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  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I'm actually surprised that the dealer will permit that high a charge because of the "kickback" to the card company and relatively low margin on the vehicle. Assuming it's OK, using the card would seem to be a no-brainer--you get whetever perks the card company provides (rebate, flying miles, etc.) and keep your money for an extra six weeks.
  • Can you tell me the dealership name and city (and perhaps the zip code) where you bought the car? I'd be willing to go to NY to purchase at that price. Did you get quotes back via email or did you have to negotiate over the phone? The Honda quote request wasn't working from RI this morning. Not sure if it is a temporary glitch at the web site or something to do with my location (zip code). When I email dealers, I tend to get no response or a "call me on the phone" response.
  • gk20gk20 Posts: 7
    well, if you are sure what you are getting. I am surprised dealer allow you to use credit card because first they need to take risk, I am not saying you but not all credit card holder is good. 2nd usually merchant will need to pay credit card company some fee for this kind of "convenient" service, I heard AMEX charge more than VISA/MASTER, to allow buyer use credit card in car buying this is another cost add on to dealer.

    Anyway, good practice in utilizing your money. :)
  • gk20gk20 Posts: 7
    what dekorai meant to say is "he has $7500 now but by charging it at credit card that he can get cash back dollar from, he can make some money out of this $7500". Nowadays, some credit card pay 1% of purchase as cash back, if you charge $7500 on it then you are going to get $75 back, almost enough to buy a moonroof visor from online store for your CR-V :-). So, if you can find a car dealer accept credit card and you do have money, by all mean use it.

    This is just another way of leverage.
  • crvfancrvfan Posts: 3
    I got the same quote from Treadwell Honda yesterday, 18680+279+tax. But they backed off to 18892+279+tax this morning. Don't understand this. Is this because this is the start of the month? He will also charge me 4.5% sales tax and said I can get 0.75% back when I register my CR-V in Jefferson where sales tax is 3.75%. Is this possible?
  • isell,

    Why do dealers like you insist on keeping these types of bad deals hidden from the public? The idea of the forum is to help people. The forum is not to claim it's too late so just swallow it like a good little boy. You also have NO IDEA about the person's credit or if if they rolled in negative equity from another car into that lease. Your continued attempts to cover for your brethren does nothing more than perpetuate the general public's perception of car dealers. If that is what you are attempting to accomplish, you are unparalleled in your success.

    We can learn from other's mistakes and I am sure the general public is more than happy to find a little research and learn from other's mistakes. We should be applauding the input from the various members of this forum in their attempts to educate the less informed. Your statements do nothing but attempt to belittle those that make suggestions re: how to better the next deal or help those from falling into the same pitfalls.

    I understand that these forums are open to opinions from all perspectives and you are entitled to yours. Likewise, I and others are entitled to ours. Regards. Steve
  • dekoraidekorai Posts: 56
    What happened was that I was prepared to pay the entire amount of the car ($20,950) through Capital One blank check but Honda wanted to finance me. I could have written out a check for the $7500 downpayment (out of the Capital One check) but Honda preferred to put it on my credit card (I have no idea why!). So I did that and financed the balance ($13,500) through Honda.
    Drome, I do have the $7500 (which I intended to use as a down payment irrespective of who financed me). Since the dealer took it on the credit card, its effectively a 1 month free interest loan to me since I anyway will pay it off when my balance is due 5 weeks from now.
  • dekoraidekorai Posts: 56
    The dealer was Hillside Honda. Get in touch with the Internet Manager through the American Honda website (dealer locator) - that's what I did. I got quotes from $21,395 (MSRP) to $19,465 from about 30 dealers in the NYC metro region before settling for $1080 below invoice which I negotiated over the phone.
    I am not sure but perhaps you'll pay lower RI tax even if you buy it in NY.
  • dekoraidekorai Posts: 56
    What risk is the dealer taking by putting $7,500 on a credit card? If anything, he is getting his money immediately even though he loses 5% to Amex. I am surprised that the dealer wanted to put it on the card, but I guess they really wanted to finance me knowing they would make up the money there.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225

    I don't think I've belittled anyone. It does bother me when someone comes here and asks..." Did I pay too much"?, only to have someone come along and tell them how they could and should have paid less elsewhere.

