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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My preferences of Black (due to non-painted bumpers) and manual transmission limited my negotiations somewhat but I'm still very happy. Apparently there were only 5 of these remaining in the state and only one within 2.5 hours.

    I paid $21,000 + registration + 3% NC tax in Raleigh = $21,692 OTD.

    Thanks to all!
  • I hope you wanted all those options cause the dealer surely profited there.
  • vtec369vtec369 Posts: 8
    I got the cargo-tray, mudflaps and wheellocks for $167 and the foglamps for ~$275. I don't think I paid too much. Since I got them when I bought the CR-V, they are covered under the 3yr/36K mile warranty. We pay 7% tax in Chicago though..
  • What are the chances of Honda offering a low APR (2.9% or the like ) on remaining 2006 CR-Vs with the new 2007 CR-V coming out this fall? Let me know your thoughts.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Was this at Leith on Capital Blvd?
  • bullfrog34bullfrog34 Posts: 20
    I was given an initial internet offer of $23,975 + tax & tags on an SE in the Pittsburgh area. I was pretty excited as their first offer was below invoice. Is this a good deal? Can I get them lower? Are we expecting to see some incentives soon on the 2006 models in anticipation of the 2007's?
  • One month ago today I paid $23,100 for the same vehicle in Fort Lauderdale. You can get a better deal for sure. Based upon what I've seen of the 2007s, demand for the remaining 2006s will be pretty strong...
  • wpzwpz Posts: 4
    mokiavelli, thank you very much for the suggestion. I bought a LX car and the whole process is relatively smooth.
    First, I called the Weir Canyon before I leave and they oked with $19,200 for a LX 4WD and $21,000 for EX 4WD and told me they have both cars with the colors I like. Next day I went there and it takes a while for them to find out that they had no LX model. A manager showed me the invoice price etc. and told me they can not pay that price. I told him that I called yesterday and the price was confirmed specifically for 4wd not 2wd before I came (They gave me a 2wd car to test drive and I had feeling they would tell me they were confused and quote me a 2wd). The manager said he'll check and a few minutes later he came back and said that I got the deal. Then he arranged to get a LX car from other dealer. I was been told the car will be here tomorrow morning. Since I did not want to come back tomorrow, I asked the option to buy an EX car that they have. The manager left to check the price and came back with a price around $21,300 and said that is the lowest price they can offer. Since their EXs sticked with 9/05 and 10/05 manufacture dates, I focused back to the LX car. they charged me extra $159 for mud guard and wheel lock since the car already had them on. I agreed and signed the contract. Next day the car arrived by 5pm and we test drived. I asked the wheel lock and the sales person said he'll go thru with us everything after we paid. So we paid and he went thru everything without mention the wheel lock. When I asked, he said his manager was confused by LX and EX model, the wheel lock is an option for EX but not LX. Anyone knows whether LX can have wheel lock? This last part ruined my good experience with them. I could argue with them since I have the offer on paper listed
    LX 4WD $19,200
    Mud Guard & lock $159.
    I did not argue since it was late and the price is quite low. but I will not give all 5 (excellent) as the sales person asked me to give the feedback when I'll be surveyed on their service.
    I am still happy that I bought the car. The manufacture date is 5/06 with 64 miles before test drived.

    Thanks everyone who shared the experience on this forum. Hope my experience can be helpful.
  • >I was given an initial internet offer of $23,975 + tax & tags

    By reading messages in this group and my own experiece, the right price is about $23,000 or $1000 under invoice. You have about $900 work to do.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    You've posted some conflicting info. Did you buy 2 cars in to different states, or not do one of these deals?

    Post 3201 says you paid 21,000 plus tax in Raleigh, AWD-EX.

    Post 3207 says you paid 23,100 in Fort Lauderdale, AWD-SE.

