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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • psuf4ipsuf4i Member Posts: 16
    Redfire Metallic 6s:

    Auto Tranny
    Sport Package
    Comfort Pakage
    Side Airbags
    wheel locks

    MSRP $26,275
    S-Plan Price $23,755 ($2,520 savings)
    PA Sales Tax (6%) $1,425
    Total Price $25,220
    Minus $500 college grad rebate
    I paid $24,720
  • buggywhipbuggywhip Member Posts: 188
    jcesmom, I too am in the Boston area. You got a tremendous deal on your 6. May I ask where you purchased it? I've been to 128 Mazda and Quirk; they advertise decent prices but I contact them and they're not all that eager to deal. Also, did you price out the base Altimas? What was the lowest price you got?......also, you and I must be reading the same magazines. Like you, I also read on the Pop Mech long-term update on their Altima--they hate the thing!! BUT perhaps it's just that particular example. I've read all the Altima owners' posts here at Edmunds and they seem to be much more forgiving.
  • skyrayskyray Member Posts: 156
    If you don't mind driving a bit, contact Autex Mazda in Keene, NH. I got my 6s from them last month. I made intial contact via email from the Mazda page and they were very helpful, and very willing to offer a great deal right at the beginning -- no haggling necessary.

    At that time, they had a pretty good mix of 6s and 6i cars.
  • combustible1combustible1 Member Posts: 264
    you ordered the sports pkg., but didn't list the moonroof as an option.

    oversight, or in fact, they actually let you order without moonroof??
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    cgam99: Is that what the MSRP $26400 is for your 6? The MSRP on my 6s MT was $26040 and it had the same options, plus moonroof, SCA, sports grille, alarm sensor upgrade and aluminum (satin finish) fuel filler door. The salesperson also threw in all-weather heavy-duty floor mats (4).
  • captbcaptb Member Posts: 4
    Our local COSTCO Discount Warehouse offers a "discount car purchasing program" through authorized/participating dealers. It is hard to get specific information regarding the price, but have heard they offer a price $500 above dealer invoice. Has anyone used this program? Any comments or suggestions?
  • skyrayskyray Member Posts: 156

    Just go to Costco.com and hit the online form -- you can get information that way. I did it before buying my 6 and discovered "no participating dealers in your area." So... Might as well check and see if it's even an option before you bother spending much time on it.

    I did finance through Costco's finance program, which is actually PeopleFirst.com (who advertises here on Edmunds). Great, super-easy experience, and a very low rate.
  • mazdamarlamazdamarla Member Posts: 350
    We don't have Costco here, but we have Sam's Club. Back when my husband was looking to buy a new truck - his first BRAND NEW vehicle ever - we checked into the Sam's Club discount. Found a dealer that participates and as we were ordering the truck anyway, he said that we got a better deal with their "ordering discount" than the Sam's Club discount. Sam's Club discount was 2% over invoice cost of the vehicle (this was for Chevrolet - don't know if it differs by make), and our truck was like $27K or something. But if we ordered the truck, the dealer would just charge us $500 over invoice, which was a better deal. So that's what we used when we got his Silverado back in '99.
  • cgam99cgam99 Member Posts: 2
    In retrospect, it appears I left off a few options and details in my original post:

    The car was "ordered" from the dealer's inventory, but it has arrived on the lot yet. It's scheduled for delivery this Thursday. The options I neglected to include are as follows:

    Sports Grille
    Trunk Organizer & Cargo Tray
    Cassette (No plans to use it, but it was already in the car)

    Hope this clears things up a bit.
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    From what I've read in the various 6 forums, prices have quite a wide range from just over invoice to MSRP, so I want to gather some information from people and try to figure out any trends. I'm looking for anyone that has been given a quoted price. If you want to participate, send an email to: toolman at tamu dot edu.

    Include the following information:

    1) The city / state of the dealership
    2) Date you were given the qoute
    3) Amount over invoice not including any rebates. (if msrp, say how much over invoice that is)
    4) Car details (i or s, MT or AT, and Sport or non-Sport)
    and for grins:
    5) How many different Mazda6's you have seen on the road.

    And to the inevitable question: Yes, I do have a lot of free time and will report my findings. :)
  • magar65magar65 Member Posts: 28
    Hi everyone!

