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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Visited one of the few Mazda dealers in my area last night. Still no deals on the few vehicles left with the sports pkg. In fact not much willingness to deal on any 6 period.
  • I purchased a 2003 Mazda 6s on Tuesday, 8/12/03 from Galpin Mazda of Van Nuys, CA. I had a particular one of interest using Mazda's inventory search feature. The salesman Duke Maltin and I drove to a secure lot where he had a very large inventory of Mazda 6's and RX-8's. We located the partcular 6 with features I wanted.

    After a test drive, in which Duke educated me on the features of the 6, I expressed interest in purchasing the vehicle. I was asked what I wanted to pay, which I replied $600 over invoice and to qualify for 0% financing. I told Duke I felt this was a fair price for a 2003 model being sold in August and that I was sure the dealership wanted to clear their 2003 inventory to make room for their 2004 models. After filling out a credit application and a quick discussion Duke had with his manager I was counter offered at $645 over invoice with the 0% financing. I accepted the offer.

    Added an additional $200 for the installation and cost of the sport grill and $600 for LoJack. I discovered the LoJack warranty was for 2 years. An inquiry to LoJack revealed a lifetime warranty would cost an additional $99, which I agreed.

    The sport grill was in stock but took longer than expected to install. I was given a free lunch at their own restaurant and after my meal I needed to wait an additional 90 minutes. Salesman Duke was apologetic for the delay which included wax and polish.

    Overall I would rate the experience excellent.

    Lapis Blue Mazda 6s
    automatic transmission
    Sport Grill

    Kelly Blue Book invoice = $23,031 (not including LoJack)
    Edmunds invoice 22,944 (not including LoJack)

    Price paid $24,679 (including $645 dealer profit, $694 LoJack and sport grill installation at $200), which is a few hundred over KBB or Edmunds quoted prices. I did not ask the dealership to see the invoice for this particular car.

    I believe what really makes this a good deal is the 0% financing. I was already approved at my credit union for an auto loan at what I believe was 4.9%.

    Amount financed $23,475
    60 month loan at 0%= $391.25
    60 month loan at 4.9%= $441.93
    difference of $3000 over the life of the loan
  • vkar.

    where do you live? Here in No. CA, they are advertising 6i's @ 10% off MSRP. That's before the loyalty and rebate/0% financing.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    It sure is one of a kind. honestly. No dealer within a 300 mile radius had anything like it.
    Credit goes to MazdaUSA online inventory search. I located the car on 29-july-2003 and called up the dealer, only to find out that the car is still "en-route" or as they say "inbound". I put a deposit of $500 down using my credit card, right there on the phone.
    The car arrived on Tuesday 5-aug-2003. I went to the dealership on 6-aug-2003 and picked it up. All the paperwork was ready, including my 0% financing. Great job by the saleperson Janno and John Rios of Irwin(Richards) Mazda, Freehold, NJ.
    I was driving my Mz6 within the hour, back home.

    Glacier silver metallic.
    Manual transmission
    App. Pkg.
    Rear wing spoiler
    Gray leather + comfort (no black for me...ughh)
    6-cd changer (sounds way better than single cd player)
    fog lamps
    cargo net
    wheel locks

    All from the factory. nothing dealer installed.

    Price paid: 23,000 even (including TTL)

    No trade-in.
  • brozhnikbrozhnik Posts: 172
    I'd like to get a Mazda6i with automatic trans; side-curtain airbags; ABS and traction control; and cassette. Using figures at Edmunds and Kelly, I calculate an invoice price of $17885. (I'm figuring the $1500 cash incentive into that, and destination/regional charges.) (TMV, according to Edmunds, is $18634 with the cashback. )

    I have NOT added the 5% sales tax and.... whatever profit the dealer gets (how much should that be above invoice?). On the other hand, i haven't figured the 2% dealer holdback (about $373 if I figured right, but apparently not a bargaining chip?).
    Adding it all up, though, how much should I be willing to pay, fairly, for out-the-door including taxes, fees, profit, licensing etc.? Thanks!
  • I'm a little surprised to hear almost everyone on this message board claim that they paid invoice (or barely over invoice) for their new Mazda6. Either everyone here is worthy of fixing the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, or Mazda is running itself out of business. I DID get invoice because of the Ford Partner program, and felt good about it not having to do any negotiating. Now I'm wondering if I would have been better off without it. Was there some promotion that I missed, "the 2003 Mazda Invoice Price Promotion!"

