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  • What's the price now for a G35 in the Seattle area? (Leather, Sunroof, Sports package, Neon) I know there is only one dealership in Kirkland, Washington left from 4 dealerships just a couple of years ago...I wonder if there's gonna be new Infiniti dealerships open up to give the current one some competition. Thanks,

  • enut12enut12 Posts: 2
    Hey guys, just intrested in what the going rate in this area is. Thanx
  • vicyumvicyum Posts: 5
    I test drive the car yesterday and I love it. What a car!! I noticed the price structure of the G35 is different than the edmunds or even the infiniti website. The car can come with leather now without the premium package and it also has sport package and other goodie. Where can I find more updated infos on the pricing?
  • quencyquency Posts: 3
    I contacted a salesperson at Infiniti of Kirkland and they told me that they would not come off MSRP. I live in Oregon and I hate the prospect of having only 2 choices for dealerships. If you hear anything different, I would love to hear about it.
  • dabtijdabtij Posts: 20
    I just test drove the G35 and I absolutely love it.

    The salesperson said that Infiniti is discontinuing the cloth sedan. Anyone else hear the same thing?

    The dealer I was dealing with here in Mass. said the same thing about MSRP. They don't need to move on it since it's selling like hotcakes, I guess.

    Also, this dealer is getting all the G35's with sunroofs so the minimum price for a G35 at this dealer will be 30,495. Add tax and registration to that and you got yourself a pretty expensive car. So much for a deal (but I still think it's worth it)!
  • lenka12lenka12 Posts: 5
    We also spoke to sales person,he promised to find this model in cloth.
  • I agree with you...I have spoken with Infiniti Dealership in Kirkland, WA, Spokane, WA, and Oregon...None of them willing to come down from MSRP. (well, maybe $100 or something like that...) Remember just a few years ago, there were 4 Infiniti dealership in the Puget Sound area, 2 of the 4 were within 10 miles of where I live now. It's just pathetic...I'm thinking of visiting my friends in Calif and maybe pick up one down there and drive the new G35 home. Or, wait for a new dealership to open up...

    I have also contacted Kirkland regarding VPP...they said they are a participant of the VPP program, (without knowing that I'm looking for a G35) they told me that G35 is excluded from their VPP program.

    So, I guess we are on the boat, let me know if you hear otherwise in Oregon.

  • jsspearsjsspears Posts: 17
    Not hard to believe, since the G35 population on the dealer's lots is apparently only 1.25% cloth interior cars. IMHO the cloth car is a true bargain at the price. I have about 1000 miles on my emerald mist beauty. If you hang in there, you can get a true bargain. I purchased mine about a month ago for $26650 + ttl.

    I finished the break-in on my car this weekend with a 300 mile round trip. The car is not flawless, but it is an incredible bargain at the price.
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    I hope that's not true. Does that mean they'll sell leather for $27K? At $30K or more, the car becomes less of a bargain and I won't buy one. I'd be surprised if they do that, I went to a dealer in CT that had 20 cars in stock. The salesmen slipped and indicated they were'nt selling very fast. He said most of the people coming in said call me when the manuals are here.
  • dabtijdabtij Posts: 20
    I e-mailed Infiniti and they said that the leather will remain an option. But if none of the dealers will carry the cloth, is it possible to custom order it? Will Infiniti do that?

    If I can, then I'm picking mine up in Nov. Getting a cloth means no sunroof or other features, but at that price I think you get a great combination of power and luxurious feel. I've been driving a 96 Pontiac so I can live without all those doo-dads...
  • lar60lar60 Posts: 18
    I have been shopping for a car and thought I settled on the G35 Leather w/ prem. pckg,wood trim and xenon headlights. I've shopped about 4 dealers in the southern Ca. area and generaaly the best deal I can find is about $2000 over invoice regardless of which options I, choose to add or delete. This is the Costco deal, they even asked to see my Costco card. This winds up being about $800 under MSRP. can get the car for $400 under MSRP.

