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  • pghs68pghs68 Posts: 5
    From what I've heard, trucks such as the supercrews that have full size back seats are not required to have passenger side deactivation switches. The safest place for children is the back seat, especially babies in car seats. The thinking is, children will be put in the back seat where it is safer and where there is no chance of someone "forgetting" to deactivate an airbag and possibly causing injury to a child (if a collision were to occur).
  • mk39mk39 Posts: 18
    While I understand that children are safer in the back seat, what do I do with the fourth child??? And while the deactivation switch is not required in the SCrew - that's ok by me - why is it not an option??
  • maybe it's another dis-incentive to having large families; a sneakier form of population control? ;-)
  • mk39mk39 Posts: 18
    Thanks for the responses - it does seem that it is that universal problem of the government trying to protect us from ourselves. I have checked with the DOT Auto Safety Hotline this morning and they are mailing a form - that when approved will give me the option of ordering a cutoff switch on the F150 SCrew (or so they say now). The person I talked to said that the need to transport four or more children is reason enough to be approved for the switch. If my own three children didn't have friends, this wouldn't be a problem at all!
  • the later bills for psycho-analysis would outweigh the cost savings now of having friendless children.... ;-)
  • I've just ordered a 4WD F-150 5.4 Supercrew and would like to do a few things to improve the gas mileage (air filter, headers, exhaust, computer chip, etc) and enhance the appearance (very minor front end lift, larger wheels and tires). I don't want to do anything to void the warranty though. To what extent can modifications be done without causing warranty problems?
  • I'm new to a message board, am looking to order a '01 SCREW in upstate NY, Capital District area. Any good dealers? Will only pay invoice, especially w/ the Blue Oval 1.25% incentive above hold back. Am thinking of a 4.6L,XLT, 4X4,tu-tone Highland grn/ silver,moon roof,bed extender, poss. sprayed in Rhino liner. Any comments??? 4.6L for a little better mileage, as most of my driving/commuting is hi-way.
  • My Ford parts dept found me a phone number and part number to order the switch. I'm going to try it tomorrow and I'll let you know what happens.
    800-325-5621 xl32-14b268-aa
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    That will vary from dealership to dealership depending on their service manager. Under the Magnuson Moss Act, warranty cannot be denied due to installing aftermarket parts. However, if the dealership is able to prove that the aftermarket part caused the failure of a factory part, they do not have to honor the warranty. Needless to say, the aftermarket part that you install will not be covered under factory warranty, rather by the manufacturer of the aftermarket part.

    I've seen so many different answers from various dealers. Best to check with whomever you will be buying from cause even if the dealer is wrong, you don't need to pull teeth everytime you require warranty work.

    I've added a catback, headers, cold air intake, aftermarket plugs and wires, performance mass airflow sensor, larger tires, and hypertech programming. To this date, my service manager has not once brought up the subject of the engine, transmission, or anything else not being covered under factory warranty. Where he does draw the line is if I added a supercharger or turbocharger as they consider "forced induction" to place additional strain on the engine parts. Funny though, some dealers across the nation install SC's as a dealer option with the warranty being provided by the dealer and not GM, Ford, or Dodge.
  • connonconnon Posts: 52
    Made a deal thursday night,my 99 f250 super Lariat 4x4 and $10000 for a King Ranch.Not really what I had in mind when I started shopping but was the only vehicle out there with close to the configuration I wanted.The 99 is a great truck but I dont really need that much of a machine.This is for an everyday ride, and should be a bit easier to park. Also easier to gas up. Regular in north N.J. is still about $1.45. My only real regret is losing the rear bench seats to captains chairs.the folding bench makes for better storage on road trips. Anybody know if the buckets collapse and fold up at all? I am buying this sight unseen.Closest I've gotten to it is the dealers computer monitor.
  • Just finished reading all the posts - all 496 of them - and am more convinced than ever that the screw is the truck for me. Have researched the others and this truck just has the most of what I want. Aside from a few bugs, I was glad to read that everyone was happy with their truck - once it arrived. I would like to receive my truck in the Aug/Sept timeframe (by then my finances should be in line) so will have to start working with a dealer to get the timing right. This brings me to my next point.......

    mtnmike.....are you out there? If I remember correctly from previous posts, you found a dealer in the Denver area that got you your truck for invoice. I'm in the Springs area and plan to solicit all the dealers in the area.

