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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • They are not 2000 cheaper. They are selling 2004's

     for 2000 less than 2005's. That is not cheaper.
  • $34,995 +ttl


    2005 Limited

    Side curtain airbags (RSCA)

    Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

    Navagation System

    Plus other stuff I can't remember at 3am...


    Toyota of Orlando, they get 2 like this a year or something they said.


    Hope this helps...
  • Went to Costco, sent to dealer. No blame to Costco but this guy was obviously between careers, and apparently didn't know how to search the interent for available inventory. So I went home and did it myself, and found what appears to be a good deal from Carson Toyota internet department(Los Angeles). Bought it without negotiating. Fast and friendly service. They didn't want sell anything extra from this fleet/internet department- actively discouraged it in fact. But I mentioned a cargo net and saw later that they had thrown one in the back without saying anything about it.


    MSRP $40,209 (V8, sunroof, side/curtain airbags, JBL uppgrade, etc.)

    Edmunds-calculated invoice: $35,769

    Edumnds TMV $36,642

    I paid $35,444 less $2,000 rebate.

    ($33,544 plus ttl.)


    They have more of the same and similar listed, along with 2005's. They seem to be gradually reducing the 2004 prices as the January 3, 2005 rebate deadline approaches.
  • shatzishatzi Posts: 15
    I just went to two Toyota dealers and this is the best lease price that I got. Is it a good deal.


    2005 4Runner Sport Edition.


    MSRP: 33,556

    Invoice: 30,217 (included $495 advertising and $595 destination fee)

    Money Factor: .0138

    Residual: $20,528

    Money down: $424.87(first payment)+ Motor Vehicle approx. $150 - everything else was rolled into the payment

    Our Cost: $30,577 ($350 over invoice)

    Monthly Payment: $424.87


    They said that the lease program was a lower money factor or the $900 marketing promotion - one or the other, not both


    Please respond, have to make a decision right away.
  • Hey guys,


    I might purchase a 2004 Toyota 4Runner Limited. Will dealers sell below invoice because they just want to get rid of it? Another thing is that the vehicle that I'm looking at has over 500 miles on it. They are willing to sell an 05 for a few hundred over invoice, so I figure they would want to rid themselves of the 04's.
  • jagsjags Posts: 2
    Bought last night.

    2005 SR5 V6 4WD with:


    AW 17 in wheels

    CM Double decker cargo

    DR Roof Rack

    NE Leather steering wheel and audio controls

    RF Rear spoiler

    SR Sunroof

    Exhaust Tip

    Carpet Mats

    MSRP: 32,285

    Paid: 28, 150 + ($10 doc fee)


    I told i will only do invoice, i had kbb invoice price. He had the same invoce with additional $407 ad fee, $6 misc fee) - total invoice 29,102. I told him i will pay $28,100 including the $1000 cashback, 5 minutes later I finished the deal for $28,150.

    Thank you all for sharing your buying prices. This helped me to get a great deal. What do you guys think of this deal?

    Thanks again all!!!!
  • rjordanrjordan Posts: 30
    For what its worth, I Purchased a 2004 4Runner limited with V6 engine for $34,792.00 in October. This vehicle was used by the owner. Even though it had 4800 miles on it, I checked its value with Edmunds and Kelly blue book used car values and the salesman deal was lower. I also have been studying this vehicle since the 2003 models and from this forum and Edmunds, I learned a lot. I actually went in to order a 2005 4Runner sport edition and had my offer ready but I was also open to a 2004 limited if the price was right. When I test drove it, it felt like it had zero miles on it. I am very pleased with its operation. I believe that purchasing the dealers car or demonstrator makes good sense as in all probability, there will be nothing wrong with them because when they demostrate the vehicle to a customer, any problems prior to this were already fixed. Here are some negotiating points to consider. Dealer's can still sell the vehicle as new as it has not been titled yet. Check Edmunds and Kelly to see what a used vehicle price would be with same equipment.

    Check for current rebates. Then subtract the rebate. Some people say you have to pay advertizing fees. My invoice does not show this. So maybe its hidden somewhere. This I feel is negotiable. Bob.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Some people say you have to pay advertizing fees. My invoice does not show this. So maybe its hidden somewhere. This I feel is negotiable.


    Check the sticker that was on the window (factory sticker). It should list an advertising fee. If the ad fee is listed on that sticker, then in all likelihood it's not negotiable - just like the destination fee, it's a cost charged to the dealership by the manufacturer. The ad fee on your vehicle may have been paid by the original owner, and therefore you weren't charged for it again.



