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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • slarryslarry Posts: 19
    Is it a V6 or V8? If V6 "OK"; If V8 "Good".

    Also, if it is a V6 why not get a 2005 for just a little more? If it's a V8 why not wait for the new engine coming next month. Price will be higher though and they won't deal for awhile.

    Just things to consider. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the reply slarry.

    The model I'm looking at is the V6. I wanted the 2004 because I was hoping to save a few dollars. The only other reason is I don't like the rear spoiler on the 2005. I know it's a stupid reason.

    There is also a dealer that has a 2004 with about the same specs for 27,999 with 8,000 miles on it. The truck is Certified and it didn't seem like he was willing to deal over the phone.

    With the posts I have read people are buying for a couple hundred over invoice on the 2005. Now I'm wondering is there even a reason to look for a 2004 if dealers aren't willing to get rid of them cheap.
  • slarryslarry Posts: 19
    Toyota doesn't heavily discount prior year models because the demand is still there. They don't have to do it like GM & Ford does. You won't see $10,000 off MSRP. What you can do though is negotiate things like extended warranties, accessories, free oil changes etc. My choice would be a NEW 2004 or 2005.
  • I did find really great internet prices at in Maryland as previously posted. The only problem is they list the 2004 models as brand new, but on the model I called about the vehicle was a demo and had 6,900 miles on it. The price was 2,000 below dealer invoice but it is a used truck. The dealer informed me the truck was "brand new" because it was a demo and had never been titled. I'm glad I didn't make the 3 hour drive from NJ to learn the vehicle was misrepresented.
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,801
    I'm new to this forum & just starting to shop for an '03 to '05 4Runner. Does anyone have advice on buying used vs. new? (Do they depreciate enough to really save some $$ buying used?) I could probably afford an '05 Limited if I got a great deal on it. And I know I want the sport suspension, JBL, side curtain airbags, & S/R. I'd probably consider an SR5 or Sport, but I really want heated seats. I'm in the Metro-Boston area. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  • Just purchased a 04 v8 sport for 500 below invoice
    plus $1500 cash back from Toyota. Most dealers
    here in NC are willing to sell at least invoice.
    Getting them lower just takes some will power and time. Selection is getting slim on '04. Was also
    offered 05 v6 at invoice but liked the buttery smooth ride of the v8, as did the wife.
  • lillslills Posts: 2
    Got a deal working on a 2005 SR5 4X4 V6 with the following equipment:

    AW 17" wheels
    SR Power sunroof
    DR Roof Rack
    RF Rear spoiler
    CF Carpeted floormatts

    My best offer right now is $29,638 (which I believe is $300 over invoice, but I'm getting conflciting numbers). Sound like a good deal? Just don't want to overlook any 'last month of the year' type incentives. What a great time to buy a car! Thanks much for any help.
  • I think you are mistaken. If you look under darcars "new" inventory you will see most 4runners listed at about $2000 below invoice as the special internet price. The reason this dealer can do that is because of the mass amount of inventory they move every month. They probably get great kickbacks from toyota based on their number of sales. I have spoken on the phone with them also and we were not talking about any demo's.
  • gtwgtw Posts: 46
    Might want to read this. Glad I did before going to them.

  • Thanks for posting that website. Keep in mind that is only about 6 or 7 reviews. I am sure that darcars sells a few more cars than that. I don't plan on doing any service with them whatsoever, but if a vehicle is $2,000 cheaper then why not. Good luck. I am sure every dealership has its horror stories, and I know we never here about the good ones.
  • When I list the options on KBB or Edmunds I get an invoice price of about 3K less than what the dealership offers me. On the webs it comes to 33,160 and the dealership is telling me 36,460. They say it's because of installation charges that the dealership has to include for the additional features I'm requesting that they'll add onto an existing car on their lot. I'm looking at the limited, V6 with all the extras. EG: The brush grill is $262 on KBB and the dealership wants to charge me $850 for it. What's up with that difference?
  • db1db1 Posts: 3
    i've been trying to get a straight answer from they claim to sell for 1100 under invoice but that includes the 900 rebate. their msrp is higher that what has on their site. so in essence there doesnt seem to be any discount at all. they are also adding dealer prep fees and god knows what else. all sounds a little suspect to me...
  • have been shopping for 2005 toyota 4runner 4wheel drive sr5 v6 w/the below listed options & received a offer of $31,900 before the $1,000 rebate. dealer invoiced @ $31,481.70. Should I buy or shop around some more?

    Options:115v ac power point,bk roof rack & cross bars,bug deflector,curtain/side airbags,daytime running lights,dbl deckercargo system,leather faced seats,leather steering/shift knob,power tilt moonroofw/shade,sunroof wind deflector,rear aerodynamic spoiler & 17" alloy wheels. P.S. what is a pre-delivery service fee ($499.)
  • i am looking to buy a 05 4 runner limited with navigation pkg, side airbags and sunroof in late jan in santa monica, ca.


    i am confused if i should get the v6 or v8 and the 4X2 or 4X4. i will mainly do some hwy and around time driving and will never tow anything. i anticapate taking it to the mountains skiing occassionaly. i have been quoted $35 K for a limited 4 runner, v6, 4X2 with the extras i mentioned above and the price includes everything except tax from the santa monica toyota dealer. anyone have some advice for me and/or a fair price to pay?



