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  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    This is the first I have ever heard of that problem. Take it into your dealer and have them fix it my man!!

    Mtn Mike
  • James -- Ford has changed over all of its captains chairs to the new kind. No armrests, bigger console, much more form fitting seats. Rear seat lost the center armrest, gained cup holders on rear of console. Also more form-fitting seats. I posted all about this on under the name LongTime.
  • My new Screw (50 miles) is very smooth riding, but there's a shudder at one particular point:
    when accelerating up-hill, when the truck goes to shift up there's a pretty significant vibration/warble/pulsating feeling (is that clear as mud?) Has anyone else noticed this? Had it looked at? Would anyone please try it and see?
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    Living in Colorado I have accelerated up many a hill in my S-Crew and have never experienced this. You might want to have it looked at.

    Mtn Mike
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    the only shudder i've noticed on my s-crew is when you take off from a dead stop there is a slight shudder or jerking sensation...
  • smilinsmilin Posts: 11
    Just picked up my new Screw..delivered four weeks to the day I ordered it..surprise!!
    Mine has head rests on the back seats which surprised my dealer!
    Small V-8 goes like H--- with no shudders, mutters or otherwise..lucky so far I guess. Split bench seat is so molded as to "feel" like buckets with the high center console down. This thing runs so quietly I can hear the deer running alongside the vehicle at night..ahem.
    Good luck to those of you'll be worth it once you get yours..then enjoy!
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    hey s-crewies,

    just got back from a 6 hour stint behind the wheel. s-crew now has just over 1k miles. really enjoyed the ride and drive, even at 75+ mph! only recent new anamoly i've noticed is that the in-dash cd player really makes the cds HOT! anybody else notice this?
  • pboltspbolts Posts: 13
    Once your bedliner was installed, did you start experiencing any static electrical shocks after you exited the truck and grabbed the door to shut it?
    The last two trucks that I've owned both had drop-in bedliners and I received a shock nearly every time that I exited these vehicles.
    Static electricity build-up seems to be an inherent problem with the drop-in bedliners.
    The one bedliner that I had, even came with a warning sticker about the potential danger of filling up a gasoline can while it was in contact with the bedliner.
    I also hauled many loads of crushed and drain rock with my trucks and would end up with several shovel fulls of rock underneath the bedliner which always managed to get there through the tie-down cut-out holes in the bedliner.
    For these reasons and a few more, I'll definitely go with a spray-in bedliner the next time.
  • rm13rm13 Posts: 46
    Anyone find 5w-20 at their local stores? No luck here so far but I know Mobil makes it (regular oil)
    Smilin- Are the headrests basically the same height as the front seats? That would have been worth the wait if I had known that.
    Khs- I have a 2wd w/4.6l eng. Milage right at 15mpg so far at 2100 mls. No hauling but a daily 2.5 mile drive each way with 5 traffic lights. My Ranger gets mid 20's.
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100

    Yes the CD's get hot. Normal operation for the player. I have been playing CD'S in that thing for 4 months and no problem my man. Congratulations on your new ride. A real masterpiece ain't it???

    Mtn Mike
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    Just finished a 400 mile roundtrip in the mountains. All up and down highway mountains of Colorado at high altidudes. This 5.4L gave me the best mileage yet at 18.7 MPG average. Sadly in town driving is only producing 14.2MPG. LUV THIS TRUCK!!!!

    Mtn Mike
  • My '01 Screw was delivered in late Oct. I ordered another unit which arrived last week, and noticed (like someone stated before) that the seat style had changed. Specific to my fleet, I use my back seat for seating more than the user of the second unit will-I am going to switch the seats around . Here's my point-it seems that FOMOCO is always surprising customers with these changes. Details shown on the literature are inconsistant with the actual product. Since 1997, I have purchased 37 F150's, Rangers, Expeditions and now 2 SuperCrews. This seems to be a common thing. I have also posted comments with Ford, but had no response. Hopefully someone from Ford will read and have an impact on stabilizing what is already an excellant product line
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    Glen you may find this string interesting and I agree they have changed this model several times since its first release. The headrest are a safety issue:

    Mtn Mike
  • The best mileage I've been getting is 15.1 mpg.
    mtnmike, how are you getting 18+? It's not that I don't believe you, but that is pretty good for a 4x4. Also, I am glad to hear you are enjoying your truck as much as I am. I have been on two road trips in the last three weeks and that truck is a treat to drive...
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100

    I don't know what to tell you other than those figures I posted are correct. This was the second time I have taken a lengthy trip into the mountains and enjoyed great gas mileage. Living in Colorado I do have the "High Altitude" package on this 5.4L V-8; but I am not sure that would make any difference. Combined city/highway driving has been only a little above the average. Actually my mileage has gone down slightly for combined city/highway since I first bought the truck. I am using 87 octane "Texaco" gasoline.

