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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stjstj Posts: 4
    You are definitely right. It is a good deal anyway comparing to previous years.
  • a1s1a1a1s1a1 Posts: 20

    You are absolutely right about the pricing. Today I test drove a 2008 MDX with Tech/Ent package, MSRP on the vehicle 46K, selling price after no or zero negotiation 39,400 without special financing and 40,400 with special financing but before TTL. The salesman told me that the dealership would make 500$ on this deal which I found to be appropriate and didn't find it worth to haggle. Would you or anyone else, please comment on this price. Thanks in advance
  • vavavoomvavavoom Posts: 42
    Technically, your salesman is correct, he's making around $500 above invoice+incentive; although depending on how long the car has been sitting on the lot, they'd probably make a little bit more in holdback (this may not be true profit but at this rate, they're lucky not to be losing money on the sale of a car). I do know that salesmen get peanuts on a sale like this but then again, that's not your concern.

    buying a new car is a rather emotional process for many but if you're already on edmunds looking for deals, i'd say you have a good clue or as least an inkling on how to get a good deal. I frankly would not pay more than invoice minus incentive (and yes, i'd pay the extra $1000 to get 0.9 financing which i will reiterate is basically a cheap loan for $40K - i like liquidity and would keep that $40K liquid or invested) . i'd recommend you lowball him a few hundred below invoice and incentive (i.e. you're theoretically eating into his holdback) and see if he'll come back with an offer). he comes back with $0 profit, tell him to add the protection package and he has a sale ;). perhaps this may be too hardass for your market but if you have plenty of dealers in your area, you just have to try (you don't get what you want if you're too shy to ask).
  • nami13nami13 Posts: 4
    We are considering a pre-owned vehicle so that the numbers work better. It has 40000 miles on it. Does that seem a little high to you for an 18 - 20 month old car?
    The dealer quoted 28000. It has a Navigation system but probably no bluetooth on the 07. Any advice? What are the issues I could run into with a 40000 mile car?
  • a1s1a1,

    I agree with vavavoom in that I think you can probably get it even lower if you want. Ignoring all fees (including dest), MSRP is $45,895 and invoice is $41,683. Take the $2500 dealer cash with AHF financing and that brings you to $39183. Now dig into the holdback a bit -- my suspicion is that you can get about $800-900 more out of that. Now you're in the $38,300 range (a savings of about $1,100). Again, all of this is without any fees or TTL -- so assuming you roll them into the financing the final cost will be higher.

    Keep in mind that getting at that dealer holdback is not a foregone conclusion -- so you may have pretty close to the best deal you are going to get. It's largely going to depend on the dealer's inventory (the more they have, the more likely they are to sell them at fire sale), whether they have the one you want in stock (you won't get as good a deal if they have to trade a car with another dealer), and the competition in their market (the more competition, the more likely they will be to deal).

    As for financing, as you see above I agree with vavavoom that you're probably better off doing the AHF financing at .9% (for 3 years) if you qualify. Even with the $450 or so in bank fees, the APR is outstanding -- especially if you finance most of the vehicle (since the bank fee is diluted). If you are entirely risk averse with the current financial market, you can take the safe route and put the money in a 3-year CD making nearly 5% APY. By my off-the-cuff calculations, compounded interest at 5% APY on $40k would net you about $6300 over the course of that 3 years, while your interest payments on a 3-year $40k loan at .9% APR would cost you about $1000 over that same time period (plus the additional $1000 in dealer cash you have to give up to get the rate). In other words, you would make about $4,300 over 3 years by investing the money AHF loans you. The only other factor to consider is whether you are willing to tie up your $40k for 3 years (in which case you would have to find another source to make your monthly loan payments), or if you want to invest the funds in vehicles with more liquidity (which may have lower or greater APYs).
  • ping4ping4 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know what changes they made to the 2009. The body style is the same, but I am wondering if there are any minor changes. Thanks.
  • just wanted to share a deal my wife and i got last week.

    2008 MDX Tech/Ent with sport running boards, body side molding, all season floor mats, and wheel locks for $40,547 w/o TTL or tax. Even had to swap with another dealer for the color combo (blk/ebony) we wanted.

    this was in springfield, nj, salesman was great to work with

    picking it up tomorrow :shades:
  • I could buy my 05 leased MDX at end of lease for the residual of $22,000. 35k miles in perfect condition. In view of market for SUVs, that was too high and Honda Finance won't negotiate. The dealer that I leased thru said I could do an "in and out": The lease dealer has the first right buy the car from Acura for Acura's posted price, within 3 days of turn in. If he passes, other dealers can buy it, then it goes to auction.
    So we agreed that I could buy it from him at $500 over his cost + dealer prep + paperwork - about $1,000 total. After turning it in, Acura offered it to dealers at $15,000, so I bought it saving $6,000 off the residual cost. No Acura preowned certification, but I knew the car.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    Wow.. nice deal!

