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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    I've checked Kelley's blue book value for my car, but I wonder how much the mazda dealer will offer me when I trade it in for my 6. I'll probably just try to figure out one value I won't go below, and if he won't go that high I'll try to sell it myself.

    Anybody who traded in their car for their 6 have any comments?
  • den1jenden1jen Member Posts: 3
    Just wanted to know if $24.7K out the door(no doc fee) for a 6S with auto, sport, comfort, leather, sunroof, bose and side airbags/curtains is a good deal?
  • mazdamarlamazdamarla Member Posts: 350
    Is that including sales tax, plate, etc.? If so, seems like a good deal to me.

    I'm getting an "i" model 4-cyl. with all that other stuff, and with 6% sales tax, license plate, title, etc., my total is around $23,800. And that's for the "i", not the "s" model. Mine is on the S-Plan discount program.
  • den1jenden1jen Member Posts: 3
    Yes, that price($24.7K) is out the door(sales tax, tags, title, no doc fees). Acutally it is about 250 below dealer invoice, I hope it is I bought the car. If not oh well.
  • skyrayskyray Member Posts: 156
    Generally the better value you get on a trade, the less value you'll get on the purchase.

    I made about $2,000 more selling my Miata privately than I'd have made on the trade. And I probably could have made $3,000 if I'd been greedy and patient -- I priced it reasonably so it'd sell quickly.
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    den1jen: Your OTD price ($24.7K) seems like a good deal. Invoice price from your spec is about $23042 without the sales tax. You didn't get the compass auto-dimming rear mirror w/ or w/o the Homelink?
  • den1jenden1jen Member Posts: 3
    alcjew, actually the dealer invoice for the car was 23,975 so I got it for 275 below invoice, and no I didn't get the auto-dim, wish I had, but I can have the dealer add it. I don't want the homelink just the auto-dim.
  • lugerxulugerxu Member Posts: 2
    I was just wondering what I should expect to pay on a 6s with Moonroof, Leather, Sports Pkg., Comfort Pkg, & Bose.

    In addition, I receive the Mazda Employee discount because of my company's affiliation with them, but how do I go about letting the sales person know that & still be able to negotiate the final price. I don't want to be screwed from receiving a low price just because I receive a discount already.

  • mazdamarlamazdamarla Member Posts: 350
    There is no negotiating when you have a Supplier or Employee discount plan. Go to www.fordpartner.com . You will have to enter your Partner Code for your company in, and then it will let you into the site to explain all the aspects of the discount plan. Then you fill out a form online and Submit it, and you will get a PIN number. When you go to the dealer, give them your PIN number and tell them you are a Supplier, and do they participate in Supplier pricing (it's not mandatory for dealers to do so, so you might have to try another dealer if the first one doesn't). There is no negotiation - the Discount program dictates a set price based on what model/packages/options you choose.
  • lugerxulugerxu Member Posts: 2
    I was just wondering what I should expect to pay on a 6s with Moonroof, Leather, Sports Pkg., Comfort Pkg, & Bose.

    In addition, I receive the Mazda Employee discount because of my company's affiliation with them, but how do I go about letting the sales person know that & still be able to negotiate the final price. I don't want to be screwed from receiving a low price just because I receive a discount already.

  • shawnvtshawnvt Member Posts: 13
    My wife and I bought our first car, a new Mazda 6i, from Duncan Ford Mazda in Blacksburg, Virginia. We were pleased with our first experience (i can give the name of our sales guy if interested). We were originally looking for a loaded 6S, but there were none to be found in the color(s) (Steel Gray Metallic or Onyx Black) we wanted, even at the port or at dealers in 8 surrounding states (so the dealer said). We ended up locating a Steel Metallic gray Loaded 6i in Greensboro, NC about 90 miles away. This is what we got:
    +Sport Package
    +Side Airbags
    The original invoice was about 22,294. Our sales guy said it would cost about 700 more to get it up here and we had originally settled on 500 over invoice, so we ended up paying 23500 for it. This is just below edmunds'TMV for the car (23,786). Since this was my first buying experience, I made a few mistakes, one being agreeing on an amount over invoice before figuring out what the invoice was. But, since there is such a demand for the loaded models, I felt this was a fair price. Another dealer said that I should expect to pay about 1000 to 1400 over dealer invoice becuase of the popularity. Nonetheless, I probably could have got it for 23000 the second time around.