    Mtn Mike

    F-150 XLT Super Crew, 4X4, Deep Wedgewood Blue/Arizona Beige, 17" tires & Wheels, 5.4L V-8, Power Drivers Seat, Limited Slip, Side Steps, Extang Tonneau, ETC. delivered 08/29/00
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    no puff of smoke from mine! also, just recently put almost 1k miles on the truck and it didn't appear to use any oil despite it being brand new.
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    I haven't noticed any puff of smoke; but it is not unusual for that to occurr on a cold start. 2400 miles and no drop on oil dipstick.

    Mtn Mike
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    today while waiting for my gas tank to fill up, i was looking through my owner's manual and came across some interesting info. it says that the use of "premium" fuel is not recommended for the s-crew! use of said fuel could cause driveability problems. anyway, also states in there that ford supports the use of "reformulated" fuels. i'm guessing this means the use of 10% ethanol would be okay. however, it doesn't explicitly say this. only says you can't use methanol. anyone know the answer? where i live the ethanol blend is either rated at 89 or 90 octane. thanks...
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    I really can't answer your question other than to say the recommended octane rating is 87 octane. If you get no response on this board you may want to post on the "Super Crew" message board at
    "F-150 On line":

    Mtn Mike
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    Any of you who feel there is a safety issue with the lack of rear seat headrests on the S-Crews built without them should take the time to complete a simple NHSTA safety form over the internet. There is a campaign posted on other "S-Crew" message boards to bring this to their intention in order to cause Ford to re-call and install the rear passenger headrests in S-Crews not so equipped. You will find this form which can be filled out online at:

    To view the issue on the "F-150 On Line" message board go to:

    Mtn Mike
  • lee75lee75 Posts: 15
    Take Mtn Mike's advice and submit a compliant IF you think it's a safety issue (which I do). Great truck, but this is an issue that Ford should address.
  • If you're having problems with your Ford F-150, or have advise for those with problems, please visit Pickups Topic 2482, Ford F-150 Problems.

    Thanks for your participation. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    thanks for the feedback. was at the dealership the other day and saw an s-crew with the new style cloth seats. they do seem a little more contoured. wonder if the leather seats will be the same? if so, they will look much "richer" than the current leather seats. also was on the ford website and noticed that they now are offering seat heaters on the s-crew. i'm starting to really wish i'd waited and ordered a new truck rather than taking one off the lot. cuz, if i had, i would have gotten the leather, seat heaters and moonroof! humm...i'm afraid to ask how much my truck has already depreciated...
  • I am looking for a fiberglass campershell for my 01 f-150 supercrew. any one know of any companys that are making them for these project trucks I like the ones snug tops makes but they don't offer one for sc yet. I know they are out there i saw one but couldn't catch up to ask where he got his at. thanks buddy
  • Anyone out there have any comments on the 4.6 vs the 5.4. I'm looking to purchase a xlt screw in the spring and still debating on size. I don't plan on towing/hauling anything but, plan to have this bugger for a long time and may tow in the future. Now with kid and dog need more space. My old 1984 s015 ext cab is getting tired. I also was looking at the dakota quad, but haven't heard any good news on MPG in this vehicle, plus for a few more bucks, can get a real truck......
  • go for the gold, get the 5.4 bigger is better. it's hard to go back and get the 5.4 if u get the small one now. my gas mpg is about 16.0 and towing my rockwood pop-up is about 15.0 not bad when u put all the space and safety together. also don't know how the 4.6 would sound with flow masters but the 5.4 sounds good:::::
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    If you can afford it....go with the 5.4....
  • mtnmikemtnmike Posts: 100
    Drove both before buying. Noticed a big difference. I ordered the 5.4L and am very glad I did. You can never have enough torque when you really need it!!!! So don't cut yourself short.

    Mtn Mike
  • Anyone received their congratulatory note about buying a Supercrew from some exec in Ford along with the blanket that sports a S'crew? Not much, but at least the first time I or anyone in my family can recall a mfgr thanking us for buying their vehicle.... No if they will just give me my headrests! Complaint registered, thanks mtnmike!
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