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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Guys, do you think a bit under $18K for M6i, with premium package, abs and side airbags, auto tranny is still high? It's including $1500 rebate :(
    Gee, I can't get a better one in the Southerneast!
  • sbakalarsbakalar Posts: 3
    hi, i'm looking to buy a 6s with auto trans, leather and moonroof. Has anyone bought something similar in california and what did you pay? thanks...
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168 finally has some good deals on sport package models, at $1100 off MSRP. Has anyone purchased a car through them?
  • mazda6iguymazda6iguy Posts: 365
    Just picked up my 6i last week. Paid invoice for 6i, Sepang green with only ABS, Premium pkg and automatic. no rebates got 0% for 5 yrs. No hassle in the F&I office. And to top it off, I beat the Ohio sales tax increase!
  • rgb2rgb2 Posts: 31
    Has auto tranny + side airbags. Paid invoice + 150 advertising assessment(was on the invoice) - $1000 loyalty - $1500 rebate in lieu of 0%financing.
  • I'm curious why CA residents are so much luckier than southerneasterns? lol
    I'm sick and tired of songs and dances of the dealers. Now it's $19.8- 20.3 for auto, premium ,side ab,abs. It's not even close to invoice I think!
  • dave461dave461 Posts: 5
    Sticker price: $23,250 (6s, with auto, sunroof, and wheel locks)
                    Discount -2220 (invoice)
                    cash back-1500
                    loyalty -1000
                    dealer fee (utter nonsense)
                        Paid $18,649---not too bad
                        Got car in Orlando at a big Mazda dealer
  • 6zoom6zoom Posts: 1
    Final price was $19,968 (excluding tax) for a 2003 Mazda6 S with 5 speed manual transmission, appearance package, rear lip spoiler, cloth seats, Sepang Green. Got cassette player, fog lights, cargo tray at dealer cost - now I need to install them.

    Deal included $1250 rebate for loyalty and Mazda financing.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    Excuse a dumb question, What is loyalty rebate? Do I have to be a current Mazda owner. If I go out and buy a used 323 for $100 and have it as trade-in, would that qualify for loyalty rebate?
    Thank you
  • aprilnapriln Posts: 25
    Short answer - $1000 instant rebate on the Mazda6 (non-sport), you have to be a current Mazda owner, and you don't have to trade it in.

    I received the loyalty rebate for my Mazda6 purchase three weeks ago - I owned an '88 626. All they needed was the registration, which they photocopied. I'm assuming the title would work as well. We didn't trade in the 626, as with 213K miles we weren't expecting a great deal from the dealer.

    So yes, if you go out and buy a cheapo Mazda, and the registration is in your name, you should be able to get the rebate. Also, if anyone in your immediate family owns a Mazda, I believe you can get the rebate as well!
  • jenjones1jenjones1 Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    Ready to purchase a 6i and was wanting to know if anyone who has recently purchased, found out about any factory to dealer incentives Mazda might be running? Has anyone checked it out with the "Fighting Chance" website?
    Just looking for the best deal!

  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    thank you for clarifying loyalty rebate for me. another dumb question, what is "S-plan"
    Thank you
  • aprilnapriln Posts: 25
    As far as I know, the S-plan is a discount plan for employees (and possibly the families of employees) of the Ford company, the manufacturer of the Mazda6. Other people may be able to use the S-plan if their employers have a relationship with Ford, but I don't know anything about that (I work for the gov'mint).

    The plan has set pricing guidelines for all models and options which, I believe, are somewhere between MSRP and invoice. There is no haggling or debate, you just get the set S-plan price. There has been much discussion about whether dealers are required to sell vehicles at S-plan prices; the concensus seems to be that you may need to check with a few dealers to find one willing to sell the vehicle you want at the S-plan price.

    And that's all I know about that - and considering I haven't used the S-plan, or have actually read any of the details, you should definitely take my words with a huge pinch of salt. I'm sure other people have more to say...
  • uvacheuvache Posts: 3
    S-Plan is a Ford program apparently. I dont think Ford actually manufactures the 6, but b/c Ford owns controlling interest in Mazda (something like 34%), then Mazda has agreed to honor Ford's "deals". S-Plan basically prices the car at invoice (actually $11-13 below invoice, including options, to be 100% accurate). If you opt or are eligible for S-Plan, there is no haggling on price. The nice part is if you qualify for S-Plan, you can still take advantage of almost all other rebates/offers/etc.

