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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vipinguptavipingupta Posts: 21
    Guys.....Over the weekend I bought "2006 LX 2WD Auto" in white color. I paid $16,888 (incl destination) + Tax/Title/Doc Fee. That is roughly $2500 below invoice. Let me know what do you guys think about this price?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I'd say you got a very good deal. What part of the country do you you live in? Here in San Antonio the same vehicle is listed at least $500.00 over invoice
  • vipinguptavipingupta Posts: 21
    I am glad to hear, that it is a good deal. I live in New England Area and bought it from a Boston dealer. It took me only 15 minutes to deciden and buy this car. This CRV was listed as promotion and they only had 3-4 such vehicles in stock.
  • bigsun111bigsun111 Posts: 9
    I am in NY. Could you please share the dealer info, which Honda dealer? The price here is around $200 below invoice. Can not get lower.
  • vipinguptavipingupta Posts: 21
    I bought it from Boch Honda in Norwood, MA (close to Boston). As I mentioned they might have only 2-3 more of these CRVs and they currently have a promotion going on. I woudn't trust their online inventory as it is never up-to-date, so calling them would a better idea.
    Hope this helps.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Guys.....Over the weekend I bought "2006 LX 2WD Auto" in white color. I paid $16,888 (incl destination) + Tax/Title/Doc Fee. That is roughly $2500 below invoice. Let me know what do you guys think about this price?

    This is great price! But, 2WD SUV's in New England is like air conditioners in Alaska. Kind of defeats the purpose of an SUV. Other than that, it is great price.
  • brad993brad993 Posts: 8
    Wow, the price is even quoted on their website, and they have other smoking deals. Too bad we don't a dealer like this in the SF Bay Area. Those are amazing deals.
  • vipinguptavipingupta Posts: 21
    I am glad I got a good deal on my CRV....

    BTW....I do not know why people think that driving 4WD is a must in New England area. For your information 80% of the vehicles on road here are 2WD. I have been living here for last 6 years and have been driving a Toyota Corolla for my daily commute to work. I never felt that I should buy a 4WD vehicle. I have seen 4x4 trucks lying stuck on roadside, while I never had any such incident happening to me. I recenly sold my Corolla to buy this 2WD CRV. My other vehicle is a 2WD Sienna, which we primarily use for family purpose.
    So in my opinion this is is a wrong assumption people carry that you must have a 4WD vehicles to live in New England area.
  • bigsun111bigsun111 Posts: 9
    A little bit off topic. I decided to pay them a visit this weekend. Vip, is your experience there enjoyful? I need a trustful dealer because if I buy from them, I need to go backforth between NY and Boston couple times.
  • vipinguptavipingupta Posts: 21
    My experience with Boch Honda was OK. I just got the delivery yesterday and they kept registration, inspection stickers and insurance all ready for me. They are big dealer with lots of sales reps. In my case since the vehicle was a promotaion, I did not have to negotiate. FYI....for promotions vehicle they expect full payment on the same day. With large inventories they have a poor way for tracking and inventorying their vehicles. So you may have to physicaly seach through their lot for the vehicle that suits you. Before you leave go through the vehicles currently under promotion and print a list of vehicles that match the promotion. That way it will be easy for them to find your vehicle with Stock #.
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33

    I bought my CRV EX 2WD last month. I am also in New England and I too went to Boch. The experience my husband and I had there was AWFUL!!! We too had gone to buy one of the promotional cars. The salesman was rude. The floor manager was rude. The financing guy was rude. We had a trade-in to consider. They needed the keys and registation to determine what they thought it was worth. My husband had to demand the return of the keys and registration because after they had determined how much they would offer us on the trade, the saleman had handed both the keys and registration off to the sales manager. Also, we had wanted a specific color CRV...which they said they had...and told us it was on an adjacent lot. We told them we wouldn't sign anything until we had seen the car. It took them an hour and a half (no joke) to bring the car around. ...and this was on a Monday morning where we were the only customers in a very large showroom...with many sales people just standing around. After we finally had a "deal" on the table, we went to talk to the financing guy. We asked about an extended warranty. He pulled out the information and showed us that the warranty had two levels. He gave us the price on the more expensive version. When we asked what the difference was, he said he wasn't sure because he always sells the more expensive one. Then we wanted to confirm that it was the HondaCare warranty and not some other company. In response to that inquiry he told us that it wasn't the HondaCare warranty but it was a warranty that they sold because they had an interest in it (translate...they make more money on...). When we asked about the HondaCare warranty, he said that they do sell it, but he didn't even know the codes and made a face as if we had asked him to lift and move the car. It was unbelievable. Anyway, we took the paperwork and got up and left the dealership without buying the car. We simply didn't trust them at all. We went to Bernardi Honda in Natick Mass. We were treated respectfully and although the deal wasn't quite as good as the one at Boch, with the difference in what we got for the trade at Bernardi, the difference was small...and we were much happier with that dealership.

