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BMW European Delivery

erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
Welcome to the BMW European Delivery forum!

Many people on both the 3 Series and 5 Series forums have taken advantage of the BMW European Delivery Program. This program will generally save you enough money on the cost of a new BMW so that you can pick it up in Europe, drive it a while there on a vacation, and bring it home and still come out ahead in the deal.

I personally have not taken ED yet, but my next BMW, unless it is a Z3 or Z4 or X5, will probably be picked up in Germany.

Hopefully, people will share their ED experiences here and allow those of us who have not had the opportunity, to learn about it, envy it, and hopefully do it someday.

Have fun!



  • Any members picking up their ED on September 19th?
  • hgeyerhgeyer Posts: 188
    I'll help get the page rolling...

    Here is the link to some pictures from my 2002 ED trip.

    Feel free to ask any questions on the experience and I'll try to help.
  • Msg #3:geyer. I cannot pull up your web page for bmw pictures. Did you get your 3 series on ED? I plan a trip the end of Oct. for same. Any suggestions?
  • hgeyerhgeyer Posts: 188
    sorry about the pictures. the site is funny with Netscape and AOL, but should work w/IE if you wait a minute for the pictures to download.

    I would recommend a trip to Neuschwantein Castle (about 1-2 hours southwest of Munich) and a trip south to Garmish (about an 1-1 1/2 hours). Take the tram to the top of the Zugspitze for an awesome view of the German/Austrian Alps.

    Too bad for you that Octoberfest isn't really in October!
  • gs9gs9 Posts: 2
    Looking forward to picking my m5 lite (540i,6sd) in Nov.
    Any experience with a route from Munich to Milan (day 1) Milan to Nice (Day 2) Nice to Geneva (Day 3) and on to Paris?
  • Thanks for this board. I will be purchasing a 2003 330. I personally wanted the sedan, however the wife is in love with the convertible. In order to make that happen I am considering the ED purchase which is 3k less than US MSRP. Question I have based on commnets I have seen on various boards. What additional cost over ED price will I encounter. I know that you still need a US dealer to take order. What can I expect to pay the US dealer for his trouble?
  • Where you live depends on what you can get away with. I have heard of people getting anywhere from $1200 to $1500 above European Delivery Invoice. As far as the dealer, there is nothing additional that has to be done. Plan a time that you would like to go to Germany. Determine if the date can make that date happen. If so, plan your trip after you order the car. Your dealer may or may not want a deposit. You can go to or to get the invoice price for ED. There are some good web sites that people have created about their ED experience. BMW will send you information before your trip. The big question is always, 1) do you pick up the car the day that you get there or 2)rest for the rest of the day and pick up the car the next day. I did option one and did not miss a beat. I flew into London then caught a flight to Munich. I caught the U-bahn from the airport then connected to an S-bahn to the station near the delivery center. If you plan to carry a lot of luggage, then take a taxi. It cost more but you will not be inconvienced. The delivery center is about 3 blocks from the station.
  • My recommendation is to arrive a day before your pick-up date. Delivery for us adults is like getting a new toy from the toy store for kids. The first thing you want to do when you get your car is drive it. If you're tired from the flight, you may be inclined to simply go to a hotel and park the car. I say arrive a day early, allow yourself a day to adjust to the time difference, then the following day when you pick up your car, you're refreshed and ready to take it out on the Autobahn headed for your first destination, wherever that may be. Plus, arriving a day early gives you a chance to see Munich on foot. YMMV.
  • khoonkhoon Posts: 85
    Thanks to Edmunds and Carpoint we all know the invoice price for the US. Where can one get the invoice price for ED? Is there a site/source that shows the Invoice/Retail breakdown of the 325i with the option equipment?

    Tx. in advance.
  • hgeyerhgeyer Posts: 188
    What area of the US? It varies.
  • hgeyerhgeyer Posts: 188
    I've heard nothing but good things about Park Avenue BMW. Someone on the BMW 3 series board (Brave1heart, I think) just did ED on a 5 series that he bought from there.

    You may want to post to him on the 3 series board.

    I think that 1,500 over ED invoice is fair for your purchase. Go to for ED pricing.
  • I have been reviewing various mails concerning savings on a european delivery. Many claim they pay x over ED price. Can you help me.

    Interested in purchasing MY 2003 330cic
    USA Invoice $42,900
    ED Invoice $39,895
    ED Wholesale $36,305

    What price do I negotiate with local dealer? What type of negotiation goes on? Is it ? ED price plus a reasonable profit for the dealer? What may that be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  • Use ED Wholesale base price, plus any options at the wholesale price as well...then add $1000-$1200
    for dealer profit and negotiate...Anything around $1500 is a good deal and is acceptable (I paid $1600 over ED Wholesale Invoice) I p/u 11/29/02!!!
    Dealer orofit is generally around 5%. Negotiations are typical..."let me go talk to my manager...sigh"
  • Thanks for the quick reply. Based on your data

    ED Wholesale $36,305
    Dealer Profit $1,500 (negotiated)
    Total $37,805

    USA Base $42,900

    App. savings = 5,000

    Other than destination charges, is there any amount added at the dealers side.

    How do you plan for the flight to Europe? Do you get a date from BMW and plan for a flight after that date?

