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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • salty7csalty7c Posts: 3
    Couldn't negotiate any discount in Tampa with same dealer but not same salesman referenced several times in this forum. In fact didn't even get return call from Sales Manager.
    Called Mike Weitz, Northside Infinity, New York. cell phone 516-503-7652 nice guy to talk to. He offered $2000 discount off MSRP on fully loaded G35. Actually invoice plus 420 advertising plus 1000 mark up. I was debating going up there anyway for family reunion so it will work out nicely. He is presently searching for the car I want. Delivery scheduled for July 8th at my request. Mike is a really comfortable person to talk to. He offered me a larger discount if I was interested in a less well equipted model that was more plentiful.
    I believe he enjoys his position as a non-traditional salesperson.
    I will post a follow up when I see if it goes a smothly as it appears. Will let you know definitely after delivery.
  • Longgone47
    Just checking too see what was the best price out the door to include taxes, tags and destination cost. I am looking for a Derset Platinum color, willow interior, wither package, BOSE system, sunroof and spoiler.
  • I went to Able Infiniti In Rockville Centre Long Island (New York) 516-536-9000. Doug Hacker gave me a great deal on a Silver G35, Graphite, Bose , Sunroof, Sports Pkg and Winter Sport for 30,874 which was the best in the area. Doug is very easy going with no pressure. I felt very comfortable with him. I take delivery on or about July 8th. I saw the magnet board and they have tons of cars coming in or on the lot already. Anybody looking for cars with the sports package or other hard to come by options will be very happy. I hope when Salty7c comes up from Tampa he'll take a ride over there and check them out.
  • itsagrinditsagrind Posts: 1
    I recently bought the G35 with the following:
    Premium package
    Sport package
    Xenon lights
    Trunk mat

    I bought the car at an Infiniti dealership in So. CA for $33,200 (not including tax & license fees). The salesman said this was the best price he can give, especially with such high demand on this car... I'm pretty sure I didn't get the best deal out there, but did I get an ok one?
  • jvalentyjvalenty Posts: 41

    We have a small San Diego club of G35 owners. We plan to get together for Breakfast sometime in July. We are all owners or soon to be owners with dreams or cars on order.

    Please contact me at so I can include you on our list. I'll send you the list of other SD owners and let you know when we plan to meet.


    Were you able to buy at or below MSRP? That would indicate a good price.

    Jack Valenty (Scripps Ranch area)
  • khl68khl68 Posts: 10
    I think you did ok. I paid $32,000 (b4 tax & lic) for mine: platinum/premium/leather/sunroof/xenon/wood package/trunk mat/lo-jack. I bought in back in April from Costa Mesa Infiniti. So, the only difference is you have the sports package and I have lo-jack & wood.
  • talcloudtalcloud Posts: 2
    I just sold my 2001 Avalon with 40 K on it and I am going to buy a G35 in the next month. What are they selling for in California as I drive alot and can pick one up in any part of the State. The dealers in Fresno like to be close to sticker and I was in the Bay area they were singing the same tune. I would think I could get 1000.00 off MSRP or am I crazy? Looking for a deal I hope.
  • You could try calling Team Infiniti in the city of Ventura. The contact person is Frankie Travis at 805.642.8844. You should be able to get $1k or more off MSRP. Everyone in the sales team from the top manager down is extremely(not aggressively) helpful and eager to earn your business. You could also check their inventory on line at May the G force be with you ;->
  • jvalentyjvalenty Posts: 41
    I think there are three Infiniti dealers in the San Diego area. Discover Infiniti owns all of them. I have heard that they would sell below MSRP. Not sure if they still do now.
  • mattwkmattwk Posts: 5

    You've seem to have gotten a great deal on the exact same vehicle that I am looking for. Can you tell me the name of the dealer you went through and what kind of tactics you used to get such a great deal. Best I can find is 1k over invoice at a Bay area dealer.