    BTW- confused what to buy, I go around on the G35 v. 325i v. A4 1.8t - all in auto since I recently moved back to so. cal. and traffic. I currently drive audi TT and love it but need back seat room for young kids getting bigger. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • When I bought my G in May, Costco wouldn't honor the discount since the car was so new and in demand, so I guess things are beginning to change - it's been almsot 6 months.

    re: space - the G is bigger than the 3 series IIRC, but I don't know about the A4.
  • lar60lar60 Posts: 18
    I was intrigued by the ride,handling and price/value of the G35. My wife test drove it and like the drive,but said she felt cramped, something she has never complained about in the TT, and most of all thought the car was just "plain looking". So this got me rethinking my decision to get the G. Any comments from current owners or prospectives buyers on their thoughts of the styling or comments they get from passerby's on the G?
  • dabtijdabtij Posts: 20
    I just finished trying to get a G35 cloth for less than MSRP. Didn't happen. I e-mailed the internet manager and was discussing it with him. He tried to pass off that they don't "really" mark up the base model. But looking at the invoice vs. MSRP and they're making plenty of money. Through Edmunds as well I've learned that they'd make $750 off dealer holdback anyway. I would've done it if they took $700-1000 off.

    Is that money worth losing a sale over? I would think that if they're selling so many, $700-1000 off isn't going to matter. Maybe I'm missing something.
  • I am a woman and bought the G35, choosing it over a Mercedes E 320 (a couple of years old.) (prices about the same). I love the G. I constantly get looks and and "what is that, it's beautiful!" Regular looks at traffic lights. They young guys must know about the engine as they pull up and start revving in their BMWs and mustangs. I blow them away (what little distance we can go). I am 43 years old and this has never happened to me in any other car! I have only seen one other G35 here in my South Carolina home town. It is plenty big for taking clients to lunch and coworkers to lunch, which is why I needed a sedan. I love it. It handles well, and unlike others, I have had no problems at all with 5,000 miles on it now. Good luck in your search.
  • bluesky999bluesky999 Posts: 253
    You asked for our thoughts so I'll give mine. Firstly, I think the styling of the upcoming G35 coupe is far better than the sedan, in my opinion. The sedan looks rather generic, like so many Japanese sedans. I was in the market a few months back and after considering all factors, bought the Chrysler 300M. It's roomier than the G35, nicer interior, plenty of power (250 hp), and even runs well on regular gas. Car and Driver did a 40,000 mile test, and claimed it the most carefree car in memory (absolutely nothing broke). Chrysler has had quality problems in the past, but they've evidently done a lot to fix them, as my 'M has been quite reliable. I'm just suggesting that you check it out--it's a sleeper and regularly has nice rebates, and the styling inside and out beats the G35.
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    I guess it's true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Acceleration isn't everything, but I'm afraid I couldn't spend that much money on a car that's slower than my 1993 Sentra.
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    Why would someone buy a $1000 plus 7 yr/100K warranty on a car that comes with a 60K Bumper to Bumper and 70K powertrain warranty and is from a brand with a good reliability history?

    Remember, your warranty won't even kick in for 4 years, and about 5 years on the really expensive stuff like transmission/engine repairs.

    So you've really bought yourself a 30K mile, 2 year warranty, and prepaid for it 4-5 years in advance. No wonder they gave you a "deal" on it. They're not risking much.

    The future value (if you invested it instead) of that cash you've tied up will be more like $1400 by the time you can use the warranty. Therefore, you'll have to have repairs that total more than $1400 during the last 2-3 years of ownership for you to even break even.

    You may not still own the vehicle at that time, but even if you do, the odds are against you making your money back. Obviously so, since they sell them to make a profit.

    I would strongly suggest checking your policy papers to see if you can get a refund if its unused. It pays to read them carefully. I bought a BMW with a 100K warranty the previous owner had paid $2400 for. Luckily I read the contract carefully and received an $850 refund on the unused portion when I sold the car at about 80K miles. After subtracting that windfall, I got to drive a '98 BMW 540i sport 6 speed for a year for only about $2200 in depreciation!
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    Glad you like your car, but I have to chuckle a little at someone prefering it to a G35 for about the same price. Let's see....

