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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jrsmdxjrsmdx Posts: 2
    fellow posters,
    i am new to this forum. i am in the market to purchase a 2007 acura mdx with tech + ent package. i would like to put some money down and finance the rest preferably for 5 yrs. what do you think is the best deal i can get? i would like to get a deal close to invoice as possible with low financing.

    thx in advance!
    skokie, IL
  • I don't know how far you are from Arlington Acura in Palatine, IL. Acura 2008 will be coming out in late August. You should be able to get your 2007 at invoice. Acura also has special financing available. The only bad thing about Arlington Acura was their over inflated accessory prices. Buy from and have the dealers install them for you.

    Good Luck.
  • jrsmdxjrsmdx Posts: 2
    thanks for your response. I heard about the 2.9% on the mdx.. i wonder if this is only for 36 months or extends out to 60.

  • awiseoneawiseone Posts: 2
    I was just offered 07 MDX TECH for 41300, including side molding, tint, dimming rearview mirror, wheel locks,cargo net, and door guards. How does this sound???
  • awiseoneawiseone Posts: 2
    2.9 up to 36 mos
    4.9 up to 60 mos
  • toasttoast Posts: 50
    I purchased the same vehicle from Acura of Peoria about 2 months ago for $41,500 it is a decent deal considering the extras. It is the best deal you will find in AZ. They were honest and processed the transaction quickly and were true to their word.

    Beware of Scottsdale Acura. Scottsdale Acura lacks integrity and honesty. Personal integrity is more than honesty. Being honest is when your words represent reality. Integrity is when your actions are true to your words; when you "walk your talk". Your future rests on your integrity: good deeds and bad deeds follow you like your shadow. Your reputation often precedes you Having purchased several vehicles from Scottsdale Acura in the past, I was appalled at their tactics and lack of integrity.
  • ocbuyer1ocbuyer1 Posts: 12
    Can you please post detailed pricing and dealer name. I am in SoCal also looking to buy one. You can Email me at
  • kuchizukekuchizuke Posts: 4
    Thank you for the break down, norisekips. And thanks to all the houston and dallas people who responded. With dealer quotes, does that include destination? I mean, if I'm trying to figure out how much above invoice they are quoting me, I need to take destination price out of the difference, right? And how much is tax in Texas?

    The dealers have come down quite a bit with their 2nd round of quotes, but my target price for a Tech is $43,000 drive out. It might not be possible right now, but maybe by the end of the month, and definitely by the end of next month it will be do-able. What do you think? Have those of you getting Techs been getting close to that drive out price?
  • jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
    ging & awiseone,

    In the Bay area? East Bay? Oakland is not as agressive. The dealer in Concord and Pleasnton are of the same ownership. the Fairfield dealer is as good as any..
    Typical pursuit is to have your infor and finance ready. In the 2 dealers of Concord and Pleasanton, you'll be able to secure a deal @ 500 over invoice, get you accesories at cost. Be careful about you info on what the true cost is however.
    The Fairfield internet dealer will get you to 300 over invoice without any effort plus he'll get you the accesoories @ cost. He was the one that emailed me the cost of the accesoories. That was great knowledge to have in my pocession.
    With my knowledge walking into the dealer, I walked out with:200 over invoice with side molding, roof rack ($532), Tow Pkg ($912), Sport running boards ($567).
    I went in with my email printed from the other dealer as proof of another deal.
  • coolharrycoolharry Posts: 1
    Hello All,

    I am in the market looking for 2007 Acura MDX Sport and entertainment package. I am located in PA and would like to know the best price quote. I am also looking to the invoice price for the accessories so that I can negotiate a deal. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  • kjm11379kjm11379 Posts: 16
    Hey everyone,

    I just picked up my MDX. I have been posting for a few weeks but today I got it. Here are the details, from Acura of Turnersville, in NJ.

    MSRP 46,365
    Sale Price 41,455
    4000 down cash no trade
    4.9% 60 months
    First 5 oil chages free from Dealer, (I worked that one in there) ahahha
    Payment of 770 for 60 months.
    Purchase extended warranty (Acura Care) for 6 years 120,000 miles paid $1,410 cash for that.

