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Honda Latitude



  • civicwcivicw Member Posts: 135
    I believe Honda will intro the Latitude at the NY Show in April. Right now they want people to focus on the Element and not get distracted. I expect the Latitude to be available late summer.
  • raychuang00raychuang00 Member Posts: 541

    Actually, Honda doesn't NEED anymore publicity for the Element. Everyone knows about this new SUV and the first Elements should arrive at dealerships anytime now.

    I still think Honda will likely debut the Latitude with the 2.4-liter I-4 iVTEC engine and five speed automatic at NAIAS next month. And if the response is positive watch Volkswagen announce they will bring over the Touran "tall wagon" based on the Golf in early 2004 as a 2005 model, probably powered by the 1.8-liter I-4 turbocharged 180 bhp engine.
  • varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    "I still think Honda will likely debut the Latitude with the 2.4-liter I-4 iVTEC engine and five speed automatic at NAIAS next month."

    Place your bets, folks. =)
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    My gut feel says 2.0 but that's not based on any insider knowledge. I'd be certainly welcome the extra thrust of a 2.4.

    I was in China recently and saw a white Stream at a dealership. I approached it from behind and thought it looked very elegant. The wrap-around tailights and chrome accent in the middle of the liftgate looked very sharp. It car appeared slightly taller and bigger than I expected, which was nice (my companions couldn't believe it was Civic-based). The interior looked a bit more spacious than I had feared, although the rear-most seats offer tiny legroom and will be occassional use only. However when I got to the front, I thought it looked a bit sad. I really hope they do something to clean up the headlight design. The stacked look doesn't work for me and detracts from the overall aesthetics of the vehicle.

    I really hope it will be at NAIAS, since I will be down there for it. I agree that there is plenty of buzz about the Element, so they shouldn't fear over-shadowing it with the Latitude (I couldn't really see that happening anyway).

    I still prefer the name 'Stream' over 'Latitude', but that may just be me.
  • civicwcivicw Member Posts: 135
    If I was Honda Marketing, I'd be focused on making sure that Element meets and exceeds its sales targets for a few months after launch. Announcing the Latitude in January might be counterproductive in making sure the Element gets off to a good start, IMO.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    There was a Stream discussion over a year ago and sentiment seemed mostly negative. Glad to see the apparent turn around, as I have always been an advocate of this vehicle. One thing of note is the really tall interior height if you look at the Japanese specs - meaning low floor, since it's not all that tall. In my opinion the Stream/Latitude is the best version of the Civic chasis. I was surprised at Honda's design of the Element and it's disregard for aerodynamics to satisfy some Tinker Toy styling fettish. Maybe logic will prevail next year.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    The Latitude isn't at either L.A. or Detroit. I guess the next opportunity is NYC.
  • ropedartropedart Member Posts: 163
    Scanning autoscoops.tk for latitude I ran across Toyota answer to the Stream. It looks great to me!

  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Thanks Ropedart for posting the Wish pictures. Here are some more that I found.

    I like the clean, crisp styling of the Wish. It looks like it could bridge the gap between the Matrix and the new, much larger Sienna. If the Wish were available in North America, I'd certainly consider it against the Latitude.


  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    I think it looks much nicer than the stream. It may be a little smaller though - not sure.
  • nwngnwng Member Posts: 663
    a matrix with a real trunk area! If toyota bring this car over, I hope they realize that a lot of people who are interested in 5 door cars are not interested in "aero" add-ons or aluminum look alikes inside the car.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Yeah, I was thinking it looks a bit smaller than the Stream. Pictures can be deceiving though. I wonder if it would fit a 3rd row back there or if it is a strictly 5-seater.

    The front end is much nicer than the Stream's, but I like the Stream's rear light treatment better. Looks like a grown up Matrix, and also looks Corolla based.
  • ropedartropedart Member Posts: 163
    its on toyota japan site.
    Kind of Ford Focus wagon meets Vibe/Matrix. I would buy this today. Beats the Sienna minivan IMO. I hope the Latitude looks like this. Japanese designs tend to follow and copy each other. However, there should be some American influence in the Latitude. It should be out by now.
  • ropedartropedart Member Posts: 163
    What happened to post 123?
    Anyway, the problem Paul Leinert pointed out there is no category for Multi Activity Vehicles in America. MAV. Micro vans or big wagons. Monocabs?
    But Vans are out of fashion and SUVs are getting bad press.
    The time is ripe for the Latitude. If only Toyota and VW could see it coming.
    Bring back the Nissan Axxess.
  • chris777chris777 Member Posts: 126
    what's up with that?

