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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dandr2002dandr2002 Posts: 1
    i'm in the market for a G35 and i'm in sacramento. i'll travel anywhere in california to obtain the best deal. could anyone give me names of dealers and contact persons to reach?
  • willjamwilljam Posts: 22
    Here in Oklahoma City, we only have the one Infiniti dealer. I was so eager to get the car that I did pay MSRP. I bought the car 3 days after introduction and it was the first G35 sold in the OKC area. It was equipped with NAV, SR, wood, winter and premium packages. I did not have the fancy truck mat which I not sure what that is. I do have some sort of carpet in the truck. I would appreciate if someone clued me in as to what the fancy truck mat looks like.

    Even thought I paid MSRP, I have not regretted my purchase. It is a fantastic car.
  • Crest Infiniti offered $1000 off MSRP right off the bat when I inquired about a base G35 with no options. Sewell Infiniti offered a leather and sunroof model for $28,900. I am sure you can get a much better deal if you go into the showroom and haggle since I got those two prices by inquiring by e-mail. Grubbs Infiniti wouldn't even give me an offer. I think I will be going to Sewell to get my G35 to replace my 1991 Q45.
  • ryanm4ryanm4 Posts: 7
    Before you go to the dealer check to see if your employer is enrolled in the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Plan. I was enrolled through my company and the deal is you start with the invoice price, deduct a certain percentage (I believe about 4%) then add is a percentage for dealer delivery, etc (about 2-2.5%) and arrive at the final price. I bought my wife a G35 using the program and paid below invoice! It's a great deal if you have it available. It's also good on any Nissan or Infiniti. The dealer told me it is the same deal that he would get if he were to purchase the car. Check it out at
  • mailitinmailitin Posts: 2
    Dealers in Florida don't seem to be coming off MSRP at all. We're willing to go to GA, TN or SC, etc. if we could get $1000 or more off MSRP. I keep seeing folks who've gotten $500 over invoice, etc. Are there any in SE U.S.?
    Looking for Desert Platinum or Garnet Fire w/premium package and sunroof. Best we can find is $32,500.
  • What's the justice in this? Only 1 dealership in Washington, and 1 in Oregon?? Anyone bought one in either in WA or OR??? What kind of deals are you getting???? I plan to get one real soon and looking for one with everything, but w/o Nav.

    Thx, Anita
  • willjamwilljam Posts: 22
    Here in Oklahoma City, we only have 1 Infinti dealer which makes it a pain for getting a really good deal. I was the first purchaser of a G in March 3 days after the car appeared. I payed MSRP less the trade in value of my 99 Chrysler 300M. With the popularity of the car, the dealers have the edge. Although they are going to have to sell them at one time are another. You might watch the dealership to see if they have any cars moving. If they are moving then your chance of getting a terrific deal is slim. However, if they are not you probably have a better edge of getting something off. My dealer has different inventory almost every week, so they are going somewhere, although I have only spotted 2 other cars here in my town.
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    can anyone offer help on 36-39 month lease on g35 w/leather, zero cap cost just inceptions and 15k /yr. is it possible to lease for less than 500/month tax included

  • pcoatespcoates Posts: 15
    We purchased our G35 from the Kirkland Infiniti dealership in Washington in the month of April. At that time they wouldn't come off MSRP which is what we paid. With the closest competing dealer outside Portland they really didn't have to at that time. It may be different now that the car has been on the market for a few months. I really have no regrets, if I had to pay MSRP to the my car today I would do it in a heartbeat.