    1. HP isn't everything. It's how it's applied that matters. G35 0-60mph in 6.2 sec. 300M 0-60mph in about 7.7 seconds. 1.5 seconds. That's about like the difference in a Corolla and your 300M.

    2. Handling and Ride. G35 is better, period.

    3. Braking. G35 111 ft. from 60mph, that's sports car numbers.
    300M does it in 136 ft! My Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck brakes better than that.

    4. Transmission, refinement, smoothness, fit n' finish. G35, again by a mile.

    5. Styling? Subjective, but the 300M looks pretty bloated and whale-like from some angles. "Good for an American car" is about the best I've heard of it. The G35 needs some rear end help, but they do seem to get looks on the road. The G35 interior is only decent, but the 300M has a lot of plasticy parts as well.

    6. Quality. Infiniti vs. Chrysler? Hahaahahaha. I owned a Dodge, I know better.

    7. Value: The 300M costs the same or more, but check out that resale value! Ouch. The G35 should resale well, especially as its reputation spreads.

    8. Warranty; 60K/70K for the G35 vs. 36K for the 300M. And when it's out of warranty, which car would you rather be paying the repair bills on?

    9. Safety. Mediocre test scores(at best) for the 300M. The G35 has done excellent in Japanese tests and is expected to be a top pick in US tests. It's also a more modern design, and safety is getting better every year on all cars.

    10. Ownership experience. Infiniti dealers are consistently ranked near or at the top in customer satisfaction. Chrysler closer to the bottom. I also will get a free loaner for warranty AND maintenance visits with an Infiniti. The Chrysler dealer might let me use the phone to call a cab.

    A few years ago, the 300M was a decent alternative to more expensive foreign machines (even though poor resale and relibility actually made it nearly as expensive as some priceier cars to own). But with the G35 priced so low and delivering so much, you'd have to just prefer American cars for personal reasons to choose one over the G35.
  • lar60lar60 Posts: 18
    Thanks for your input, I bought an Audi A6 3.0 fairly loaded for about 5K more than the G35, but Audi is running a 0% lease program so payments were less than the G35, go figure.
  • bdywaxbdywax Posts: 2
    I test drove the G-35 a few months a go, but wasn't ready to buy at the time. I went back yesterday and met with the same sales guy who took me on the test drive. We took a look at their stock and I was just trying to decide on the color and a few options. They didn't have exactly what I wanted, but he was getting one in next week that he could reserve for me. I said ok, now let's talk about the price. Here are the options I chose:

    Silver color
    Premium package
    Sport Package
    Bose System
    Cold weather package(I wasn't looking for this, but it had it on it)

    He said the MSRP was $34,700, and that all they were taking off was $500. To make an already long story short, I went back and forth with him about another dealer, and they eventually agreed to take $2,000 off MSRP, making the total for this car $32,700. I think I got a very good deal since both dealers I spoke with said they were only taking $500 off, but I played them back and forth and got what I thought was good.
  • bluesky999bluesky999 Posts: 253
    Congrats on your lease of the A6 3.0. It's a beautiful car, with beautiful interior and exterior (unlike the G35 sedan IMO). Audi is doing a real nice job of sweating the details, at least on the A4 and A5, both of which I've seen. I guess some people here will be upset because it's not as fast as the G35 (I got trashed because my 300M is a second or 2 slower) but I doubt you'll miss it.
  • tkman00tkman00 Posts: 19
    I wanted to find out what people are paying in the ny/nj area. When I test drove the car about a month and a half ago, the lowest I was quoted was $33,500 w/ the following options:

    power sunroof
    aero (spoiler)