    Which dealer in Raleigh, if you bought in Raleigh?
  • shangyershangyer Posts: 1
    same thing here. I paid $21200 OTD for 2006 Silver Moss Metallic LX 4WD AT in NY. Damn NY, I paid more than $1500 tax!
  • ergueergue Posts: 2
    I'm in the market for a 2006 CR-V 2WD EX and I need one NOW!!!. I know the 2007 redesigned model is coming out in three or four months, does this allow me to get a better price for the 2006 models at the dealer? I would think the cars sitting in the dealer lots already have suffered some depreciation, even before customers like me drive them off the lots.
  • joetrjoetr Posts: 10
    Just got one in pewter pearl yesterday. After a lot of internet shopping and negotiating got an SE for 22745 plus tax and plates. If you really work at it you can get a great price now.
  • We were in the same situation but found a deal on a 2006 CR-V 2WD EX in Sahara Sand Metallic on Friday. $20,545 plus tag and tax and the dealer threw in a set of side steps to seal the deal. Also got $400 more than blue book for our trade. The dealer was hungry and we felt like we did OK.
  • Vtec369,

    I would love to talk to your salesperson. I am in Naperville as well and went to a dealership there...My salesperson was a total jerk. He refused to give me any price, just kept asking what payments I could afford, and saying I will get you the price if you agree to buy tonight. Even wrote it on the contract..."I will buy tonight" then a space and a yes or a no. I told him that no matter what I would not buy without thinking it over for 24 hours...He completely refused to give me a price. I finally got up to walk out and he said he would get the floor manager for me...The floor manager gave me a price of 22,000 before TTL and options...he said that there were incentives, which allowed him to go lower It would be good until the eveing of the 5th...but that price is not even close to what you got your for. I was planning on going into Schaumberg (even though the floor manager was a big improvement over the sales guy). I asked for the absolute bottom price and typically I don't renegotiate...I would be VERY appreciative of any insight you could offer...I researched this to death, but somehow missed the $750 incintive...
  • hi321hi321 Posts: 8
    The offer was for $21500 for the EX 4WD Automatic. (+ tax and tags) The salesguy said he wasn't sure of which finance rate I would qualify for, but DID tell me my payments would be $455 a month. (With $4500 down) Maybe I'm naive, being a first time buyer...but isn't this a lot???

    (I am going to a second dealer today, in hopes of coming up with a better deal. Thanks to this site, with a ton of good info, I feel better prepared.)

    Any suggestions????
  • Get pre-financed at a credit union before you go buy the car. Take the F&I Guy and dealer completely out of the finance question. Negotiate price only.

    455 with that kind of money down is crazy. Are you way upside down and trading or something? I put 5k down on my SE and pay 174.92 bi-weekly for 60 months and that is with TT&L plus the 100k warranty included in the note. (That is 378.99 a month.)

    Do yourself a favor and don't buy from that dealer.
  • hi321hi321 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info!

    Yes I was negotiating price only. (but keeping the monthly payments in mind) I thought the monthly payment price was way too high. (I wanted to put around $5000 down as well)

    I am going to another dealer today (assuming they're open) to see what they are willing to offer me. Financing rates...are banks cheaper than dealerships? (in general) Do you have to be a member of a credit union? (I know nothing about credit unions)

    Thanks again!
  • hi321hi321 Posts: 8
    I was planning on buying a CR-V now, but am wondering if I should wait for another month or so? (right before the new models come out)

    What do you guys think???
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 34

    The LX models have 16" steel styled wheels. The EX models have 16" alloy wheels and the wheel locks are only compatible with the alloy wheels. The retail listed cost for the wheel locks is $59 at They sell them for less, but $59 is listed as the retail cost. Installation time for wheel locks is virtually nil. We had our accessories which required installation done by the dealer...and wheel locks was actually something that my husband did for me in five minutes. The splash guard retail cost is listed at $63 on that same website (again, not what they actually sell them for, but what they list as retail). Anyway, you could ask for them to provide you with an accessory of equal or slightly higher value...or you could use the retail numbers here to determine what they used as a mark-up rate and ask for a refund....not sure if they will do that, but you can try. Either way, they included something in the deal which you agreed to and signed for...and there is no reason that the dealer should take that approximately $80 for their pocket without you getting something in exchange.