  • estashestash Posts: 1
    Ryanm4, thanks for the pointer on VPP. I contacted my local Infiniti dealership in Austin and was told that the dealerships in Texas were not participating in the VPP for G35s. Can anybody confirm this with their own experience? Does anybody know of dealerships participating in this program for the G35?
  • rene1971rene1971 Posts: 1
    I have talked to 2 dealers and they have both stated that the price is going up at the end of the month, but they would not say by how much. Has anyone else heard this? I live in the central valley, there are only 3 dealers in a 80 mile radius. They all tell me they won't sell below MSRP, and with a price increase looming it sure does put pressure on me.
  • maybeg35maybeg35 Posts: 186
    So if you were going to order Xenon anyway there won't be any difference.
    The "Communicator" package will add more to the MSRP also if they can find someone to make it for them as the technology was by a company that busted.
  • capycapy Posts: 1
    We just purchased a G35 in south Florida , after searching high and low only one dealer would budge off of msrp, and he threw in the after market wood kit and hand painted pin stripes,better than nothing? If you are in the area shopping around I can get you the same deal, just email me.
  • aluislugoaluislugo Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. Anyone near the east coast interested in a great deal should go to North Shore Infiniti and talk to Michael Weitz, period. I found his name on this site, and sure enough I got the best deal from him. He can be reached at 516-503-7652. I purchased a fully loaded G35, except for the NAV system, well below MSRP(all I will say is that it was between $2000 to $3000 off MSRP). Besides a getting a good deal he was very straight up, patient and knowledgeable. Oh one more thing expect to wait a little because of the demand, but in the end you will be glad that you did.
  • enut12enut12 Posts: 2
    I just want to know what you guys are paying up here, cause I talked to one and they would barely budge and the would take some off but not enough for me to buy in to it. Why are these people paying sticker? I thought our economy was going down the drain.
  • jsspearsjsspears Posts: 17
    It seems like the three Infiniti dealers in Houston have closed ranks and are determined not to take a deal for less than MSRP. I am looking for a base sedan with emerald mist paint and the cloth interior. I haven't given up and am willing to widen my search until I find the car I want at a competitive price. I think the Houston dealers are just riding a buying frenzy triggered by the Road & Track and the Motor Trend tests, and it will soon be over.

    I have a 2001 Corvette Z06, and was faced with exactly the same phenomenon 18 months ago. Not one Houston dealer would sell for less than MSRP and Bill Heard Chevrolet was asking for $10k over list. I bought mine in Montgomery Alabama for $1400 under MSRP. Now the Houston dealers would be tickled to sell the new Z06 for much less than that, and they're still making a lot of money.

    Go figure.
  • bigearzbigearz Posts: 1
    Yep, I have to agree that they are not cooperating *at all* on this vehicle in the
    H-Town area. One also told me this past weekend that they lurk these sites and know that the discount info everyone is mentioning is a bunch of BS-(

    I'm still looking, as the trade in value of used cars right now are way below nada, according to them and this past Sunday's Chronicle...

    ....I would love to find a dealer in the five state area that is working cost plus....
  • khl68khl68 Posts: 10
    Bought my G in April. Paid $32,000 b/4 tax, lic, registration, etc. Desert Platinum, premium, luxury leather, sunroof, xenon, Lo-jack, wood package, trunk net. MSRP was $33,500 w/o the $700 Lo-jack. Essentially $2,000 below MSRP.
  • salty7csalty7c Posts: 3
    See my previous posting # 32. Flew up to NY July 8th. Michael Weitz salesman picked me up at Airport and drove me to dealership. The G35 was sitting out fully prepared and ready to go. Spent about 20 minutes on paperwork and I was on my way. This was the easiest auto purchase I have ever made. I called michael in June at telephone number 516-503-7652. On initial call he offered me almost $2000 off MSRP.(invoice plus $420 advertising plus $1000 markup) I accepted without further negotiation. Michael was meticulous in keeping me informed and to all details. He called and emailed me frequently.He can also be reached by email at [email protected]

    Picked up the fully loaded G35 sport headed North to Maine to visit relatives and do some fishing back to NY for more visiting then on to Atlantic city to donate some of the savings. From there I headed to the Appalachian Mountains to finish the break in. The car is really sweet in the Mountains. The mountain roads convinced me I had indeed made the correct choice of cars. After dark returned to the interstate system and drove straight through to Florida. Five days 2000 miles miles, a fine free vacation.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    I also spoke to Michael Weitz. While I ultimately did not buy from him, it was only because he did not have the color I wanted, and my local dealer did. Nonetheless, he was great to talk to, and I would definately recommend him to anyone in the NY area. Ive had such bad experiences with car dealers, it was nice to meet a nice one!

    I did purchase from Frank at Pepe Infiniti in White Plains. Both he and the General Manager are nice, and I was quite pleased.
  • gaspiritgaspirit Posts: 2
    Just curious from those in ATL whether or not the dealers in this area are ready to make a quick deal like those mentioned in New York. My sister lives in outside of White Plains,NY, parents in PA. Maybe I should go see them and pick up a G while I'm there. Any thoughts?
  • ntcntc Posts: 1
    I posted under deals before I saw this board. Here the dealer expects MSRP. Does anyone have info in other NM or southwest states?
    Also I am interested in the expected depreciation of this car. Any info from people who leased the car in terms of residual value in 2 or 3 years?
  • jsspearsjsspears Posts: 17
    I just purchased a basic luxury sedan in Dallas, after trying trying to purchase in my hometown, Houston. In Houston, two dealers told me that the deal would be MSRP only. The third dealer said that they would not lose a deal over "a couple of hundred bucks". So I went to Dallas where I knew that one dealer had the car I wanted and their initial offer was $615 less than MSRP.