    For those getting 2200 to 2700 off MSRP. That is close to 100 to 500 over invoice. Obviously, there are great deals to be had so let us know where and how. Thanks!
  • Some dealers are playing a tight game and trying to hold at MSRP, but playing a little hardball & shopping around doesn't hurt. We just purchased a leather package with sunroof (MSRP of $30,565). First dealer initially said no discount, then eluded that $500 off max may be a possibility, but if we found a better deal elsewhere to take it. We went elsewhere and with stiff negotiations we hacked out an $800 discount off MSRP. Great car and well worth it!
  • aceizwildaceizwild Posts: 2
    Bought the Luxury Leather model in black/graphite with Sunroof, Xenon, Premium, Sport, Aero, Trunk Mat for $32,875 plus tax. Most in NY wanted MSRP. Purchased from Competition Infiniti in Smithtown. Great experience, no problems and car was delivered EARLIER than promised! That was a first.
  • sgorhamsgorham Posts: 1
    Bought Luxury Leather model in Silver/graphite with Premium, Sunroof, Wood, Trunk Mat and Xenon. The car was a demo with 1,130 on the odometer. Paid $31,500 vs the MSRP (which the dealer said of course all G35s are selling for) of $33,495. Good Luck!
  • plchan911plchan911 Posts: 1
    I was planning to purchase 2002 Maxima in about a month ago or so. Then I realized 2003 Maxima just came out and I might want to check out 2003 model too. My friend just mentioned to me about G35 but I thought .. geez.. I might not be able to affort this expensive car anyway. But tonight, i checked out the and noticed the invoice price of the G35 does not cost too much than the 2003 Maxima. I kept reading thru all posts in this site and I get lot of information. Since I was going to use VPP to purchase 2003 Maxima, then I thought why not have a test drive on G35 too?
    More I read thru the posts, which I love this G35 more.
    I have not done any test drive on G35 yet but I will. I am no rush to purchase a new car yet so I want to do more "homework" and get the load work out with bank / credit union prior I go to buy this baby.

    Thanks a lot!!
  • jimboy435jimboy435 Posts: 2
    You all need to calm down and NOT pay the MSRP. I repeaT NOT PAY the MSRP. True its a great looking CAR and I bought one(more on that later), but MSRP is not the way to go. I walked into an infinity dealership, loved the car. He offered me the MSRP+tax+tags+fees. I simply refused...MSRP for an infinity? The dealer started to compare Infinity with a BMW M3.."M3??" I said. You know "M3 is a 300+ horsepower car.." to make the story short. I offered him 2% over Invoice. He replied "its a luxury sedan"..I said true it is but its still an infinity..not a BMW or a mercedes to be paying MSRP. HE agreed with me. after haggling(trust me I had all day to spare), We settled on 4% over Invoice + tAx +tags + 149 processing FEE.

    Final Price = 26770(invoice) + 4%(1071) + 3.2(tax)891 + 149 = 28,880 OUT THE DOOR.

    You need to know that dealers look at edmunds as we consumers do. However, being a great site that edmunds is, It still needs INPUT from everyone to come up with TMV. Hence the TMV is MSRP since the car just came out. IF the dealer mentions edmunds, Just state that Hey thats true you are right but it says "what others are paying" not "what I have to pay"..have is the KEyword here.

    Best of luck. I am crusing in my silver infinity G35..will get a spoiler soon :)
  • I made my first trip to a local Infiniti dealer this afternoon. A Sales person took me over to a G35 in the showroom. Within the first 5 minutes, he was offering $1,100-$1,500 below MSRP.

    I can't wait to actually start negotiating price. I'm shooting for 2% over invoice. Wish me luck!
  • brewha2brewha2 Posts: 2
    Any one have a recommendation for a good dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

    I went into Grubbs and asked what kind of great deal they would offer . . . 14 minutes later I was supposed to be convinced that MSRP was a bargain. For some reason I did not jump on this great offer.

    Well I'll be buying in the next week or two (waiting on the sale of my Corvette) and would like to know if anyone has found a good sales man. I have considered even looking out of state if I need to to get a deal.

