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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • khanzhkhanzh Posts: 13
    thanks for the heads up peter, i called them, but spoke to another salesman,

    they quoted me a lease of 685 per month, all in, for a tech/ent 36 mos/ 12k. with a 2k + 1st month payment down.

    dont know if i can do better then this deal. I'm 80% sure that i'm going to go for it, but gonna get them to get rid of the 1st month payment component of the down payment.

    thanks again for the info, stewart McCall is it then :shades:
  • cvistacvista Posts: 54
    Which dealer in NJ ??
    What was the price without taxes and destination. Can you let us know.

    Was it below invoice ??
  • I bought from Bridgewater Acura. It was 36.2 K including destination. Options were free (included in the price). Remember that they let me use their $250 check coupon to be used as a payment so that reduces my out the door price to be 39150 from 39400. That reflects on price too.
  • cvistacvista Posts: 54
    Cool. You are smart.
    Where did you get that $250 coupon ??. Was there a trade-in involved and did you get the promotional APR ??. Can you plz provide the sales person contact ??

    Why I'm asking is, this is a very good price. Never saw a similar deal.
  • jammikejammike Posts: 38
    Can you give the complete breakup ? ie how much was the vehicle cost incl destination, Tax, DMV Charges, Processing etc. This sounds too good to be true. I was negotiating with them and didnt come close to this. Where did you get the coupon from and at what stage did you show them ?
  • bodidbodid Posts: 87
    I've been quoted 41,500 for an MDX Sport within the last two weeks. It appears the money factors and residuals are 'locked' in place until early September so waiting for numbers to go down is irrelevent at this point. Has anyone seen better numbers on the Sport in the tri-state area? many dealers in the NY/NJ area are stocked with Sports and are willing to deal on them as opposed to base or tech MDX's.

    Anyone out there in the 'process' care to comment on what they're seeing as of this week?

  • cvistacvista Posts: 54
    Does this include destination ???
  • Where have you gotten that quote? I've just started the process of looking for an MDX and I've been wavering between the Sport and the Tech. For that price, I would get the Sport.
  • Here are the details:

    Vehicle: MDX 07 Base with Wheel Locks, All season floor mats and Cargo tray in the color I wanted. They had to get it from a different dealer.

    Price (incl Dest) 36348.13
    Tax 2544.37
    Reg/title Est 242.00 (Dealer pays difference if actual fees are higher)
    Doc Fee 258.00
    Tire Fee 7.50
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - --- - - - - - - - - --
    Total 39400.00
    less coupon 250.00
    Net Total 39150.00
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
  • The coupon was mailed in May or June by the dealership to my home in what appeared to be a mass mailing type of campaign. I presented the coupon after negotiating my out the door price. The coupon was like a fake check that said use this as an additional discount after negotiating your best deal.
  • No trade-ins involved. Clean deal, cash purchase. They offered the 2.9/4.9 APR financing promotion but I declined. Coupon was sent by mail a month or two ago by the dealership as a marketing campaign of some sorts.
    The sales person was very rude, impatient and unhelpful. His only role in this purchase was to do the transaction. Mostly everything was through e-mail or phone to their sales manager who seem intimidating. Sorry, no names are allowed to be posted in this forum.
  • Shaig,

    We had the same experience at Acura of Bellevue. They acted like they were doing us a favor by giving us $3,000 over invoice. Avoid Acura of Seattle as well. I had a "firm" deal with their floor manager (after 2 days of haggling back and forth) at invoice over the phone only to have the "sales manager" call me back before we went in to sign the paperwork to say there was a misunderstanding between him and the floor manager and that the new offer was $1200 over invoice.

    We just picked up a MDX w/ Tech/Ent from Acura of Lynnwood over the weekend. Couldn't have been happier with the experience. Ask to speak directly with the Internet Manager or General Sales Manager.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Its a good price. I paid 1K more a couple months ago in Maryland.
  • grandzugrandzu Posts: 25
    So if I finance the car, can I do the registration and plates on my own or am I required to do it thru the dealer? It seems like another opportunity for them to stick on additional charges.

    A couple of years back I bought a car all cash, we worked out a number and that is all I paid. They just stuck a temp plate on it, I drove it out and I did the rest, tax, plates, registration. Is that not the case if I finance?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    They will almost certainly charge you a "doc" fee or processing fee, so you might as well let them do the work for you. I've bought ten cars in the last 10 years and fought with my dealer every time about the fee. However, I only got them to waive the doc fee once. I bought the car over the internet and had it shipped to another state.
  • grandzugrandzu Posts: 25
    That doc fee is such garbage. Did you finance the cars?
    Like I said when I bought a Toyota about a year or so ago it never even came up. My offer of was accepted and thats what I paid.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Interest rates on cars have been so low for the past five years or so that you'd be crazy not to finance. If somebody is willing to give you money for half what you can earn on it, I say take it every time. Many credit unions still have 4.9% money available (both my Honda Ody and my BMW are on 60 month loans for under 4%).