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  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    Right now is a very good time to buy an '04. In the Southeast region, dealers are advertising new '04 Limited V8s that have an MSRP of $39,690 at a selling price of $33,988.
  • rjordanrjordan Posts: 30
    I checked the Factory window sticker and there was no advertizing fee indicated. But I seem to recall an article from a Buyer's agent that in some localities, the fee is part of the base invoice price, so you don't really see it.
  • rjordanrjordan Posts: 30
    I can believe it. Are the southeast dealers quoting a price before or after any rebates?
  • We made an offer on a 2005 4runner, SR5, V6 at 27,700 through Ensign Toyota in Logan, Utah. They agreed to the deal. The dealer invoice price on the car is 28,166, but there is a deal from Toyota that you either get $750 off or you get a special deal on financing. We didn’t need the financing, so took the $750. We offered a little more than 28166 - 750. The only additional costs we were told about were taxes, license, recycling ($5), and docs ($239). The dealership agreed to the deal. However, as we went into sign the papers, they had added a $565 destination charge. This came as a surprise, but since we had gotten a good deal, the reaction was “Oh, I guess it wasn’t quite as good of a deal as we thought.” We signed the papers, and were to pick up the car the next day. No money exchanged hands. After we left, the feelings turned from “it wasn’t quite as good a deal as we thought” to “that seems dishonest to promise us a deal and then add extra fees we weren’t told about”. We attempted to get out of the deal. We sent faxes both to the dealership and the credit union (who was providing partial financing) so we had a paper trail. We were told a variety of things:


    Friend: The dealer never signed your copy of the papers. The contract is invalid.


    Credit Union: No money changed hands and you didn’t pick up the car. You can cancel the deal. They would be silly to make an issue of it. It would cost them more than it would be worth to pursue it.


    Dealer: You’ve signed the papers; you have to go through with it. The three-day buyer’s remorse rule is not law. It is up to the dealership whether they allow you to walk away from the deal, and we don’t allow it.


    Second Dealer: In the meantime, we called another dealer and arranged for almost the same deal. Their numbers were: 28,166 (invoice) – 750 (rebate) + 417 (PAC) = 27833. They were so eager to help us (they can make a sale investing 10 minutes on the phone) and said there was a Utah Auto Dealership lawyer that would work with us if we needed help.


    Dealer: When confronted with a dealer that would match the original deal, Ensign said they would deduct the 565 from the selling price. We told him we still wanted out of the deal as we didn’t feel comfortable with them. Ensign refused to let us out. How much money must they be making if they fight like dogs to sell the car at $1000 below dealer invoice?


    Things I would do in the future:

    1. Ask for full “out the door pricing” on the purchase agreement. Get it in writing and have the credit union look at the purchase agreement to detect abnormalities.

    2. Don’t sign if you have any reservations.

    3. Make sure you have a statement saying what features come with the car (the sticker info).

    4. REALLY check over the car before you take possession. Check the paint, carpet, etc. Once you take it off the lot, you have a lot more problems getting things fixed.

    5. Don’t take possession of the car the day the papers are written up. Give yourself a day to make sure everything is in order.
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    hmmm, I don't see the rebates listed on the web sites, good question. I would assume that the selling price is after rebate.
  • Looking for a 2005 V8 4x4 with tow package and live in Baltimore area whats a good price and how much over or under invoice is a good price for one with very little mileage, and what rebates are they offering since the Jan3 rebates expired
  • did some research on the rebates to answ. my own ques1000 off 05, 1250 off 04, 2000 off 2004V8
  • Looking for a 2005 v8 Sport 4x4 in Buffalo area, anyone have suggestions on best place to buy, for price and service..Any rebates
  • I am currently looking for a 2003 or 2004 4Runner- prefer the V-8 2WD version (live in the South). I am not crazy about the two-tone plastic on the 03 model (the hood scoop is okay). I really want the Xreas suspension/shock system, and know for sure it is on all Sport models, and a stand-alone options on others. I have been looking at 4Runners on Autotrader and calling dealerships, but many of the salespeople have been clueless as to what X-Reas is, let alone how to tell if one of the vehicles on the lot have the system. To further confuse things, some of these same bright people are labelling 4Runners as SR5/Sport in their ads (ones that clearly don't have a hood scoop in the photos). Is there any other way to visually tell is the car has Xreas as an add-on option? I have noticed looking at the interiors that all Sports (and some non-sport models) have a leather shift knob and leather covered steering wheel and others have a hard plastic. Is this the clue I am looking for? Thanks for any input you may have!
  • gcmellogcmello Posts: 17
    If it has a hood scoop, it's a Sport model. Hood scoops are NOT an option for the SR5 or the Limited. ALL Sport models have X-REAS. It is not an "add-on" item. X-REAS is installed when the vehicle is being built.