    Hope that helps!!
  • brad993brad993 Posts: 8
    The new CR-V shares the same platform as the Acura RDX, so I'd expect something that looks more like that car.

    The 2007 will be a redesigned model based on the new Civic and is expected to be out in August/September. Based on the spy pictures, it reminds me of a Toyota Matrix (ie. lower, wider, and less SUV looking). Not interested.

    Anyway, here's what the local dealer quoted me for this month:

    CRV EX 4WD AT - $21,305
    CRV SE 4WD AT - $22,980
  • ericseolericseol Posts: 3
    I got an offer from a loca dealer for CRV SE as $22650, $1410 below the invoice price ($24060)
  • hi folks, what's the cheapest (under invoice by how much) price I can get on a 2006 CRV around SE MI (Ann Arbor)? I don't mind driving as far as OH to get a deal.
  • kayokayo Posts: 1
    I think I over paid my LX 4WD Auto. I got the car for $21,250 OTD in CT.


    I did offer them that price in the beginning no question ask like deal or no deal.

    they took my deal. that make me feel I over price.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Don't think you overpaid but I noticed message 3117 mentioned same vehicle for $19,500.00 but that was back when the $750.00 incentive was available too.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    $750.00 is still available but maybe not advertised a internet dealer I have been talking and working with has sent me a price of $23,000 for a SE after the $750.00 but not included the options of , Roof Rack ($305) Splash guards ($106)and Wheel locks ($102) so $23,513.

  • I just paid $23,100 + TTL out the door. No fees. Made the dael on the web and bought 10 miles from my house. MSRP was $26,000. Got a pewter pearl SE with mats, door edge guard that matches the car, pin stripes and majic dealer wax tossed in. I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Great little family UTE. :)
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 300
    ...sent me a price of $23,000 for a SE after the $750.00 but not included the options of , Roof Rack ($305) Splash guards ($106)and Wheel locks ($102)
    Sorry if I might sound like a broken record, but as noted a few times before, you'd be able to get those for about half the price form any of the stores that sell Genuine Honda parts online. All of your preferences are quite easy to install, so you don't need to pay extra for the dealer to do that. Mud guards I got from H&A for under $50 w/shipping and took about 10 min to put on.
    Hope this helps.
  • Which state did you get the offer? I am looking for a CRV SE in Connecticut, but I can not get anything close to that number.
  • bigsun111bigsun111 Posts: 9
    You might want check with Brewster Honda in NY. I just purchased a LX AWD from them with the price of 19,500(including destination+50doc+TTL). They have a very good service.
  • ericseolericseol Posts: 3
    I am in Fremont, California.
  • chea89chea89 Posts: 55
    Looking to purchase this car-or lease- if there is a good deal. Please let me know of prices paid in June, and the dealer. Thanks so much
  • xyz179xyz179 Posts: 1
    Your 19,500 price include TTL? so the sell price around $18,000? that is almost $2000 below invoice. fantastic deal!
  • bigsun111bigsun111 Posts: 9
    It does NOT including TTL. I got the car around $1000 under invoice.
  • mickie2mickie2 Posts: 3
    I am new to this. I am outside Pittsburgh PA and I would like to know if a price I am quoted from a Honda dealer is too high.Honda CRV 4WD LX. No extras. 21,400 without tax. I just received a message from him that he might give me a little better deal. What should I expect when I return his call? Does anyone know of a dealer anywhere within 50 or so miles around Pgh. that I could get a better deal?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Might want to look at message 3112.
  • joetrjoetr Posts: 10
    Currently doing some early internet negotiations for an 06 CRV-SE with a couple of dealers. Told one I was waiting to see if the $750 dealer incentive would be coming back in July. She responded that she wasn't sure but she did hear that there will be special financing offers out sometime around the end of the month. Could be dealer BS but thought it was worth mentioning.
  • wpzwpz Posts: 4
    I'll be in the Riverside, CA next week and will look around to buy a CR-V car. Anyone has a suggestion about the car dealer in the area? The purchase experience is appreciated. Thanks.
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    With all the talk of the 07 being seen in BC my guess once the photo is out there will be more than just financing deals and cash back will return. The person that saw it seemed to be enamored by it and said it looks alot better than the pics posted. If thats true Honda will have to do something to move them and the current gas prices aren't helping. Even though the CRV gets one of the best MPG of small SUV's ;)
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