    Congratulations on your new car. What did you get?
  • I just returned from the ED of my new 530i. While in Germany, I stocked up on some european parts not available in the US, such as aspher. side mirrors. I also bought a BMW wheel cleaning brush kit for 30 euro. I thought it was expensive until I returned home and found that my US dealer wanted $56 for the same kit. What other parts did I miss out on?
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    The first thing you decide is the date you want to pick up the car. Then you work backward from there. The car must be paid for at least 30 days prior to that date and I think you need to get your order in (close the deal) 90 days before.

    You need to be aware that there isn't just one invoice price, because of the advertising fee (which is part of the invoice). Dealers in smaller towns pay no advertising fee and big-city dealers pay various size fees, so invoice (dealer cost) differs. This is done purposely, I suppose, to give the small town dealers a price advantage.

    Also, there will be a documentation fee. In Texas this is limited to $50 and is printed as a line item on every dealers worksheet that I've seen. Call any dealer in your state and ask if there is a set fee for this.

    Everything else above invoice is government related: title registration, licensing, vehicle inspection, sales tax, various other minor taxes. But it is all mandated by the government. The dealer should have no other charges.
  • yeah, Agree with Postoak, there should not be any other dealer charges....but include the dest. fee in the total before you add the dealer profit...
    And then of course figure on about 9% in gov fees (tax, lic, reg) We chose a date to pick up the car about a week after finalizing the deal, and then the following week, bought my tix (direct SF to Munich $500!) My car - 330i steel blue, PP, SP,
    bi-X, split seats, and NAV...I also plan on ordering some misc. acessories from the local dealer and picking them up while there (birch trim, clears, alarm) Cant wait!
  • You might want to contact Niederlassung Munchen before hand to order the parts. I don't know if the alarm is the same in Germany. I do have the parts number for the CD changer. To tell you the truth, I have the German part numbers for all the stuff you list. Post a list and I will post the part numbers and price for you. The wheel locks are significantly cheaper too! Another tip, don't buy a single thing at the European Delivery Center. Their prices are too high.
  • To add to what Postoak has mention. Do not pay an inventory tax. An ED car does not come out of the dealers inventory, hence no inventory tax. You have to fight for every penny in some locales.
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    I've heard you say that before, about no inventory tax on ED cars -- so you didn't pay it? I did. Anyway, I just called the finance offices of a Honda dealership, a Toyota dealership and a BMW dealership. They all said they MUST collect it on ALL new and used vehicles sold by their dealerships, including ED (in the case of the BMW dealership). Other states probably don't even have this tax, though.
  • " just returned from the ED of my new 530i. While in Germany, I stocked up on some european parts not available in the US, such as aspher. side mirrors. I also bought a BMW wheel cleaning brush kit for 30 euro. I thought it was expensive until I returned home and found that my US dealer wanted $56 for the same kit. What other parts did I miss out on? "

    What are aspher. side mirrors?
  • I appreciate the offer...we are on the same page. I actually have already emailed the parts manager at the Munich dealership with all the part numbers, etc...He was very prompt with his reply and he provided me with all the pricing...Odd though, some were actually higher than in the US??? He just said email him with the order 2 weeks before I pick-up. If anyone is interested in the name and email address of the contact let me know...
    Also, agree on the alarm...need to make sure same as in US before I purchase (about $40 cheaper in Europe, $188)
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Aspherical side mirrors. Work to reduce/eliminate your blind spot.

  • Could you list the part numbers for US alarm, keyless wheel locks, Birch trim and any other goodies that we can't get here? I'm picking up a Orient Blue 330i w/ SP, Moon, Xenon, Fold down seats on 10/21. Anyone else picking up on same day?
  • Sorry if the format is hard to read, I copy and pasted from another note and am lazy....these are US part numbers in Euro prices from the dealer in Munich...
    Birch Shift Knob 25 11 7 512 153 67,50
    Birch Center Console 51 16 7 052 056 59,50
    Birch Steering Wheel Trim 32 30 6 760 155 168,20
    Birch Dash and Door Pieces 51 45 7 048 964 353,00
    Trim Clips 51 45 8 266 814 0,35
    Clear Front & Side Signal Set 82 19 9 416 994 84,00
    Clear Rear Signal Set 82 19 9 416 997 210,00
    Wheel Lug Locks (Studs) 36 13 1 180 882 23,00
    Locks (w/key) 36 13 1 182 006 67,00
    Cargo Net 51 47 9 410 805 45,00
    Alarm Kit 65 73 9 416 520 188,00
  • These are actually the cmpany owned diealerships. I think there are about eight in Munich. The one near the delivery center is the Frankfurter Ring dealership.


    I'll have an answer for you in about an hour and a half on the alarm.
  • You said you got SF to Munich fare for $500. I assume you mean round trip. Where did you find this price? It is much better than what I've been seeing so far. (I will be flying to Munich late October to pick up my 530.) Thanks.
  • FYI - Just a quick glance at the pricing shows that they are roughly equivalent to the US (at least for some of the parts). Given that the Euro is relatively strong to the dollar these days, it may not be worth the hassle to buy the parts in Germany and hand carry them back. As an example, I see that a set of clears will run $210 + $84 = $294. (1 Euro ~ 1 USD). I paid $285 including shipping when I ordered my clears in the US from Cutter Motors in Santa Barbara.

    Also, you may be taking a chance by having clears installed in Germany before the car gets shipped back. I was told that when a car comes through the US port, they will inspect it to make sure it meets US DOT requirements. Putting clears all-around on a sedan is actually illegal unless you add amber front corner markers. My point is, I would hate to pay $300 for clears, only to find that the US port authorities removed them.

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