    That equates to roughly $1,100 off MSRP. When I see scenarios like bdywax's, it makes me rethink my negotiating skills. I understand that this is a hot car, but in the end I'd like to get the best deal possible. If you got a better deal, and don't mind helping me out, could you post the dealership and the salesman? Thanks.

    btw, what is this Costco program that everyone is talking about?
  • bdywax - congrats - only a few have done that. I've only seen a couple others.

    tkman - your price isn't bad either -

    the $2k deal is rare. It also depends on where you live and the local supply. When I ordered my G I got a good deal, but not as good as $2k since the dealer had about 10 on his lot. When I went back a month later there were only 3 others on the lot and they were back up near MSRP b/c the supply got tighter. July was the best month of sales for the G.

    regarding costco - check out

  • the market for a G35 with the following options...willing to travel to N Calif. for a good deal...:-)

    Premium Pkg (P01)
    Suspension Pkg (T01)
    Winter Pkg (X02)
    Moon Roof (J01)
    Headlamp (N01)

    If you got a good deal, let me know...I need a vacation...

  • vicyumvicyum Posts: 5
    I think you got a great deal. I test drive the G35 couple weeks ago at Crest and I love it. I do notice there's quite a few cars on the lot and I think the price should come down from MSRP eventually.
    If you don't mind, can you tell me which dealership you get your sweet deal from?
  • bdywax,I'm being quoted MSRP in Houston.Can you give me the name of the Dallas dealer where you got your car.Has any one been successful in getting a decent deal in Houston/ email at [email protected] or here.
  • bdywaxbdywax Posts: 2
    I got my deal at Sewell Infiniti off of Lemon. I think I got pretty lucky though, my sales guy called me and said that they had just traded one of their G's with a dealer in Arkansas, and I think they were just trying to get rid of it. If I wouldn't expect to get $2k off, but I think you could talk them into $1k with a little negotiating.

    I personally recommend you go to Sewell Infiniti if you're going to buy one. They are known for taking care of their customers very well. If you bring your car in for service and need a loner, they give you another Infiniti at no charge.

    I had also spoken to Crest Infiniti, and the guy there said they would be what ever offer Sewell made by $500. I told my guy this and that's what allowed me to work it up to $2k...BUT, and I say BUT, when I went there this morning my guy at Sewell told me they talked to the Sales Mgr. at Crest Infiniti, and he said he did tell me that he would beat their offer by $500, but told my guy he said that just to get me in the door, and that they wouldn't have honored it. I think that is total cr*p, and that's why I highly recomend Sewell over Crest. They were up front the whole time.

    Good luck
  • Just picked up my G35 on Wed. from Infiniti of Denville, NJ. Black/willow leather, premium, winter, xenon, wood, sunroof, MSRP was $34,185, got it for $32,359, $1,800 off. They just a big shipment in this week and have over 20 right now. My salesman was Kevin. He was good to deal with. The other dealership in the area that was willing to deal was Lynnes in Bloomfield. Give them a try as well. They are enough of them around so you should be able to get $1000 to $2000 off MSRP. Good Luck.
  • analogkid1,

    Kevin owes you a free detailing. After I saw your post this morning, I gave Kevin a call. At 2:30 PM, my wife and I had picked up the exact same car. We didn't get as great a deal as you did, but it was a good deal nonetheless.

    Kevin was a great person to deal with, no deception or games. He gave us an aggressive price and the most on our trade in. (I could tell you horror stories of other dealers' appraisals.) Probably the most important part was that he was honest. I've spent the last week going back and forth negotiating with other dealers. Kevin was right to the point and gave aggressive numbers. There was no pressure or hassle and the service was top notch, I wish all car purchases could go this well. He actually regretted not having the chance to go through his normal sales pitch on the car (we already knew everything about the car).