    As to who is eligible for S-Plan, that is harder to say. Certainly the employees of Mazda and family are entitled, but so are a lot of people apparently. I work for a University, and b/c of that I was eligible, because I believe my university has research contracts with Ford, so Ford was kind enough to extend this benefit to university employees. My suggestion is just go and ask the dealer for information about S-Plan and whether or not (some of them dont) the dealer actually will sell a car at an S-Plan price. The way the salesman explained it to me, a dealer will sell a car at S-Plan, and then report that to the manufacturer, b/c then that dealer can order a car any way they want and get it garunteed (helpful if the dealer wants a loaded sports-package car that is hard to come by). Hope that helps.
  • aprilnapriln Posts: 25
    Ford doesn't actually manufacture the 6, but Ford is definitely the parent company to Mazda, and some of the parts in the 6 are Ford. The Flat Rock, MI facility current makes the Mercury Cougar along with the 6, and will be the manufacturing site for the 2005 Mustang.

    Anyway, sorry for the misinformation.
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    They actually found a car in exactly the same configuration (6i 5MT, sport pkg, Bose, leather, moonroof, SAC, ABC/TCS) I wanted at 1400 off MSRP or 900 over invoice. It's not quite bargain basement pricing, but there's only one such car within 150 miles of San Diego, in steel gray metallic. The total came to $24930 including tax, license, California emission, wheel locks out the door. Is it a good deal?
  • I purchased a 6s auto, leather, BOSE w/ 6 CD changer, comfort package, appearance package, autodim mirror, cassette, sport grill, moonroof. MSRP was $26,480, invoice $23,944. I paid about $300 over invoice and got 0% financing for 60 mos.

    It thought this was a good deal, but was shooting to pay invoice. Any comments?
  • car_lovercar_lover Posts: 2
    I’m the type of person that likes a car in a very specific way and I can’t find the car in any Mazda dealers in my area, so I’m planning to order my 6s. I’m just wondering if any of the m6 owners ordered their car? And if they did, can u still get the invoice price? Or you have to pay close to MSRP since you are not getting rid of their inventory.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    You should be able to get an ordered car close to invoice just like an inventory car. Of course, inventory cars may have rebates or other incentives that will not apply to an ordered car.
    If a dealer tells you otherwise, go to another dealer.
  • I don't know about anyone else in the NJ/PA/DE area, but I found it impossible to track down a Mazda 6 s with the sport package. The 3 dealerships I spoke with all told me they are under-manufactured and if I wanted one I would have to pay full MSRP and order the car, and wait out 2-3 months. Instead, I checked the Mazda website and found an inbound 6 that all the features I wanted... Lapis Blue Mazda 6 s auto w/ Grey leather, appearance pack., wing spoiler, sport grille, Bose audio package... also has auto-dim mirror which i didn't need... MSRP was $27100. I got the car for $24500, which is $400 over invoice. The actual price we haggled to was $25000 and then I got a $500 college grad rebate as well. After tax/tags, with 0% financing for five years, the car is only $391/month. Honestly, I think this is far and away the best car you can buy for that amount of money. The only thing that sucks is that the sport package isn't available anywhere, so i had to pay a bit more and i didn't get the 17" wheels/tires, although honestly the ride quality is much smoother with the 16"
  • sbakalarsbakalar Posts: 3
    I finally took the plunge and joined the Mazda owner's club yesterday. Bought a black 6s from Santa Monica Mazda with auto tran, side air bags, aftermarket moonroof and aftermarket leather for $22,568 before tax/license, about $500 under dealer invoice. Plus $1250 loyalty rebate. Plus 0% financing for 5 years. Plus no money down! What a deal!

    Los Angeles is the place to buy your Mazda. The auto market is extremely competitive and Mazdas are not big here, so the dealers are willing to deal. If you're an out-of-state buyer you can drive or ship your car home and save 8% CA sales tax.

    I've had a BMW 325 for seven years, so I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to handling and performance. I would have paid $10K more for a new 325, and there is no way the 325 is $10K better than this car.

    I highly recommend my salesman Reza. Very smart, professional, pleasant and as honest as you will come by in this profession.

    Couple tips for you buyers:

    1) Think twice before you get the Sport Package. Other than the 17" tires, it's all looks, not performance. And you can't get 0% financing. So it ends up costing you a helluva lot more than the cost of the package itself.

    Coming from a BMW, I think the 6 body looks classier, more expensive, and more European without the spoiler.

    2) If you want leather, aftermarket is definitely the way to go. It's MUCH better quality (the factory stuff is chintzy, a friend who went for a test ride with me thought it was fake), comes with the same warranty as factory, and you get to pick your color (the factory comes only in gray and beige, and the shades are not the best).

    The way Mazda groups the options, you have to get comfort (four seasons) package with factory leather. The combined price is roughly the same as aftermarket leather, maybe even a little bit more. So if you live in a warm climate and heated seats/rear view mirrors don't excite you, the choice is obvious!

    3) Aftermarket moonroof is $200-300 more but better quality, lifetime warranty, and more features. You can program it for different degrees of openness. And if you forget to close it when you park, it automatically shuts when you turn off the ignition! So if you save your leather once when it rains, it will have paid for itself in spades!

    I got $100 discount for getting aftermarket leather and moonroof from the same company called Classic. It was arranged by the dealer. It qualifies for 0% financing just like the factory options.