    We took the car on a trip to Knoxville TN about 2 hours after we bought it and my wife and I agree it is a very sweet ride. She will probably get one soon too. We are a little dissappointed in the heated seats...they don't seem to heat too well. My mother in law has a VW Jetta with heated seats that actually get hot. Otherwise, the car is awesome, handling, pickup, room, styling, etc.

    We also test drove the new Sonata, Accord, Saturn L200, and Acura RSX. While I thought the RSX was sweet, my wife didn't. The 6 had a better ride than all of the cars we testdrove. I think the accord 4 cylinder has more pep than the 6i though. The hyundai is a piece of crap.

    Well, hope to see more Mazda 6's on the road in the future...it is a sweet ride!

  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    A couple of points:
    - Don't rely too much on Edmunds TMV. I was offered a 6i-5MT for $66 over invoice (plus $100 doc fee). TMV for my area is WAY higher than that. Yes, I had the offer in writing.
    - Watch out for dealers that quote you a great price, then add on a bunch of fees. They know you can get invoice pricing, so they play this game where they offer the great price and get you all excited about getting the car, than the F&I manager hits you with the fees. Ask about extra fees when you get the quote. They're getting real creative with this stuff, so watch out. Some dealers will even claim or imply that these fees are required by the state/locality, or bundle it all together with TT&L. The salesperson may try to play dumb about it, saying he/she doesn't know what they are. Don't fall for it. Sometimes they don't seem to understand the question, so you may have to ask a few times.
    - Remember that these guys are pros, and you're not. They do this stuff all day, and they're good at it. So much so that they can rip you off and you won't even know it. I know this sounds harsh, but it's the way it is. Not all dealerships and salespeople are like that. Don't assume thay are, and don't assume they aren't. There are a lot a honest, straightforward ones out there too. Give them your business if you can.
    Incidently, I didn't take the deal. I think I've decided to hold out for a 6s-5MT, but I'll have to order it. The first offer for the 6i was $500 higher. The sales guy was not offended that I didn't fall for any tricks. These including a $495 "protection package" on an add-on window sticker, that he finally admitted really wasn't on the car yet. You just have to be firm, but polite.
  • digbynydigbyny Member Posts: 9
    I've been reading this board for a while and I am a little confused. I keep reading about the "S-plan" which if I understand correctly is for employess or relatives of ford/mazda. Is everybody on this board one of the above? How is the S-plan different from an ordinary person going in to purchase a Mazda 6i? Is there a big difference in price?

    The area I live in the best quote I've been able to get is $500 over invoice for a 6i. Does that sound like a good deal to you all? I appreciate you comments.

  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    I think people on the S-plan get it for a little under invoice.

    I didn't get the S-plan. If you are looking for a 6i AT, you might be able to do better than that, since it seems those make up about 90% of every dealer's inventory. If you want a 6i MT, that deal isn't bad. That's what I'll be paying when mine arrives, but I get the grad rebate on top of that.

    I think it really depends on the transmission, since the MT are high in demand and low in supply.
  • digbynydigbyny Member Posts: 9
    I'm looking for a 6i AT. Is the grad rebate being offered only on the west coast? I'm on the east coast and not one dealership has mentioned it.

    I wouldn't mind paying $500 over invoice if I got the $500 grad rebate.
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    I'm curious how you got the 500 over invoice offer. It's OK, but you may be able to do better. The first offer I got was 566 over, then they dropped it by 500 bucks when I said the dreaded "I'll have to think about it". It wasn't a lie, I really wasn't sure I wanted the 6i (rather than the the 6s). Incidently, the guy has called me back twice since then.

