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  • alexrod1alexrod1 Posts: 7
    Can anyone tell me how I can get info on my ordered truck? (Build date, date, etc) I recall reading through some postings about people calling a VOPC and getting some dates.
    Thank You in advance guys and ladies.
  • pghs68pghs68 Posts: 5
    I had ordered my screw 1/12/01 and had also seen the comments reverencing VOPC. I spoke with my dealer about it and was told that VOPC is Vehicle Order Processing Center. He pulled up the information on his computer (which only he can do, I was told) and told me the build date was 2/12. I later called about 2/22 for a delivery date and he told me the week of 3/1. The truck actually arrived at the dealer 2/23. This was 6 weeks from the order date which I felt was pretty good. Picked it up Monday. Checked mileage with the first tank of gas (which dealer supplied) and got 14 mpg exactly (around town driving)with the 5.4/3.55 lad. So I'm hoping the sticker rate of 15 and 19 is going to be about right for this truck. As far as bed liners go, I'm going to try a carpeted bed liner that is attached with velcro and can be easily removed for cleaning/replacement. I'm told it's thick enough that you can't feel the channels in the bed of the truck and will be comfortable sitting on with the tailgate down.

    The only problem I've had is the computer chip in my ignition key going out on me yesterday. When that happened, the truck (engine) turned over but would not fire. Frustrating. Had the key re-programmed and it's running fine now. Dealer stated that they had not seen that happen before with a 2001 screw. Just my luck, right? I'm posting this in case anyone else has the same problem, you'll know what to look for (at least one possibility, anyway). On the positive side, the dealer's service department was very responsive to my problem and had me back on the road in no time. Overall, the truck came in exactly as ordered and I'm real happy with it (although I've only had it 4 days). Better go, this is getting lengthy.
  • Can any one offer comments on adding the off road pkg to the supercrew 4wd? It appears to me that for the $850 extra you only get a decal, skid plates, HD shocks (which I think already come with the Towing Pkg), and a "step up" from 16 to 17" tires and wheels. Am I missing something?
  • lullman1lullman1 Posts: 15
    If your getting a Lariat you'l get 17" tires standard. If you get the trailer tow package for $ 298 invoice you'l get heavy duty cooling, shocks, alternator, and battery. Add Skid plates @ $ 113 and you've got an even better Off Road Package than Ford has put together. Sorry no "4x4" Decals.
  • Edmunds states that most auto invoices include a legitimate advertising fee. Should this fee apply to an ordered vehicle, which is never advertised? A dealer is offering me an ordered F-150 for $100 over invoice, but his invoice includes approx. $240 for advertising. I'm lacking in negotiating skills and would appreciate any advice. Thanks
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    The regional advertising fees are attached to every vehicle invoice. It doesn't matter if the vehicle is ordered or not. The fees are calculated on a regional basis (i.e. northwest, southeast), and are pro-rated based on the number of vehicles typically sold in the region. You can't get it off of the invoice, and the dealer has to pay it.
  • thatbytesthatbytes Posts: 15
    Does anyone have any ideas as to what leasing rates are right now? I live in the Philadelphia, PA region (actually Harrisburg). I despise leasing because I feel like I have no control over the numbers, but since I go through vehicles often it may be the way to go.

    I am looking at a screw XLT with DC, 17" tires, step bars, bed extended, tow, sliding rear window, tutone paint, and limited slip. The invoice price on all of that is $28,164 and MSRP is $33,775. I know I can get one for $500 below invoice with the current rebate. I hope to put down another $1000 or so because they say not to put down a lot on your lease. I know what my monthly payment is for a buy but I would like to know the lease amount for 3/36 so I know whether or not they are working me over.

    Does anyone know the residual or other numbers I need to calculate the lease amount. I would be looking at a red carpet lease.
  • jsr283jsr283 Posts: 7
    I read some info on internet several months ago regarding Blue Oval Dealers and their authority to give a discount on vehicles that they sell. I can't locate this information again. Can anyone help or give a brief explanation? Thanks
  • famlydocfamlydoc Posts: 7
    I'm too excited to sleep. I am waiting to pick up my Screw Saturday from the dealer. I got the 01 Screw Lariat, oxford white, two tone paint with Arizona beige, 5.4L, Trailer tow, limited slip, bed extended, moon roof, sliding window, Cd player. I used the X plan which was no hassle and a real pleasure. Having never owned a truck before I would like to thank everyone who posts on this site. Your input was invaluable. Without it I may have chosen an Screw configuration that I would not have been happy with( ie. without headrests). Thanks especially to Mtn Mike. I now understand torque thanks to him.
  • lht0524lht0524 Posts: 3
    I'm looking for the same exact truck as yours, and I also have the x-plan option through my employer. May I ask how much was the final cost for your truck? Looking forward for your feedback.
  • wehttam1wehttam1 Posts: 3
    Guess what happened to me! I went to order my screw on Monday night (3/5) and everything went great. Since it was late (right before the dealer was closing) they weren't able to enter the order into the computer. So when they went to enter my order in on Tuesday, both the base price for the 4WD XLT and the 5.4 option had increased. How much you might be wondering? Well... The base price increased by $200.... but the 5.4 engine doubled from $800 to almost $1600 MSRP. I am getting it on the X-Plan so my cost wasn't quite as much, but still.....

