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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33
    We got the 8 yr/120k mile extended warranty when we bought our 2WD EX earlier this month. The paperwork they offered us had a price of $1999 for that warranty. I had a quote from Bernardi Honda on-line for $1074. The dealer (which happended to be the bricks and morter Bernardi Honda dealership) did match the on-line quote. Anyway, I've read on this forum that you have either 30 or 60 days to cancel the extended warranty. If you go to the Bernardi website ( they will email you a quote on the warranty. If its less, then you can cancel the one you bought and buy from Bernardi on-line. :)

    I hope that is helpful!!
  • Thanks for the information. list the 8year/120k price of $1040. I will bring the contract to the dealer asking for an ajustment or cancelation. Now the question is: Do I really need EW on a Honda?
  • mkosovermkosover Posts: 9
    I am looking for LX AWD, and live in CT. Could you please share the name of the Long Island dealer that offered you that price? thanks in advance,
  • permgirlpermgirl Posts: 6

    I went with my daughter today to buy a 2006 LX AWD CRV...negotiated a price of $19,375 and that included destination.

    Sloan Honda in Philadelphia...

    ps...I'm a woman and Love "the game"
  • permgirlpermgirl Posts: 6
  • bigsun111bigsun111 Posts: 9
    Just came back from a trip. The dealership gave me that quote is Huntington Honda. However, when I went there today, they made a show and want to charge me $19850 for the car and the salesman gave me that price through email claim he confused AWD with 2WD, although I never mention any 2WD in any circustance. They do not have the credit to do business, so we went apart. I will continue my search for my CRV, if anyone can share their price in NY, long island area will be much appreciated.
  • brad993brad993 Posts: 8
    Just picked up a new 2006 silver moss 2WD EX Automatic for $259/mo + tax, first month payment free and nothing down. 3 years, 12k miles/yr. Honda dealer in Colma, CA. It was a memorial day advertised special.
  • crv2crv2 Posts: 1
    Just purchased from Lodi Honda @ $1597 off invoice a 2006 CRV EX 4wd AT in the color we wanted - Sahara Sand. The whole experience from intial internet quote to holding the vehicle for us to purchase last saturday was very professional and meet our expectations.

    Total out the door price was $22772.60 (no trade-in)
  • mkosovermkosover Posts: 9
    Just wanted to share my good story of shopping in CT. Got couple of good quotes at $19750. Told the dealer my target price was $19500, in 10 mins I had a verbal quote for $19500. Picked up the car today (5/31/2006), everything was as promissed and he even installed wheel locks at no additional charge. Excellent buying experiense. The dealer is Branfon Honda in Branford, CT. (the price included destination fee, the TTL and the DOC fees were extra)

    The sad part is that alot of dealers still dont understand what internet buyers expect. I want the best price upfront, instead they call me, reply with useless emails, etc.. I looked through this forum and gathered info on purchase prices for the car I was looking to buy. Yet one of the dealers tried to convince me that those prices are impossible and must be wrong or for different trims. Even after I told him I got a car at my offering price, he sad that its not possible :surprise:

    Good luck to all buyers. These forums are the best research tool one can ask for, make sure you post your buying experience :)
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    I have been working on a CRV for my sister I have a internet quote for $23,000 on a CRV SE this included the $750.00 back and $ 550.00 destination charge. Does anyone know if the $750.00 will carry over or will it change ?? Thanks >
  • awuawu Posts: 2
    A friend of mine just bought in NJ a brand-new 2006 Honda CRV EX,AWD automatic transmission for about $21,000 (excluding taxes and other fees). You think he got a fair deal? Any input will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  • azs1azs1 Posts: 15
    It looks like he did very well! Did that include the destination charge? Either way, he did fine...

    This is a good time to buy with the dealer incentives and their needing to make room on the lots for the 2007s when they come in.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    My few complaints about the car are:
    1. No power seats
    2. No built in garage door remote
    3. The leather seats could be of higher quality and style, but I guess it fits the overall "class" of the car.

    Can't help with 1.

    2, garage door opener from Acura CL/TL and ODdysey and probably accord fits the overhead light spot, gives you the lights and garage door opener.

    3. Those are pleather seats with leather incerts, not leather seats.
  • awuawu Posts: 2
    Yup, that already includes the destination charge.
  • First of all let me say "THANK YOU" to all the kind folks who take the time to post here. I used the information on this board to make a great deal on a new SE for my wife. I solicited several bids from dealers within a 3 hour radius of my home. As expected, some quotes were high and some never quoted at all. Some wanted me to call and play that game. By using the internet and email, I was in control of the process and contacted dealers via phone that made the cut. That eliminated a lot of unnecessary phone calls to my home and enabled me to get the best deal and maintain the integrity of the bidding process. So here is my deal and feel free to say if I did well or not:

    2006 CRV SE $23,200
    Documentation fee $95.00
    Sales tax 7%

    After we settled on the price above we discussed my trade. I got what I wanted for the trade so I am very pleased with the deal and the experience. I also received 3.9% thru Honda finance and I applied for the loan thru the Honda website BEFORE I went shopping. From start to finish we were in the dealership less than two hours.

    Once we were in the finance office they did try to sell us the extended warranty, gap insurance, payoff insurance, and roadside assistance. I said no to all of them and signed the paperwork.

    My advice to those shopping: use the internet to solicit bids, be ethical in your handling of the bids, and read this forum!!

