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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • All in all you both did very well! It's good to see that both your purchases included the NAV. I was considering omitting that when it came to purchasing the car, but I have renewed hope that I can actually afford the NAV. I do some traveling for my job and it will come in handy. Good luck to both with your new cars!!

    I'll post in a month or so when I finally put pen to paper and close a deal.

    PS...4.99% is a very good rate. They seem to be matching's rate for 60 months
  • tmk3tmk3 Posts: 7
    Like bad clams I'm interested in VPP details. Pls let me know if you have experience with this. [email protected] thanks.
  • I'm involved in the Business Associates VPP program, so I can only speak to that. VPP for Nissan employees may be a bit different. It was my backup price when going in because I thought I could get a better price on my own.

    The VPP only affects the base price according to a rep I talked with on the phone a few months ago. It applies to a car whether you order it or if you buy one off the lot. You pay 2.5% above base invoice, then pay for any options on top of that (at MSRP). While this would be a good place to start if dealerships are married to the sticker price (or more if it's a hot car), it's not a great deal when the dealer is already shaving off dollars from MSRP.

    Also, certain vehicles aren't eligible. New cars such as the 350Z and G35 Coupe aren't. You're on your own when negotiating prices with those from the start. You'll usually have to wait 6-9 months before any VPP kicks in. And even then, it's at a dealer's discression. Not all participate in the program. If they think they can continue to get sticker for a car, they probably won't discount too much, even for VPP.

    Hope that helps.
  • What designguy said is absolutely true. In the Northwest (2 in Washington, 1 in Oregon), there are no VPP participants because they are selling them at MSRP or over...some claim they are, but they'd exclude G35 sedan/coupe. No problem if you want to get a QX4. :(

    I'm looking to go down to Calif when the price cool down a little...

  • I contacted infiniti about twilight blue color and was told it no longer is available. I just read a posting from Georgia that stated he got a twilight blue color. I am from Penna. and currently talking to dealers from N.J. and Penna. I also want to add that I am looking for a 2000$ discount off MSRP of 34,890$ vehicle. Am I realistic? Can I tweak more off my discount?
  • Twilight blue was discontinued at the end of the summer. It was built for the 2003 MY. For "2003.5" (although Infiniti doesn't use that term,) it's more of a royal blue now, carribean blue I think is its name.

    A few people have gotten $2K, but not many.
  • I bought my Twilight Blue in Atlanta, the first week in September. I did a search of inventory on Infiniti's web site and found only a handful of them anywhere on the east coast. I had a dealer in New York offer to locate the car for me but he said it would take two months. I found it and made the deal myself. I can honestly say that you have a very small chance of finding one since I only had about 10 to choose from up and down the coast and that was three months ago. Good luck in your search.
  • vicheviche Posts: 30
    Can you show us how you got the invoice figure of $33,281. Can you break it down in list form?

    I'm not getting the same amount for the options you picked even with the Market Adjustment and documentation fee.

  • Since there has been a question raised about the proper sales charged in conjunction with the purchase of an automobile, I would like to clarify the Georgia Sales Tax code as it applies.

    According to Jon Galbraith with the Georgia Department of Revenue, Sales tax is to be collected at the rate in effect at the location of business. This is the same as any other purchase a consumer makes. However, the transaction price of a vehicle is much greater than most purchases. There is a way around this requirement. A dealer can charge the tax rate in effect where a customer resides provided the dealership actually delivers the vehicle to the consumer in their county and not at the dealership. This also requires a notarized statement of "Out of County Delivery"

    If anyone needs to verify this information, simply call the Georgia Department of Revenue at (404)417-6601

    As a Dealer in a 7% county, I am aware that many dealers do not abide by this regulation.
  • Viche, I believe I typed in the wrong invoice price: The correct figure (now I am looking at the invoice from Troncalli) is $33,516. Details below:

    Troncalli (Bobby)-- Thank you for the clarification. I looked into this, and you are correct. We were able to get out of county delivery to Gwinnett, after signing an affadavit.
    Troncalli was a great dealership to work with. Our salespeople were Eric and Donna (sales mgr Paula)

    2003 G35 4-dr Sedan Twilight Blue:
    Item Invoice Sticker
    Sedan $26,225 $28,950
    Sunroof $862 $1,000
    Xenon HID $474 $550
    Premium Pkg $1,896 $2,200
    Aero Pkg $474 $550
    Sport Suspn $366 $425
    Navigation $1,805 $2,000
    Winter Pkg $388 $450
    Trunk Mat $55 $70
    Destination $545 $545
    Mkt Adjustment $426 $000
    TOTAL $33,516 $36,470

    My deal: $33,850 + $499 doc fee + tax and title.