    I plan on getting the 5.4l 4x4 with the tow group and off road pkgs. I guess I'm still unclear as to whether the Gen.III captains chairs are better than the bench with regards to the armrests. Also, has anyone gotten the rear entertainment (video) system? Have two little ones that would enjoy it on long trips. Just want to know if it is worth the extra $$ or should I wait for an after market item such as a dvd system?

    Thanks again to everyone for all the good info.
  • I've had my screw for two months now & enjoy it more than the day I picked it up. but I find the "in box" tie down anchors a problem when hauling bulky items, brush, yard waste, etc... are there any options for bed rail tie downs, ford or after market? how do they attach with no pockets/standards?
  • I have a Screw with approx 19k. It uses 1/2 to 3/4qt of oil every 4,000 miles. I told the dealership about this and they said this wasn't out of the norm for a new truck to use this much oil. I have a 10 year old car that doesn't use this much oil. Has anyone else experience this problem?
  • rdor1rdor1 Posts: 3
    I am just about ready to order my 01 XLT super crew. However I have noticed at the approximately 10 dealerships I visited that there are two very different interiors. I am referring to the 60/40 split bent seats. Some of the interiors have seats with adjustable head rests front and rear. Others have headrests that are part of the seat back on the front seats and no head rests in the back seats. Even the fabric design was different. I am not revering to captain chairs. One dealer said it was a mistake. (real clever) Others said it depends on when it was built. The earlier ones had the more plain seats with the on adjustable seats. The have a more "Cheap" look. One salesperson said it varies. You take what you get. Other sales people had no ideas and didn't seem interested in finding out. Anyone notice this as they have been looking around. I was as a dealership that had two identical trucks, same color and window sticker price and options. Each had a different interior. The salesperson that seemed more interested in checking it out also had the lowest price. $25100 for an XLT 2WD, sliding rear window, limited-slip, and moonroof. How does that sound? Thanks
  • smilinsmilin Posts: 11
    The Screws with the adjustable head rests front and rear are the "ewer" 2001's. The "alder" models have adjustable head rests only in front and none in back. Also, you'll note that the 'newer" 2001's do have a spiffier interior cloth. Don't settle for the older..when you put folks in the back seat, they'll be grateful you've got the head rests.. keeps their heads off the rear window.
    There should not be a price difference. I ordered my Screw thinking I'd not get rear head rests and when it came in the dealer was as surprised as I was when we saw the rear head rests. Dealers did not get a notice about the changes.. which is typical for Ford.
    Good luck.. you're gonna love it when you get it!!
  • rdor1rdor1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info about the interiors. I just ordered it within the hour. I told the dealer that I would not accept one with the "cheaper" style interior. He did find one like I wanted in a locate, but it was a June production model and the "cheap" interior. That is why I am ordering one. Any idea how long they take currently> Your are right about the company not notifing dealers about changes. But at least when tow ares sitting there you would think they would make some attempt to know their product! Another thing I noticed is that when they first came out they were available in harves gold. Now that has been replaced by arizona beige. I guess it is because they came out during that 2000 model year. Weird, but harvest gold is still available in all Ford vehicle but the F-150!
  • Purplebooks (Cliff) - I'm interested to know what you find out about the airbag cutoff switch for the SCrew. I'm surprised that you received a p/n for one for the SCrew. I went through the whole process of getting authorization from the NHTSA & then took that to the only dealer in Colorado authorized to install the switches. They checked & no one makes the switch for the SCrew (due to the back seat and the newness of the vehicle). However, I don't know why they can't retrofit the standard F-150 cutoff switch.
  • connonconnon Posts: 52
    Picked mine up last night. 4x4,5.4,ls, moonroof,tow pkg,bed extend, charcoal blue. This baby is sweet.Coming from a 99 f250 super, this truck drives like a sedan.Just took a few minutes to figure out the Mroof functions. Didn't know it was two positions and the owners manual is vague to say the least.Dealer tells me to expect a leather care kit from Ford but after gettin stiffed for my Lariat blanket I dont know what to expect.Wonder if it was because I was an A plan buyer or did I just slip through the cracks.
  • smilinsmilin Posts: 11
    When I ordered mine, the dealer stated six to eight weeks for delivery. I must have hit it right because I had mine exactly six weeks from the date of my dealer submitted order!! I did stay in touch with the salesman via e-mail and phone..not being a pest, just "checking in". He was able to give me "build dates" and " expected delivery" dates and then a "confirmed delivery date".
    Worked well for me and I wish you the same. I truly enjoy driving this vehicle more than any other I've ever owned.
  • fl4x4fl4x4 Posts: 1
    Does anybody know if Ford is planning to bring out the '2002' super crew early this year?
    And if so, when?
    I'm under the impression that the super crew 2001 actually came out mid 2000 rather than late August early September 2000.. I'm evaluating purchasing a super crew, however, I'm not sure what impact will the fact that the super crew 2001 came out so early when it comes to re-sale value. I'm wondering if it would be best to wait for the 2002, taking into consideration when they will actually come out s. any special promotional financing going on now, availability, etc... (not to mention the fact that I already have the 'bug' to buy one.......)
    Any input about this topic is appreciated.
  • mk39mk39 Posts: 18
    Can someone explain why the SCrew 4.6L 3.55 axle 4x4 with automatic trans has a towing capacity of 6100 lbs while the same configuration except manual trans can do only 2900 lbs? I would prefer the manual trans but need to pull a 3-horse trailer. F250 has same capacity for auto as manual trans on any configuration. I'm confused!
  • New to this board. fl4x4, I'd be interested in the exact same info. If nobody here has any, I might try a local dealer or Ford directly. Let me know if you have any luck.