    And.. a nice dealer, as well...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • a1s1a1a1s1a1 Posts: 20
    Soccerandlost and Vavavoom,

    Thanks for your insightful mails, I really appreciate your time in passing this valuable information to me and others to learn from. Having said that, I am going to go ahead and try to negotiate for even a better deal and keep you and others posted on this site. Thanks again!
  • funduguyfunduguy Posts: 11
    Financing may not be as lucrative as it sounds. Here are some more practical calculations: For example, today's average 3 year CD rate "Aug. 29, 2008 ( -- The average yield for a 3-year CD in the United States remained unchanged at 3.92 percent on Friday, according to's daily Your Best Interest report."

    Assume you got 4% CD for 3 years and could keep your $40,000 in the CD. Then Simple Interest you earned over 3 years = $4800.
    But, Tax on this simple interest (at high incremental tax dollars of 30%) = - $1440.
    But, Cost of 0.9% APR loan at Simple Interest for 3 yrs = - $1080
    But, Financing cost= - $450 (charged by loan originator for paperwork)
    But, Forgone cash incentive from dealer due to financing = - $1000

    Hence, Total money saved due to financing (over paying by cash) = $4800 - $1440 - $1080 - $450 - $1000
    = $830 !!

    $830 is still positive savings, but you would carry a big loan on your credit report and say you go to the market to buy a home, you would get poorer interest rate due to the big loan that you already need to service from your earnings. So in the end, you end up gaining nothing monetarily.

    Hence, if you can pay cash, then in today's economy it is better to avoid the debt.
  • funduguyfunduguy Posts: 11
    Here's the deal I got:
    Acura MDX Base = $32,640 + Tax + Title. (No financing) ( total is 20.2 % off MSRP)
    Love the car. Was initially in the market for a used Acura or Lexus, but at these prices, its a no-brainer to buy a new car since with all incentives the first year depreciation is already accounted for. Thanks to all the people on the forum. I calculated my numbers using this forum and then negotiated over the phone and email. Ate almost $1100 into the dealer holdback. I doubt if he made more than a hundred dollars on me. Picked up the car from the dealer in one hour. Could not believe that car buying could be so hassle free.
  • Just got a deal quote today....

    Acura MDX 2008 Sterling Grey/Taupe
    Tech/Entertainment Package

    Accessories - running board, side moldings

    Total Price Out the Door - $42427.45

    Is this a good deal? Located in Southern California.....
  • Funduguy,

    You make some critical mistakes in your assumptions:

    1. A number of FDIC-insured banks are offering 3-year CDs at 4.7%.
    2. You use simple interest for the CD. However, a 3-year $40,00 CD at 4.7% compounded annually would yield approximately $5,900. (This is conservative -- WaMu is offering 3-year CDs at 4.89% APR, which would yield even more.)
    3. Similarly, you use simple interest for the auto loan. However, assuming the loan is amortized over 36 mos., the purchaser will be paying off principle as well. A fully-amortized $40,000 loan at .9% will incur only $557 in interest payments.

    So, now we have:
    Interest Income of $5,900
    - Less Tax at 30% = $1,770
    - Less Interest payments on loan = $557
    - Less Bank fees = $450
    - Less Foregone dealer cash = $1000
    TOTAL SAVINGS =$2,123

    I think that's a significant savings, but we can each make our own judgments on that.
  • I got the Acura MDX 08 with Tech no PTG Black/Taupe for 36250 + CA tax + 323 Licence fee + 55 Documentation fee = ~$39250 out the door with 0.9% financing for 3 years (He was ready to give it for 35250 without %0.9). Gave me the free wheel locks. no other accessories.

    Probably not the best deal but I think it is good enough. The dealer was Acura Marin CA.
    What do you guys think.
  • maf1maf1 Posts: 15
    I am in Boston, and this is a great deal. What dealer was this? Please let me know. I'd love to buy a car from them. Best price I have is 40325 $
  • Hello all-

    Looking at a 06 MDX touring w/RES. 50k miles, off of lease.
    Dealer asking $29k.

