and NJ area (200 miles away, not that much of a difference) who have the car that I want. I'm sure I could get a better deal from them. And even if I don't, then screw Infiniti.
  • Just curious what people in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area paid for their G35s. I put an 2003.5 model on order last week and except it in December. I haven't negotiated a price yet as the dealer mentioned they do not have the final pricing on the 2003.5 yet, but they did have 2 on their lot already! The new trunks look much better IMO.
  • After lurking (and learning) here for the past couple of months, today I am the happy owner of a Garnet/leather/Sunroof/Bose G35. $1400 off MSRP for a final figure of $29995 plus $2478.30 (8.25%) tax, $239 registration, $5 California tire disposal fee (!) and $45 document preparation fee.

    The only other car in the running was an Acura CL-S. I want to thank all of you who regularly contribute to this forum for providing me with a strong base of knowledge.
  • drop me an email. I have some useful info for you. [email protected]
  • I struck a deal with Michael Weitz in New York, he is a good salesman and knows what he is talking about.I got my Desert Platinum with Graphite Interior, Premium Package, Winter Package, Wood Package, Sunroof and Xenon Headlights. I got it all for 32,400. I think its a great deal and I got my car on saturday. Finally, I got my G35 for the price I wanted. Even thought its 5% over the invoice price. I consider it to be a good deal as the car itself is seeling for the MSRP over here. I am happy to get my G35.Driving from NY to DC was great. I dint notice that I was doing 110 at times. I had to check myself constantly to avoid getting a Ticket. I thank "slasher617" for giving me such a good reference. Thanks a lot slasher.
  • Dpbhyd I'm very happy for you. Sounds like you got a slightly better deal than I did on mine. Nice going. I figured you would love the drive home in it as the roads just fly underneath your car. Checking speed was something I needed to do the entire way back from Atlanta with mine as well. I hope you enjoy your new ride as I know I love mine.
  • Check out the article about CL/TL transmission in LA Times...




  • dlaodlao Posts: 6
    Can someone tell me a little about the G35's navigation system? Does it have touch-screen capability and voice activation?
  • Here is a links for the G35 owners manual and the G35 Navigation Manual. Both available for download. You should find all your answers there:

    PS: I know it doesn't have touch screen or voice activation, the Q45 does however.

  • I would like to speak to you regarding your car search. I am not a car dealer, but I am not sure what I am allowed to post here. Drop me an email [email protected]
  • dlaodlao Posts: 6
    Just spoke with Mike of North Shore Infiniti this afternoon. I placed an order for 2003.5 sedan, silver/willow with premium, sport, winter, navi, and xenon. Without negotiation, Mike offered $35,300 (from $36,730 MSRP). Is this a good deal??? The thing is I'm gonna have to wait 'till December. Seems like a long time...
  • sounds pretty good for no negotiation. You should be able to go lower though if that was his opener. what about extra fees? like documentation fees etc?
  • dlaodlao Posts: 6
    I asked him if his offer was negotiable. He said he could knock off $50, $70 or something like that (which is nothing, really). I will try to talk to him about the price again, see if he could help me a little more. The documentation fee is $150, I believe.
  • Can anyone tell me the following regarding the 2003.5 model:
    When will it be available? How is the trunk design different from the 2003 model? Any other significant changes? Are there pictures of the new design anywhere available. Thanks.
  • dlaodlao Posts: 6
    The 2003.5 model is already available on the west coast. Many dealers here in New England will get their first shipment of the new G's in mid October. They got rid of the rectangle on the trunk and put larger Infiniti logo on it for the new design (thus, you can only open the trunk from inside the car). You'll get an additional power outlet in the new version, plus chrome rings around the volume and temperature control bottons. There're probably a few other things. We should hear more about it soon.
  • After two weeks of diligent research into all aspects of this car and keeping tabs on dealer inventories and what people were paying based upon this discussion board, I finally bought my new G35 today. The particular configuration I wanted (and got) is as follows:

    Brilliant Silver
    Graphite leather interior
    Premium Package
    Bose sound system
    Sport Package
    Winter Package

    I love the sport suspension but didn't care for the appearance of the aero package, and the sport package without the aero package is hard to come by, as only 3 of 17 dealers in the metro NY/NJ area had such a configuration in stock. My particular car came in last night, and I called the dealership, gave him the VIN of the car from the online inventory, asked about the NHTSA recall that just came out on 9/17 to ensure this vehicle wasn't affected, and then told him I was a cash buyer and offered 32225 (1965 under the MSRP of 34190). He talked to the sales manager, and called me back in 5 minutes and accepted.