    Thanks again,

  • bigsun111bigsun111 Posts: 9
    Dose anyone know if there is any incentive or market support this month for CRV. Appreciated.
  • You got 3.9 through Honda on June 2nd?? I'm in the market for the same exact vehicle but don't see any spiffs on Honda's website. Is that a regional thing?
  • I purchased the vehicle May 30th. The $750 dealer incentive and 3.9% financing was supposed to end May 31st.
  • crvguy1crvguy1 Posts: 6
    2006 CRV SE $23,000
    ipod music link - 290$
    Documentation fee $100.00
    Sales tax 6.75%
    Interset Rate : 5.1%
    Months : 60
    Monthly : 370
    Downpay : 5000
    City : Columbus, OH
    Dealer: Huge white Honda
    Experience @ Dealership was very Frustrating.

  • pkmpkm Posts: 2
    I'm just now in the market for an SE. I belong to Costco and they have an auto purchase program where they pre-negotiate prices with participating dealers. I called the participating Honda dealer in my area and was quoted a "no-hagle" price of $24,375 (this includes $550 destination fee) - MSRP is $26,000. Based on other postings, it looks like I should be able to do better by at least $1,000. I'd like to wait and see what the 2007 looks like - but assume that I'll be paying much closer to sticker than with the 06'??
  • :confuse: My understanding is they should be the same for the same modle all over the country.
    I'm in west MA. I inquired three dealerships about Honda Ex 4WD AT. They provided me the invoice around $22500. However, I still feel it's higher than what I have learned online.

    I appreciate your comments.
  • redsox111redsox111 Posts: 8
    My wife and I test drove the 06 CR-V lx and liked it. A few questions:
    1. The steering seems a little bit stiff when making local road turns - (we drove camry and other small suv before and it was lighter to turn.)
    2. Going over bumps, we were able to feel it distinctly (again we have a camry and it feels like going over a cloud).
    Is this NORMAL?
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33

    I'm not the best person to answer your first question. Our other vehicle is an Odyssey, and I don't remember feeling that stiffness when test driving the CRV vs. the Rav4. However, I've seen others on this forum mention that.

    Re: bumps -- yes, that is normal. I definitely feel the road in my 2006 CRV 2WD EX...and I felt the bumps a lot when I first drove the car. I've gotten used to it and so I hardly notice it now. I've had my car for a few weeks. I will say that when I test drove the Camry, I felt more like the car was floating over the road...and I felt as if I had less control over the car. My dad's Lexus is like that too. I feel as if I get more feedback from the road in my mom's Accord. So maybe its a Honda vs. Toyota thing too??? Just my 2 cents.

    ...but you should know that I LOVE my new CRV!!

    OH, one more thing...if you are in the Boston area (redsox111 ;) ), we bought ours at Bernardi in Natick. We also went to Boch and had a horrible experience. ...just an fyi...
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    My wife and I test drove the 06 CR-V lx and liked it. A few questions:
    1. The steering seems a little bit stiff when making local road turns - (we drove camry and other small suv before and it was lighter to turn.)
    2. Going over bumps, we were able to feel it distinctly (again we have a camry and it feels like going over a cloud).
    Is this NORMAL?

    That is just the difference between Honda and Toyota. Toyota isolates the driver from the vehicle, kidn of like a domestic car does. Honda on the other hand, gives you constant feeback on what is going on. Some prefer driving vehicles that feel like a couch, and some prefer the sporty feeling that Honda offers.

    Would I ever drive a Toyota, probably not.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Anyone know if they are still offering the $750.00 dealer incentive on the CRV's this month? I'm interested in the LX model but am finding dealers in my area are not willing to go below invoice.
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    if your in Texas as alamocity indicates Honda only is offering lease specials this month but that may change as the month goes on. You also will probably get better results closer to the end of the month and the incentive may be back next month with the 2007 being released soon.
  • stevea3stevea3 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have an opinion on an extended warranty by a third party insurer offered by the Honda dealer on the CR-V SE? For $890 the bumper to bumper comprehensive warranty would be extended from 3 years, 36,000 miles (5 years, 60,000 miles for the powertrain) to 7 years, 75,000 miles.
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33

    I recently either read an article or watched a consumer report on tv (can't remember which) warning again the independent third party extended warranties and recommending that if you are going to get an extended warranty, you only want to buy the one offerred by the manufacturer. We bought our CRV EX last month, and we went with the HondaCare extended warranty. One of the dealers we visited, and almost bought from, tried to sell us an independent extended warranty rather than the HOndaCare because teh dealership owned an interest in the warranty company. He got very nasty when we asked him about the HondaCare product instead. Anyway, we did go with the HondaCare 120k 8 yr extended warranty. The dealership quoted us 1999, but we had a quote on-line (oddly enough from a different division of the same dealership) for $1074. The only difference between the two warranties was that at the end of the 8 yrs, if we hadn't used the extended warranty for anything, we could "request" a refund of the 1999. We respectfully declined that option and went with the $1074 price. If you look through the forums, you can find several places to buy the HondaCare warrnty on-line. We bought it through Bernardi ( which is also the dealer from whom we ultimately got our car. Hope this helps... :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 128,488

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • magoonmagoon Posts: 32
    The 2007 will be a redesigned model based on the new Civic and is expected to be out in August/September. Based on the spy pictures, it reminds me of a Toyota Matrix (ie. lower, wider, and less SUV looking). Not interested.

    Anyway, here's what the local dealer quoted me for this month:

    CRV EX 4WD AT - $21,305
    CRV SE 4WD AT - $22,980
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