    Opinions? What should I offer?

    Rumor from dealers on here and dealers in area is that Honda may up financing from 0.9 to 2.9. Would like to take advantage.

  • I am considering buying a 2008 MDX with Tech and Entertainment packages. A NY area dealer offered $40,400 cash or financing price (0.9% for 36 months) or an Acura lease with about $645/month, for 15k miles per year, 36 months, with same $40,400 cap cost, a 0.0245 money factor and 50% residual. Total upfront cash is one month lease paymnt plus about $230 for fees plus taxes. It seems to me that the cap cost could be lower (dealer says he only makes $500 on deal, but I assume he is excluding holdbacks from this calculations). In addition, residual seems too low (I was expecting at least 54%. I underrstand that tech package residual is lower than on Base car, but still... This gives me pause and I am considering not buying now (deal expires sept. 02) but waiting for new deals after Sept. 02. Dealer says after Sept 02 residuals will go down 3-4% (which seems even more excessive). Any thoughts/suggestions? Should I negotiate a better deal? Thanks in advance.
  • Tonight, I bought a light silver (taupe interior) 2008 MDX Tech PTG with protection package (splash guard, cargo liner etc.) and complete roof rack (rails, crossbars) for $39500. Adding the towing package and sports running board raised the cost to $41559. $45729 was the out the door price. I took advantage of the 60mos 2.9% financing. No extended warranty.

    Yesterday, I visited Acura of Bellevue (Washington state) and they offered a 2008 MDX Tech PTG with partial roof rack (rails only) for $39500, and this price was for cash-out purchase only. Salesman indicated that there was no room for negotiation.

    Right after the visit to the Bellevue dealership, I emailed Acura of Seattle and Lynnwood Acura to see if they could better the Bellevue dealer price. The Seattle dealer simply told me to come to the dealership to talk. The Lynnwood dealer called and offered to meet the Bellevue price and throw in the rack crossbars (Bellevue charged more than $300 for the crossbars).

    At 7:30pm tonight, I visited the Lynnwood dealer with a friend of mine who purchased a 2007 MDX Tech/Entertainment there a year ago. A sales guy with a British/Scottish accent greeted us and we struck up conversation. I told him that yesterday I had spoken with the Internet sales manager of the dealership and informed him of what I had been offered. I asked him to come down to $39000. He wants me to fill out the loan app while he checked inventory and price. The dealership didn't have the MDX in the color that I wanted, but I told him that waiting a few days for the dealer to get the car was fine with me. He goes inside to some office and I happily fill out the loan app. After a few minutes, the guy comes back and says there's no way they can do $39500 on a financed purchase and gives me an ugly very unwelcoming look that basically told me that he wanted me to leave :confuse: :mad: . He made no counter offer. Whatever conversation we had, if you can call it that, was very brief and rude in tone. I said thanks but no thanks and got up to leave. As I was leaving, I overheard him to remark to his coworker "I rather negotiate with terrorists" (his exact quote). Wow, where did that come from? Never did I even remotely insult the guy in any way, and nor did we even attempt to negotiate. I wanted to confront the guy then and there, but I simply left without saying another word.

    My friend and I decided we couldn't end the night like this. We drove down to Acura of Seattle and arrived 8:30pm. A man greeted us (I think the sales manager) and I told him what I wanted: a silver MDX Tech PTG with roof rack for $39500. He runs and gets a salesman who showed me an MDX Tech PTG in the color I wanted. There was no haggling over the price, and the dealership simply accepted my offer. I did try to get the dealer to come down $500 but that failed. I then added the towing package and running board. The buying experience was extremely pleasant and I was out the door with signed papers in hand by 9:30pm. I'm picking up the MDX in the morning once the accessories are installed.

    I felt good about the price. Bellevue only offered $39500 for a cash out purchase. Lynnwood refused even to consider the price. Seattle gave me the Bellevue price even with financing and so I figured I saved a $1000 there. In addition, Seattle also gave me the crossbars at no additional charge, so chalk up another $350.

    In any case, I was extremely flabbergasted and offended by the sales guy at Lynnwood Acura -- enough so that I registered for an account at to make this rant post. Acura of Seattle, with its bigger lot and more inventory and a courteous sales staff, has definitely secured a repeat customer for future Acura purchases.
  • First of all, I want to thank all of you guys for your messages, insights here in this board. I used this info handily and gotten a good price from 2 dealers in MA area.

