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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair



  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    I had mentioned a few postings ago that our front drivers window was acting up by doing a power open as the driver window does and soemtimes it goes back up the same way. I tried both the drivers switch and passenger switch and it does the same so it leads me to think its the motor. Well today it went down and it stayed down. I shut the Sorento off and sat in the vehicle and listened and I could hear a ticking sound coming from the inside of the door, almost like a relay opening and closing. After a few minutes the window went up and like a fool I had to open it again and it stayed down and again I could hear the ticking sound. first problem with our Sorento I'll be taking it in next week to have it check out. I hopw I don't hear those foamous words " sorry we could not duplicate the problem". I'll post when t is repaired.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    hciaffa - So all you heard is the noise (from driver's side) and the both windows are still working, right? My issue on the driver's side window is some ticking noise when the window is fully closed, like a second after it fully closed. It sounds like the run channel (rubber seal) is being so tight. There is no problem with other windows. I think your problem is different than mine.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    I think the ticking that you are hearing is the channel as you mentioned. Mine sounds like a relay opening and closing, could even be the window motor. Again the passenger side goes down in an express mode and may go up the same or just stay down until, its as if the motor has over heated and when it cools down it will go up. My wife is dropping it off Tuesday so we'll see.
  • Hi All,

    Got my Ivy Green Sorento LX (used, 5000 miles) a little over 3 weeks and it has been in the shop for about 6 days in total and counting. One day is to install the alarm and a couple minor things. 3 days for a steering wheel not straight It turned out that an eccentric bolt is "STRIPPED" and cause the steering wheel off center while the car drives straight. It took two days for the bolt to arrive.

    The main (not major) problem I have now is the doom light does not work. By that I mean when I open any door, the doom light (between first and second row) and map lights would not turn on. I can turn it on from the dash using the dash board dimmer switch. The light in the trunk would turn on and off as it supposed to.

    The dealer replaced the light fixture (the middle one), not fixed. They replaced the guts (wires inside) not fixed.

    I guess while they messed around under the dash, my power lock is messed up somehow. Whichever way I push the power door lock button on the driver side, it would unlock all doors. When I am inside the car, I have to lock using the passenger side door lock. If I am leaving the car, I have the arm the car first and then lock it with a key.

    Back to the doom light problem. They ordered a "module" under the dash and I brought it in today hoping it was the cause of all problem. They installed it and same problem.

    The service guy said he looked at another Brand New Ivy Green LX in the lot had the same behavior but other color LX would turn on and off as it supposed to.

    So far there is no charge to me except I begin to pay the $10 per day for rental.

    I searched the forum and could not find similar problems.

    At this point, do you have any suggestions. I begin to doubt that the service dept knows what they are doing.

    Any ideas, suggestions ? Should I try a differnt KIA dealer.

    Thanks for reading.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    benjamin_ng - Definitely a bad dealer with people don't know what to do to your car. And don't pay for the rental! I had my Sorento in the shop for about a week for transfer case replacement plus few minor issues. They offered my a 01 Sephia at no charge, not a penny. Even Kia don't provide rental, dealer should offer you the rental if the repair work is required a minimum of 6 labor hours (I believe this is correct). The dealer will get reimbursement for the expenses. If you have any doubt, call the Kia Consumer Affairs for more details.
  • lok888 - Thanks for reply. I finally pikced up my Sorento and they fixed the problem now. They said it was a combination of things. The control unit is bad and there is one "OPEN" wire not shown in the schematics. By replacing the control unit and the OPEN wire, all is working.

    About the rental, they waived the rental charge after some accounting error. Anyway, I did not pay any so I am ok.

    Hope I don't have to go back except for maintenance.

    BTW, Since the car so new, I wonder if I should stick with the dealer for maintenance. I feel that going with someone without any Kia experience is risky . Any concerns if going to Jiffy Lube for oil change ?