    You can reach Kevin at the following number (973) 361-6700. If you decide to go with him, tell him Dan & Wendy sent ya, this way we can get a free detailing. =)
  • pmappmap Posts: 6
    Like others here I was excited to test drive an Infiniti after much reading. Living 100 miles from the closest Infiniti dealer I drove to Fresno Infiniti to test one out. Although the salesman was polite and showed me a car in the show room, he declined to let me drive the car unless I was committed to buy soon. I told him I was testing different makes but probably wouldn't make a commitment for the next 3 months. Being a hot day in Fresno, he asked if there were any more questions and then excused himself from showing me cars outside. This lot had at least 12 G35's on it so their weren't any shortage of cars to show. Has anyone else experienced this? I've heard Fresno isn't friendly but this! I guess I'll just head on down to Van Nuys.
  • My dealer let me test drive the Infiniti G35, and I took it out myself (with a friend)! He was with another client when I had come in. I had stopped at the beginning of the week but I did not have time to test it at that time. It was great to test drive it without the usual pointing out of features, etc. Something sounds weird where you are. If they want to sell the car, they got to let you drive it! I may not have bought mine had I not test drove. That is what won me over, the performance and priced (plus good looks of the car).
  • Thanks to all of you who have posted your success stories with the G35. You are my inspiration!

    With your stories in mind, I went to two dealerships in the Atlanta area recently. I was seeking a G35 with sunroof and Premium package. Dealer #1 (the losers) only had my car with the wood trim and Xenon lights. My offer to split the difference on these "extras" that I did not want was met with a "no can do". Undaunted, I walked right out having given them what I considered a fair shot. Later that day, went to another dealer with less name recognition. Again, their car had the "extras"; however, we negotiated down to a price of $31,500. I left feeling very good about my investment, and they sold a car! Win-win.

    So be encouraged if you're in the throes of negotiation and know that THEY WILL DO THE DEAL. Just be patient!
  • Sickntired, congrats on your purchase. It is nice to get a deal on a car that everyone claims they won't deal on. As it turns out, I live in Washington D.C. I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago visiting family and took the G35 out for a spin. After I got back home, I was ready to buy. After reading this board, I contacted Michael Weitz in New York for the car I wanted. He told me the price would be $1200 under MSRP. He then told me that it would take him up to 60 days to locate the car I wanted and do a swap for it. I then called Nalley in Atlanta and told them of my New York deal. I told them that if they could match it, I would pick it up this weekend. After a brief pause, the salesman agreed. So as of this weekend, I am flying down to Atlanta, picking up my new car and driving it home. The deals are out there, you just have to be willing to work for them.
  • jjy1jjy1 Posts: 26
    Skip Houston, no one wants to budge from MSRP for some reason (definite price fixing scheme imho).

    They don't want my money, that's ok, I bought from Dallas...
  • Has anybody got a g35 from the infiniti in New orleans, they seem to have a bunch on the lot. Are they ready to make a deal?? thanks for any info
  • Test-drove a G35 a few months back and getting close to making a purchase. The one dealer mentioned they would not come down from MSRP...yet I believe that the G35 inventory lists available on the dealers' web sites would suggest otherwise. I would like to see if any purchasers have had success with one of the three dealers in the Phoenix area, or nearby states - I am willing to travel to save some good cash and avoid what I consider the 'typical sales mentality'.

    Anyone else think that more deals may abound on the sedan in the fall, after the release of the hot looking coupe? More ads for the G35 are starting to pop up on TV - is this to generate some interest that might be currently lagging?
  • I'm in Washington State, but willing to travel to Oregon, or even N. California for a good deal...anyone has gotten good deal in the West Coast lately?? Please see Posting #125 for details of G35 options I'd like to have. Thanks for your help.

  • I'd like to know what you paid. There's an Infiniti dealer in Lighthouse Point, called Scott Infiniti that claims to be the biggest in Florida, so I'd figure they may deal more than others. Looking forward to the new coupe also, but afraid they'll be higher since new when it's out. Opinions?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I visited my local Infiniti dealer today and inquired about the impending price increases. According to the sales manager, the price increase will only be $550 to cover the cost of the soon-to-be standard xenon headlights. I hope he knows what he's talking about.