    Here is a tip: Please dont mention this board, to any dealer, by name, as it will spoil our game. They dont seem to know about this board yet, so they were baffled when I knew exactly how much the MDXs going for. They wanted to know where I found out from. Like I am going to tell them.

    Bought a 2008 MDX Tech Pkg w/PTG (30 miles on it. Steel Blue, Taupe - They had all the color choices I wanted). (Invoice on the car - $40,963, MSRP - $45,005)
    Price of the Car - $36000 ( roughly $5K below invoce, 9K below MSRP)
    Doc Fee - $100
    Reg+Title - $95
    Accessories - $848 (Roof Rack (Rails+CrossBar), Running Boards, Wheel Locks, All Season Floor Mats. - Dealer cost on this accessories is $1254 so about $400 savings on it from dealer cost. Other dealer wanted about $1800 for the same accessories).

    Free Items - 2 Free Oil Changes, Pink Acura Hat for my wife (deal closer) :)

    MA Sales Tax - $1842.40 (@ 5%)

    OTD total Price - $38885.40

    Another dealer was lower in Car price @ $35800 but they didnt have the interior, with PTG, I wanted, though they had the color. Their accessories price for the was way higher. So I would have paid more overall about $300 more for the other deal. Overall I could have worked them both to get maybe few hundred dollars more but I ran out of time, and patience.

    Couple of things to keep in mind. They make most of their money in accessories. So try to get as less accessories from the dealer as possible. If you do, try to haggle them on it. Not sure what the invoive on them but you can find dealer cost on them. Let me know if you need them. It is worth getting Roof Rack, Running Boards, Body Side Modling, Wheel Locks as they all require some installation. (I am not a big fan for Body Side modling, especially at $400 range, dont think it is worth it). Other things like Cargo Mat, Cargo net and blah and blah, you can find them cheaper in the net.

    (If anyone interested I can hook you up wih my sales guy as a thanks though he warned me that he might be off by few hundred dollars off, after the August sales pressue if over. If you are buying today or tomorrow you might get the same deal. BTW you get better prices in this order - Desparate Sales guy with low volume, Internet Sales Manager, Sales Manager with volume, General Manager).

    There are other dealers (one called me this morning - Aug 30) try to "sell" me the car for $38,000 with no accessories. When I told him the price I got, he got angry that I worked him. Acura should provide a way to do satisfaction surveys on all the sales guys you dealt with, not just the one you bought it from. The guy I bought it from obviouly was persistent, tenacious, good communication, and very nice to deal with, polite and very respectful. (maybe survey coming up?)

    Good luck to you all.
  • You need to complain to his general manager, Acura dealership and Acura corporation. They take their customer satisfaction seriously. My sales guy told me that if they get anything less than 98% they get dinged so they bend over backwards to make you happy. Granted that is only for customers who bought the car. But you need to let them know how satisfied you were and that they lost a potential customer. You must speak up, I would if I were you.

    Also, normally, I would get them in writing before I show up at the dealership. Doesnt have to be a purchase contract itself but even and email with the agreed prices is good enough. You have proof to take it up with someone higher the food chain. Bottom line is they are car salesmen, what do you expect?.
  • Oh, and a couple of more things to keep in mind while negotiating,
    1. 2008 Acura most common model out there in the lot is Tech Pkg so you will be able to get the best deal on this. Second best would be the base model, you might it for around $32500-$32600 ($4600 below invoice). Ent package has very low inventory so you may not get the best deal on it. This was the reason why I didnt go for it. We have a portable one anyways.
    2. Dont be desparate and pick the color before even you started negotiating on the price. Tell them you are ok with list of choices you like (I am ok with light colors,etc). After YOU WILL USE THIS AS A NEGOTIATION POINT, NOT THEM. After the final price quote, if they didnt have the color/ interios you want then you can say well you need to take off $100 as you dont have my color, blah
    3. Always get it in writing before you show up at the dealership
    4. Try to avoid the first hungry salesmen who jumps on you as soon as you walk to the dealership. Bad idea, if you havent already negotiated the price.
    5. Try to keep your trade away from this. Trade requries you to have 2 legs of negotiation. I know I am not that good so I keep them separate.
  • For what it's worth, we purchased our MDX last week with Tech & Ent pkgs, wood grained steering wheel (dealer installed), wood grain shift knob (diy installed), sport running boards (dealer installed), cargo cover, cargo mat, all weather floor mats and locking lug nuts for a monthly pmt of $846.45 (60m). This is the best SUV we've ever had an opportunity to drive. We're planning to keep this vehicle and drive it until the wheels fall off. We've leased and purchased in the past.