  • manavimanavi Posts: 150
    I don't think you should be inflating your invoice price by adding the $426 market adjustment price. An invoice price should be constant no matter where the car is sold. That $426 was put in for additional dealer profit above what the car cost them.

    So, the actual invoice price of your vehicle was $33090.

    Still, $760 over invoice seems to be pretty good for this car. Well done!
  • I was a little surprised at the market assessment, but all of the Atlanta area Infiniti dealers charge this. They all claim it is a fee charged to them by Infiniti, and therefore IS added to the invoice price. I discussed this topic on Fresh Alloy. Go there and search for "Nissan cuts Discount And Ad Fees"

    Another user of that board basically responded that this fee is legit, and the dealer pays it to Infiniti, so it is rightly added to the invoice.

  • Hi, Just a note on the VPP. I purchased my G35 (Emerald Green-Willow) in Chicago using VPP. I had some difficulty finding a dealer to do it but Infiniti of Orland Park was willing. My vehicle is Premium, Sunroof, winter with mat, wood, and Navigation. MSRP - $36,335, VPP - $32,400. The vehicle was ordered and took about 8 weeks to arrive. The dealership was very good. I love the car, the sound system, car performance, and Navigation package are all great.
  • 2dr Coupe
    MSRP Invoice*
    Base Price $32,050 $29,023
    Destination $545 $545
    Selected Options $2,250 $1,939
    Total Price $34,845 $31,507

    Selected Options
    Option Description MSRP Invoice*
    STDEN Engine: 3.5L DOHC 24V V6 STD STD
    STDTN Transmission: 6-Speed Manual STD STD
    STDST Heated Front Bucket Seats STD STD
    STDTM Simulated Suede/Leather Seating Surfaces STD STD
    STDTR Tires: P225/45R18 Fr & P245/45R18 Rr W-Rated AS STD STD
    STDWL Wheels: 18" 7-Spoke Titanium Alloy STD STD
    PAINT Monotone Paint Application STD STD
    P01 Premium Package $2,250 $1,939
    Selected Colors
    Exterior color Description MSRP Invoice
    FirstChoice Brilliant Silver Metallic $0 $0
    Second Choice

    Interior Color
    First Choice Graphite $0 $0
    Second Choice
  • I was given a great deal on the g35. List price $34,890---sale price$32,187. The problem is I am reading negative things about the titanium-silver console. Is this really plastic? Does this scratch easily? Can it be riplaced by real wood or is that plastic also. The only negatives I hear are about the interior. Can anyone give me their experiences with the sport suspension package.
  • Does anyone have any information on negotiations with dealers on the G35 Luxury Leather Sedan. I am looking for the sedan with the sunroof and bose audio system. I went to the dealer today and he told me he wouldn't take any negotiations on the price because the car is so popular. He told me the max he could take off of the price would be 200 dollars. Is this resonable or do you think I could get a better deal elsewhere?
  • From my experience, that is completely unreasonable and you can do much much better.

    First of all, the sedan's popularity has slowed a bit due to the coupe's entry into the market, so you can use that fact to your advantage. Secondly, I'll bet that every dealer has 25-40 sedans on the lot, some of which have been there for months, and dealers' floor plans usually call for them to move the cars within 90 days.

    Most importantly, though, is that it is holiday time and nobody is buying cars. I went to three Infiniti dealerships last week and they were all dead. Easy to make a deal with one of the places for $2200 off MSRP, which works out to about $1000 over invoice.

    BTW, what city and state are you in?
  • I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. The dealer seemed so unreasonable to me, telling me he couldn't take anything off the MSRP. Where are you finding invoice prices. I have searched on edmund's and can't come up with anything.
  • Expand your search. You can get invoice pricing anywhere, from to to Just look around the internet, it's everywhere.

    BTW, I had to get mine from a dealership 140 miles away to get the deal I wanted, so check out some dealerships that are within a 2 or 3 hour drive. To save a few thousand dollars, it's worth the drive.
  • I just bought the G35 Sedan with the VPP. They took $1100.00 off of dealer invoice, then added the 2.5% to that. So I ended up getting the car for about $400.00 under invoice. I thought this was a great deal for me.
    That was around $4000.00 off of sticker.
    So far I love my car. I am thinking of buying a wood kit and adding it myself. Anyone else done this?
  • I am picking my car up tomorrow and yes, I am going to order the wood kit from Burtman Industries. IMO it is the best match out there and it is the real birdseye maple to match the factory.
  • 30all30all Posts: 4
    I placed my order on 2003.5 sedan in NJ yesterday
    leather, premium, sport tuned, winter package at $32300 + doc fee and tax.
    made the deal on the phone with dealer the day before I went. This is the first
    dealer I contacted, did not bother to test drive it because I trusted so many positive
    opinons from people like you on different websites. the phone conversion only took about
    20 minutes. I was targeting at $32000 and I told the sales person if this price is unrealistic,
    it's ok to tell me straight, of cause he did not, I ended up paying $300 more than my target.
    I think I got a FAIR deal, $2k off MSRP and dealer still made a decent profit.
    color: Silver, graphite interior.
    the dealer wanted to sell me a stock platium color with real spoiler at the same price, I passed.
    no second color preference here.
  • Well, I took the plunge. I spent months researching a few cars but it came down to the Accord EXV6 or G35, In the end, the Accord is just too ugly. Sorry Honda.