  • duckchowduckchow Posts: 1
    I just bought a Platinum/Graphite Leather, Sunroof, Bose Stereo, and Standard Trunk Mat for $29,387 plus tax and license. He came 2123 off MSRP. I felt it was a pretty good deal.
  • spunkybspunkyb Posts: 2
  • dandr2002dandr2002 Posts: 1
    i'm in the market for a G35 and i'm in sacramento. i'll travel anywhere in california to obtain the best deal. could anyone give me names of dealers and contact persons to reach?
  • willjamwilljam Posts: 22
    Here in Oklahoma City, we only have the one Infiniti dealer. I was so eager to get the car that I did pay MSRP. I bought the car 3 days after introduction and it was the first G35 sold in the OKC area. It was equipped with NAV, SR, wood, winter and premium packages. I did not have the fancy truck mat which I not sure what that is. I do have some sort of carpet in the truck. I would appreciate if someone clued me in as to what the fancy truck mat looks like.

    Even thought I paid MSRP, I have not regretted my purchase. It is a fantastic car.
  • Crest Infiniti offered $1000 off MSRP right off the bat when I inquired about a base G35 with no options. Sewell Infiniti offered a leather and sunroof model for $28,900. I am sure you can get a much better deal if you go into the showroom and haggle since I got those two prices by inquiring by e-mail. Grubbs Infiniti wouldn't even give me an offer. I think I will be going to Sewell to get my G35 to replace my 1991 Q45.
  • ryanm4ryanm4 Posts: 7
    Before you go to the dealer check to see if your employer is enrolled in the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Plan. I was enrolled through my company and the deal is you start with the invoice price, deduct a certain percentage (I believe about 4%) then add is a percentage for dealer delivery, etc (about 2-2.5%) and arrive at the final price. I bought my wife a G35 using the program and paid below invoice! It's a great deal if you have it available. It's also good on any Nissan or Infiniti. The dealer told me it is the same deal that he would get if he were to purchase the car. Check it out at
  • mailitinmailitin Posts: 2
    Dealers in Florida don't seem to be coming off MSRP at all. We're willing to go to GA, TN or SC, etc. if we could get $1000 or more off MSRP. I keep seeing folks who've gotten $500 over invoice, etc. Are there any in SE U.S.?
    Looking for Desert Platinum or Garnet Fire w/premium package and sunroof. Best we can find is $32,500.
  • What's the justice in this? Only 1 dealership in Washington, and 1 in Oregon?? Anyone bought one in either in WA or OR??? What kind of deals are you getting???? I plan to get one real soon and looking for one with everything, but w/o Nav.

    Thx, Anita
  • willjamwilljam Posts: 22
    Here in Oklahoma City, we only have 1 Infinti dealer which makes it a pain for getting a really good deal. I was the first purchaser of a G in March 3 days after the car appeared. I payed MSRP less the trade in value of my 99 Chrysler 300M. With the popularity of the car, the dealers have the edge. Although they are going to have to sell them at one time are another. You might watch the dealership to see if they have any cars moving. If they are moving then your chance of getting a terrific deal is slim. However, if they are not you probably have a better edge of getting something off. My dealer has different inventory almost every week, so they are going somewhere, although I have only spotted 2 other cars here in my town.
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    can anyone offer help on 36-39 month lease on g35 w/leather, zero cap cost just inceptions and 15k /yr. is it possible to lease for less than 500/month tax included

  • pcoatespcoates Posts: 15
    We purchased our G35 from the Kirkland Infiniti dealership in Washington in the month of April. At that time they wouldn't come off MSRP which is what we paid. With the closest competing dealer outside Portland they really didn't have to at that time. It may be different now that the car has been on the market for a few months. I really have no regrets, if I had to pay MSRP to the my car today I would do it in a heartbeat.

  • estashestash Posts: 1
    Ryanm4, thanks for the pointer on VPP. I contacted my local Infiniti dealership in Austin and was told that the dealerships in Texas were not participating in the VPP for G35s. Can anybody confirm this with their own experience? Does anybody know of dealerships participating in this program for the G35?
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