    You are correct...I have NO IDEA of the elements of that transaction and NEITHER do you or the person who, as I knew someone would, jumped in to ruin that person's day by telling them they shouldn't have dodn what they did or paid what they paid.

    And, please understand this, if you can...I am NOT "covering for my bretheren"..I have to deal with the well deserved sterotypes every day in my profession and I hate some of these tactics as much as anyone.

    I was only trying to help that new buyer feel good about their purchase.
  • dromedariusdromedarius Posts: 307
    I ruined someone's day by telling them they got a bad deal? More, than say, the salesman and the finance manager that sold them on the bad deal and screwed them over on payments for the next four years? Your way of dealing with this situation is ridiculous. Do you think accountants and lawyers give advice the way you do? "It feels good, so it shouldn't matter what you paid..."

    When you make an investment in the tens of thousands, "feeling good" about your purchase often includes the financial portion. If you got a good deal, you feel good about it. You can get anything if you pay enough, and a CR-V shouldn't be one of those thing you pay anything for.

    Furthermore, if someone asks an honest question, they deserve an honest answer. Again, I realize your a salesman, so its your job to spin it, but that's not honest, I won't apologize for being honest.

    PS - Dekorai, thanks for the explanation on the credit card purchase. It still doesn't make sense to me what the dealer was thinking, but in your shoes I would have done the same thing.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    You don't know all of the elements of this sale and I still thinks it's just poor manners to jump in and rain on someone's parade.

    I'm not trying to "spin" anything. I don't care if it's a car or a lawnmower.

    But, you are correct...they DID ask for advise and you were quick to jump in and give them your "honest answer" based on the limited information you had.

    And, please...if you are going to quote me please don't use your own words.
  • potashpotash Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I just got a quote for the above mentioned vehicle, and I wondering if you all think its a good price:

    CR-V SE - $ 22,578
    Destination - $ 515
    "Service Fee" - $ 89
    TOTAL - $ 23,182

    All that would remain would be Tax and Registraition, but that will be the same for every dealer. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  • cpickcpick Posts: 21
    very niiiiiice will like the ride...especially at that price.
  • chantelchantel Posts: 12

    Just curious what state and area you bought your SE at? What dealers? I'm in the market for a SE.

    Thanks :)
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    What risk is the dealer taking by putting $7,500 on a credit card? If anything, he is getting his money immediately even though he loses 5% to Amex. I am surprised that the dealer wanted to put it on the card, but I guess they really wanted to finance me knowing they would make up the money there.

    This is why they let you use the credit card, and insisted that you finance through them. When a dealer arrainges financing through their "preferred" bank, they get a kick back anywhere from $600 to $1000 from the bank. If AMEX charged them 5% ($375), although I think it is more like 2-3%, and the bank gave them $1000 for financing you they still made out on the deal. Just make sure the rate you got from "Dealer preferred" bank is not higher than the rate you got from your own sources. Sometimes dealers will add a percentage point or two to what you really qualify and pocket that. That $7500 in an ING account will earn you another $100 in interest in a month. So not only you get the cashback or miles from AMEX but also interest from ING.