    I wanted to spend as little as possible. I decided on the base leather G35 with moon roof and trunk mat as the only options.

    MSRP Price: $31,265
    Invoice Price : $28,721

    Retail Invoice (carsdirect)
    (545 30195 27802
    Moonroof 1000 862 ?
    Trunk mat 70 70
    Total 31,265 28,721 (?carsdirect?)

    Carsdirect: 30,765
    Edmunds TMV: 31,043
    I paid 29,000
    I estimate $296 holdback, 1% of base msrp,
    dealer made
    296 + 279 = $575 profit
    Only estimates!
    How low will they go? I would guess not less than $500, but who knows?

    On negotiations, I started at 29,000 and simply did not budge. They worked me hard, tried to get me to come up. Near the end, I walked out the door and they stopped me and wrote the deal. I was prepared to leave. But I clearly said: I will buy the car for 29000 right now. This was in the bay area.

    The car is absolutely incredible, drives like a BMW or Mercedes.
    Looks better than any other sedan I see.
    Leather is excellent, rest of interior is adequate.
    Warrantee and service are excellent, makes me realize how horrible Honda sales and service is.
    I am so glad I did not buy the Honda.
    This car and price rocks!

    Thanks to the others that posted their pricing here, using their information I was able to set my price.

    Go grind them!
  • gperrgperr Posts: 129

    Which dealership and who did you talk to? How long for delivery?

    I am in NJ too and ordered from a delaership in Long Island, but it has been a long time waiting. Ordered in September- still waiting. Prices have come way down since I ordered.

  • vicheviche Posts: 30
    Hey, great price!

    Does the 29,000 include tax, tags, title, or any type of doc fee? If not, how much did those cost you?

    Where on CarsDirect did you get your invoice break down? I checked out the site, but couldn't find a breakdown.

  • Price was for the car only.
    $29000 car price
    $ 45 doc fee
    $ 2396 Sales tax 8.25% (ouch!)
    $ 234 License fees
    $ 5 CA tire fee
    $31680 Total

    Financing was 4.59% with 10K down.
    payment is [email protected] months
  • 30all30all Posts: 4
    I ordered from Lynnes Infiniti at Bloomfield. I'd think you can get a similiar price or less at any dealer in NJ in these days. Lynnes is just the first one I contacted and close to where I live. I've not got my car yet, but if they want to close the deal and profit, they will locate the car I want, or I just get my deposit back and move to another dealer. when you see every dealershp has 20+ inventory G35, you know you have some room for negocication and I don't think RWD cars will sell too well in tri-state during winter.
  • I live in the bay area as well. Eastbay side. Which dealer if you dont mind me asking. Nice job at 29k.
  • Can't search for the sedan or the "M" cars anymore. They killed those two cars from the dealer locator function a couple of days ago. Guess they don't want everybody knowing how many G35 sedans are still left and how few M's they have.

    VPP price is nice when a car is in high demand. But you should be able to get invoice or under on the sedan right now.
  • Read through all the posts and I haven't seen anything on the dealerships in Oregon & Washington. Did you contact both dealerships? What was your experience with them? I am looking for the Coupe and made the initial internet contact. Having read through the posts, there wasn't a lot of info about Kirkland or Beaverton. I hope to hear from them (Beaverton) sometime this week. I'm sure it can't be overly busy at dealerships this time of year. I'll keep everyone posted about the results. I'm in no hurry and if need be will fly out of state to get the exact car and best deal possible.


  • I'm in Hawaii with one Infiniti dealer...can't shop around. Based on my research I offered $34k cash out the door for leather, premium, sport, aero. That's around $2k over invoice. They came back with $35,396 otd ($500 off MSRP).

    I walked...haven't heard from them in a week.