    I had a plymouth colt vista I thought I would hate it since it was a station wagon, and the wife talked me into it, but it turned out to be the best design on a car I've ever owned, too bad reliability was horrible, it had a mitsubishi engine and tranny with a "sh" for the m
    I looked at the access , but the rear seats were ridiculous, true jump seats, i did like the sliding doors,
    has any one heard any recent info on the stream
    im beginning to wonder if Honda is putting off its us debut untill the 2005 or 6 model year since its only 2 years away from a redesign (if Honda follows their current schedule on refreshments)

    i wish someone still made a van like the old toyota's/nissan/mitsubishi's with the drivers seat over the engine,
    those were sweet , talk about a cavern on wheels
    my toyota had an 8 foot bed , (I wish I could have kept it but parts were hard to come by and it needed more work than I had time to put into it)

     i like most everything about the stream except the rear pillar it reminds me of the vibes pillar vs the matrix where the vibe looses alot of visibility for its styling
    i hope Honda addresses it , I like the pillar on the new accord wagon thats a good green house design
  • simon_txsimon_tx Member Posts: 42
    I visited some of the links provided on here to check out the Honda Stream and Jazz.

    I'm not all that impressed with trying to put a minivan on a Civic and then squashing it a little to pretned it is not a minivan - just my opinion.

    I just happened to notice that on Honda Japan website they have an Accord wagon.

    That looks to me like a much better vehicle than either the Latitude or Jazz - although I realize they are kind of different categories.

    Does anyone think the Accord Wagon could make a reappearance in North America or has Honda become a SUV maker (like Toyota et al).
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    Interesting question, but I'm going to ask that continue your subject about the Honda Accord in a more appropriate area.

    To start, here's Honda Accord Wagon and Upcoming Wagons & Crossovers. Others can respond to your question in one of these discussions. Okay?

    Also, feel free to start up a new discussion if you'd like. Thanks for your participation!

  • chris777chris777 Member Posts: 126


  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    yeah, Honda does seem rather quiet, although I guess they're concentrating on the Element and Accord right now. I actually hope that the Latitude that comes out here is restyled from its current form.....hope Honda "Jazzes" it up a bit (pun intended) as it's little brother's styling looks way better in my book. More competition now too, from Toyota's Wish and Mitsu's Grandis (do they look alike or what!) Actually, all of the above look dated and van-like when compared to Kia's Slice concept (and Mazda's Washu) that have been making the Auto Show rounds. Makes me think that a six passenger vehicle is the way to go in vehicles of this size.....the full-size minivans can go the 7 or 8 passenger route. Take the Kia Slice, loose the neon trim and solenoid/suicide doors, tone done the interior (but keep it flexible) and give it 16-17' wheels versus the 19"
    concepts and you have a CR-V sized vehicle that seats up to six, with a reconfigurable interior and front or awd.....works for me!

    http://autoshow.msn.com/autoshow2003/article.aspx?type=oem&xm- l=Kia
  • ferretwalrusferretwalrus Member Posts: 28
    as Japanese estimate, the body size of north american people is much larger than that of asian or European people. Most of CA/USAs are over weighted--75% americans are more or less obidies. More importantly, americans are cavil about confortable: the passanger space is a key issure to get success. to accomodate 7 people, only Seinna or Ecsdercy can meet those fat guys requirements.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Small packages don't need to be small on the inside. My first generation Honda Odyssey has more front and middle-row legroom than a regular Caravan/Windstar/Venture, but it is a smaller, more efficient vehicle.

    Yes, many Americans (and Canadians) are fat and getting fatter. That just says to me that a small van will be more appealling to them as a substitute for smaller vehicles like a Corolla, Civic, Focus, etc. Strong sales of the PT Cruiser, Vibe, Matrix and other smaller cross-overs show that North Americans want taller cars, but not necessarily much wider or longer ones.

    No one is suggesting that the Latitude will replace the Odyssey, it will just fill a different niche when and if it ever comes.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    I hope the latitude makes it over. When companies sell 7 or 8 different SUV's (4 in Honda's case) why can't anybody sell more than 1 minivan? Why can't they have large and small?
  • varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    "Why can't they have large and small?"

    Most do. Typically, they are refered to as the long and short wheelbase versions. The Caravan and Grand Caravan are the prime example. However others do the same thing with different names (Chevy Venture and Pontiac Montana).