    If 500 over was the first offer they gave you, they may go lower if you tell then you're ready to take the offer if they can do better. If they ask "what would you be willing to pay?", tell them invoice. Let them tell you that's ridulous, then see what they offer. When they get down to 200-300 over invoice, tell them OK, but you want the college grad rebate too. Remember, the manufacturer is paying the college grad rebate, not the dealer, so it doesn't cost them anything.
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    shawnvt: You're not the only one disappointed about the seats not being warm/hot enough. Maybe you need to have it calibrated. The heater seat switch is the first thing I turn on in the morning after starting my 6. It usually takes about 20 secs or so to get warm but after some time my buns get pretty toasty and have to turn it off (passenger side too) at times. With the last several cold snaps (single digit temps) here in New England those heated seats are sure a well worth feature.
  • shawnvtshawnvt Member Posts: 13
    digbyny: I live in VA and am getting the Grad rebate. My dealer sends my information to Mazda and Mazda send me a check for $500 in a couple of months.

    mazda6s: I should have followed your advice when I bought my 6i for $500 over invoice...maybe when my wife buys one we will be able to get it for $66 over.

    alcjew: The other day when it was colder in the morning, my wife said she could feel the heated seats working. I read somewhere that the temperature of the sets depends on ambient temperature, and may not work if it is too warm outside.

    I was thinking of getting the shock perimeter alarm upgrade, from mazdastuff.com ($44). Is this a worthwhile purchase? What are its features? If you have installed it aftermarket, was it hard (taking things apart)?

  • absolutabsolut Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 6s back in January... Before they raised their prices on it :)

    I got a 6s, glacier silver metallic, complete with the sports package, comfort package, power moonroof, auto-dim homelink mirror, and leather interior. I paid $23,300 which is $300 over invoice and before the grad discount. After the grad discount it was $22,800 and below invoice. I was happy with the deal and love driving my 6!

    I also have installed the sports grill and a set of clear taillights. Coming soon will be an aftermarket installed navigation system since we couldnt get it as an option like everyone else did overseas :P
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    Did the dealer stick you with any extra charges or fees?
  • absolutabsolut Member Posts: 2
    The only extra fees were the $89 documentation fee that is pretty much standard from all dealerships. However, that price can have huge fluxuation. Another Mazda dealer on the other side of town was charging almost $200 in documentation fees.

    Then of course you'll have the extended warrantee pitches, tire warrantees, etc...
  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    shawn: Don't know about the ambient temp or outside temp makes a difference. Maybe a message to Mazda CS or tech service would provide the answer(s). My 6s already had the alarm sensor upgrade installed, but at $44 (less install cost) that seems more than reasonable. I don't know what parts it comes with or how to install it. The features are the glass breakage, unauthorized movement to your car that's what I remember. I also received 35% off my ins comprehensive, so it more that pays for itself.

    absolut: Congrats and welcome to the 6 club! You get MT or AT? And most important, pics man, post those pics!
  • purplerocpurpleroc Member Posts: 5
    I got my Lapis Blue 6s March 29th. It came with the leather seats, Sport Pkg, Bose Audio Pkg, Comfort Pkg, side airbags and curtains, moonroof, and body-color sport grille. The dealer installed the auto-dimming mirror w/ homelink and the upgraded shock sensor. I paid $23,777 including the documentation fee, which was $149. So I paid around $250 over invoice depending on how much the dealer's advertising costs were on the invoice. One helluva deal for one helluva car! Oh yea - it's a 5-speed manual and I love it! Anyone know where to post some pics?
  • purplerocpurpleroc Member Posts: 5
    I found a site to post my pics and have created a page. Let me know what you think.

  • azauralazaural Member Posts: 3
    6S 5MT w/Sport Pkg, Bose, Homelink Mirror
    MSRP $23,365 X-Plan/S-Plan $21,679
    No problem with the deal
  • gadawg21gadawg21 Member Posts: 10
    This is my first entry, so forgive me for the long-windedness...I have a lot to say.

    I found that the majority of the dealers around Atlanta are dealing on Mazda 6s' with MT at roughly MSRP, and even $1000 above at some. I found a few who were willing to deal $1000 off MSRP, and even one that was willing to go to $500 over invoice (too bad that didn't include the accessories [sport grille, wheel locks, all wx mats] that I wanted or the $499 fee (dealer prep) markup. It was till the best deal I found in Atlanta. If this is a good deal to some of you, give Inam a call at Mazda Roswell. The new fees (dealer prep profit makers) are a hidden...BEWARE...extra that I've heard is getting more and more people.