    To the guy who asked how he did on a $350 lease, it is too late for anything. But I got my 2005 EX manual for $360/month for 60 months with no money down, not even taxes. I did have to pay $25 registration fee. Did you know that AHFC includes free GAP insurance these days. It made no sence to pay anything out of pocket if GAP is free. The same downpayment is earning 3% in the ING account, while I am paying 2.9% interest on the car loan. I call it a wash, but I still have cash if I need it.
  • kgd36580kgd36580 Posts: 4
    Yes, that's how it works on the sales tax. You have to pay it up front but when you register your vehicle in your home city/county and send them a copy of your tag receipt they refund the difference between your home city/county rate and the Mobile County rate. This is to prevent the Mobile County residents from falsely claiming to live outside the city/county and get a better sales tax rate. I don't know about the "bump" in price. It may indeed be because of the start of a new month. Sometimes you can get a better a price at the end of a month if a dealer needs to move units to make sales goals. Call or email them and see why they won't sell at the first quote.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 131,011
    Better grab that one quick...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • martyhmartyh Posts: 11
    We were looking to replace our 1998 Honda Accord LX. We just bought the front wheel drive CRV-LX over the holiday weekend and love it already!
    We drove the '04's last year and decided to wait as we were just not impressed since we had the Accord before. I'm so glad we waited. The '05 is much more refined with the 5 spd auto and seems quieter. Power is ample. Not a disappointment at all to go from the old Accord to this CRV now. We got the new color Silver Moss. Its gorgeous and does not show dirt!
    Thanks to all the posts on the Edmunds forum, that helped us make our decision. My wife did the pricing research and since it was the end of the month was able to negotiate an unbelievable deal:
    Beginning price: $18,055 wholesale value
    $515 destination
    $299 doc fees
    $22 tag transfer
    $300 SC Sales tax
    Total $19191
    They threw in mud guards for another $55 for a total of $19246 to drive it off the lot.
    Nice deal huh? This was at Dick Brooks in Greer SC. My wife negotiated the price on the phone. They had to get the car from another dealer since they did not have the color. We had the financing already done with my credit union. When we arrived with our check, they honored the deal with no funny business. We took it for a drive to make sure it checked out OK. It was even better than we expected. We had everything done in a couple of hours and are very pleased with our experience.
    We love this CRV. First tank mileage was 26! So far so good!
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I'm moving to Milwaukee. Beer, brats and cheap SEs?
  • dekoraidekorai Posts: 56
    Thanks for the insight. Yes, my $7500 earns a months interest @3% in my Vanguard money market account till I use it to pay off the $7500 charged to my Amex, from who I also get back 1%.
    The dealer financed me through Honda Financial Services (Honda's subsidiary) and beat the rate I was pre-approved by 3% so I had nothing to lose even if the dealer pocketed 1-2%. Besides, I intend to double my monthly car payments the first six months which further reduces my interest/monthly payments. After that, most of my monthly payments will be baby payments since my wife is expecting (hence we settled for the CR-V)!
    This is my first car purchase in the US and with just a 3 year credit history, I don't think I could have possibly done better.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    That is what I do as well, if I am going to finance: I get pre-approved from a bank, credit union, or someplace like Capital One online. Then challenge the dealer to beat the rate for a simple interest loan with no set up fees. If they can, they I don't care if they make a ton of money giving me the loan since I am paying less than with my own financing. If they can't beat the rate or do not want to, then I use my own financing.

    I have been leasing most of my cars lately, and with Honda having a 0.9% lease rate on the new Accords that is what we did on my wife's new Accord.

    Sounds like you did really well for your first new car purchase to me :-)

  • I found a 2004 Honda CRV with 8544 miles on it, it is certified, and they are asking 21980, well below KBB retail and edmunds CPO TMV, so is that a good deal, or can I try to get them to go lower?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I would not get it at all!

    Invoice on a NEW 2005 EX is $22,307 and you should be able to get an EX for invoice or a little less. For example, on using an ATL area ZIP the no haggle price comes up $22,182 - which is just a little more than your USED CR-V price.

    The 2005 is a MUCH more desirable truck as well, and should be worth a good bit more down the road used. From the Edmund's description of the 2005:

    What's New for 2005
    All models get redesigned headlamps and front fascias along with antilock brakes, stability control, side airbags for front passengers, head curtain airbags for front and rear occupants, strengthened B-pillars (for better side-impact crash protection) and minor interior styling refinements. A five-speed automatic transmission replaces last year's four-speed unit.

    5 speed tranny VS 4 speed = huge difference is smoothness, extra air bags and stability control for safety, better side impact. Pretty much a no-brainer decision unless you could get the 04 for THOUSANDS less. Then I would only go for it if you just can't afford the 05.

  • Hondas can really be had for invoice or less? I thought they always sold closer to MSRP, but I don't know much. I had looked at the 2005 models and priced one out on hondas site, and it was over 25,000 for the base EX with auto and 2-3 extra options like fog lights and security system. But that was obviously MSRP, plus destination. If I can get a brand new 2005 for 22-23000, then I will have to consider it.