    Unfortunately, there has been very little demand for minivans smaller than the short wheelbase models. If there were, Honda could bring over the original Ody (still sold in Japan).

    Micro-vans, like the old Civic Wagon, Colt, Expo, and Summit have been replaced by mini-SUVs. The CR-V, RAV4, Escape, and others have kinda shrunk the niche into extinction. That may change if SUVs decrease in popularity, but the verdict is still out on whether or not that is happening.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    I found this review of the Honda Stream from a Gulf source.

    Nothing really new, but there is a nice description of how the midd and rear seats fold flat to create a space that can accomodate two adults lying down. Now if that doesn't sell it to the youth market, I don't know what will!!!

    They also say that the rear seats are big enough for teens (Dubai teens??), not just small kids.

    Honda: Bring it and we will buy!

    http://www.gulfautomart.com/wagsearch.php3?mode=Review&Review- ID=152
  • ferretwalrusferretwalrus Member Posts: 28
    hi everyone,

    How can we demand stupid Toyota or Honda to bring these already existed micro vans to our market? if impossible, how can I buy one in Japan and transfer to Canada? Give me an idea! Thanks a lot!
  • chris777chris777 Member Posts: 126
    well since they keep forcing me to wait on a civic 5 door hatch/stream/wish/step wagon, I finally broke and bought a used civic from a lady moving to Hawaii
    she isn't taking it with her because the fees to transport it were too much not to mention the hassle, she would have to drive it to California and it was like 1500- 2000 or more just to transport it not to mention other fees.

    I thought about importing a hatch but the realization of how much repairs might cost with no replacement parts was a wake up call

    so im going to drive this civic until someone brings out a new vehicle I actually like
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    I think the market can definitely support these types of vehicles now. Mini vans (is that an oxymoron or what!) are not very mini anymore and Honda, Toyota, Ford and now Nissan only have "grand" versions of their vans on the market. The standard length Caravans and Montana's
    etc. are already big....the grand versions just stretch them in length. The Wish, Latitude etc. would fill a gap, both price-wise and space-wise, between the small hatches (P5, Aerio, Matrix, Vibe) and the Ody's, Siennas, Quests etc. The Nissan Axxess and Mitsu/Dodge Colt didn't really fly the first time around mainly because they were priced about the same as the full size minivans. I remember looking at both in the early 90's.....they started around 17 grand here with the AWD versions around 22-23 grand. You could get a Dodge Caravan for about 16,999 at the time, so it was no contest. Imported minivans now start around 30 grand up here, and the small hatches are about 20, give or take. The Wish and Latitude
    can find a market right in between. They are perfect for small families who want the flat floor, chair-like seating and flexibility of a minivan but don't want the expense, excess baggage and lower fuel economy of the bigger vans.
    There are all sorts of market niches opening up now, so there's no reason not to bring these over. They really aren't meant as 7 seaters and anyone needing a true 7 seater would be wise to look elsewhere. They'll seat 4 adults and a couple of kids comfortably, or 2 adults and 4-5 kids. You wouldn't want to go cross country with a group like that but across town would be fine. For our family of 3...plenty of room for both luggage and passengers, or an easy outing with one set of grandparents and ourselves. Plus, with the price of gas skyrocketing ever higher, more families are going to think twice about buying more vehicle than they need.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Usually failure to bring interesting models to North America is a result of: 1) crash tests, 2) vehicle emissions, 3) CAFE requirements, 4) Marketing fears.

    For the Latitude/Stream and Wish, I'd say it's definitely #4. Historically, small vans have fared poorly in the US (but much better in Canada) because they've been perceived as being too small for a minivan (even though they serve a different role) and underpowered. The Nissan Axxess, Dodge Colt/Eagle Summit wagons, and the 1st Generation Honda Odyssey/Isuzu Oasis all suffered these problems. They may just have been ahead of their time. Chrysler has been the first to make a small van marketable with the PT Cruiser.

    A stylish vehicle like the Latitude marketed as a personal vehicle, not a mom-wagon, backed by a decent powertrain could do well too. Unfortunately it is easy for Honda to point to the CR-V and say that vehicle can fill the niche.