    Hope that helps...good luck and keep us posted. ;)
  • You have to belong to a credit union by with the deregulation of banks and insurance stuff a few years ago, just about anyone can join a credit union. CUs don't seek profits like banks do, so they are a lot more reasonable. Do some research. Mine is still offering great rates that they discount on the back end if you do payroll deduction and stuff like that. (Got mine at 4.49 after three discounts last month when the base rate was 5.49)

    Google for credit unions where you live and get your finance deal ready before you go to the dealer. Dealers will always make money off your loan as they get a percentage back from the bank on the back end of the deal. If you can get bought at 5.5% and the dealer sets you up at 6.25 or 6.5, they get a check back from the lender after you make three payments or such. Go in with a sight draft from your credit union and you know exactly what the deal is for.

    I got my best price from using the Internet department and just requesting bids from 5 different dealers. Their price was within 200 bucks of the lowest I've seen paid for a SE model. A lot less stress and I was in and out of the dealer in less than an hour and a half. Took the SE home with 4 miles on it.

    Good luck!
  • Yes. I heard mixed reviews about Leith but my experience was good. I've had a few issues lately with Crown Honda so I was happy to elsewhere.
  • Post 3201 was jerseydevil.
    Post 3207 was thejerseydevil.

    I'd give the other guy some crap but NJ doesn't have much that is cool. The myth of The Jersey Devil is one of the few interesting things (especially for people like me who always lived in Southern NJ till recently).

    Yes, the Raleigh dealer was Leith Honda on Capitol Blvd.
  • Agreed, if there is one piece of advice I could offer - it is to ALWAYS deal with Internet Dept. In my experiences, the sales people that you must use to test drive will always cringe and then usually ask that you not go through the Internet Dept since they typically can't sell for as low of a price AND they must split the commission. However, my understanding is that the net sales people have much higher expecations - they really need to move many cars. So I find them easier to deal with and will talk low prices from the start so it's much less hassle. I feel bad for the regular sales guys but if they'd ever just give me their best price at time of testdrive (they're trained not to), they might get my business.

    When I lived in NJ, I found any dealer owned by DCH to have exceptional internet sales. My experience here in NC was ok but not as good as my few DCH internet sales in NJ.
  • vtec369vtec369 Posts: 8
    Email me and I can give you the details.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    The offer was for $21500 for the EX 4WD Automatic. (+ tax and tags) The salesguy said he wasn't sure of which finance rate I would qualify for, but DID tell me my payments would be $455 a month. (With $4500 down) Maybe I'm naive, being a first time buyer...but isn't this a lot???

    Are you financing for 36, 48 or 60 months?

    If you are financing for 60 months at $455 a month with $4500 down, you are looking at the total of $31,800 ($455*60+$4500), or about 20% Interest rate.

    How are your math skills? How is your credit? Income to debt ratio?

    Even if you finance for 48 month at $455 per month, the interest is still too much.
  • hi321hi321 Posts: 8
    The financing was for 48 months. I see what you're saying...

    I am looking into a credit union...I have already checked out a bank and their interest rates are pretty high. My credit it really good...I checked it out online last night. I have no idea about my income to debt credit report says my score isn't as high as it could be b/c I don't HAVE enough debt.

    I'm going to do a little more research...and wait a few weeks before making any decisions.
  • hi321hi321 Posts: 8
    How do you deal with the internet saleperson at a dealership? I noticed that there are people in this forum who suggest it to get a good deal...are you talking about just emailing the dealership for a quote? What about Can you use their quote at a dealership?

    Thanks in advance!
  • I don't know how to e-mail you...This is my first time using the board.... I appreciate the reply...
  • barb8914barb8914 Posts: 1
    Let me tell you....if you are willing to drive, Paramus Honda is the best with the best deals. I purchased a Honda Civic Si way below cost. The best time to purchase Hondas is in September when they want to move the cars for the next year models. You won't go wrong with Paramus Honda. They are probably the largest tri-state dealer and so they inturn get the best deals.
    Hope this helps someone out there!
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