    Tell me how I did folks, I think i did pretty well, If anyone is in NJ philly area contact me and I will give names and details.
  • eastwingeastwing Posts: 78
    More than 500 below invoice, good finance APR, and no add-on accessaries at all - I think you did an excellent job. Tell us how hard you worked to get this deal, or it was fairly easy....
  • machitmachit Posts: 3
    That is a great price. I am in NYC area but willing to travel to NJ/PA for such a great price. I have sent you email regarding name and detail. Thanks for sharing.
  • kjm11379kjm11379 Posts: 16
    Machit I am not sure where you sent me the email, but the details are Acura of Turnersville, Salesman Ron O. and the Sales manager is Peter Z. Work with those two and youwill get a great deal, tell them what you wanna pay. I started at 42500 and then went to Elite Acura in Maple Shade NJ and had them give me a better price of 42000 then went back to Aura of Turnersville and worked the deal from there. Once they heard Elite Acura was beating them they gave me my deal and I worked in the free oil changes. If you need more info tell me. A side note for buyers in NJ and Philly area, Acura of Turnersville and Elite Acura in Maple Shade are in a bitter battle to sell cars. Sales managers from Elite Left to go to Turnersville, so it is a total compeition, they want buss and they are willing to go to invoice and better to get it, just have to work and know your numbers and details before you go in...Good Luck
  • s40tobuys40tobuy Posts: 2
    Would you tell me what trim you have for this price? Is it with Tech and Entertainment package? Also, did your price incldue destination charge? Thanks.
  • destination is included in the price... so, $800 over invoice includes the destination fee. also, tax in Texas is 6.25%; there's also a separate .25% tax that is included.

    $43K sounds quite low for right now in Houston but i'm sure it'll be possible 2 months from now; essentially, that's getting the car for invoice ($40,203) plus the $180 in additional fees.
  • deicheldeichel Posts: 2
    This is a much better price then I am getting here in Rochester NY.
    Could you please give me the details - Thanks!
  • Ocbuyer1
    2007 MDX Tech/ent pkg. Nimbus gray/ebony interior
    Include destination, f/r mud guards and wheel locks(no choice). Roof rail installed by dealer(no cross bars) and cargo net.
    I was aiming for $43,000 but missed the target because of
    4.9% APR.
    Dealer: Wire Canyon Acura-detail will be e-mail to you
  • deicheldeichel Posts: 2
    I am looking for an MDX with tech and entertainment.
    My dealer took $2500 off the 07.
    Anyone have better luck in the upstate ny area? :mad:
  • robomdxrobomdx Posts: 2
    Finally took delivery of a Nimbus/Taupe Sport/Entertainment.

    Long story, but I went to a local dealer Wed 6/27 with a "$200 under invoice" deal pre-negotiated (via email/phone) on an Aspen/Parchment Sport/Ent example (see my previous post within this thread). Turns out the Aspen/Parchment was sold between my negotiating with the dealer the Sunday prior and arriving on Wednesday. D'oh. In all fairness, I had been offered the opportunity to put a $500 refundable deposit on it but didn't ... my bad.

    So, even though Nimbus/Taupe was last on my short list of acceptable color combos -- if only because we already have a Titanium Grey/Taupe XC90 -- the dealer sweetened the deal with another $300 off *and* I was able to negotiate "ebay pricing" on all the accessories I planned to order. No brainer at that point ... color choice be damned. ;-)

    Since I was leaving for vacation with the family that Thursday, they kept the 'X to install accessories and I picked 'er up on the way back into Phoenix this past Sunday.

    Excellent experience end-to-end, if a bit long the day I purchased (given I had a deal in writing before arrival).

    Here's how my numbers break down.


    $48,465 - MSRP (including Destination of $670)
    $1,465 - Dealer "Protection Package + Polymer stuff" (window tint, cargo mat, wheel locks, door edge protection, paint protection, etc)
    $49,930 - Final Price on window

    My negotiated deal:

    $43,495 - $500 under invoice (including Destination of $670)
    $164 - Roof rails (excl labor) - 25% discount from list
    $164 - Cross bars (excl labor) - 25% discount from list
    $420 - Sport running boards (excl labor) - 25% discount from list
    $412 - Wood steering wheel (excl labor) - 25% discount from list
    $220 - Auto dim mirror (excl labor) - 25% discount from list
    $179 - Body side molding (excl labor) - 25% discount from list
    $900 - Tow package (installed) - 10% discount from list
    $575 - Profit padding protection package described above - discounted over $900 (window tint, which I'd have done anyway, would have run around $250 anyway)
    $369 - Doc Fee (one dealer here charges $565 for doc!!)
    $5 - Tire disposal fee
    $3,900 - Taxes (can't remember exactly, but it was $4k-ish)
    $820 - Title & Plates

    OTD price of $52k and change.