    Just a thought...
  • I just purchased my Mazda 6i this week. I also was able to use the S-Plan for a Non-Sports Package model. I also was able to get the $1,250 Loyalty Rebate and the 0% financing. The only room for negotiating was on my trade-in and that was difficult because I was already getting invoice pricing on the car. I was able to get them up a bit and now that I look back on the deal, it was a steal. I wouldn't worry that some people are able to negotiate down to invoice price, while we were getting S-Plan price. All is good as long as you get a great car in the end, which is what I believe I have got.

    2003 Mazda 6i - Onyx Black/Gray Cloth
    Premium Package
    ABS/Traction Control
    Rear Wing Spoiler
    MSRP - $21,200
    S-Plan - $19,396 + $375(Spoiler)
    Rebate - $1,250
    Net Price - $18,521

    After a few days, this car exceeds my expectations!
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 167
    Now, even the S MT models with sport pkg are being discounted, check, I believe it was something like $400 over invoice the last time I looked.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    Body: S P Color: Steel Gray MET Interior: Black Cloth Stock #: Z4526

    Delivered Internet Price: $22,057 Factory Invoice: $20,857
    Delivered Value Price: $22,396 MSRP: $22,700

    closer to MSRP rather than invoice.
  • vkarvkar Posts: 28
    I live in the Twin Cities. I went to Morries Mazda.
  • kannonkannon Posts: 18
    We have a down payment for a Mazda 6i, Auto, ABS/Traction Control, Side Air Bags, Foglights, Power Moonroof, Premium. We got the car dealer to go down to $21,072. We will be getting the 0% finance for 60 months and also get the college rebate $500. Like your opinion. It's Glacier Silver - only one they had - we really wante the Lapis Blue, but .....
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    what is the MSRP?
  • radocharadocha Posts: 26
    I just put money down on a loaded, blue M6s with 5spd. I am getting it for S-plan price (roughly invoice) but unfortunately loosing on $1500 or 0.00 incentives. I did get 4.0 APR financing, which I think is reasonable with sport pckg. Didn't have too much trouble finding the car and of course no haggling with S-plan (no conveyance fee either)
  • hi, all--

    last week, purchased what i think was an unusually equipped 6i: just had auto., alloys, and Bose audio. i had really been hankering for Bose audio for a number of years, but didn't want to or couldn't purchase a new/used Maxima, (new) Altima, etc. i really didn't need the options/packages that seemed to usually come with 6's with Bose: the leather, prem pkg, comfort, moonroof, sport pkg., etc.... so i was THRILLED to find on the MazdaUSA website my 6i with just auto., 16" alloys, and Bose. the dealer (in northern New England) seemed to share my surprise to an extent, as well.

    so-- i got the audio i craved, but got it in what is otherwise a moderately-priced, sensible (smaller) midsize sedan. MSRP (including ULEV emissions equipment for here in Maine and dest.) was $21,155. their invoice was $20,087. i paid $20,200 and then got the $1500 rebate and a pretty good (though not awesome) amount for my trade-in. got 2.99% for 60 mos. from a major bank.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    my 20 years experience in the car biz has proven to me that the world's second biggest lie is what somebody claims they paid for a car :)

    Don't sweat it, if you can find the car you want, most dealers are agreeable to working a fair deal.
  • Looking for a dealer within 200 miles or so from St. Louis that is willing to order an '04 for me with the sport pkg at invoice + ????. The best I can do so far around here is $800 off msrp.
    I also want the 5 speed manual tranny and those are almost impossible to find. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    In July, I had the opportunity to participate in Mazdas awesome Rev It Up driving event. Because of my participation, I recently received in the mail a coupon for $250 OFF any 2003-04 Mazda, except RX-8. The coupon is fully transferrable and CAN be combined with other current incentives (BUT NOT other Rev It Up coupons). If someone on this thread would like me to send them the coupon, as I will NOT be using it, please shoot me a quick email with your info and I will be happy send it. Obviously, I only have one, so please only send me the email if you are very seriously considering a Mazda.