    Also, can anybody give me any feedback on how useful the 5.5 ft bed is? A full foot shorter than the SB on the regular and xcabs. While I understand that it is the same width at the wheel wells, it also appears to be narrower at the tailgate.

    Thanks. A lot of good info. here.
  • I guess my question was how useful the 5.5 ft box is relative to the 6.5ft on the regular and xcabs. I really like the extra room in the crew cab. Never owned a pickup before but am likely to buy an xcab or Screw in the next month or so. I've had other truck owners tell me that even the 6.5ft short boxes on the xcabs can be small at times even for "residential" type use. So I'm just trying to get a feel for that relative to the Screws 5.5ft box.

    My question to the dealer or to Ford was not on the box issue. Rather I was responding to another post regarding when the 2002's will be introduced. Since the '01 Screws were brought out very early in '00, the question was is Ford planning an early roll out of the '02 models? Seems like it might be a reasonable question for a dealer if nobody here knows. Still be interested in knowing if anyone has any info. on that though.

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    the 02s will begin rolling out of the factory in late july or early august, just like all other far as significant changes over the 01, i doubt it...
  • Go to, they can hook you up I/ a contact at a participating dealer. Absolutely no reason why you can get the Screw for dealer invoice especially if ordering. When we got our 1996 explorer loaded w/ all and moon roof, we paid only the fac.inv. The dealer still makes out on the hold back, usually around 3%. So for a $28,000 truck their still making $860 on the deal...

    I'm also looking to order in late spring, XLT w/ moonroof. 1984 s-15 is getting tired and she owes me nothing. Trying to hit all dealers to see in person all colors/interiors before I commit. Love the Arizona Beige, but leaning to Dark Highland Green, after seeing the green in person, its nothing like the flier.
  • Let's hope hey make the dash a little less plasticy. Suprised Edmunds didn't discuss that as a con. Outside of that, I'm still planning to have one by mid year...
  • Between reading all of your posting and seeing a few Screws on the road (boy, they look good!), I finally made a deal and finalized the order. It was hard to decide since I love my 99 Cab Lariat, but with two kids, the extra room will help a lot. Can't wait...4x4 Lariat Red / r. Be./Two-tone. My only worry now... hoping that she's delivered before the April 2nd incentive ends.
  • Well, I just ordered my Screw on Monday and I was wondering if anyone had used this truck to tow over 5500 lbs.? I ordered the 5.4l with a locking 3:55-1 gear set and the towing package. I sold my Chevy Ext. Cab for this truck and it did a pretty good job towing. I have never been a big Ford fan but the back seat of the Screw sold us. It has ALLOT more room than an Ext. Cab truck and the bed, with a hard cover, looks like it'll hold plenty of luggage.

    If anyone has towed more that 5000 lbs. with a Screw let me know.

    Any transmission problems? Over heating? How are the brakes? Any comments from the Ford Tech?
  • Hey Alexrod1,

    What incentives are in your area, in my zip code in NE, and isn't showing any are you hooking up w/ them???
  • He seldomseentoo, go to the ford web site incentive link and click on F-Series. They moved Super crew incentives there. 5.9% for 60 months if delivered by April 2nd. I have a King Ranch Edition on order. Hopefully it'll arrive by then! Good Luck
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