    I just checked carsdirect for my zip code, and the 2005 EX with auto is at 22,567. A mere 587 more then the one I am looking at. I hadn't realized the 2005 got so much new stuff. Although the CPO one will have a longer power train warranty, but I don't think that offsets the cost of all the other stuff the 05 comes with. Thanks for the info. I guess I will probablly hold off and just hope I can get financing, shortly after I start my new job, from somebody.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Good deal. If post where you live, folks here have listed deals even better than carsdirect - but not by a lot.

  • dekoraidekorai Posts: 56
    I think KBB, NADA and Edmunds estimates for used car prices are way over-inflated. Instead, check used car sites like and for a few days to get an idea of listing prices and expect to settle at least 10-15% off the asking price.
    I was looking for a pre-cert 2004 EX (almost bought one going for $18,700 with 9000 miles) and eventually decided to go with a new 2005 AWD LX after a month of research. I can do without the moonroof and alloy wheels for now which the EX has, and will get the window tint done on my LX.
  • ready2buy2ready2buy2 Posts: 13
    can anyone please tell me what is the reasonable range for doc, DMV license & registration fees in bay area? (excluding tax). Also for Honda accord (Honda Care) extended warranty, is $600-700 reasonable?
  • martyhmartyh Posts: 11
    YES, IT'S TRUE!! But you have to do your homework and play hardball too!! Here's a link you need:
    I went onto New Cars and they give you the MSRP, the INVOICE, and the WHOLESALE prices. I started with the wholesale price and thought I'd negotiate upward to the invoice price. I managed to buy at wholesale then add in the destination to get my price. The taxes and tags are different wherever you live. One note of importance is that "Doc Processing Fees" vary from place to place but they should NOT charge you more than $95-99.00. It's up to you if you get your price if you want to pay more to include their profit. Don't pay anything else. No other hidden charges, no dealer prep fees. Don't pay any more than you want to. The catch is go in with your own financing so you can make a CASH deal. NO trade ins either. Or leave that piece of information out until you've made your "Out the door" deal.
  • reddy1reddy1 Posts: 2
    Just got a quote from WoodLandHills(near LA, Cali) Honda Dealer for LX, 2wheel Dr for $18500. Is this deal Ok?. Please suggest
  • chantelchantel Posts: 12
    Isn't wholesale price = invoice minus holdback ?

    I noticed the wholesale price range for CR-V is between 18052- 22563. I'm thinking maybe the top range is for the SE model. With that assumption, the invoice price is 23321 (exclude dest) with 3% msrp holdback (758), that will give me 22563.

    Am I getting this right?
  • Thanks for all the info guys. I live in Columbus, OH 43204 zip code. I know there are at least 2-3 honda dealers within an hour drive, probablly more. Actually I just checked, looks like there are about 6 within 50 miles of my zip. So I have several dealers to choose from.

    I just would really liked to have purchased by now, but haven't found the right car/deal yet. I will be starting my new job on monday, and I am just not sure how long my aging Ols Cutlass Ciera '89 is gonna last. ANd I would rather not miss days at my new job this early just because my car broke.

    I also wish i could accurately nail down my budget. I currently work part time, 20 hours a week at 12.35 and hour, and I get all my bills paid, and everything, also have my fiancees to help with all those. My new job is only 12 per hour, but is 40 hours a week. But they get paid every other week, so I will probablly get reamed on taxes compared to what I am used to. Instead of them taking taxes out of my 250 dollar check, they will be taking it out of my 960 dollar check. I figure I should bring in at least 600-700 after taxes with my new job.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Hondas can really be had for invoice or less? I thought they always sold closer to MSRP, but I don't know much

    I think the secret is out of the bag now. Oh my god!!!!. We Honda owners have enjoyed the solitude for years, and now we are being infiltrated by Mazda driver who realized that Hondas can be had for less than MSRP!!! Oh the humanity!!!!

    On the more serious note, people in the know always paid invoice or a little bellow for Hondas. People outside of the "circle" always paid MSRP, Honda does not do public rebates, but rather dealer incentives which do not affect the resale values. As you have noticed your self, used Honda costs as much as a brand new one. For some Honda models, used ones cost more than new. I attribute it to sticker shock, people see MSRP and then walk away, without investigating.