    I was leaning toward the latter deal until I found a loaded (sport/comfort/Bose packages, moonroof, leather, side airbags/curtains [wheel locks & mats thrown in later]) black on black MT 6s. I wanted the glacier silver, but the market wasn't cooperating. This car was driven by the sales manager and came with a deal I couldn't refuse...$500 below invoice on a car with only 3,600 miles. I would prefer zero miles, but those 3,600 miles aren't worth the $2,615 I ended up saving off the MSRP. Not that it matters much, and for purely academic thrills, what kind of deal do y'all think I got?

    Regardless, it is a seller's market out there when it comes to the MT 6s. I don't have the luxury of shopping forever or waiting for the market to calm down because I'm coming back to the states after being stationed in Turkey for the past 2 years...had to have a car ASAP.

    I'm actually a BMW guy, owning one right before moving overseas, but after putting the BMW 330Ci and the Lexus IS300 MT against the Mazda 6s MT my world changed. The BMW, as well as the other wonderful but expensive German sports sedans, is no longer recommended by Consumer Reports...primarily because of the drop off in reliability. The 6s compares as follows: the materials in the 6s are on par with both, different, but on par. The stereo was second only to the Lexus. The transmission was second only to the BMW. The roominess blew both of the other two out of the water. The handling was VERY respectable, particularly being a FWD, and I preferred it over the Lexus...Man did I wear those cars out. It is better looking than the Lexus and will be more reliable than the BMW. The cockpit is superb and comparable to the BMW (the 6s has an obviously German-Japanese hybrid interior) and much more appealing than the absurd chronograph, boy racer looking Lexus. And finally, the ultimate selling point...as a married man and a father of two I just could not justify spending $18K more for the BMW and $10-12K more for the Lexus when the Mazda 6s held it's own with both of these cars.

    You'll notice that I didn't even consider putting this car up against the obvious opponents (Accord, Altima, Camry) beacuse they are not in the same league. The Camry and Accord are innocuous and soul-less cars...not for enthusiasts, even while some stats show the Accord with a slight edge; my BMW wasn't the fastest car out there, but the way it did its thing is what made the difference. The Altima is powerful (too much torque steer), decent looking, but has the cheapest, ugliest interior in the group. The 6s is a driver's car, so I put it against the other like vehicles.

    I've read the majority of the past messages and it looks like it's the same story out there....the MT 6s' are in HIGH demand and gives the dealers all the cards, at least for now.

    While I love the car, there are a few nit-picky areas I would like to see Mazda change if they were possible: one-touch up/down function for windows (at least the driver's), one-touch function for moonroof, folding mirrors, full size spare (may not fit though), 18" wheels like the ones on the world's Atenza and power passenger seating. They're all minor, but they would put it in a league with the bigs boys of performers, and will remain MUCH cheaper.
  • glideslopesglideslopes Member Posts: 431
    Outstanding post. Enjoy your new Mazda!!!
  • shawnvtshawnvt Member Posts: 13

    "The Camry and Accord are innocuous and soul-less cars...not for enthusiasts..."

    Right on. This car really is for the enthusiast, sort of like a WRX is for 20-25 year old male population I have seen driving them.

    The 6 truly does have soul and it is a drivers car. Enjoy your new wheels.

  • alcjewalcjew Member Posts: 173
    gadawg21: Good choice! I too have loaded black on black 6s MT (now with 4500 mi), sharp isn't it. At least your car was broken in, so now you can really Zoom-Zoom and not have to wait! Mines came with the sports grille and aluminum satin finish fuel door. Have fun and welcome to the club!
  • gadawg21gadawg21 Member Posts: 10
    I wanted to get the sports grille when I was getting a silver 6, but wasn't sure how it would look with the black...well, how does it look? I think I may have to get it regardless because the silver mustache seems to take a bit away from it.
  • digbynydigbyny Member Posts: 9
    I actually got offers for $500 over invoice from 2 dealers. I emailed them both and asked what their best deal was and that was their first offer. One had added fees though so I didn't even respond to that dealer. The 2nd dealer had a car in a different color (that I didn't want) and didn't have exactly what I wanted but said they would add the items and keep it at $500 over invoice. I said no. I told them I'd order one to get what I wanted and since there would be no expense to them except the actual order taking I'd buy it for $300 over invoice. They wouldn't budge. Even when I said I'd go elsewhere they wouldn't budge.

    absolut: If I missed it in previous posts, sorry for asking the question again. Where did you get your 6?