    The drive was worthwhile, as I came back with the car I wanted at $1065 less than MSRP.

    This is all supply and demand. I think that I may have done better had there not been such glowing reviews for the car in Road and Track and MotorTrend magazines.

    Dallas new car sales are 10% below last year, and this probably helped me.

    The other two dealers in Dallas do not even carry the cloth interior cars in stock. This is their (and their customer's loss). For those of you that wonder why anyone would want a cloth interior car, please consider:

    * The cloth interior cars are much more comfortable to get into on a hot, sunny day,
    * The cloth interior cars have their manual controls on the side of the seat, not on the top where they may dig into your thigh,
    * The cloth interior car will not have the seemingly mandatory sunroof. You will appreciate this if you are 6'-4" or taller.
    * The cloth interior car will not have the Bose sound system. If you have a Bose for long, you will know what I mean.
  • clothcloth Posts: 52
    Congratulations on your purchase, I'm glad to see an other base model owner out there. Those are the same reasons I purchased the cloth model. You wont be disappointed.
  • ecrofecrof Posts: 1
    Just talked to my dealer and he says he has a demo with 5500 miles on it. Its the base version in willow cloth. Any idea what the going price would be for this car with that mileage on it?
  • nnylecnnylec Posts: 6
    I bought a Garnet/Graphite Leather with everything except the navigation system. They would not budge on the MSRP. No dealer markup. I was able to get an extended service warranty at $250 over dealer cost.

    Entire Package Taxes,Tags, Extended Warranty 37K and some change.
  • opimaxopimax Posts: 73
    If you wouldn't mind can you tellme what you acyually paid for the extended converage and what plan you got? I have decided to go with it and told the dealer it was the only thing I would price shop them on. Thank you

  • nnylecnnylec Posts: 6
    I paid $1152 for 0 deductable, 7 yr, 100K mile.
    The plan was the Infiniti plan.

    I personnaly will only go eith the manufacturers Extended service warranty. I had a very bad experience with an aftermarket policy. My transmission had to be replaced on a Pontiac Bonneville. The company would only pay for a fixed amount. I had to come with an addition $1500 out of pocket to get a GM transmission. The company even told me that the policy allowed them to get a transmission from a junk yard and use that.

    Get your dealer to give you a better price on the Infiniti warranty. They may try to put it off until you settle on a price, but bring in into the negotiation prior to any agreement.

    Best of luck
  • opimaxopimax Posts: 73
    Thanks very much for the info. I would only buy the Infi plan. I have had my Maxima need the 2nd edition of the ECU reprogram. That 2nd reprogram came out after my warranty ended and if I wanted to get it done, I would have had to pay where as it would be performed under the extended warranty if I had had it. Just 1 claim and it usually payed for.

  • tclstcls Posts: 8
    Bought a G35 at $29,700 before tax, fees, and registration on 7/27/2002 from Discover Infiniti on Convoy Street.
    White (pearl) exterior
    Willow leather interior ($28950 MSRP)
    Destination ($545)
    Bose Sound system ($900 MSRP)
    Sunroof. ($1000 MSRP)
    Trunk Mat ($70 MSRP)
    MSRP 31,465 (Net "discount" from MSRP: $1,765)
  • 92prelude92prelude Posts: 2
    Hi - Looking to buy G35 Sedan in the Boston area. Anybody willing to share their experiences and deals with dealers in this area?
  • gmcn9gmcn9 Posts: 1
    I just picked up my G last week. I just picked up my fully loaded G with nav. I was particular that I wanted this exact car so it was difficult to find and the nav in general is hard to find and they are not discounting cars with the nav.
    In Boston you have 3 choices, Kelly, Norwood, and Herb Chambers. I called Herb Chambers and they were not very interested in selling cars. Only told me they'd order one if I wanted to come in. Also went to Kelly, they seemed to want to sell one and said they could pull strings to get the car quicket than ordering it, but made no promises. On the phone they told me how they sell their own trade-ins and were able to give better trade values. Well, it turned out they were 25% lower than Norwood for my trade (however, Nathalie Farah at Kelly was probably the friendliest and one of the best informed sales people I dealt with).
    I ended up at Norwood and they had the exact car I wanted on order so it came in in about 6 weeks and they gave a much better trade than Kelly as I said earlier. Good luck.
  • 92prelude92prelude Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. I've contacted Kelly and Herb Chambers; neither has been very impressive in their discount offers, unfortunately, I don't have anything of value to trade.
    Were you able to negotiate much with either of the dealers?
  • frank789frank789 Posts: 1
    Frontier Infiniti honors the VPP program. After three weeks wait, I got the car with VPP pricing (about 100 over invoice). Talk to Barry Shamlou.
  • apempelapempel Posts: 8
    Any idea how much the proposed price increase will be and what changes in terms of standard vs. optional equipment?