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I have a very relation with my dealer which is 3 miles from my home. I prefer my nearest dealer because they take care of everything and the price is reasonable. I wouldn't bring my Sorento to any express oil change places. BTW, I contacted the Kia Consumer Affairs few months ago. They told you can bring your Kia to any shop (ASE certified, I guess) for repair like you are far away from Kia dealer. You need to show them (Kia) the receipts for reimbursement. But they added this is case by case basis.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Looking at a new vehical for my girlfriend. She like the sorento, but being the type of person i am i have to over analize it. Just wondering how many people are actually having tranfer case problems??? a few people or alot of people? Are there alot of problems in general, or not too bad? Im sure i could find my answers if i looked back thru all the posts, but lets face it i have too much going on. She is looking at an EX 4wd. anything that could help us out would be great.
    Thanks, Tom
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I am sure this is a problem yet. But I can hear some rattle when the sunroof is half open/close and when the car hit a small bump or pothole. I first thought it was the cargo cover or some items in my car. But I am pretty much sure it is coming from the sunroof because there is no rattle when it is close and fully open. Anyone hear this?
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    lok888 somewhere on this forum or at another someone else had the exact same problem. Turned out that the channels had worked lose and the service guys were able to tighten them up. See what happens. I have a question for you. When you had the transfer case replaced have you noticed that thumping feeling return. I wondering about it. I dropped off my wife's Sorento today to have the driver side switch console replaced. The switch for the passenger front window was giving us problems. It was acting like the drivers side power down but it also did a power up or it would actually go up and down by itself. Most of the time when it would go down it would stay down then after a few minutes it would work again. He said mine is the third one he has seen.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I have no problem with the driver's side power window or any windows. It sounds like a bad power window switch/rely. About the thumping feeling, it wasn't noticeable when I first picked up the car from the shop. I think it was couple days later. And it is coming back just like before the replacement. Again, it happens not all the time. It happens when I just about to release the brake pedal and before my foot on the gas pedal. I can feel the force from the rear wheels, like the brake pads are releasing from the disc rotors. Pasian mentioned this is normal for 4WD. I am not sure about it. Anyway, thanks for the tip on sunroof rattle. I think other Sorento EX owners should check the sunroof. We usually have the sunroof fully open or tilt.
  • It if funny how I can have no idea what someone is talking about and then suddenly I am experiencing things just as they were described. Lok...for me it also doesn't happen all the time but I have started (at 7000 miles) feeling a thump or clunk just as I release the brake but before I have put my foot on the gas pedal. I have not had mine looked at yet. Also my sunroom rattles too. Hope that is an easy fix. Take care
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    As you know, I have the transfer case replaced at around 7.5K miles. My car drove like in 4Lo but actually in AUTO. I have 4WD with TOD. I think I first noticed this thumping feeling several months after I picked up car in December, probably after the first oil change. I hope this is not related to the transfer case.

    Can anyone tell me when should I have the tires rotate and balance? I have over 9700 miles now. I remember the owner's manual recommends tires rotation with the space tire. Any suggestion?
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    lok888 usually the general rule is front to back and visa versa. If your at a dealer or tire shop have them rebalance them. I usually just leave the spare alone and just rotate the other four tires. I picked up our Sorento last night after the master switch console was replaced and I talked to the service manager about the thumping that we have been feeling. He has no tech info on it or any type of service notification. He beleives its the rear differential releaseing itself and not the transfer case becasue it does happen after the brakes are released. He made note in our service record for future reference. I took a walk over to check out the Sorentos in the lot and boy have the prices increased. Our sticker price for our EX with lux and ABS and Spoiler was 25,800 and change the sticker for regular EX with just abs or with just leather is up around 27,800 pretty steep. i think they just raised the price so that they don't lose out from all the incentives.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    That's what I thought. Even with 4WD, it is usually RWD, like 80%. Rear differential... I recall that you don't have the thumping feeling with your Ranger 4x4. Did the service guy feel the same thing? I agree with you the price increase. It is the same car that we bought 8, 9 months ago. It is reasonable for dest. fee increase because of the gas price hike. But at least the $1000 cash back makes people happy.
  • I've being having problems since day one with my Sorento braking performance. I got replaced twice my front disc rotors and I am afraid that the problem will come back again. My first set of rotors were replaced at 4,380 miles and the second ones at 15,662. I purchased my Sorento last October, so there is not even a year. Two sets of rotors in less than a year. Is someone out there with the same problem? Please, reply. Thanks.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    Usually the pulsations is caused by a warped rotor which is usually caused by the techs over torqing the wheels back after service. After the second time have you been feeling it. Usually, after any tire service, I go home take out my large breaker bar and undo each lug and just torque them back up to spec. No torque wrench? Loosen each bolt them tighten down nice and snug. Do this in a criss cross pattern.
  • hciaffa:

    I never thought that overtorque can warp rotors. I am going to try that. I already contacted Kia Customer Service about my Sorento problem and it is on file. If out there someone with another idea, please, let me know. I noticed after the rotor replaced that my Sorento rides better and smoother. That is the way it should be. Thanks guys!
  • Yep. I just had mine replaced at 23,000 miles. All four were rotors were warped. I am convinced that it had to do with overtorqing and does Kia.