    But you're right, one should always try to can get the doc fees rolled into your "walk" number.
  • Reading some of the posts here, I can't believe anyone is paying more than invoice right now. Ought to be a little less. Acura has to compete with everyone else, they want to sell cars, if you get a hint that a dealership sucks, leave before it gets worse.
    I just bought my MDX Sport/ent for 43,000 everything included but the tax, I bought out of state. I didn't have to deal with any crap. No four square, no here are your payments, or our car is too good for you crap. Sell me the car, and move on, or I will. Let the suckers go out of business. I will pay more to avoid buying from a crappy dealership.
  • mshatbymshatby Posts: 2
    If this helps, I just bought last week from Johns Eagle Acura, Houston, Sports/ent in Aspen white with window tint, nitrogen, free oil/filter for 4 years for $44,245 + TTL. I installed chrome side steps($717) and body side molding($255). No doc fees or any other costs.
    I also ended geeting the 7yr/100K ext warranty for $1675.
  • Hello Parker!
    can you please tell me where did you buy your car?
  • gb1431gb1431 Posts: 2

    I am also planning to buy at Acura of Lynnwood. MDX 07 Sport/Ent. package. With Roof Rail/Crossbar, Chromed Running Board. They quote me MSRP $54,133.00. and the Out Of The Door Price $59,392.09. I did not make any offer and told them that I have to search the internet before making any offer, and they agree to call them back on monday. How much do you think is the fair price for this configuration or should I use the COSTCO AUTO PROGRAM instead.
    Did you pay below or above invoice with your deal to them.
  • cvistacvista Posts: 54
    59,393 out of the door for an Acura MDX ??? Are you kidding me ??. Is this in USD or some other currency

    The invoice shouldn't be more than 44,500. No one is paying more than invoice these days. Either the dealer is stupid or he thinks you are stupid. You can get a fully loaded X5 for that price.
  • wilsontwilsont Posts: 8
    You can check with internet managers online for quote, find 1 or 2 with best prices and go there to finalize the deal if you think price is ok. I can assure you, after seeing this MSRP offer, you will LOVE those prices.

    One personal experience is that the downtown dealers are more tricky than small town ones. So even they offer the same price, I'll go for small town ones if it is not too far(within 30-40 miles). I live in Bay Area and pick up my MDX/Tech last Saturday. That's just my feeling. YMMV.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    $59K OTD for an MDX?? Are they throwing in a new Civic LX with it??
  • sjk3sjk3 Posts: 9
    did anyone buy mdx w/sport package recently in northern jersey..if so whats the best deal you looking to buy one in a week or two,so really appreciate if you guys can share the best deal you got in NJ and which dealer...thank you
  • gb1431,

    Are you sure the $54,133 is correct? That is about $6k higher than the MSRP showing on Edmunds and about $9k higher than what you realistically should be able to get this car for in western Washington. I know that people on this board from around the country have been getting deals below invoice, but that just is not happening here in the NW. I would aim for around $200 - $600 over invoice as a realistic target, depending on the time of the month. Also, ask to speak to the sales manager/internet manager to skip past the consultants who have no negotiating authority.

    Don't waste your time with the Costco program - in the Seattle area, they will send you to Acura of Bellevue which has an exclusive with Costco in western Washington. After luring you into the showroom with a promise of "exclusive aggresive Costco pricing", Bellevue will reveal that their "non-negotiable" Costco price is $2,500 over invoice...not much of a deal.

    Finally, although my buying experience with Acura of Lynnwood was head and shoulders better than Acura of Seattle or Acura of Bellevue, I thought their pricing on accessories was about 30% higher than the other dealerships. So I ended up buying the running boards, front/rear garnishment and roof rail/crossbar online (hondaacuraworld). Surprisingly, there was also a huge discrepancy in how much the dealerships charged for installation. Bellevue and Lynnwood, for example, gave me quotes for installing these accessories that were 50% higher than Acura of Seattle.
  • hrayhray Posts: 4
    I got a Sport Pkg yesterday @ $42,202 from the world largest Acura dealership located in VA.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Please share the details (dealer, numbers break down, etc.)
  • kdkkdk Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2007 MDX base model today in Northern Virginia. We got it for $37,736 - price includes destination charge, wheel locks, roof rack and body side moulding.

    Acura still has the 2.9% financing for 36 months.
  • feb04feb04 Posts: 5
    For the folks living in Houston who are looking to buy an MDX - I wanted to let them know where I was on my research and negotiations.

    I am looking to buy one with Tech and Ent Pkg. Black ext no pref on interior color.

    I have been negotiating with all the dealers in Houston and the lowest I have got right now is 42,500 plus TTL.

    John eagle is giving free oil change for 4 yrs but they are more then making up that cost by charging you $219 for putting nitrogen in your tires (Which you did not ask for) and $200 odd for tining the front mirrors - which in the local market will cost you less then $100.

    If anyone else in Houston has any experiences to share - please do share.

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