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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    When the dealer has to place an order for the style of car you want, are you obligated to buy? When is the price negotiated? Itseems like I have read a lot of posts suggesting that a deal had been negotiated, but that the customer wanted to see if they got a better deal once the car came in. How does that work?
  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    What is the most below MSRP that people have received in Atlanta or the Southeast in general?
  • Almost everyone in this room is nitpicking about whether $500 or $1200 is enough discount for a G35. This car is worth every penny of the MSRP price and we are lucky that the economy is down and the market place allows us to buy this wonderful car at any discount. In better times, this car would bring $500 to $1000 OVER MSRP and people would pay for it. Infinit has priced this car considerably lower than it's competition and everyone keeps wanting more? I don't understand you people..... go buy a piece of crap american car for a few hundred over invoice, but give credit where credit is due and pay Infiniti what the car is worth.... or go buy a BMW or Mercededes and pay an extra $7000 to $10,000. I am no sucker and can negotiate with the best of them, but I don't mind paying retail for a true value priced vehicle! GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!!!
  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    Clearly drdaveh is a dealer. Lets talk about what the market will bear, not about his b.s. infiniti was nice enough to price this car low so we should be happy to pay msrp. Give me a freaking break.
  • No I'm not a dealer, but if you want to talk about what the market place will bear, lets talk skerew! What do you think Edmunds True Market Value is based on? They are among the so called experts and they suggest that the marketplace is demanding and getting MSRP. Skerew your head on straight and go buy something you can afford! Some people can afford an Infiniti and others like you wait around, worrying about a $200 or $300 difference in what they pay. Sure, some dealers might have an excess of inventory and decide to make a discount rather than lose a sale to a competitor..... but does that mean the car isn't worth the MSRP price? NO! You can buy off the clearance rack at Foley's and get some great buys there too! Next time you order your steak at the best restaurant in town Skerew, why don't you ask them for a discount. You cheap SOB's REALLY amaze me. In the Road & Track article that compared the top 11 luxury sport sedans, the G35 was on the averaqge about $7600 cheaper than the other cars.... thats just not good enough for you, huh Skerew.
  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    I hate to say this Dr. Draveh, but you may be the single most uneducated person I have ever seen on a bulletin board for a car that costs $30K. If the market was not providing for discounts, then this bulletin board would not exist. The fact that the TMV for this car is showing MSRP only goes to show that it is behind the times by a month or two. It is simple supply and demand. When the car came out it was super hot. Now that it has been out 6 months (not to mention the fact that there is now an available coupe and a soon to be released manual)there is less demand for the automatic sedan. That is an economic fact - if the dealers could sell these cars at MSRP they would. If they could sell them above MSRP they would. The fact is they cannot and so they are coming down from MSRP. Why don't you leave this board for people interested in driving a nice car without unnecessarily pissing away money. This isn't supposed to be a debate about whether its "right" to want to save money. That principle is so basic that a bulletin board on that topic does not exist. You and the other MSRP paying suckers/dealers should go start your own board. And by the way - I got a quote in my area for $1000 below MSRP on any G35 on the lot tday. Is $1K nickel and dime to you?
  • clothcloth Posts: 52
    try for 1000 over invoice
  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    is the $1000 you are suggesting before adding 545 for destination, or including that?
  • clothcloth Posts: 52
    I would alway consider the destination charge to be added to invoice and then add your 1000. invoice + 545 + 1000 and just stick to your price. A friend just got that price. I bought back in April for a simular deal. Good luck
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    Jeez, I'm 42 and have a net worth over a million dollars and I still consider $1000 to be a lot of money. If I decide to buy one of these I'm going for the base model at around $27K ( cloth's purchase at $26K really impressed me). I can't bring myself to spend over $30,000 on a depreciating "asset". I'm driving a 10 year old Sentra right now.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    It is possible to have a discussion without personal jabs about another member's intelligence. I dare you to try. :-)

    Thanks for your cooperation!

    KarenS/Owners Clubs host
  • Corkfish.. Nobody is interested in your net worth.
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    My comment is directed to drdaveh, who seems to think anyone concerned about $1000 is a loser or cheap SOB. We're all anonymous here anyway.
  • elrod03elrod03 Posts: 12
    Does anyone have experience ordering a car from a dealer? I'm interested in purchasing a base G35 sedan with leather only. No sunroof or other options. I looked for one in the So Cal area and not one dealer has one. How long does it take? Do you have to negotiate the purchase price up front? I don't want to get locked into a price if the market for this car drops in the 3 or 4 months it may take to actually get the car. Any help would be appreciated.
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    The demand for the G35 sedan is still strong here in Dallas. I been quoted 500 to 750 below MSRP, but I am not interested in the sedan, but the coupe is what I am waiting for. The coupe prices start at MSRP and they are not going down.
  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    As a follow up to eds1300, where exactly is the invoice price available from. I havent seen it on edmunds or kbb.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I'm hoping to buy a G35 sedan in the LA area in two months. Although I solicited prices from every dealer within 50 miles, only one responded to my e-mail (he didn't provide a price however). The car must still be pretty hot there because I offered to pay cash for it now and pick it up upon my arrival for the holidays.