    About a week before I took the Sorento in to have it checked, I tried to remove the front wheels to do a visual check of the brakes and do a slight visual "scrape" on the brake pad and I could check later if they indeed had been fixed or replaced. Anyway...I could barely get the lugs loose! They were sooooo tight. Why the hell car makers allow airwrenches to be used on lugs is beyond me. Most of the time the are set incorrectly or use too much air pressure...thus...overtightning everything! I don't get it!

    Im with hciaffa, check your lugs yourself. Also...I have had a problem with an old Mitsu Montero having rotor warping too...and it always happend when I used the emergency brake often. Just a heads up there with the Sorento. I never use the emergency brake unless its needed.

    Hope that helps some.
  • Well, I almost injure myself trying to get loose the lug nuts. All of them were so tight that I needed a Torque wrench to loose them up. So, you all guys are right about it. Well, I hope that my problems will not show up again. By the way, I have to take my Sorento to the body shop, of course, under warranty, for some rust on my rear door handle. Check it out guys! It happened to me so could happen to your Sorento. Hope not. Thanks again for your inputs.
  • I have been reading the board regarding the Sorrento. My daughter wants to purchase one, but after reading all the data on them I am not sure this would be a good buy. To anyone who owns one - Would you buy another one and do you recommend buying a Kia Sorrento? Thanks
  • I'm now at about 11K miles. I've just had my most concerning issue with the Sorento (have had several small issues, but nothing mechanical to this point.)

    My power steering became very hard at low speeds. As it turns out, the speed sensitive steering had an electrical issue where it was sensing high speeds while I was driving at low speeds, thus the hard turning.

    They fixed it after having it for a couple of days - my concern is at 11K I shouldn't be having these types of issues with a new vehicle.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Remember that you are reading the Problems discussion; people are posting gripes or solutions - not too many people will be posting "it's running fine, nothing to report."

    Check out the Kia Sorento discussion too.

    Steve, Host
  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    I've got over 7k miles with mine and have had zero problems. great value for the money IMHO.
  • Does anyone have a definitive answer to the cause of a distinct clicking noise, which seems to come from the windscreen (shield), especially when the air conditioning is on?
    I also notice that when changing from first to second gear, I have to do so very slowly so as not to beat the second gear synchromesh.
    PS Very happy with the car at 4000 miles.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    jmejias... please do not us a torque wrench to unloosen any bolts or nuts it is not made for that. Use a breaker bar with a socket or a regular ratchet wrench to unloosen. A torque wrench is just to do what its for. After you tighten the item you use the torque wrench to do the final torque of the bolt or nut. I prefer to use a regular wrench anyway to tighten then use the torque wrench for the final tightening. By trying to unloosen a bolt or nut you can damage the torque mechanism in the wrench.

    segart.. as for the ticking or cracking sound this has been discussed on this forum and another one as well, no one can get a straight answer from any techs. It has been noted that it could be the windshield expanding when the deforster is on or if the mode is set for vent it could be the dash or the duct work that is expanding or contracting. If you have not had the Sorento in the winter months yet you will notice it more then, especilly when its in the defrost mode. I has asked my dealer about it and he could not find any breaks in the windshield, but he did hear it and thinks its the dash or duct work expanding
  • A/C compressor coming on & off. My Sportage does that, with sort of a metallic "clink" or "tink." It was very annoying at first but I quickly got used to it and don't even hear it now unless I'm listening closely to it. Evidently most carmakers put the switch in the engine compartment or somewhere else it can't be heard but Kia didn't for the Sportage and, perhaps, with the Sorento.

    Since it's summer you're probably running your A/C a lot; try to drive the car without A/C for a while and see if the clinking stops.
  • I know I have posted this a few times. But here it is again...and I hope it helps.

    Since the delivery of my Sorento, which happend to be last november, whenever I turned on the heater and directed the airflow to the windshield I could hear ticking noises. I immediatly recognized the sound as being the HIV duct work under the dash. My parents have a 2000 BMW 330i, and their car does the exact same thing...actually its even more pernounced in their car than in my Sorento. To me, its never been the windshield...though the sound would tempt you to think that it is. Its a very distinctive sound....some have said it sounds like ice breaking as it hits water. I have had two seperate Kia service sources look at it. They say that though they know that this has been a problem with the Sorento...there is no current fix. The plastic just simply expands and contracts with the heat and cold.

    Anyway...I'm sure that Kia will address this problem in future builds of the Sorento...but from what I understand now, there is no fix from Kia.
  • Oops! the torque wrench that I used was an old one as a handle to get the lug nuts loose. Do not worry, my Craftman is safe in my tool box.

    The only problem to be fix is the rust on my rear door. As soon as Kia fix it I will let you know.
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