    What is the final price people have paid on a 6s, 5spd manual,Comfort Pkg, Sport, Bose, Moon, Curtains? I'm in Oregon and would like to go out this weekend to add to my debit column! Thanks in advance!
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    magar65: If its as a hot item (especially 6s MT w/sprt pkg) in the west as it is in the east, expect to pay MSRP around $25K. I paid mines with all of the options you put on it, those you listed plus sprts grille, satin fuel door, upgraded alarm, compass/autodim homelink mirror, wheel locks, leather seats.
  • 1wiseguy1wiseguy Member Posts: 120
    Anyone buy one in Canada? What price did you pay??
    I saw my first one yesterday in Kanata and my second one about 30 seconds later...must have been together. Neither had the GFX package.
  • otoluvaotoluva Member Posts: 196
    Yesterday I was finally ready to pull the trigger and bring the 6 home, problem was the dealer wanted MSRP for the red hot S 5 spd and would not budge. what's frustrating is the fact that I made some sacrafices regarding the option config. and was willing to take the one he had in stock. On my way out the sales manager jokingly said that I need to love the car more and I replied that I could't love it more but I'm not a fool.
    I guess the Altima is looking better when I can get it for bellow invoice.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    Comments like that sure don't help.

    Oh well, we'll see how long they keep that 6s on their lot.
  • magar65magar65 Member Posts: 28
    The Internet Manager I spoke with suggested $1611 of the "Market Value" price that brought the vehicle down to $25,595 -- which was the price listed at the MazdaUSA website. I wrote back the obvious.....no reply yet....are all Mazda dealers this greasy? Sheesh! The next person stated $1000 of MSRP - 6s, 5 spd Man, Comfort, Bose, Sport, Leather, Spt Grill, Side Air bags - from $25,740 to $24,740. I'm waiting to hear back . . . but it sounds good so we'll see it it gets here any time soon!
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    It's pretty much the owner of the dealership that sets the tone.

    I've had bad experiences from Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan....you name it (well, except for Saturn...they've always been very easy to deal with).

    On the other hand, I've had good experiences at the same brands, just at different dealerships.

    Around here, the ones I find easier to deal with are those belonging to Jeff Wyler. Jake Sweeney has improved. I still abhor Performance, Kerry and Superior dealerships. The ones at Kings Auto Mall are of mixed ownership, but the Toyota and Mazda dealerships there seem to be OK. Hidy Honda up in Dayton is much nicer than the Honda dealerships here in Cincinnati (shame too, as they offer some nice vehicles).
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    I stopped by another dealship today and took an unsupervised test drive in a screaming yellow 6i, AT, loaded. I'm not gonna reiterate what everyone said about it's great handling, cause it's all true.

    The sales guy made me an incredible offer of $500 over invoice on a Redfire 6i, MT, with Sport Package. Mix that with a grad rebate, and that's invoice price. Before I could say, "I'll take it", the guy said it was already sold.

    Talk about having my hopes crushed.

    But, he did say he could work out a similar deal if I ordered one. He said the build time was about 12 weeks. I'll be going back tomorrow to work some numbers.

    Additionally, I asked about the MP3 player. He said he's still waiting on an ETA so I guess it's not quite ready yet...
  • digbynydigbyny Member Posts: 9

    What dealership did you go to that offered you the $500 over invoice plus the grad rebate? I'm looking for a 6i too. What city and state is the dealership in?

  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    otoluva: Loaded 6s MT are hot and most dealers will sell only at MSRP whether in stock or ordered. I was faced with the same situation and I bought the 6s and never regretted it. From what I've read, the Altima has reliability and quality issues, plus high torque steering ("white knuckles") on the 3.5 SE make it hard to handle. But it still is a nice car.
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    The dealership is El Cajon Mazda/Kia in San Diego, CA. I'm not quite sure why his offer was so good, since the MT sport package is a hot buy. He had maybe 3 or 4 sport package on the lot, including a sepang green, none of which were MT.

    The red one I mentioned was at a different dealership. The original offer via email was $900 over invoice, which i would have paid had it been available, ($400 after grad rebate).
  • magar65magar65 Member Posts: 28
    Hi folks!

    Anyone have an idea of what the Costco Price is on a 6s MT? I think there program is generall $XX dollars over invoice. Thanks!
  • captbcaptb Member Posts: 4
    The COSTCO price is $500 above invoice. At least in Arizona. I confirmed that with my local dealer and ordered a 6S - no haggling or hassles. Good luck!
  • magar65magar65 Member Posts: 28
    Thanks for the info! Now I know what to expect! Let's hope it works out!
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    I gave in. I ordered a 6 today and put a deposit down.

    The salesman offered $500 over invoice. Mazda offers a $500 rebate to grads. I'm not made of stone! You can't tell me 3.9% financing and a 6i with MT at invoice and expect me to say no. I have a few days before he actually places the order, then it will take 8 to 12 weeks.