  • Just got a Mazda 6i with no options except floormats for 14,888 after 1500 rebate (no loyalty discount) at magnussens mazda in Fremont. Bought through fleet manager and everything went smoothly.
    Out the door price: $16,270
  • The fact that some people got their cars at invoice does NOT mean that they are lying. The market determines the price. Here in the Bay Area (SF/San Jose), 6i's go for 10% off MSRP easy. Local dealers are advertising base i's for $14,000 (after all discounts). On a $20,000 car, 10% off = $18,000 (and then you add on the discounts). The Bay Area is one of the best car markets around. We have RX8 lying around, waiting to be taken home (without the added dealer markup).
  • radocharadocha Posts: 26
    Anyone else has a rebate from Rev It Up driving event that they are not going to use? If so, send it my way and you will contribute to that much larger 'celebration' (read party) of a new M6s, blue with 5spd, that should be sitting in my driveway next week.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    try ebay. somebody is selling it.
  • The internet agent for Millenium Mazda is offering $100 over invoice for ANY vehicle except RX8 and Miata. For the Mazda6 he specifically stated ALL other incentives apply including cash AND 0% financing. He reaffirmed this offer in person and threw in the bone that dealer incentives included ALL Mazda6 on the lot which means the Sport model as well.

    Another dealer 30mi away offered big discounts on the Protege but scarcely mentioned the Mazda6. In fact, he quoted MSRP.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Try fatwallet... you can usually get that kinda stuff for free there.
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    Make your best deal on a 6 and then just before signing, tell the salesman... "Oops! I forgot to bring my $250 off coupon with me. Let me swing home and get it". I'll bet that most salesmen will find a way to shave off another $250 rather than letting you out the door without buying the car. If they actually let you leave, wait until they call and then say you can't find the coupon, and now you're thinking about taking another look at an Altima.
  • I just bought my 6i no package only spoiler for $18115+280(spoiler) 500 grad rebate, 0% APR. in LA area. I got price quotes from 4 different dealers and they differ by A LOT!!! More quotes really help as I push one of those dealers to beat another one's quoted price. Although it seems like they may be able to do a better offer... I didn't push too hard either but I would encourage other people to try.
  • scmike1scmike1 Posts: 10
    Just bought a Redfire Metallic 5 spd V6 with Sunroof, Beige leather, appearance package, heated seats, and rear spoiler for $350 over invoice. With a $1500 rebate the $24,820 MSRP came down to $21,560 including $150 marketing cost. Not exactly the configuration I wanted, but there are not that many V6 manuals around. General sales manager said only 5% were made that way. Since I own a restaurant, I also catered a party for 20 or so RX-8 owners as part of the deal. Bought from Oak Tree Mazda in the San Jose area. Good guys to deal with. Planning to get a few accessories like moonroof deflector, door edge guards, cargo tray...
  • bwmcbwmc Posts: 10
    Just got my Mazda 6s 2 weeks ago. It has 5-speed automatic with manual mode transmission, 3.0L V6 engine, leather seating, moonroof, and BOSE audio 6 CD changer for $22,035. MSRP is $25,035.
    Got $1500 rebate AND $1500 dealer discount after HARD bargaining !!!
  • bwmcbwmc Posts: 10
    Your math is BAD "With a $1500 rebate the $24,820 MSRP came down to $21,560 including $150 marketing cost" It's $23,320 with a $1500 rebate.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello, my local mazda dealer has a big old ad in the paper for a mazda 6 with auto, air, cruise, tilt, cd stereo, and pw,locks, mirrors for 13990.99 down from a msrp of 19995.00. can a mazda 6 with this equipment really be bought for this price or is this simply to good to be true? the only thing in small print at the bottom of the ad is only select colors for the mazda 6 at this price.maybe the 13990.00 mazda 6 colors are puke yellow or purple or sandstone.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Wow, I'm in the market for a commuter car and I gotta say 14k, 15.5k out the door on a Mazda6 sounds like a massively awesome deal.
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