  • Here's what I got at Texas Toyota in Grapevine


    2004 SR5 V6 4WD with:


    AW 17 in wheels

    CM Double decker cargo

    DR Roof Rack

    NE Leather steering wheel and audio controls

    RF Rear spoiler

    SR Sunroof


    Natural white and tan cloth interior


    28,200 plus 900 rebate. I feel good about the deal and love the truck. This is my second Toyota (1st was a 95 Tacoma) and second SUV (99 Explorer). Had an Accord before this and felt like an ant in the DFW traffic so I really wanted to get back to an SUV. So far I find it comfortable, though not quite as comfy as the Explorer, and very, very smooth and quiet.
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    Looking to get another SUV since my wife traded our Highlander for a Solara convertible. I started looking at the 4runner and was somewhat shocked that a car in this price range does not have the side airbags as standard. I am even more shocked that out of 1780 4runners available in my region, only 230 have the side a/b option, and most of those are SR5 2wds. I really want a 4wd and would rather have a Sport or Limited. What's the deal? I'm in the Southeast. Do other regions have this problem? thanks
  • I've run into the same here in the Mid-Atlantic region, but it's worse. NO GY option available for SR5 or SE models. I'm told by CARMAX in Baltimore "Toyota builds only Limited Model with GY. I know that's not true because I've accessed the SET listings and found SR5s with GY, but no SE models. I'm looking for an SE V6 or V8 with GY and SR but without RF (rear spoiler). I'm also finding it's difficult to find SR5 or SE models without the CM (double decker cargo system). I have it in my 2003 SE and find it useless--65 lb capacity !!! VERY FRUSTRATING..........
  • You must be looking at the same SE Toyota inventory.

    I believe there are some 4WD Limited V6 or V8 with GY. They are however loaded with NAV's and for the V8, adjustable air suspension.

    I decided on the 4WD Sport V8 and had to special order it. I was told to expect it in 90-120 days.


    4WD Sport V8

    Side and curtain airbag

    Moon roof

    JBL 6-disk 10-speaker

    Remote security


  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    blk330i, Sounds perfect, I'll take it:) I do think that I like the Sport package best of all. I cannot believe that an option that you would think is important to people is so difficult to find. My friend is having the same problem finding a Camry SE-V6 with airbags too, so it's not just the 4runners.
  • I know the V8 is not out yet, but what would one expect to pay for the 2005 V8 version, sport package 4x4 with standard regional options? I know the V6 is currently being sold around invoice or lower with the current incentives(which expire in early Jan.) I hope to get the same discounts as the V6 currently has, I live in Massachusetts. Anyone have a pre-ordered V8 and willing to share their price? Thanks in advance!!!
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    There are 36 Sport V8 4wds listed in the Southeast region. One of my local dealers has them listed for $200 over invoice. You can check them out at
  • Could you post the exact $ amount you paid before TTL? Invoice price is a relative term!

  • Out the door before TTL was 30,637.00.

    Toyota of SE has increased the rebate to

    2000 on '04, and dealer gave me the additional

    $500, dropping the price to 30,137.00.

    Options on it were moonroof, jbl w/6disc,115v,

    alarm,side airbags (very rare I'm told),dd cargo,

    inside mirror w/compass,homelink,spoiler, daytime r.
  • Anyone aware that the 4Runner V8 qualifies for a tax write-off because it's over 6000lb in weight? I know it applies to small business owners, but does it apply to individual buyers as well?


    For example, OTD price for a 4Runner V8 costing $37,000 with options will yield about $16,000 in tax benefit write off....not bad huh!!! Anyone with additional filler?
  • This tax write off, or "tax loop hole", for a vehicle with a gvw of more than 6000 lbs was stopped by Congress in October of 2004.


    For personal use I know of no real tax write offs.
  • jagsjags Posts: 2
    I am into the market for SR5 4X4 and want to buy before jan 03 05. Is there anybody who have recently purchased a SR5 or Sport Edition in Saint Louis area and want to share the price information?

    This will help me a lot.



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    If you look back in at some earlier posts here:

    sid2, "Toyota 4Runner: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #741, 18 Oct 2004 5:43 pm


    You'll see the price paid for an SR5 at Seeger Toyota. That's the only STL conversation I could easily find in this discussion.



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  • decdec Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2004 Limited 4Runner 4x4 from Carmax Toyota (Laurel) in Maryland. The SUV has a sunroof/moonroof, XREAS shocks, side air bags, JBL soundsystem, power leather seats, the cargo shelf, etc. I think it had every option except the video camera and navigation system. I paid $33,888 plus $15 for temporary tags and $90 processing fee.


    I searched all over the internet, called folks in my area, and got offers via email from multiple dealers. This seemed like a good price and it was identical to the price a coworker of mine paid for the same vehicle in Chicago that he purchased via the Costco program. The price was about $3-4,000 less than the same vehicle in my current location (Boise, ID).


    The buying experience was excellent. There was absolutely no pressure, no hidden fees, no haggling, no market adjustment fees, or any of that other garbage. They didn't ask about coating for seats, underbody, or any of that nonsense. Basically, it was like buying an expensive six pack at the store. You know exactly what you are buying and what you are going to pay.


    So, if you are in the market for a Toyota and you do not want to haggle or have people pull a fast one on you, I highly recommend buying from Carmax. It is also relatively close to the Darcars that was mentioned previously.


    PS--I don't work for Carmax or own their stock. The reason I posted this is that I got royally screwed by a car dealer in Tysons Corner the first time that I bought a car and I will never haggle with [non-permissible content removed] carsalesmen again. Carmax dealt with me professionally and they offered a lower price than anyone else that I found. You can look through their entire inventory online.
  • Can anyone describe how the XREAS suspension affects the quality of the ride on the 4Runner? It is my understanding that XREAS is designed to reduce side to side pitch/roll on curves and bumpy roads. But does XREAS make the ride quality more harsh - as do some sport suspension settings on performance cars? I am considering ordering a 2005 4Runner Limited with the XREAS option - but I'm concerned that this will make the ride quality harsher under normal driving conditions.


    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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