    Has anyone had luck buying in So Cal recently? If so, please let me know who you dealt with (pricing would help too).

  • I live in southern california and I would like to know if anybody got any good deal on G35 with nav. I guess that means with premium package and the required sunroof. I am looking at 36 months with 15K miles with no drive off or little. I am also considering Acura TL-S and Lexus IS300.
  • Regarding ordering a car without the sunroof, it can be done. However, the dealer will want an ironclad guarantee that you will not back out of the deal. Without a sunroof, no Bose stero or any other options, you'll have a car with very little resale value down the road. If you back out of the deal, the dealer now gets stuck with a car he'll have to discount dramatically to sell.

    As for negotiating the price at the time of placing the order, that is what you should do. Either agree on the price, or at least a dollar discount based on the MSRP of the car when it comes in. It protects you and the dealer. Of course, should the market fall on the car, most reputable dealers will work with you.

    As for price, can we all just get along? Find a dealer you like, and work the deal. Go there and ask for his best deal. If you like it buy it. If you don't, tell your going to dealer X across town, and he'll give you a few more dollars. Just be prepared to buy!!

    I sell Infiniti and I've seen it all.
  • the dealer I like is the dealer who will get me the best lease price. I want to be prepared before I go to the dealer for their "best deal" because I do not like sitting there for hours. Thus is why I am aksing for feedback regarding lease prices.
  • Daniel...Tell you what...Email me exactly what you are looking for. Miles per year, 39 month lease has the best residual, but tell me if another term is more to your liking, and tell me about your state tax and I'll get you a pretty good ballpark price.

    BTW...You should not have to sit there for hours. You should be able to get the numbers within just a few minutes. The larger amount of time comes when you are buying the car.
  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    What is a fair amount to pay for the G35 in fees, after the purchase price is agreed to - I guess I'm talking about the "tag, title and documentation fees".
  • I want the 36 months because although the 39 months might be a lesser payment I end up the registration at the end of 36 months which I am thinking it will be around $300. If you mean the sales tax, it is 8.25%. I do not know the state tax in California.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    In the Northeast region, (one of the most competative markets outside CA). The average Dealer gross profit on G35's is not quite $400 below sticker.

    That includes buyers who are getting the car below invoice on the VPP program. It takes a lot of full list sales to balance out such program purchases. Infiniti replaces any allocation used for a VPP purchase.
  • gidyupgidyup Posts: 11
    "mvargo1" What is VPP? And how does one get into the VPP program?

  • cescatcescat Posts: 1
    out the door quote is $38100 with navi, sport and premium. is this a good deal?

  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Vehicle Purchase Program

    Available only to employees of Nissan and its affiliated companies.

    If it is the car you want and you think it is a good deal then it is a good deal. It is impossible to tell without knowing your local tax rate and plate fee's. But If you are seeing any discount on a Sport/Nav car it is a great deal as those are the two options that are most difficult to find.
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    First of all, I say if someone wants to hold out for a lower price, more power to them. I have been able to afford some really nice (used) cars because I did my research and bought them right, not just walking into a dealership and paying whatever they wanted. Because I paid a lower price, I was able to drive a much nicer car than if I was a typical consumer.

    If you can negotiate $500 off by being patient and spending some time...remember that it might take the typical G35 buyer 15 or 20 hours to earn that much, after taxes. I'm self employed and it definitely computes to about 2 or 3 fewer work days for me to save that kind of money.

    One thing that has frustrated me over the years when trying to buy a car right is that the seller(especially car dealers) knows that there is always some sucker who doesn't value his time/money who will waltz in and pay more. So please, do your research and drive a hard bargain. You'll save us all some money.
  • hcaganhcagan Posts: 15
    Looking to lease a G35 for 36/39 months with 15,000 miles/year. I am going to test drive tommorow and need to lease within the next 2-3 months. I have not seen to many posts Re: lease deals. Pleae let me know what deals anyone out there has cut.
  • maxima4maxima4 Posts: 74
    Does anyone have an idea what the pricing (ballpark) will be for the G35 Sedan when it becomes available in Feb.'03? I can only make an educated guess at this point that it will not be too far off the pricing of the coupe with the 6mt with leather, premium, aero & winter sports pac. If anyone has an idea I would appreciate your comments.