    I dealt with Scott at Flemington Infiniti in Flemington, NJ. The finance manager also asked about my loan through my bank, and then promptly arranged financing through Infiniti to beat my bank's rate by 1%. Scott was super nice, easy to deal with and no BS from either him or the Finance manager (even when he tried to sell me the extra warranty, there were none of the traditional gimmicks). I had an all-around wonderful buying experience: this is how luxury car sales should be conducted.

    I highly recommend the folks at Flemington. If you see Scott, tell him Mike from Flushing, NY referred you.

    I also want to thank Edmunds and all of the other posters on this board for sharing their experiences and providing a substantial knowledge base to assist me in my purchasing decision. By knowing what the car was selling for in the area, what the dealer would make on the holdback, and the overabundance of inventory in the area, I was able to make an offer that I knew was great for me (1965 under MSRP!) and also good for the dealer (made 2500 with holdback plus the spread, not to mention the commission they'd make on my financing).

    No matter who you buy from, if you're buying a G35, you'll be happy in the end. I took the scenic route home from the dealership - an extra 40 miles. :-)

    Anyway, thanks again folks, and happy shopping for all the future G owners!
  • What is Infinity offering for G35 financing?
  • I live in Seattle. The only dealer in the area is in Kirkland and they say they will not below the MSRP. Does anyone know about the Beaverton Oregon dealer or the Spokane dealer? How about southern California.? Thanks
  • Premium package. price paid C$4795x.xx. Everything includes, freight, PDI, AIR TAX, FUEL tax, GST, PST.

    It is about c$1800 off the MRSP. It seems not bad for me.
  • a little late (took delivery of my G in late Aug) but Darren Osborne at Costa Mesa Infiniti gave me a great deal for anyone looking in SoCal. reached him initially using the edmunds email referral service. i'm sure the dealership has a website you can search for. nice guy, no pressure, handled most of the initial search via email and telephone.
  • Malikster,

    Are you really paying that much for a lease. I am leasing a leather G35 with sunroof and winter package for $400 per month and I put 0 down (total due at signing was about $2,300 - Destination charge, 1st payment, fees, and tax).
  • jbamjbam Posts: 2
    Felt compelled to enter my buying experience since I found very useful information here prior to my purchase. Purchased G35 from Infiniti of Orlando. Desert Platinum color, w/ graphite leather interior. Added the Premium package that includes the Bose audio. Sunroof, wood package (could take it or leave it), and xenon headlights. Negotiated $1500 off MSRP. Initial offer was $1100 but called around and a Tampa dealer said he would do the $1500 off,so I got Orlando dealer to match. I balked at the $249 glass etching security feature, and the $399 processing fee. I gave in to the processing fee only after receiving some free oil changes. So I gave in a little. Over all, a very good experience. Having the folder with all the information from this and other web sites was invaluable. So, do your homework and go get your car. BTW, are there any opinions pro or con regarding extended warranties?
  • vicheviche Posts: 30
    Has anyone noticed that Edmunds has taken away the invoice price for the leather sedan. Also it seems the MSRP is higher. Questions:

    1. Did the MSRP go up recently? What was it before?

    2. Did Infiniti stop giving out the invoice price because too many people are haggling?

    3. It seems the TMV for this car is always equal to the MSRP despite the fact that almost everyone in here claims to have paid below MSRP...why is that?

  • the sedan with leather went up by $700. xenons are standard now. (was a $550 option earlier).
  • vicheviche Posts: 30
    Thanks cheerioboy26..

    So I guess the old MSRP used to be $29,425? Can anyone confirm this?

    Also, what was the invoice price for xeons before?

  • msrp for g35w/leather was 28,950.
  • vicheviche Posts: 30

    Well then I guess the MSRP went up $1,245, not $700. Kinda pricey for xenons. Huh?
  • my msrp did not include destination of 545. If you add that in (which it seems you did), you get 29,495 - which is $700 less than the 30,195 from the website including destination.
  • vicheviche Posts: 30
    Got it!

    So, assuming the Xenons were about $550 invoice, we can say the invoice of the G35 Leather Sedan is $27,320 (26770 + 550) not including $545 delivery charge?
  • vicheviche Posts: 30
    Shoot, or did the $26770 invoice on 2003 leather sedan already include the $545 delivery fee??

    I'm making a spread close to understanding all the prices. Wish Edmund's would just post the invoice price.
  • ..Try kelly's blue book, it has both listed.

  • 29,650 - Base Leather G35 4-Door
    1,000 - Sunroof
    3,200 - Premium Package
    630 - Heated Seats

    The above does NOT include the destination charge, nor does it show some of the other options available with the car. This is for the 2003.5 car. I have access to lots of info on Infiniti, so please ask your questions.
  • I forgot...The premium package INCLUDES the sunroof.
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