    If you still have the MAzda6 5 door, you may get killed on it because of the recent multi thousand dollar rebates Ford included with it. A friend of mine bought a 2004 Mazda6S, manual for $9,000 under the MSRP, after all negotiations and rebates.
  • Nope, I don't have nor have I ever had a mazda6 5 door. It is a vehicle I like and would consider when I eventually get rid of the maxima, if I do. I just couldn't think of a good username, and I wnated a 5 door, so I took it.

    Well I just got approved by capital one auto finance for a loan on a new dealer car at 6.35%. That seems to be the going rate on online loans right now, can i do better elsewhere? I don't belong to a credit union, and my bank tends to have high rates, at least the last time I checked. I do have excellent credit though, with a FICO of 745 from trans union.

    Also, I am currently with allstate, paying like 800+ every 6 for full coverage on a 97 maxima, and liability on a 89 Olds cutlass ciera. Geico quote me a mere 12 dollars more for full coverage on the maxima and a 05 CRV. With the maxima and the olds, they were like 300 bucks per 6 cheaper then allstate. So I think I will be canceling my allstate policy and going with geico. Can I do that or am I locked in with allstate for the full 6 months? I pay monthly if that helps. Either way that policy is up in September.

    So now how do I go about getting an 05 CRV. What is cars direct exactly, can you buy from them, or is that price they listed actually from a local dealer. Or do i print that, take it to a local dealer and tell them to match or beat it? And lastly, do you think they would be able to beat my rate of 6.35% for 60-72 months?
  • red927red927 Posts: 118
    I used HSBC Auto Finance for an 05 CR-V in New Jersey last month. The rate was 5.25% for up to 60 months. Very easy to fill out application. Approved in seconds flat. Blank check delivered by DHL the next morning from California! Honda dealer refused to match the rate until the last minute, then I told him no. HSBC has been very easy to work with.
  • Looks like I was wrong, 5.85 seems to be the current rate for 72 month new car loans online. HSGC has a 5.95, I think. Still better then my 6.35, not sure why I didn't qualify for the 5.85. I also just qualified for an eloan, they are the ones I got my maxima loan through, not sure on the rate yet, they should call soon. I suppose if they are higher then 6.35, maybe I will try HSBC. I just don't want to apply to too many places, since it may throw off my credit a bit and then the dealer definately won't match.

    The only thing is, I would like for the dealer to match so I can buy today. Obviously assuming I like the test drive and everything. Since like I said, i start a new job Monday and I am just worried about how long my current ride will get me there on time every time.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I have sent several folks to Swope Honda in Louisville, KY. If that is close enough, you can probably get a price at or below invoice there. I will e-mail the salesguy there and ask him.

    Someone else told me that Immke Honda in Columbus, Voss Honda in Dayton gave decent deals so you might try those.

  • KY is a little further then I want to drive for a car, but thanks. I am getting a quote from immke right now. Just got my rate from eloan, a whopping 9.57. I can't believe that, they gave me a great rate on my maxima loan. So it looks like cpaital one, the dealer or maybe HSBC.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I already e-mailed him, I will post what he says just FYI.

    Can't you just go through the carsdirect deal you posted earlier if one of the folks you contact yourself does not match or beat it?

  • Sure, but I wasn't sure how carsdirect worked, how do i get the car, does it come from a local dealer, or is it direct from honda? I don't get it?

    Also quick question on the '05 CRV. I was just looking at the pics, and I noticed the cup holder/table between the front seats looks differant then in the '04, does it still fold down allowing a walk way to the back?
  • Is this really all that seperates an '05 LX from an '05 EX? I could have swore there was more then that last time I looked, but I have been looking at so many cars lately, I am probablly confused. That makes me debate if the EX is really worth the extra 2155 over the LX. Since this car is for my fiancee, she doesn't care about alloy wheels, or body colored power mirrors, or rear tinted glass. The better radio and 6 disc changer she might like, the moonroof would be nice, but she doesn't need it, steering wheel mounted audio controls are good to, but again not a necessity(sp?), and the same with the exterior temp indicator. Maybe we should just go with an LX instead.