    I think I can get a really nice car for no more than 35k (w/o navi) including all fees, taxes and titles. (I hope)

  • I need some help. I have been offered $1350 over invoice for a blk/graphite leather w/sunroof. This includes everything but tax - i.e. destination, add, tag and title - all fees. Is this a really good price, average or poor. Thanks for the help all.
  • Is the 1350 over invoice for the sedan or coupe?
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    Best I could do for an sedan was -$750 under MSRP. By the way which dealer and sales person was offering you $1350 over invoice?
    I am after an coupe and 2-door prices start at MSRP, even as an previous Infiniti customer.
  • vjctvjct Posts: 2
    I bought my G35 y/day from Park Avenue Infiniti in NJ. The dealer in CT did not have a car with my options and he was quoting about 800 less then MSRP. I checked and built my G35 and selected all dealers within 50 miles and got to see the inventory of all the dealers in that radius. I contact two dealerships one in NJ and one in WhitePlains NY.

    I paid 1,835 below MSRP of 36,335 [Options included Navigation, Premium, Wood, Winter Package and Trunk Mat] Meet Tom Dillion [Sales Manager]. He even showed me the invoice from Infiniti. The Invoice Price including Destination Charges was 33,135.

    I believe I got a good deal. Infiniti makes only 8% of the G35Build with Navigation.
  • maxima4maxima4 Posts: 74
    When I am ready I will definitely try Tom Dillion. What town are they in Jersey? You got a great deal especially with the Navi!! Good luck and thanks!
  • I wasn't having much luck until I requested an internet quote. The dealer that responded was very willing to negotiate (and I'm not good at it)....just picked up my new G35 yesterday for $32,500 (MSRP of $34,335). I was very happy.
  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    Was your $32,500 before destination and fees, or including?
  • vjctvjct Posts: 2
    They are at Englewood.
  • $32,500 including destination charge but excluding processing/tags/title/tax.
  • rslnp1rslnp1 Posts: 29
    I just leased a G35 MSRP $34335 for $499.99 per month for 39 mo. with 12000 miles per yr. Only out of pocket was $499.99 for the 1st mo. payment. The car is leather w/premium/winter/ and wood trim. Cap cost was $32076+599 acq. fee+130 for tags. I live in DC and tax is 10% per mo., included in lease cost, so the actual lease is about $455 per. mo. Offered a 36 mo. lease for $515. but prefer the lease to end in Jan. rather than Oct. Dealership also gives the first 2 years of oil changes for free, 6 of them w/loaner car available.
  • jjy1jjy1 Posts: 26
    Just got my G from Grubbs Infiniti in Dallas. Was the best buying experience I ever had. Just communicated through email and got the exact car that I wanted at a great price - Delivered to me in Houston (to my home no less) with only 7 miles! They take VPP too, so if you're eligible, they are the place to go in Texas. Anyways, feels wierd to say this about a car dealership, but I highly recommend them.
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    Such as price, options and the salesperson,
    thank you.
  • edmikedmik Posts: 5
    I noticed the post about Park Avenue Infiniti in Engelwood. Anybody have any experience with Douglas in Summit, Salerno Duane in Denville or Flemington Infiniti.
  • jjy1jjy1 Posts: 26
    Ask for Ralph Kichen, he was pretty responsive. And I got my sedan with everything, through the VPP program. They seem to be the only one's near Texas doing this, so hurry and give them a call if you are eligible for the program.
  • skerewskerew Posts: 20
    Just drove home from the dealer. Blk with graphite leather, sunroof and Bose. Drive out including everything (destination, fees, tags)was $1050 over INVOICE! (not including tax of course). Also, I got $650 more on my trade than Carmax offered me. I am ecstatic!!
  • Best place to get the most current info on pricing and model features is the Nissan|Infiniti News Bureau at There is no published pricing to date on the 6 speed sedans. I ordered one today and they won't have the final pricing until December. Deal, of course, is subject to final pricing!
  • I bought my G near the end of September from Scott Paster at Flemington Infiniti. I can't say enough good things about Scott or Flemington in general. Everything was pleasant and smooth from start to finish. I purchased my Silver/Graphite/Premium/Sport/Winter/Xenon for $1965 under the MSRP of 34,190.

    feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Also, if you go to Flemington and talk to Scott, tell him Mike from Flushing, NY recommended him. (I believe that I get some kind of free gift for that).
  • rsnlp1

    What is the reidual at the end of your lease. I'm in the process of dealing for a lease at the moment and that ammount would be helpful.
  • robertrrobertr Posts: 125
    I'm planning to order a 6-speed manual sedan soon. Because they won't be out until February, I haven't talked numbers with the dealer yet. What residuals are being quoted for 12,000/15,000 miles and for 36, 39, 42 months? Also, what is Infiniti's lease inception fee? My Maxima was $350, but I have heard Infiniti is higher.

    What interest rates or money factors are being quoted?
  • Thanks very much for your help.

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