    Unless the make more options standard, I think raising the price just because the car is selling well is more of something I'd expect from a low-end maker as opposed to luxury. I don't think it's the right thing to do. Reminds me of home repair companies that gouge customers with inflated prices after a hurricane just because they can.

    I know my choice is just not to buy the car and stand on principle.
  • go here:

    doesn't mention prices, but I'm sure b/c Xenons are standard it will go up by at least that amount.

  • jjy1jjy1 Posts: 26
    How about Galveston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, even Louisiana? Someone's gotta be honoring it.
  • bobinlabobinla Posts: 10
    I live in the Los Angeles area and I plan on leasing a G35 in the next month. I was wondering if any of the online services like are worth my time on getting below MSRP? If so, is it helpful to use their quote at my local dealer as a bargaining leverage?
  • chillkchillk Posts: 1
    I bought a base car-no options with cloth. There was only one in the Chicago area. Most dealers get these cars loaded. I paid $27,100. Not bad considering loaded Camrys and Maximas go for that price. Infiniti has no equal at this price point.
  • bobinlabobinla Posts: 10
    I got a couple of quotes on the G35 from local dealers over the internet. One quoted $900 off MSRP and one quoted 2K over invoice. Neither had the exact car I wanted (Leather, sports suspension, moon roof, red with graphite interior).

    If I insist on this car and the local dealers don't have it, can they check around and get it from another dealer in California, or does it have to be ordered specially? In either case, does my bargaining position go down if the dealer does not have the car I want sitting on his lot? Thanks
  • After some initial hesitancy from Infiniti dealers, several are now willing to come off of sticker, one by up to $1,000, just through email inquiries. Will keep you posted on in person results.
  • quencyquency Posts: 3
    I was wondering if anyone of you has purchased a G35 in the NW (Oregon and Washington). There's only 1 Infiniti dealership in Oregon and I feel kind of limited in my choices. If anyone out there knows of recent purchase prices, I would love to hear about it.
  • I just ordered my G35 after extensive research and talking to 3 dealerships. I bought the Leather, Premium, winter, sunroof, wood and xenon headlights & trunk mat. MSRP was $34,185, got it for $32,359. I feel good it was a fair price.
  • which dealer did you buy your g35 from? my dad wishes to buy a g35 sometime soon, we live in livingston, nj.

    - Calvin
  • dabtijdabtij Posts: 20
    Hello all,

    I'll be looking into buying a new car and I've never thought about this one. Even a base G35 at 27K (29K it seems with leather) comes with everything I want. I was looking at the new Altima but to add all the options you get the same price as the G!

    So is it advisable to try this one out? Thanks.
  • rbfedicrbfedic Posts: 1
    I am also interested in buying a G35 in New Jersey (Long Valley area) and would like to know which dealer in NJ you got the best price from. Thanks.
  • I'm looking in the Chicago/Milwaukee/Madison market for a G35. Can anyone give me a clue what the dealers are doing for pricing? Invoice Plus $______ hopefully!

  • lenka12lenka12 Posts: 5
    Today, we got a deal:
    G35 silver: $27,200 in cloth.

  • Haven't checked-in in a while, sorry. I went through Ray Catena on Rt. 10 in Denville. Salesman I am dealing with is Kevin. Although the price was fair, I'm still waiting for my car to come in. It's been two weeks, but that's not bad because that's the timeframe I've been getting from everyone. The other dealership, Lynnes Infiniti, Bloomfield Ave. in Bloomfield is also worth checking out. They were also ready to really deal. There was just something about the dealership that turned me off. I guess it was a personal thing. (They took me for a test drive in a customer's car, I didn't think that was too good). Good Luck!
  • Factory ordered my G35 three months ago. leather, heated seats, no sunroof. Base capital cost of $27,863.
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