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Chevrolet Equinox



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I haven't seen anything. Anyone?

    Steve, Host
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    In one article I saw that pricing is expected to be in line with other small SUVs. Given production won't start for a year, it's not likely you will see anything too detailed yet.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I would expect pricing to be around the Escape/CRV range if they are to be competitive.
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    When exactly will the Equinox be available? I should know this but will it be debuting next winter as a 2005 model? or this fall as a 2004 model?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    From what I can see it's a 2005 model which means the earliest it can come out is January 2004. It's a fairly long wait IMO. I would have thought they would push it out a little faster as the Tracker isn't selling well anyway.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    Saw a picture of the Equinox on the weekend. Looks completely different than our Vue, hard to believe they sit on the same platform. Very nice though.

    I wonder how pricing will compare to the V6 Vue?
  • Typical GM, Great new styling but we'll put in an obsolete OHV motor. 3.4L and only 185hp! How does honda get 240hp from a 3,2L!
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    By putting all the hp in the high end of the rpms where it is worthless to truck drivers. The GM engine will have all a flat torque curve giving steady good power to people who need it and know what they are talking about.
  • The Equinox is going into the cross-over arena: an upscale mini-SUV. Great space and looks, but why is a '05 model running around with an iron block?
    I will look at replacing my CRV next year and this will come up against a new CRV. I have a funny feeling the Equinox will run second dragging that old 3.4L from China.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    An upscale SUV? The Equinox will be starting at less than 20k.

    Something tells me there will be a lot of buyers, whether you stay in your CRV rut or not.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    3.4L may not be the most modern engine, but it's very reliable, smooth and has lots o torque. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

    The VUE will have a Honda 3.5L option next year if you want a bigger motor.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    From Edmunds review of the Pilot:
    "Its refined and sophisticated 3.5-liter V6 produces 240 horsepower at 5,400 rpm and 242 pound-feet of torque at 4,500 rpm with the aid of Honda's Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC).

    Besides providing for a relatively flat torque curve (with ample acceleration at low to mid rpm) and strong performance at high engine speeds, VTEC boosts fuel economy."

    I wouldn't call the torque output useless.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    For what 90% of the population does with these vehicles, who cares. Amble power is all I need, I'm not going to be towing or off roading anyway.
  • Less then 20K? I dont think so. They will not bother with a 2.2L base engine, too slow. There's no point in Chevy trying to fight the Kia's, Hyundia's, etc. (no profit margin) They want the CRV class of owner. A CRV is loaded out the factory door, just a few minor dealer installed opitions. And like diploid said: if you want to tow get the Trailblazer. 90% of the buyers will want the mini-SUV to drive like a car. So GM, find a nice 32 valve V6 from Opel to drop in this machine.

    I think it's sad the the largest car company on the planet has to go to HONDA to get their 3.5L ?

    Of course if you'll promise to drop a Honda VTEC 3.5L in an Equinox, you can have my deposit money today.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Your complaints are ridiculous.

    First, GM's press release said the Equinox will debut for under 20k. We know from the VUE (whose platform will base the Equinox) that the Equinox will be a solid car like performer at any price.

    An even torque band is good for more than towing. It means the car will accelerate quicker without compromising mpg. The engine will also be easier to maintain than the Honda V6.

    The Equinox will in fact be solid challenger to the CRV. In fact, as the Equinox will be priced less than the CRV with the V6 -- the CRV V6 will be a pricier option filled offering -- will look a lot better than the ugly little CRV box on wheels, and will have unique seating options, it will easily beat the CRV in both price and options.

    You want to pay extra so you can say you bought a Honda, fine. Something tells me you will not have as much company as Honda wishes.

    The future VUE V6 has nothing to do with this forum. Auto companies get large and stay large by making good business decisions. Adding expensive factory capacity to make engines in an era of massive overcapacity may satisfy a juvenile sense of what is right from my car company. GM did not see a reason to pay for additional capacity to make 20k V6s per year for the VUE.
  • I own a CRV and love the looks of the Equinox. But the new CRV has a great 4 cyl and there's no talk of putting a 6 in it. The Equinox will have to start with a so-so 30 year old designed V6 to get OK performance. GM always starts new models with old engines, takes a few years to shoe horn something better in there. Let's hope the Equinox is not like the first year Escape/Tribute: transmission and other assorted recalls.

    Now where do you get the idea that the Honda V6 is high maintenance? Let's see, it's a great Indy car motor and I don't seem to ever see Honda problem boards? Car rags can't say enough about all the Accura, Accord, and Pilot models that use it.

    It looks like GM is forced to use this engine because of the over capacity they are adding in China. Part of the politics of getting into a new 3rd world market. Can't try to build a high tech motor in a low tech country.

    GM doesn't use its world resources correctly. The GTO project is an exception: Need a low volume V8 sport coupe to replace the firebird. Holden in allstralia had a great car. Just throw a Pontiac grill and some nameplates on it. Presto! New Euro styled sport coupe with zero development costs!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The Honda 3.5L engine is being used because of a swap deal done with Honda for GM transmissions. The 3.0L in the VUE now is fine, but Saturn canned the project the 3.5L were suppose to go into so the VUE is getting them. Nothing "sad" about it. As for indy car motors, they don't have much to do with car motors and Honda's in general are far from trouble free.