    Including all factors, if you're not fearful of the mileage constraint, leasing is the way to go at $645/m 15k miles - that seems like a decent deal for what you're getting. 50% residual is still pretty good especially since many OEM companies are stopping their lease programs all together. Banks simply don't want the risk of residual estimates so they're not backing leases. I believe Ford and Chrysler have both stopped their programs and it won't be long before others follow suit.

    Our purchase price was $700 below invoice which isn't as good as I probably could have gotten and when we added the accessories listed above, we purchased them at the web site price which Acura dealers have the option of increasing if they sell direct to the customer. I also negotiated the top coverage extended warranty at dealer cost to be purchased at my discretion at any time in the future provided the coverage can be applied based on ownership time and mileage. The quoted price for that was $2440 I believe but I've seen extended warranties for less on a web site this forum has posted which can save over $500. If / when it's time to purchase, I'll review all the fine print.

    You won't regret your lease or purchase - even at the $850 ish payment we have, we are delighted by the vehicle all around. That says a lot because we're very particular about features (gadgets, gizmos, quality, ease of use, etc.) Systems are pretty intuitive over all and don't take long to learn. Tutorials that come with the vehicle and are available on the owner's web site are excellent too!

    Enjoy your experience!
  • vavavoomvavavoom Posts: 42
    thanks for sharing your experience on the end of lease arrangment. it's little nuggets like these that really add valuable knowledge to the board. You got a fantastic buyout. congrats.
  • vavavoomvavavoom Posts: 42
    congrats on your new car. i think you set a new benchmark for price here. 5K under invoice is daylight robbery ;) . i think i'll have to ween myself off this forum, i keep having to rationalize the ongoing depreciation in my sport (my most recent rationalization is that my wife is happy and that's priceless).
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    I am in the same position, even extended my lease with AHF on a month to month basis. Neither of the two Acura stores I have worked with in the past 5 years (own an RL) for sales or service mentioned this type of process and assumed I could only buy direct from AHF at the rediculous stated residual value.

    Sure would appreciate the dealers name and location.
  • yunyayunya Posts: 6
    I need some feedback from all of you on a lease offer I've received for a 2008 MDX with Tech.

    MSRP: 44100
    Cap Cost: 36200
    Drive off: 960
    Residual: 54% (3yr/30000)
    MF: .00245
    Monthly: $503 ($544 with CA tax of 8.25%)

    Is this a good deal or not? I am looking to make a decision by tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
  • lovecars4, that is an excellent deal you got there. I was in the market for an Acura RDX in Boston but considering the deal you got i might as well jump into the bigger car. Could you let me know which dealership did you go through as well as the other dealer who offfered you 35800.

    I was wondering if you were still qualified with their .9% or 2.9% finance.
  • relinrelin Posts: 2
    Hello everyone,
    First Post, longtime lurker :D. I've been looking for a MDX for quite a while now but haven't come across the right deal yet. I've come across this and was would like to know what everyone thinks about it. A 2007 Black Fully Loaded Acura MDX SPORT Technology/Entertainment Package W/ 59225 Miles. Comes with everything except the towing package. Checked the Carfax report and everything is clean. Asking Price is $28,995 but obviously would haggle for less ($2k-$3k). All opinions, suggestions, tips etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time
  • jsb16jsb16 Posts: 64
    Just bought the above MDX with 35K miles for $22,900 with 0.9% financing and an extra set of all season mats.. I asked the dealer to include three key fobs and although he gave me four of them, he only set up two and said that only two could be used at a time. I understand that there are only two memory presets but I would use the third fob just to open and close the doors. Three of the fobs say Memory 1 or Memory 2 and give instructions on pushing the lock and unlock buttons to link/unlink the memory seat. The fourth fob says nothing about a memory seat and just says Omron Corporation Japan in this same spot. The two remotes that work are one Memory 1 and the odd fourth remote. Has any one had success linking more than two remotes with a 2005 MDX? Perhaps my fourth remote is a non-touring model remote and I can use this while I program a Memory 2 remote too. The FCC IDs are the same on all four. Just for the data base, I paid an additional $950 over the above price to extend the cerified warranty from 5 years after in-service date to 7 years (AcuraCare) with no deductible. They wanted to sell me a higher priced non-AcuraCare warranty but I told him I would buy a Santucci warranty and they came down to this price.
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