    By the way: he also told me that coupe prices would be about the same as the sedan and would max out at $36K. Great news if it's true!
  • Did any one get a good deal on G35 around baltimore. If so please let me know. I am on a lookout for one. Not a single dealer is willing to negotiate on the MSRP. I am curious to know if I could get a fully loaded G35 with out the navigation system for about $32500. Any help would be highly appreciated
  • I tried and tried to get a dealer to come off of MSRP in the area and ended up going to Atlanta to get a deal on mine. I will tell you that your price range for all the options without Nav is unreasonable. Premium, Winter, Sport, Aero, Xenons, Wood, Sunroof and Mats should be in the neighborhood of $34,600 if you're lucky. $32,500 would be the kind of price you find on just a premium package car with wood, xenons and sunroof. That ends up being $1000 under sticker ($33,565) with destination included. To expect to add Winter, Sport, and Aero for basically nothing is not going to happen. Try going to edmunds or Infiniti's web sites and pricing the car with options. My best advice on getting the car is to shop around in neighboring states and see if you can get a deal then call one of the local dealers and see if they will match it. Michael Weitz in New York is a good reference for what you should end up paying for the car. His number can be found in a prior post. Call him get the price then call a local dealer and see if they will match, if not take the trip to New York, pick up your new car and enjoy the drive back home with it. Consider it bonding time for you and your car. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  • smp9smp9 Posts: 10
    sterling silver/platinum interior
    sport pkg
    trunk mat
    aero kit (rear spoiler)

    paid $30,150 before tax & title. got the car for $1400 under MSRP after 3 hours of negotiations. MSRP was $31,550. love the car after 3 weeks of driving but i still feel like i could've got a better deal, i guess thats just the competitive nature in me.
  • I don't know why 32,500 is an unreasonable price. The invoice price comes to about 30,790 including all the packages and I arrived at this figure depending on those prices. I don't know why the dealers around this area wont sell the cars below MSRP. or the price I am asking for. The price seems reasonable to me. There are few guys in NJ who bought the car for 32329 with premium package, winter package, sunroof, wood trim, trunk mat and xenon headlights. So its definitely do able. I am trying to get in touch with Michael Weitz in new york. Thanks for the information. This site and forum has been of immense help to me. I appreciate all the good work. Keep up the good work guys/gals.
  • I live on the East coast and was wondering how much people are paying for fully loaded G-35. I would prefer silver or platinum if available. I have seen people mention some guy named Mike Weitz in NY. Im not far from there so I want to know if this is true...that he gives that great of a deal on these cars.
  • Has anyone heard what kind of prices they are buying G35's for in the NW. Namely Oregon and Washington. If anyone out there has head, please post.
  • I negotiated over 1K when I got my G (prem/sunwood/winter/xenon) from Coleman in Bethesda, but that was in June.
  • Congratulations, SLASHER! Patience does pay off. Tell us about your new car (color, equipment) and how your driving experience has been thus far.
  • My G35 has the following:
    Twilight Blue
    Willow Leather
    Premium Package
    Winter Package
    Extended Wood Package
    Wheel Locks

    Driving back to D.C. was pure pleasure. The ride was so smooth that you have to actually check your speed once in a while because you don't realize you're going as fast as you are. The bose radio, more specifically the cd changer, was on the entire 8 hours 45 minutes and had no distortion or troubles of any kind. The mileage was a little lower than I would have liked but I would assume that was due to the speeds I was travelling. I am testing it now to determine what my actual mileage is going to be like. I've never been so happy to make that drive before, that the next day I was telling someone about my ride and then I found myself saying that I wanted to go back and do it again tomorrow. Since I have been back, two other G35 owners have either waved or stopped to say hello. I'm starting to think this is a club like BMW has going on. Kinda cool.
  • I ordered a 03.5 black/black w/ sunroof last week of August (delivery in November or December) and am getting $1000 below MSRP...but I'm going to negotiate more once the car actually comes in. Hopefully, I can widdle another $500-$1000 off. This is in Cleveland, Ohio.
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