    Any suggestions on strategy to save $1,396?
  • nwhsdnwhsd Posts: 10
    I havent seen the great deals that others are reporting in the NW. I wish we could get some of the Atlanta prices in the Portland area. They have lots of inventory, but no more that MSRP - $500...
    Any luck Anitafagina??
  • Bought yesterday in desert platinum with willow interior with premium, winter, wood(couldn't avoid) for 32K from Nationwide in Timonium, MD.
  • jklaw1jklaw1 Posts: 1
    Just recently purchased a red G35 '03 sedan...esssentially loaded save nav system. Sticker: $34,900. Paid: $32,600. Also 4.4% interest rate on the purchase. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the $2300 knocked off the MSRP...heck of a fun car to drive, too!
  • I just bought one from Passport Infiniti in Alexandria, VA for $31,565 including the following options:

    Premium, Winter, Wood & Trunk Mat

    What a great deal on a great vehicle!
  • How much did they charge you for the processing fee? I paid $25 in MD and was told by the dealer that I would've paid over $300 in VA.
  • The prices in the NW is pretty close to MSRP. I tried Kirkland (the only one in town) before Thanksgiving and were told MSRP minus $200, that was all they could do. Rendle Infiniti in Spokane, WA may be willing to give you a better deal cuz they are kind of far. Almost like driving down to Oregon. For coupes though, I don't think any dealerships in the States are willing to go below MSRP. Let me know what kind of deals you get from California, I'm willing to fly down there and drive my car back...

  • bitnoj1bitnoj1 Posts: 17
    Mind telling me where and what dealer in Ohio you purchased that good deal. I live near Chicago, but I will travel 200 miles to save $1200-$1500 bucks. I think Chicago Infiniti dealers feel they are doing us a favor by selling us the car.
  • neaudineaudi Posts: 21
    Congrats on the new G. I took delivery of my garnet G last Monday. The garnet is absolutely a knockout on the G. Good luck with it. Can't wait to get past 1200 miles.
  • nwhsdnwhsd Posts: 10
    The dealership in Spokane, Wendle Motors is dealing to 1500 off of MSRP. Talk to Courtney, Internet manager, and ask for the PACIFIC NORTHWEST DEAL. I am looking at my schedule to travel up there and get mine.
    Good luck!
  • magar65magar65 Posts: 28
    Thanks for the updated information. I looked at the website for Wendle and they don't list any coupes currently. I will try and give Courtney a call later.

    Anita, good luck in your search too! I've rifled through some SoCal dealers and they seem to have quite a few in stock. Happy hunting!
  • I paid $195 for processing. $25 in MD sure beats $195...
  • You still did better than me: I paid 32K for the eaxact same car.
  • crocancrocan Posts: 7
    First time writer, looking @ buying a G35 with premium package. MSRP is $42k and local dealers are reluctant to budge on price. What size discount are people getting (if any), and what ammo are you using to negotiate?
  • magar65magar65 Posts: 28
    Spoke with Beaverton Infiniti (Oregon) yesterday and the internet mgr stated they don't have pricing available for the G35 Coupe 6MT yet! What is going on? I said that according to the Infiniti website that lists inventory that they had one on hand. She said she would call me back to give me some additional information. Umm... still waiting. Is this the kind of customer service one can expect from all Infifiti dealers?
  • Picked up my Garnet Fire/Willow sedan on 12/17 - Premium, Wood, NAVI...MSRP $35,715, paid $33,600.

    Pretty satisfied since the dealer offered $2,100 below sticker.

    BTW, yes, Garnet is hot on this car...but then again, I haven't seen a bad color yet, they all look good.
  • modredmodred Posts: 2

    I'm new here, and while reading through the messages I saw reference to a 2003.5 model. Did I understand this correctly? I'm going to buy a sedan.

    As an aside, anyone recommend a good dealer in Orange County, California. I have some emails out and I'm going to visit some dealers tomorrow. I want leather and a sunroof but no other options. Sticker is 31,265 (with trunk mat) and I'm hoping to get $2,000 off.

    Thanks for the help.
  • gperrgperr Posts: 129

    There is no real 2003.5 model- all are 2003, but sometime in August or September they made some minor changes to the car, so people refer to it as 2003.5, but it is still a 2003. The notible changes were Xenon lights standard (also increase in price to reflect standard HIDs), rear trunk lid was redesigned (removed small panel and took away trunk release on trunk- now there is a button in the car), deleted twilight (dark) blue color, and some other minor changes.

    Hope this helps.

  • maxima4maxima4 Posts: 74
    Please go to for more information. No breakdown as of yet on options and such. Info was published Jan. 6, 2003. Hope that helps.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774

    Don't even bother negotiating with a HI dealer. I tried doing so with the last three cars I bought and got so frustrated that I found a better way. I ended up buying my last two cars in CA and shipping them to Oahu. I completed the deals via e-mail and telephone and had the cars shipped. The paperwork is easier than you might think and the shipping cost is more than offset by the savings. For example, I saved about $7k on my 02 Tahoe after all expenses considered.

    The only drawbacks are that you can't make a trade-in and you have to wait 3 weeks for shipping. If you post your e-mail address, I'll send you some details on how to do it.
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