    • AM/FM/XM®-ready/6-disc in-dash CD changer/cassette audio system with 6 speakers
    • Power moonroof with tilt feature
    • 16" alloy wheels, including spare
    • Steering wheel-mounted audio controls
    • Exterior temperature indicator
    • Rear privacy glass
    • Body-colored dual power mirrors
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It is a local dealer, that is why the prices vary with the ZIP code you put in. It is a nice, easy way to get a no haggle price - or just to use as a benchmark for what is possible.

    I don't know about the cup holder, but I am sure it does. We test drove an 05 and I think that is how it works.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I think that is it. Based on invoice the difference is about $2,000 - and other than the moonroof most of the other stuff could be added later or you really don't HAVE to have. The LX comes with a tape/CD (single disc) but it is a sort of a standard sized DIN radio, so you can replace it with anything you want later but you will need a cheap kit to fill up the too tall hole.

    A moonroof is nice, but maybe not $2k nice?

    You can save another $1k or so by getting the FWD LX. They tend to have a little worse (percentage-wise) resale value than the AWD LX trucks. Most folks that don't NEED AWD still think they have to HAVE AWD :-)

  • Yeah we don't NEED AWD, but we do live in the northeast and get pretty decent amounts of snow up here during the winter, so I think the AWD is worth it. The other stuff, not so sure on, will have to talk to her when she gets home.
  • Forgive me for my off topic stuff, if its a problem I will stop. But what about insurance. Say I find and buy a CRV, do I have to call and get it insured before I can drive it home? What if I buy on a weekend when the insurance office is closed?
  • martyhmartyh Posts: 11
    I live in the southeast where bad weather is not normally a problem. Did not feel I needed AWD and the few other accessories that the EX offers. I don't feel like I am missing anything with an LX. If you need AWD go with the AWD LX and add the accessories later. Windows can be tinted and you can get alloys all for under a thousand. As for the 6 disc CD who needs that in the age of iPODS?!
    Best regards getting your new CRV! You will love it. BTW to answer your question, the table tray operates just like year.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I heard back from my guy at Swope, he said $22,000 for the EX w/auto and $20,000 for the AWD LX w/auto - that would be the truck, destination, and dealer fee (so plus TTL). They might even do a little better to earn your business. You can e-mail me via my profile and I can give you his contact info (not allow to be posted here).

    For your part of the country I would say AWD would be nice. My preferences would be:

    1) AWD with 4 snow tires (I have this on my '96 Legacy snow day car)
    2) FWD with 4 snow tires
    3) AWD with all season tires
    4) RWD with all season tires
    5) anything RWD

    You could get a set of 4 GRIPPY snow tires on spare steel rims mounted and balanced from the TireRack for $600-800.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    With my insurance company (State Farm) I am automatically covered on any car I buy, lease, or trade for for the first xx days. Call your agent and check, but I am sure most companies operate the same way.

    Sounds like you are itching to get a new SUV :-)

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 131,011
    In Columbus? I'd want AWD...

    The EX is worth the extra $2K.. I had the previous generation CR-V, and the sunroof makes a big difference... It really brightens up the interior..

    Alloy wheels are a big improvement in looks, as well..

    And, not that it is worth the whole $2K, but the privacy glass in the rear is a big improvement... That wasn't offered on Gen I CR-Vs, and I can tell a big difference as far as interior temperature.. Sure, you can have your windows tinted aftermarket, but that is never as nice as pre-tinted glass from the factory.

    And, when you get ready to sell... your EX is going to be a lot more popular than the LX.. Sunroofs are big sellers..

    I've heard good things about Immke.. In Dayton, there is Voss, plus Hidy Honda in Beavercreek, which is over closer towards your direction... Plus another Honda dealer in Tipp City, just north of Dayton. Six more dealers in the Cincinnati area.. I bought my last CR-V at Nourse Honda in Chillicothe, and got what was a good deal at the time.. That is only about an hour or so away..


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 131,011
    I agree with Dennis... You are generally covered for 30 days.. although, they request that you let them know ASAP. Your dealer will probably ask you for your insurance information for the finance companies benefit.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

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