    Thanks everybody to responding to my post. I know I'll eventually get one. Just have to find the right dealer.
  • bett1ebett1e Member Posts: 16
    The car I test drove (Mazda6) had transmission problems YET it is my favorite car out of like 20 test drives.

    Is the Mazda made by Ford? If so, I definitely can't purchase it with Ford's track record.
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    what type of trasmission problems did it have?
  • glideslopesglideslopes Member Posts: 431
    He could not offer what the transmission problem was in earlier posts either?
  • chimpsnestchimpsnest Member Posts: 27
    Alright, I'm 99.9% sure that the 6 is what I want, if I do go for it it has to be this:
    -An 'S' type
    -Glacier Silver Metallic
    -Black Leather Seats
    -Automatic Trans
    -Comfort & Sport packages.

    Mazda USA.com has this MSRP@ $25,480 -- how do I find out what invoice is? Also, I talked to one dealer who told me that AT was harder to come by than MT, but reading messages here makes me believe otherwise.

    I guess, what I'd like to know is how much anyone out there has paid for a similar model.

    Thanks a million
    sick of my Chevy, lol
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    Use Edmunds TMV!

    Go to the new vehicle section and option out the 6 you want. It will give you the invoice price and what they think is the true market value. That should give you a starting point for your negotiations.
  • magar65magar65 Member Posts: 28
    Hi Folks,

    Regarding pricing and inventory. I read in WSJ that Mazda isn't selling that many 6s in North America and that they were suspending production for a week in May and a week in June (I think). I guess Mazda will hopefully realize they screwed up in their production and actually produce cars configured the way people WANT them to be and not what Mazda necessarily wants to sell. It should be easier over the next few weeks to negotiate a good deal. The best deal I've hear is about $1100 under MSRP for a 6s, Sport, Bose, Leather, Moon Roof, Manual, Comfort and Curtains. Good luck blue light special shoppers!
  • thegreatvudinithegreatvudini Member Posts: 103
    So you got it for ~ $23,945. Left out any options? Can you tell me where that is? I am trying to go for a similar s in speed yellow. I think it's loaded, MSRP of $26,535. Will offer $24,000 even (+ TTL). Is that too much? Thanks.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
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  • ustabooustaboo Member Posts: 3
    I got my 6i (leather, base, manumatic & everything else except the V6) for $22,500. I didn't even try to negotiate. I loved this car the second I saw it & had to have it. I am a sucker for a nice car & once I drove it I knew it was mine. I considered it a great bargain for what you get and how great the car drives. I've had it since February and I am still giggling like a little school girl when I drive it. I am now drooling over the RX8.
  • ian2ian2 Member Posts: 168
    I'm looking for a good deal on a fully loaded 6i 5MT in the San Diego area. It seems this configuration is really rare, according to Mazda's inventory. I was quoted $1100 over invoice ($22,972) for a demo with 800 miles on it. Anyone getting a good deal in San Diego?
  • toolman02toolman02 Member Posts: 59
    Hey Ian, I'm in San Diego. Dealer's aren't doing much dealing, esp. on the sport package models. In terms of price, I'd say the best I found was El Cajon Mazda, who was willing to go $500 over invoice. I have to drive to Hemet to get the config i wanted, and even then the dealer wouldn't discount much.

    Good Luck!
  • ian2ian2 Member Posts: 168
    It's a pitty that the dealers are not willing to deal because I really like the car, but for what they're charging I can get a Accord with nav or 21k without. Maybe I can get a good deal on a 6 with everything but the sport package.
  • hc_spookyhc_spooky Member Posts: 3
    I've ordered a Mazda6s 5sp.manual, on apr.20th.
    the dealer says the car might be ready from factory in the mid of july.