    We all know that the researchers, product planners and marketing types from all the companies read these forums, let's hope they get the message that there is a market for the Latitude.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Artdecho hits the nail on the head. If they can't match or come under the price-point for the Caravan (and now the PT Cruiser), then it will be hard to get much volume
  • ferretwalrusferretwalrus Member Posts: 28
    Sigh! When will the stupid Honda/Toyota read this forum! Both Lattitud and Wish fill my dream-- a perfect family car for the next generation!
  • dmundy1dmundy1 Member Posts: 37
    Thanks for the link to the review Odman. Since the arrival of our second child in December my wife and I have begun looking at our future vehicle needs and the Stream/Latitude would be a perfect replacement for our current 99 CRV. While the CRV has been great and my wife loves it, with two kids now we could use a vehicle that would allow us the room to transport us, the kids and from time to time grandma. At the Toronto Auto Show my wife tried out the Ody but feels it is just to big for her, and is a bit more than we would be looking to spend. We are big Honda fans, and it is frustrating knowing they have a small van that would suit our needs, yet do not sell here.
  • ferretwalrusferretwalrus Member Posts: 28
    If Honda/Toyota do not introduce Latitude/Wish, we can change to.......

    KCV-1 Concept (Canadian Premiere) As a multi-purpose vehicle, it incorporates the features of a sedan, a wagon and an MPV. Equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine, the KCV-1 is loaded with high-powered performance and high-end technology. Kia Motor developed "KCV-1" with 2.0L engine + 6-7 seaters to compete Latitude&Wish, and will introduce it to Canada.


    1st & 2nd Row Seat: Easy to fold and their frame and aluminum material and attempt to emphasize the high-tech function of the car. Displayed various layouts are removable.

    3rd row Seat Enable maximize storage space and useable as 3rd row seat by changing its layout.
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    Interesting looking concept vehicle. Feel free to start up a new "KCV-1" discussion..., or share that with others in our Upcoming Wagons & Crossovers discussion, if you'd like. ;-)

    And now, back to the subject of the Honda Latitude. Thanks!

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Host
  • ferretwalrusferretwalrus Member Posts: 28
    yes, I just dont know how to buy Honda Latitude or Wish here in Canada, How pity our North Americans are! can you HOST give me some ideas?
  • ferretwalrusferretwalrus Member Posts: 28
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    I agree regarding the Latitude seeming to be a more practical alternative to the CR-V. We almost bought a CR-V but decided to buy a '98 Odyssey (the smaller 1st generation) because it was so much more practical but smaller. The full size Odyssey was just too big for us too.

    A Stream/Latitude would fit just right for us, with 2 little kids.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Hey, thanks for finding and posting the link to those images. Some of them are really cool. It is nice to see them from different angles. When I was in China I got to see a Stream up close, but I didn't have a camera to capture photos.

    Somewhere I saw a graphic for the Stream that was a silhouette of its curved profile. Do you know where I could find a link to it?
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    With the incredibly successful launch of the Wish,
    I wonder if Honda will be launching a revised version of the Stream/Latitude? Can't remember how long it's been out but seems like 3-4 years at least. I wouldn't mind a "2nd Generation" version with more coherent styling and an uprgraded interior to counter Toyota's Wish.
  • varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    I think the Stream was released as a 2000 model in Japan. However, it might have been a 2001 model that simply went on sale in 2000. Either way, it isn't that old.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Would it be based on the older 1996-2000 generation of Civic? The Civic got re-done in 2001.

    An article from Top Gear magazine says that the Stream has a Mac-Strut front suspension, which the redesigned Civic got criticized for in 2001, so I suspect it is based on the current platform.

    That being the case, I wouldn't expect to see a new Stream until the next Civic platform is redesigned in 2004/2005. Honda may have decided not to bother with North American certification of the Stream until the next generation is ready.
  • raychuang00raychuang00 Member Posts: 541

    The current Stream sold in Japan and Europe came out about the same time as the current Honda Civic model--the fall of 2000. In this case, it's a pretty new design, and (I believe) has done well in the European NCAP crash tests.

    Latest rumor I've heard is that the North American-market Latitude will likely be officially introduced at the New York Auto Show in April. The vehicle will use the same drive train as that of the CR-V and Element (2.4-liter I-4 engine rated at 160 bhp), but since the Latitude is lighter than the CR-V it will probably not be a slouch on performance.
  • artdechoartdecho Member Posts: 337
    That's good to hear, raychuang00! Hopefully with it being lighter and more aerodynamic than the CR-V/Element, the gas mileage will improve too. (Look what the Accord gets with the same engine).
    Realistically, we're not in the market until the summer of 2005 at the earliest, so maybe a 2nd generation by that time, plus a Wish, C-Maxx, Slice, Touran, Nissan Almera and more to choose from too.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    Artdecho -- I'm getting weak-kneed just thinking about the possibility of all those choices!