    About $21100 plus TTL

    Redfire 6i MT
    Premium/Sport Packages
    Sport Grille/MP3 Player
    Wheel Locks/Alarm Sensor Upgrade
    Aftermarket Leather

    Let the waiting begin...
  • skyrayskyray Member Posts: 156
    Mine's on order. Here's the status I got from my dealer's parts manager:

    They've arrived in "port," wherever that is. The east coast warehouse should have them in about a week. Dealers will be able to get them a few days after that.

    That's for dealer-installed. No idea on factory orders.
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    toolman02: That's my MAN! It's a no brainer, when you get a great deal on a great car you score 100. Is that $21100 include the aftermarket leather? Are you getting the leather from the dealer or the $1200 leather posted here. I heard from some owners order the aftermarket leather seats through their dealer and they may have the heated and electric adjustment options if you want them. Otherwise, you couldn't be convinced to put your order with the all around factory leather.
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    alcjew: That price includes the leather. He qouted me "under $1000" for it, and said he gets it from ASC for a few hundred off retail (i.e. the $1200). It comes out to about the same price as the factory leather, minus the heated seats. Those aren't of much use here, where the temperature is 55 to 80 degrees year round. I didn't care for the moonroof either, so that knocked another $700 off the price.

    I thought about getting the 6s, but the owner said all of those go for MSRP, so I couldn't get the same great deal. He said I could order anything I wanted for $500 over invoice, as long as it didn't take away from his 6s allocation.

    After talking to the saleman, he said there is a company already working on a turbocharger for the 6i. Interesting stuff huh?
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    toolman02: I'm a native So Cal born and raised becoming a Northeast transfer, but heated mirrors on my previous vehicles in CA were helpful, because they do fog up or attract moisture occasionally during misty or rain days. I think the MazdaSpeed 6i will come standard with the turbo. Don't know what the turbo, intercool plumbing and other required parts plus installation would cost in a stock 6i, probably $1K - $2K? Keep us posted on your 6i arrival.
  • hokiedoghokiedog Member Posts: 24
    How were you able to order the 4I with a MT, sports package, ABS & TCS, SAB & SAC and with no other options? Mazda will not let you build a car with sports package and the safety features, unless it is fully loaded, on their website. Are you getting the ABS, etc. installed at port?

    Great deal though. If my salesman is willing to go near that amount, I'll be buying next week.
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    hokiedog: I talked to the owner of the dealership about the options. He said if I ordered, the only packages that were tied together were:


    Maybe Mazda's changing the build options and haven't updated their site yet. The MP3 player isn't on the site either, but that's a valid option. I don't know. I'll give him a call today and make sure that's a valid build combination.
  • shawnvtshawnvt Member Posts: 13

    Are you in Blacksburg/Roanoke area? If so which dealer are you dealing with?

  • fjb323fjb323 Member Posts: 20
  • fjb323fjb323 Member Posts: 20
    Hoping to take delivery of a 6s shortly and would like to get a ball park idea on pricing for the EX. Warranty. Any help would be appreciated.
    FJB 323
  • hokiedoghokiedog Member Posts: 24

    I went ahead and called the dealer today. We will see if they can indeed order the car I want. I don't want to pay extra for leather, moonroof, comfort, ect.... but will if they offer me $500 over invoice.

    I see that you decided to go ahead and get a fully loaded 6I. Any particular reason?

    I already graduated from Tech, so I'm (sadly!) no longer in the Blacksburg area. Va. Beach, actually. Too bad, if we both showed up looking to buy I bet we could have landed a great deal.

    I received a quote from warrantydirect.com for ~$1300. This is for 7yr/100,000 mile coverage and $0 deductible on the 6S with 500 miles on it. Go to warrantydirect.com (or 1sourceautowarranty.com)... they will give you a free quote. The dealer will most likely give you a MUCH higher price.
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    hokiedog: I wasn't originally planning on getting most of the features. All I really wanted was the sport package and grille. Everything else got thrown in along the way from personal experiences...

    My roommate has a mp3 player in his car. Incompatibility with aftermarket head units forced me to get the factory one. I'll still aftermarket the rest of the audio.

    My sister had the wheels stolen off her car. So there's my personal reason for the wheel locks and alarm (minor expenses).

    The safety stuff seems like such a small price to pay if it saves death or serious injury. The size of SUVs nowadays scares me. I don't want to think of what would happen if I got broadsided by one of those.

    I was originally planning on $500 over invoice after my grad rebate. I was able to save another $500 from this other dealer. So, that brought the cost way down.

    I wasn't impressed with the cloth seats. After test driving with cloth, I couldn't even remember what they were like. They didn't stand out. After trying out the leather, they really stuck out and I loved how the interior looked with it. That left me with the factory or aftermarket leather option. However, I'm not sure the aftermarket company has even done a 6 yet, so that concerned me. They both cost the same, except the aftermarket wouldn't have the comfort package.