    How much do you have to wait ?

    Is there a way to track the status from the factory not thru the dealer ?

  • jjwood23jjwood23 Member Posts: 4
    Wow! This car is awesome! I used to drive a 1998 Audi A4 1.8T and I really enjoyed how smooth and tight it was, but missed having some power. The Mazda feels smoother and tighter than my Audi, and it is fast! I love how smooth it feels on the road, and it is very quiet.

    Now the important info:

    2003 Mazda 6s
    Auto, Sepang Green
    Beige Leather
    Compass/Autodim Mirror w/ Homelink
    Rear Lip Spoiler (I think it looks much more natural on the car than the rear wing spoiler)
    Sport Grille (great touch)
    Appearance Package
    Comfort Package
    Bose Audio Package (Sounds amazing)
    All-Weather Floor Mats (Necessary for Nebraska winters)

    MSRP: 26,860

    Paid: 24,248 (exact invoice price)

    Dealer offered to sell for 25,500 right off the bat, and I said I would pay invoice. Dealer came back at 24950. I said I would try a couple other places to see if they could beat it, stood up and began to walk out. Dealer asked me to sit, then went to "the Manager", came back and said they would sell it to me today and only today for invoice. This whole process took almost two hours! Ridiculous! I hope some day dealers will just put a price on a car, and just leave it at that. There has got to be a better way to do business than having to negotiate with a sales person (who knew less about the car than I did), only so he can run and talk to the manager, who might be sitting two feet away, so he can come back to haggle over and over. It is exhausting, stupid, and a complete waste of time. Decide a price and put that price on the car! If only life could be so simple!

    Bottom Line: After an exhausting day at the dealership I drove home with a great car for a great price, but it could have been so much easier.

    Don't pay sticker!!
  • scottdudescottdude Member Posts: 177
    Carsdirect has had the Mazda 6 listed $400 below invoice all week! What's up with that? I wonder if I bring this to my local dealers attention they will match or beat it?
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    The dealers are used to that, and they have their responses ready:
    "Oh, those internet prices are always wrong"
    "Sure, it's a great price, but they'll never find the car you want".

    Or, my favorite trick, they say they'll match the price but then they add on a bunch of fees when you go to sign. Buyer beware!

    My advice - just let them know you've done your homework, you're shopping for price, and it must include everything except TTL (watch out here, as they like to charge extra fees disguised as state-required TTL).

    YMMV, and I apologize to all the honest dealers out there.
  • scottdudescottdude Member Posts: 177
    If Carsdirect is selling below invoice, I think my response to a dealer who refused to match it would be:

    "Ok, thanks for your time. I'll contact Carsdirect to buy this car in three days. If you change your mind and can match or beat their price, please call me within the next day or two."


    "I understand that your dealership cannot match or beat the Carsdirect below invoice price. Let me check with the other Mazda dealers in this area and see if any of them can."

    Wonder what they'd say to that?
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    You got it. Just watch out for the extra fees. Sometimes they "forget" them until you go to sign.
  • mjvchicagomjvchicago Member Posts: 149
    Gotta throw out a word of caution if you go carsdirect. Had a pretty poor experience with them when finding my MZ6. Backgroud: my car had sold quite quickly and unexpectedly which left me carless, so I needed a car quickly and went to them. Sure it was a great price (not quite below invoice, but only a few hundred above), but they did not act with any immediacy, couldn't find the color/options I wanted and once they found something close, the dealership that had it wouldn't give it up. Carsdirect is constrained quite a bit, and is at the mercy of the dealerships that have the car.

    The carsdirect model may work on a car that isn't so high-demand, but with the MZ6 it was utterly powerless. Word of caution, don't put all your hopes in carsdirect. Cover all your bases, which means use edmunds to price and request Internet quotes from dealers in the area and any other car sites you want to visit. Never hurts to have a lot of options. When the offers start coming in you can use them for leverage to get the best price. That's what I did and ended up locating my car within 24 hours and paying only $400 or so above invoice for exactly what I wanted.

    Happy hunting and good luck!
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