    Unfortunately, I've read elsewhere the C-Maxx and Touran aren't coming to NA, although a strong showing by the Latitude and others might convince them otherwise.

    I really hope that raychuang00 is right about the Latitude in NYC -- I'd be tempted to go to NY just to see it!
  • chris777chris777 Member Posts: 126
    Personally , since Honda has completely drug their feet on a hatch back, wagon to the point of the SI apparently being a dud

    I think they should wait until 05 at the earliest and bring out a second generation Tude

    I was in love with the 5 door civic hatch and stream when I first saw them back in 01 but I called Honda and kept an eye out on the net and waited

    and waited

    and waited

    Honda took so long before bringing a hatch back to the us that apparently most of the hatch buyers defected to the focus (ugh) of all things

    I'm concerned that corporate Honda will fear bringing anything with similar looks to the Si

    plus who really wants an aging platform with struts when the 06 civic is rumored to be going back to dual bones? (I keep thinking about the del sol and previous gen integra)

    I want to see the 2nd gen Tude with the auto gear shifter out of the column a split front bench (for 8 seating) plus wide enough to stuff a 4 x 8 plywood in the back

    thin pillars all the way around with a huge green house (for excellent all around visibility)
    a rt 4wd option
     plus a gazillion cup holders

    any one else have any suggestions?
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    "I want to see the 2nd gen Tude with the auto gear shifter out of the column a split front bench (for 8 seating) plus wide enough to stuff a 4 x 8 plywood in the back"

    That describes a 2nd Gen Odyssey or a Sienna. I don't think that most of us want something that big. I like the current Latitude's size, and while styling is subjective, most people aren't warm to the side curvature (I like the roofline and rear treatment,though).

    Big change I'd make is at the front end. Get rid of the "bottom feeder" look and get something a little more jewelled, like the Toyota Wish or even the Focus.

    Realtime AWD from the CRV would be a nice option.
  • ropedartropedart Member Posts: 163
    Just saying that so I don't get kicked off this board. I didn't know the Wish is a hit? If the Latitude has a market here then the Wish should also get here. Does yota have plans? I haven't heard.

    TOV forum reporting the Honda HRV will get here because the name is being trademarked for USA.

    Then I'm thinking it will a new revised version of the overseas HRV incorporating the best features of the CRV, Element, RDX and old HRV. For the Acura division perhaps? The old HRV was not much of a hit and needed work. We are being flooded with Honda product. Because we want them.
  • ferretwalrusferretwalrus Member Posts: 28
    Why cant i find it in the New york auto show debut car web site?

  • drv928drv928 Member Posts: 1
    Honda recently admitted indirectly that it made an error by retracting the civic hatchback and accord wagon few years ago, when at the last minute it imported the cvic SIR from UK for 2003

    Since everybody are starting to jump into the NA market with more fuel efficient solutions to the big vans (Odyssey) as gas price are up and sales growth will comes from the youth and the overtax families.

    Honda face a situation that it must offer something quite rapidly before others takes the turf and it has already started, look at the matrix,vibe,suzuki 5 doors, the protege5,mazda6 wagon,...

    The quickest way for Honda to stop bleeding/loosing that market to others is to bring something already design right?

    the euro Stream rebatch as Latitude so NA market has a feel of uniqueness.

    I personnaly feel the Stream won't fullfill the US market needs in general since it's too small, but will be well accepted where people look for room/economy tradeoff... up north

    I bet Honda will surprise us again by offering the Latitude version 1 (almost as is from europe) this summer (family solution) and the civic 5 doors this fall (youth solution)

    If sales support the actual market trend ( 5doors, microvan in the NA market)
    Honda will likely start designing a rev2 Lattitude more custom fit for the NA market.
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    drv928, I agree with your comments about Honda missing the boat on the hatch and the emerging cross-over market. They've spent much of their time and efforts developing the big, boxy Element for the So-Cal Gen-X crowd, but that may not have been the best strategy for them.

    Toyota (Echo HB, Matrix, and Wish if it comes) have their bases covered better than Honda right now. The differentiation you make between the family and youth solutions is a good one -- the Latitude definitely will be more of a family solution.
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