    The 3.4L V6 in Equinox will offer smoothness a 4 cyl can not, even one from Honda. Priced around the same I will very likely go with the Equinox assuming quality is there. The vehicle is coming from a Suzuki/GM plant with a good record so I think it will be ok. The VUE has done fine and is now recommended by consumer reports also.
  • I guess we'll wait what the final production specs will be. Since the Equinox will be longer then the VUE, I assume heavier and will need extra HP/torque. I hope they have it out late fall so the car rags can get their hands on it for road tests. GM needs this car out as soon as possible. While the VUE as gotten OK revues, no one has been happy with the bland interior or exterior styling.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    The Equinox most likely will hurt VUE sales. I somewhat like the VUE -- and wish my wife had bought it over the Escape she did buy.

    I think the Equinox really casts a pall on the VUE and am not quite certain what GM is trying to say to Saturn here.

    The Equinox, and the fact the Maxx will be a Chevy instead of a Saturn lead me to wonder how committed GM is to Saturn in the long run. If Chevy can get the small car and truck people back, GM may think Saturn is redundant.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    logic : Check out They have info on the new Saturn replacement of the L-series. Sounds very much like the Maxx but with some twists including a hybrid version. They also have a minivan on the way. Saturn commitment is definitely there. I like the VUE exterior and ride a lot, but I agree the dash could be better.

    joey2brix : As the Equinox is an 05, the earliest it can be sold is January 04. From what I have read, that's when it will be out.
  • Better to get the sale, rather then let it go to Honda,Toyota, etc. GM has lost market share and cannot win back customers with boring styling of the VUE or the cheap Susuki-clone: the Tracker.

    The new Saturn Ion has been put down about it's strange dashboard and interior design.

    Consumers want quality, value and a sexy look. Saturn's got 2 out of the 3, but thats not enough to beat Honda.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I think the VUE exterior is far better than the new CR-V. That said, Honda has an edge for the interior. As I understand it, the VUE will get a refresh next year. Who knows, maybe a better interior with that.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Went to the Toronto show today and saw the Equinox. All I can say is it's very nice. Got a brochure with a picture of the interior also, looks like this one will be a winner.
  • I guess the rear hatch is a one piece swing up right? Are the exterior panels steel or plastic like the VUE? Would you say it looks bigger then the VUE or CRV?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    It's all steel and the back hatch is one piece though the window may pop out (couldn't tell).

    The Equinox is bigger than the VUE/CR-V, though not much. It's billed as the biggest in class which I would agree with. We shall see how big it is inside where it counts though.

    Forgot to mention, they had pictures of the interior and it's very nice. Has a brushed aluminum look to it.
  • I signed up for info on the Chevy web site last week when info becomes available. They FEDEX me a one page glossy flier with a letter saying a brochure would be mailed out in April. Probably the same one handed out at the auto shows. I'll check it out at the NY Auto show in April. You'll probably get them on the street first since you're north of the border. Hopefully the car rags will get preview drives this fall and report if the NOX is worth waiting for.
  • artdechoartdecho Posts: 337
    The Vue is already one of the larger mini-utes in it's class and the Equinox is a stretch of that platform? Seems like the Nox is getting dangerously close to the Trailblazer in size, only it doesn't have the power to back it up.
    While it does make the Vue look rather plain, I'm not sure I'm crazy about the "Chevy Truck" front end and the Doge Caravan-like rear. They seem to be making a big deal about the sliding rear seat but the CR-V's been there/done that. Is the floor inside flat, Dindak? like the CR-V, or is there a hump down the middle. It certainly shouldn't want for space, but we'll have to see how the price/power and fuel economy spec's out.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    artdecho : The windows were blacked out so I could not see inside. The vehicle is not all that close to Trailblazer size, closer to the size of the old Blazer. The one pager I got says the vehicle has sliding rear seats and height adjustable cargo shelf (that doubles as a picnic table). Nothing about how flat the seats fold though.

    joey : NOX looks like it's worth waiting for. The interior looks better (and more up scale) than the VUE and I think I like the exterior better also. My concerns is the mileage (vs VUE) and the price. If it's comparable to the V6 Escape, we will likely consider it.
  • I like the trailblazer's styling, I just found it too oversized for the volume of interior space (like most GM products). So I think the NOX looks like a mini-Trailblazer. Hopefully it's unitized-body, so no overweight truck frame rails. Of course with a AWD drive train and the need to strengthen the unitized-floor pan, you have to have a small hump in the floor. I didn't think the CRV had sliding rear seats, but I wouldn't call that feature a deal breaker. The photos have the rear wiper arm mounted to the hatch door so I guess the glass does not open, too bad. Hopefully some more changes will be worked into the design.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    I could not see a hump in the one in Chicago. The 'Nox is designed lower to ground than the Trailblazer. It should also be more nimble. It will certainly be an alternative for people who want the space but do not need to tow.
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