    The only other visual clue that it has X-REAS is the small canister mounted on the frame rail on each side just forward of the rear doors.

    Just because it has a leather steering wheel, doesn't mean it's a Sport model. The leather steering wheel is standard on ALL Sport and Limited models, the hard plastic is standard equipment for the SR5s only. SR5s can be built with leather steering wheels as an option.
  • $29,500


    This is the deal I got for a 2005 V8 AWD Sport with sport pack and sunroof (New England area).


    MSRP $34,506


    Includes $1000 rebate (up from $500 before 1/3)


    Deposit down, still to pick up. Will update once I have the truck!
  • Does anyone have any experience negotiating the 4wd v 2wd. I'm a bit undecided and was wondering if they're any more flexible in pricing either or. Also from what i've read and seen, the dealers in Arizona are particulary hard to bargain with. Anyone have a good experience with Arizona Dealers?


    Thanks in advance this is a great site!


  • What dealership in New England are you purchasing this from?
  • I also have just received a quote for an 05 sport 6cyl 4wd with SR,RL,CM,RF and CF for $28,000.


    Price includes all rebates. MSRP of $33,056. Dealer is also in the NE area. I feel the price is alright all things considered but would appreciate any feed back +/-....has anybody out there done better?


    Might pull the trigger saturday....all responses are welcome!
  • naznaz Posts: 2
    The Tempe Toyota internet department is easy to deal with. They are typically $100 over invoice. I am not sure what to expect with respect to 4wd versus 2wd, it seems that Tempe Toyota has a good selection of both.
  • I will check with Tempe Toyota. I went to Bell Toyota, they had alot of 2x4 not many 4x4. Has anyone had any experience with financing, they dont offer any specials on 4Runners do they? Thanks for the reply Naz.


  • Picked it up on Saturday. One sweet truck. Boch Toyota.
  • Bought a 05 SR5 last week of Dec


    AW 17 in wheels

    CM Double decker cargo

    DR Roof Rack

    SR Sunroof

    Exhaust Tip

    Carpet Mats

    Wheel Lock

    MSRP: 32,200+

    Paid: 27,062 + Doc


    It was with $500 debate, now Toyota offers $1000.
  • Someone help please!!! My deal was made and I was ready to sign the papers Friday to order a new 4runner that would deliver to the dealer probably in late March or early April. Then the dealer said,"The $900 rebate that is included in your deal may not be in effect when you take delivery of your new vehicle and therefore will mean that you owe an additional $900 to us. If the rebate is more than $900 when you take delivery, thats good for you but if the rebate goes down or goes away then thats bad for you. Thats how rebates work".


    Is this dealer telling me the truth ???




    Is this dealer
  • With Navigation, Rear Suspension, side airbags, preferred accessory for $39,279. Any thoughts on the price? I live in southern New York.
  • rjordanrjordan Posts: 30
    The dealer may be withholding some information. It appears he is correct about losing the rebate as they are only good for the month, usually from the first to the last day of the month. But listen to the following carefully. The last time I contacted Toyota through their website they said rebates are only in effect at time of delivery. So if there is another rebate being promoted at the time you take delivery, the dealer is going to say that the rebate that was offered at contract signing has run out, which is true. But I believe you still qualify for any rebate if offered in the month you take delivery because the dealer use it as a selling point to get you to sign the contract. If you knew at time of signing that your vehicle would take a few months for delivery, then the dealer should honor any rebate offered when you receive the vehicle. Here's what to do. Contact Toyota through their web site (don't call them) and tell them you placed an order and ask them what is the policy on future rebates if the vehicle is not delivered to you within the original rebate period. If their answer is favorable to you, then make copies of their reply and give one to the dealer. In any event, you have more ammunition if the rebate amount is placed in the column with the rest of the costs of the truck. If the salesman or dealer does not honor it, then I would advise you to walk out on the deal. Remember one thing; when Spring arrives, there may be no rebate offered as it is much busier at the dealers and Toyota has no incentive to offer rebates. This is the only way that I can see that the dealer can legally get out of a rebate. It seems to me that he sold you a truck knowing in advance, you would not get the current rebate in effect at time of signing. So I don't see how you would owe him an additional $900.00. If the dealer threatens legal action, tell him you will have an attorney talk to him.
  • Thanks so much for your excellent advice- you obviously have thought through this problem and understand it well. As a former business owner I cannot imagine going back to my customer and changing the terms of the deal we made a couple months earlier. But then, the car business may be a whole different animal. Thanks again.
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