    I was a little leary at first, so I called some other dealers and had them price out my options for the truck with and w/o the 5.4. Sure enough, the numbers came back with a $1550 difference for the 5.4 option.

    My dealer told me that the increase went into effect on Monday overnight. Talk about crappy timing! If I had ordered one day earlier, I would have $800 more in my pocket today.

    Does anyone else have any information on this price increase? Why such a large increase on the engine? Are there improvements on the engine that warrant such an increase?
  • rnold76rnold76 Posts: 1
    The increase maybe due to a increase in horse power. They just bumped it up to 300 HP.
  • jsr283jsr283 Posts: 7
    Can anyone explain what the X-Plan is? Can I read about it somewhere? Thanks
  • wehttam1wehttam1 Posts: 3
    The X-Plan is for employees of Ford suppliers. The A-Plan is for employees of Ford. The Z-Plan is for retired employees of Ford. There are also modifications to some of these plans, such as the Executive A-Plan. The Exec A-Plan is obviously for Ford Executives. Basically these plans allow the individual to purchase an automobile for a set price which is lower than invoice. Ford sets the price for each of them. There is no haggling. The X-Plan is 4% above the A/Z Plan, but still under invoice (by a few hundred dollars). These plans are available to employees and are also transferrable. Even though I do not work for a Ford Supplier, my brother does and he is allowed to use the X-Plan twice a year, either for himself or for a friend, relative, etc. Therefore, my brother is transferring one of his purchases to me. Pretty cool. So start hanging out by the local Ford plant and make some friends.
  • famlydocfamlydoc Posts: 7
    Sorry I took so long to reply. Using the X-plan I purchased the White Lariat described in #560 for about 200 dollars under invoice. I can't describe the X-plan any better than wehttam1 did in #566. I can tell you it made purchasing the vehicle a pleasure. The first dealer closest to my house would participate for Screws in stock but would not bother to dealer trade for me to find this model. The second closest dealer was more than glad to help. No bargaining, he showed me the A plan price and calculated 4% above. I also got the Ford financing for 3.9%/36 om. and 500 rebate. This saved me the trouble of having to visit every show room in West. PA. If a dealer tells you Screw is not part of X-plan or is not willing to get you exactly what you want, try somewhere else. I'm picking mine up 9:00 am.. tommorow and probably will not sleep tonight due to the anticipation. Will let you know how it goes.
  • jorgs1jorgs1 Posts: 1
    We did not see any negative information on the SuperCrew but I recently heard from a mechanic at a large corporation that services new Fords and some of the new trucks are having wiring problems. Any other info on that?
  • tnmgtnmg Posts: 2
    My husband and I test drove a 2001 supercrew 4x2 today and I loved it! We do a lot of long distance driving so I was wondering if any supercrew owners could tell me if they are comfortable for long distance driving. Does it rattle real bad? I would also like to know if the power seats are worth it. Thanks!!
  • famlydocfamlydoc Posts: 7
    Picked up my F150 Screw today, shiny and new (5.4 Liter, oxford white with Arizona beige two tone, Lariat package, moon roof, bed extender, cab steps, sliding window, CD player, trailer tow, 3.55 limited slip. Awesome! God Bless America and Ford. Having driven a 4 cylinder import for the past eight years, I can say I am ecstatic about how this truck moves with the 5.4. No regrets about spending the extra cash for the two tone paint and Lariat equipment group. Turned heads all day. The leather seats are comfortable and glad I got the Headrests. Power seat is definitely worth it, given the generous space the driver has, smaller sized individuals will like being able to raise seat height. I can't wait to get out on the road again tommorow. My next task is to look for after market tonnau cover. Someone mentioned A.R.E. earlier in postings, will check it out. Anyone else know of a good product.
  • dull1dull1 Posts: 2
    Several postings discuss Srew option packages that do and do not include headrests.
    I have not been able to identify these "packages" in the literature or online sources.
    I am looking at a XLT- 2WD. Any information would be appreciated.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    it appears that sometime in the late summer or early fall, ford changed the seat design in the s-crew. all s-crews made since that time have headrests. ones previous to that time (like mine) don't have headrests on the rear seats but do have a sort of extended seatback on the front seats to take the place of the headrest.
  • hey wehttam1!