    In the end, based on my deal using the Buyer's Offer Spreadsheet, the dealer earned 3% on the purchase price and 5% on the deal as a whole. Very reasonable IMO ... especially considering the 3% dealer holdback and 1% WFR make up most of that margin.
  • jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
    As each day goes by, you should be getting better and better deals.
    At the time, just 10 days back, I had likely the best deal one could get.
    your invoice as you have it listed is $41,425.00.
    Aside from the accessories, you should pay no more than 200 over this invoice. Look at the cost of those accessories I listed a couple of postings back and get the same. Labor is nearly 135.00 per hour in California. forget the labor, get the items at cost period.. They'll do this.
    Granted, I had a check for 30K as my down and showed I was damn serious. But, wether or not you had 10K or 30K as a down, shouldn't keep the deal from happening. There are other dealers available.
  • kuchizukekuchizuke Posts: 4
    I couldn't wait anymore - broke down and got it yesterday. I paid $43,850 drive out for the Tech in Nimbus Gray. Included in this price is 4 years of free oil and filter changes, and free car washes for as long as I own the car. They also threw in front window tinting, all weather floor mats and cargo tray for free. You think I got a good deal for the Houston market?
  • kirwankirwan Posts: 1
    I paid $43,334 for a Nimbus Grey MDX Tech & Entertainment with Roof Rack, Cross Bars & Sidesteps at Pohanka Acura in Chantilly. If you go there, make sure you negotiate an out-the-door price because they have a $300 processing fee.
  • pettiskpettisk Posts: 8
    I bought a brand new 2007 MDX (Tech. and Entertain.)back in March for $43,000, and I liked it so much that I am now looking to trade in my 2005 black/black TL (w/navigation), which is in at least "good" condition, perhaps "excellent" condition. A dealer offered to sell a demo tech./entertain. with 4,200 miles on it for $41,000, and he offered to value the trade in at $23,000 (my TL has 35K miles on it, with navigation system).

    What do you guys think? I plan to negotiate anyway, but how far do you think I should go, seeing as though from what I can tell, the demo with 4,100 miles should be worth around $42,500 and the TL should be traded in at about $23,000 (based on my research on edmunds and kelley blue book)?


  • kindckindc Posts: 1
    this forum has really helped and thanks to everyone who shares info.
    i'm looking at an MDX base for $500 over invoice plus processing ($95) and destination ($670), including free loaner when i come in for service (very valuable to me), free carwashes for life (valuable or a throw-away?) and free all-weather mats ($190 list), cargo liner ($300 list), wheel locks ($100 list), all of which I really want. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • just had a deal earlier today 07/11/07 at ramsey, nj acura dealer

    black / black
    sport + entertainment
    remote car start
    body side molding
    chrome side step ........ 45,300 ( this is package + access )

    all in all, my drive out price is 48,997.

    so what do you guys think?
  • avgjagavgjag Posts: 3
    You may also want to try Piazza Acura in West Chester. Just picked up a Tech & Ent for $42,100 plus the destination. Negotiated on the accessories (side moldings, moonroof visor, sport steps) and they threw in a cargo cover, wheel locks and cargo net for free. Good luck!
  • qingqing Posts: 2
    Jim, Thank you very much! This is very helpful! Qing
  • Hi kuchizuke - did you purchase the car from john eagle? i think they are the only ones to do the free car washes and oil changes for 4 years. i think they are also the only ones who tint the front two windows for all of their mdx's as a standard.

    If i did the math right, you essentially bought the car for $853.25 over invoice. If you add up the two accessories at $135 each, that reduces your price to $583.06 over invoice (excellent deal). The four years of car washes and oil changes is standard and it sounds like the tinting is used as a bargaining chip (nice that they didn't charge you for it - I think it's a $200 value).

    Invoice: $40,203 (including destination)
    TTL: $2613.20 (6.25% tax + .25% dealer tax)
    Documentation Fees: $180.55
    Invoice + TTL + Documentation: $42,996.75

    Tinting: $198.00 market value
    Cargo Cover: $135.00 market value
    All Season Mats: $135.00 market value

    Your price: $43,850

    Price paid over invoice without counting the accessories: $853.25. And, if you include 2 accessories and the market price for tinting, it's $385.25 which is an excellent value for Houston

    What interior color did you end up going with?
  • kuchizukekuchizuke Posts: 4
    norisekips: you are correct, i did buy from john eagle. i had the best experience dealing with them. they were very courteous, professional and true to their word.

    sterling mccall offered to match at $43,500 drive out, but w/o any accesories or extras. they were a day late in that offer, and we had already gotten our car.

    champion didn't have any techs available, so we had very limited conversation.

    gillman was the most unprofessional of all the dealerships. you were right- the internet sales guy was very lazy and rude. i even e-mailed their sales manager twice, telling them i had an offer, and gave them an opportunity to match or beat it. you would think they would have the common courtesy to at least e-mail me back! the company i work for is a part of an "auto discount plan" where employees talk to managers directly, and can get discounts through the program. gillman was the only dealership that was a part of this program, so i tried to deal with the manager responsible for that program. he was very unprofessional and unresponsive - i was sorely disappointed - not what i expected from a luxury car dealership.

    all in all, i had an easy experience negotiating (started negotiations on Friday, and got the car on Monday). i would have liked to get it at invoice, but i've had my eye on the MDX for over 7 months, that i just could'nt wait anymore, especially after the financing special started. i feel like i got the best deal possible at this time, and it's a price i can live with, so i'm very happy.

    btw, i got the taupe interior. i hear that darker leathers show wear faster, and in the houston sun, i am very hesitant in getting any dark colors.

    thanks for everyone's input- this forum was very educational and has helped me get a great deal!
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