    And as for the moonroof.... well, christmas came early this year.

    The price was cheaper than I expected. $21650 invoice. Looks like my education is finally starting to pay off after all. :)
  • cwrigh01cwrigh01 Member Posts: 23
    I want to order a 6s 5-speed (since they are so rare) and am selling my car privately. When you order, is it standard to have an 'escape clause' that will let you out of the order (with your deposit back) if either you can't sell the old car in time or sell it too early and they can't find you a new one?

    I am getting the car through s-plan so I'm not sure what kind of leverage I have.

    Thanks, Chris
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    Chris (cwrigh01): Do you mean a "contingency clause" when purchasing a house, if you can't sell your previous house within certain time period then all bets are off? I haven't heard of this applying to car purchases, but I could be wrong. An option, a tough pill to swallow though, is to trade-in your car (may may low-ball you on trade price) when get your car (from dealers lot or ordered) spec'd that you or close to it. See the 6 allocations that audia8q states at the Mazda6 (Sedans Board)on post #9690. He encourages that to receive the July delivery from the June production you must place your order in by 4/16/03. He states that the July production will be the last for '03 so you probably need to get your in like mid-May, but it doesn't mean that '04 production will not start after that. He's a Dealershp manager so he knows about what the factory is doing. S-plan is voluntary for dealers to honor. Good luck!
  • cwrigh01cwrigh01 Member Posts: 23
    wow, that's a long lead time! i was hoping for something in a month or two, not july! I guess I need to just talk to the dealer about it--I can't imagine it will take more than 6 weeks to sell my car.

    And yes, I was hoping for a contingency clause similar to that on a house. A friend recently bought a G35 coupe and had this clause because the dealer didn't really care as there was a waiting list on the car anyways.

  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    I would think the dealer would give you a clause like that. After all, it's not like he's getting "stuck" with a 6s MT. If you don't want it, he can turn around and sell it to someone else (without s-plan) and get more money for it.

    I was given that option when I ordered.
  • cwrigh01cwrigh01 Member Posts: 23
    thanks for the reply. A quick glance at Mazda's website "dealer inventory" shows a ton of 5-speed 6s's in Texas. I know that they include ordered cars, but hopefully if I am negotiable on the color I could find something when I sell the car--and it seems they are ordering them all loaded which is how I want mine. :)
  • pyranhamdpyranhamd Member Posts: 15
    my 6. Walked into my local dealer, told him what I wanted, and discovered that he has the exact car (minus Bose audio) arriving next week. The guy that ordered it backed out, so it's now mine:) What I got:

    6S MT Steel Grey
    Moon Roof
    Wheel Locks

    Asked for and got $500 over invoice, which came out to even invoice with the college grad rebate. Out the door at $ 23, 930. Can't WAIT to take possession next week!
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    pyranhamd: Get ready to Zoom-Zoom! You won't be disappointed with the 6s! Have almost 3500 miles and it is as solid as the day I drove it home from the dealer. Good luck on your new purchase!
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    I was offered a 6i at $60 over invoice, plus $100 for a doc fee. Do you think I should take it?
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    It doesn't get much better than that. And that doc fee, i think just about everyone has to pay (or at least here in CA).

    If they have one with the options you want, go for it.
  • mazdamarlamazdamarla Member Posts: 350
    I didn't have to pay the document prep fee, but he said that's because I have the Supplier Discount (S-Plan) pricing deal. And the doc fee here (Michigan) was $120, not $100, if I'd had to pay it. I'm glad I don't. :)
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    are a dealer charge so S-planners are exempted per Mazda. You can fight the dealer for it but you might suffer ill repor while trying to grab those few extra bucks off the salesperson's dinner table.
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    Yes, it has EXACTLY the options I want! What am I waiting for? I have a 3-year old car now that I'll have to eat the depreciation on. Not a pleasant thought for sure, but you gotta have some fun, right?
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    I hear ya on the depreciation hit. My 5 year old car is worth next to nothing, even with only 60k miles on it.

    When I ordered, the salesman said I would probably take a $700 to $800 depreciation hit by waiting the three months for the car to come in. But according to my math:

    Next to Nothing - $700 = Next to Nothing. Would a 5 year old car depreciate that much in just three months?
  • mazdafunmazdafun Member Posts: 2,329
    You can also check Kelley (sp?) Blue Book and local ads for comparable cars. I think he's exaggerating the depreciation. It's steepest in the first 2 years, but it depends on the vehicle.
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