    Are you sure you got your info right, everything I can see is that it is still +$800 for the 5.4 vs the 4.6 on the screw. If you go to and price a "regular f150" then it is, +$1550 but thats if you go from a base v6 (4.2)to a 5.4. On the screws, base engine is a 4.6, so it looks like its still +$800 to go to the 5.4.
  • Looking for some help . . . I've just recently started shopping for a F150 -SCREW and quickly decided on the 4x2 Lariat. The only thing I'm still undecided on is the engine. I have no plans to tow anything but I don't want to buy the 4.6L, find out it's under powered and wish I had the 5.4L. Can anyone help me . . . Do I really need a 5.4L? What's the impact on gas mileage?

    Thanks for your input.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    Not that I ever completely believe EPA estimated mileages, but they are a starting point! Some numbers I found digging around and

    HP: 220
    Torque: 290 ftlb
    EPA Mileage Est (4x2): 15 city/21 highway

    HP: 260
    Torque: 350 ftlb
    EPA Mileage Est (4x2): 15 city/19 highway

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  • wehttam1wehttam1 Posts: 3

    I'm not exactly sure what happened, but when I went in to order the truck, the dealer and I sat at the computer, configured the truck and came up with the $630/$800 price for the 5.4 option. That was on 3/5. Then, when the dealer entered that same build configuration into the ordering computer on 3/7(to place the order), the 5.4 option showed up as $1300/$1550 along with a $200 increase on the base price. They called and informed me of the price increase. I was pretty upset because I had put money down on the vehicle before the "price increase" and felt that I should not be penalized for their mistake of not actually ordering the vehicle at the time I put money down. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, it turns out that the original configuration was missing the Offroad Group option (which I had requested originally), so they had to re-enter my order. This time, the 5.4 option was back to the $630/$800 price, However the base price was still $200 more than the original price quote. I had a conversation with the GM and she is going to talk to the Ford Rep today about the $200.
    I think what happened is that when the $200 price increase for the base was entered into Ford's computers, somehow (through user entry error or some other system error) the 5.4 information for the f150 regular truck was applied to the SuperCrew. My truck was ordered while the error was still happening, then the error was identified and corrected, so when they re-entered my order, the information was correct. It happens. I'm just glad that I didn't accept the "price increase" when they informed me of it, otherwise I would be paying more for a truck that would be missing an option that I really want.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    anyone else here have an in dash cd player that occasionally quits working and says "cd too hot" on radio monitor? well i do, and apparently ford has a fix for this. local dealership has ordered me a new radio/cd player. apparently the newer ones have a built in fan to keep the unit cooler.

    btw, anyone here ever notice a popping/crackling noise from underneith the vehicle while it is running? mine does this all the time but is only truly noticeable if i pull up along side a building with the engine running and my window open. local dealership gave me some bullcrap about truck being new...hummm!!
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    imo, the gas mileage difference between the 4.6/5.4l is negligible, especially with the 4x4 version. however the power and torque difference is substantial! when you are shelling out 30k or more for a vehicle, why not go for the 800 bucks extra 5.4l? i'm certainly glad i did, and i haven't towed a damn thing, yet!

    btw, anyone else seen the new "king ranch" edition s-crew? while at the dealership today i spied one in the showroom. not bad! the seats are leather and have a sort of old school look and colour to them. from what i could tell, even the back seats were individual buckets. there is a center console front and rear which is also covered in leather. two tone paint treatment is a tad different than the regular s-crew. only thing missing was a sunroof...
  • lullman1lullman1 Posts: 15
    I just took delivery 4 days ago of my KRE and I love it. So does my wife and kids and anyone else who has ridden in it. Ordered mine and it took 7-1/2 weeks to arrive. 500 miles on it and love it more every time I get in it. I did get the moonroof. Seats are awesome w/heat. Only vehicle that i've ever driven that I had to move the seat foward. So much legroom w/ the seat back and the pedals foward I barely touch them and I'm 6'-2"
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    which exterior colour did you get? the one i saw at the dealership was green/arizona beige and was pretty sharp!
  • lullman1lullman1 Posts: 15
    It is petty sharp looking in my driveway. Estate Green /Arizona Beige.
  • famlydocfamlydoc Posts: 7
    Anyone on this bulletin board aware of a controversy about the radiator size installed on Screws with the Trailer tow package. I was on the Screw bulletin board and I noted several references that several owners were dismayed that they had only gotten a 1 inch radiator instead of a larger radiator in their tow package option. When I purchased my truck with that option I thought it included the class three hitch, wiring harness, auxiliary transmission cooler, larger size alternator and larger amp. battery. I was not aware of any difference in the radiator. If this is true that we were to have a larger radiator and did not get it I will be dissapointed. I would appreciate any feedback on this subject. I looked at my radiator and all I can see is a sticker with a number and bar code. Will this identify the radiator size?
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