    4) Spring for the side bags. The 6 does well in front impact crash tests, but performed poorly in a recent National Highway Safety side impact test. There is no price for safety. It only has to work once. Think of the side air bag cost as part of your auto insurance policy.

    Good luck and happy driving!
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    My friend was only able to get $1000 MSRP on a non-sport 6i with manual in LA. I've heard manual 6's are hard to find, so dealers are less willing to deal.

    As for the sport package, I got it because I love the look and to get 17" wheels afterward would cost a bundle, not to mention you don't get the EL gauges and many options! I wanted ABS, Bose, moonroof, leather, and SAB/SAC; so sport package is the only way to go. To get aftermarket leather, stereo, 17" wheels, fog lights would probably cost me more in the end and I still can't get ABS and SAB/SAC with moonroof. I paid $24430 out the door for a fully loaded 6i 5MT, including new grad discount.
  • milkman1milkman1 Posts: 80
    I found that since there are no deals on the sport package from Mazda that the dealer I bought from gave a little more up in other areas than I would have guessed. I think the it's easy to fudge you negotiating with so many numbers floating around on the other cars. I got a 6S auto, sport package, Bose with side curtains, cargo net and wheel locks at invoice. I got 3000 for my 99 Neon which was just above an optimistic Kelly Blue Book appraisal and below Edmund's estimate. I financed @ 3.15% for 60 months. I wouldn't have loyalty or grad cash available so I only lost out on the financing. The way I figure the sport package is worth it. The appearance package is 900 and the sport package is 960. The ground effects on the sport package are not attached separately as on the appearance package and the exhaust tips are styled smoother. You also get the 17s with v rated pilots. It may be less comfy, but I like seat of the pants driving and the look rocks. In addition you get fog lamps which I need around where I live fairly regularly. I would have liked them close to the ground, but the ones they offer for non sport package versions look pretty cheap IMO. The interior accents are minor but they help tie the whole thing together and don't forget you get a big spoiler too (I could have gone w/o it, but it ain't going anywhere now that I got it). All for 60 bucks more than the appearance package (plus the financing, I know).
  • combustible1combustible1 Posts: 264
    good advice, sbakalar. That's exactly the scenario I'm contemplating if I go with the 6. I've Located a 6s model, non sport, with SAB/SAC and nothing else. I may hold off on the leather and moonroof though, IF I can get the name of the installer who does both from the dealer and go direct later on (for possibly an even better deal).

    I'm perpetually undecided on the looks of the non-sport pkg. however. Sometimes, I like.. looks sleek and classy. Other times, it's plain-jain boring and looking nothing more than like a rounded mound of sheet metal. Depends on the time of day, the angle.. and my mood, I suppose.

    Whereas, the sports package always looks good, if somewhat overdone and amateurish at times.

    TSX or 6.. flips coin for the hundreth time!
  • vkarvkar Posts: 28

    I'm planning to get an AT 6i with Premium package, ABS, cassette player, wheel locks, cargo net and mats. The dealer offers me $19095 before any rebates, and I get 1500 cash back, 1250 loyalty and 500 grad discounts. So it seems like this first quote is below invoice. Is there something fishy going on here?

    I read somewhere here (I forgot which board) that dealers are being offered thousands in incentives to sell the 6's. Is this true? If so, should I negotiate more?

    Any help on this will be appreciated. I am planning to buy either today or tomorrow.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can read back through the messages here to find folks talking about what they paid when they made their purchases, but a really good place to ask your question is in our general Mazda6 discussion.

    Just click on that link to get there. Good luck!
  • jasonk3jasonk3 Posts: 1
    I just got pretty much the same car as washdcm6er: a 6s with sport package, auto, leather, Bose, CD changer, cassette, moonroof, side air bags, comfort pkg, and auto-dim mirror. I paid $26500 cash out the door, including 6% tax, title, etc. This was in northern NJ.
  • mikest2mikest2 Posts: 4
    Got a 6i manual yesterday in NJ w/ FOG, Sport Grille, Leather, Comfort & Premium. Paid a total (with tax, fees, etc.) of $20,6--. Got loyalty rebate of 1k and the usual 0%.
  • kahuna9kahuna9 Posts: 3
    Can I please hear from anyone who has recently bought a Mazda 6i in the LA area -- specifically, how much did you pay in relation to invoice price (before subtracting any rebates)? For example, $500 under invoice, etc.? And from what dealer? Thanks for any replies!
  • jbhogenjbhogen Posts: 21
    Got my 6s manual tonight in San Diego, alright Escondido, comfort, leather, sunroof,
    Steel Grey. I could have done w/o the sunroof, but otherwise it was the way I wanted it. Price was $19,600 with the $2500 in discounts--dealer still made some money, but I was happy with the no hassle deal they gave me.

    Drove home with supportive wife (who isn't yet comfortable with a stick, but promises to master it yet!).
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