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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can anybody tell me, what is the TDA charge? I just got quote from an Internet manager for $529 for the TDA charge; does it have something to do with Toyota advertising?

  • This is mentioned a few places on these forums but heres my knowledge.
    Toyota Dealer Advertising. A fee each delaer pays for the toyota adds on TV. This fee is part of every car invoice but it seems only toyota breaks it out as a line item. Dealers claim it is non-negotiable and you must pay it. I have been looking at 05 4runners for about 3 weeks now and non of the dealers will bend on this in the PacNW. What other fees are you getting hit with?

  • Got my 2005 4Runner SR5 4x4 v6 on Aug. 31, with
    - Third-row seat
    - Roof rack and cross bars
    - Rear Spoiler
    - 17" Alloy wheel
    - Carpet floor

    Paid $28,155 (with destination charge included), probably around $500 below invoice. I live in PA and Toyota didn't offer rebate for the V6. Since I wanted the third-row seat, my selection was really dwindling so I decided to buy instead of waiting further.

    With 6% sales tax and fees, out-the-door is $30K even.
  • I am also getting charge for dealer holdback $767, wholesale financal reserve $383 do you know what that is? and $6 for gasoline lol.
  • yuenyuen Posts: 5
    That's a great buy, I paid $27,800 last month for a plain SR5 4WD. MSRP 31,190. They told me was $500 under invoice, then I find out the $27.8 is the invoice. O well, I love this 4runner tho. :cry:

    BTW, which dealer in PA?
  • Those are defined better elsewhere than I can here, but the short of it

    Dealer holdback: is money returned to the dealer from toyota. Your cash t dealer = profit for them; bottom line. You can deal on this. I got 500 under invoice by getting most of this.

    Financial reseve is basically their banking interest charges.
    They all charge $6 in gas to drive to the station and fill up your new vehicle: this one I never get. Such a trivial things.

    Out of all these toyo dealers on seem to deal on DH.

  • meko 1,

    Irregardless of engine all '05s are 5 speed compared to the '04s (4 speed)
    so how much did you purchase your? less than 199.00/ mo. lease?

  • Just order a 2006 4Runner limited V8 for invoice price, also I got the Toyota $500 cash rebate on top of that. What is sweet deal.
  • where did you order (state)?
    Did you get any incentives?
    And was that dealer invoice with TDA etc?

  • I ordered it in Massachusetts. There is currently a $500 Toyota rebate for the 06 which expires in 10/2/05 I believe. The invoice does include the TDA and all the other items we talk about earlier.
  • FYI:
    At least in Atlanta, the rebate on a V6 is $1000 and the rebate on the V8 is $2500. I was able to get an offer of $32,370 (that's the final price with 7% sales tax and the $589 handling fee--price offer was $29,500 (or $8,200 under sticker price) for an '05 V8 Sport with an MSRP of $37,700. Bascially, that's dealer invoice less $2500 for the rebate less the $650 dealer holdback, plus a little extra. The dealerships are full with '05 V8's and are willing to sell them for no profit at this point.
  • Does anyone know the rebate amounts being given in Virginia presently? I saw below that someone got a Toyota $2500 rebate in Atlanta on a V-8, and wondered if this same rebate is available in Virginia. Also, does anyone know when the 2006 4-Runners will be out? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  • For Rebates you need to go to and check the "find local specials".

    The 2006 models should be out soon. I haven't seen them at my local dealers.
  • Just signed the paper work to purchase a Limited 05 V8 4x4 for 33,500. MSRP was 41061 (basically all options minus nav and rear entertainment). So it basically came out to about 500 under invoice plus the 2500 cash back. I did like the look of the '06 headlights and fenders on the couple they had on the lot, but couldn't pass up the great deals on the '05's.
  • I went in to lease an 06 Limited V6 in Colorado. What I got was one of the worst dealer experiences! Firstly, I spoke with three people on the phone and each one asked me the same questions about what I wanted. Then, I go in and the same three people ask me the same questions (Like they had never spoken to me before!!) and then throw me into the hands of a totally different person. This person then had to leave, so he put me on to another salesperson, who, as you can guess, asked me what I wanted again!! Also, two of these salespersons asked my wife an I if we would like anything. We said water would be nice.....well, lets say they didn't realize that they had forgotten 5 minutes later when I went to my other car and brought in a bottle of water. They were quoting 41K for an 06 limited V6 w/o 3rd row seats when other dealers were listing V8's with the 3rd row for 41.5K...landed up walking out after 2.5 hours of wasted time! Close these dealerships!! :mad:
  • Could anyone provide me with their purchase price/best deal, they have gotten on a 2006 V8 SE 4Runner with sun roof as the only option. I have asked for bids from various dealers in my area, however, they seem a little slow in providing me with bids.Any information that someone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  • Most of the ones I asked just to price this up locally (PacNW) were quoting $1000 over Toyo invoice.
  • Ok I am looking at a 2005 4Runner Sport...
    Air Conditioning
    Alloy Wheels
    All Wheel / 4 Wheel Drive
    Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
    Bucket Seats
    Captains Chairs
    Digital Climate Control
    JBL Sound System
    Keyless Entry System
    Leather Wrap Wheel
    Power Package With Cruise And Keyless
    Power Sunroof
    Privacy Glass
    Projector Foglamps
    Rear Spoiler
    Roof Rack
    Running Boards
    Sport Package
    Tilt Steering Wheel
    Towing Package
    Toyota S.T.A.R. Safety System
    Options as listed on dealers website
    Dealer has it listed at $34,806 Offered to me at $29,800 with 0% or $1750 off.
    What do you all think?
    I am in the Army deployed to the Middle East, looking to go home in a couple months and I can't test drive this SUV or anything, Thank god for the wife back home doing most of the "shopping" But I just won't have a good feeling until I get a few "Expert" Opinions
    Thanks in advance.
  • My brother just got the same car w/out sunroof for $29,400 and 0% or $2000 off. He got it from Carmax which still has $300 off for all 05 and 06 cars until 10/3/05.
  • Looking for a Toyota 2006 V8 SE 4Runner for export, can anyone tell me where to get the best deal.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    It might help... if we knew where you lived? ;)

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  • I live in United Kingdom
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    They don't sell the 4Runner there? Seems like a lot of trouble to go to... What about the Nissan X-trail? I'm pretty sure that is available in the UK...



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  • they do sell the xtrail but woud prefer the four runner left hand drive
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    ....if any of our members have experience with exporting a car.. and where they bought it..

    But, I wouldn't hold my breath...

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  • Offered the following 2005 Sports Edition for $33450 + 0% 60 month financing w/ following options:

    4.7 V8 (standard)
    SR - Moon Roof
    CM- Cargo system double decker
    CF - Floor Mats
    RL - Daytime running lights
    NA- Power Outlet
    DJ- Radio JBL sincle CD, cassette, AM/FM
    GY-Front & Side airbags
    DR-Roof Rails w/crossbars (standard)
    NH- X-REAS shocks (standard)
    RF- Spoiler, rear
    NE - leather wrapped steering wheel (standard)
    17 inch wheels (standard)
    VIP RS3200 Plus Alarm System

    Price above does not include $2000 Toyota rebate, as I opted for the 0% financing. Also considering a lease of same with money factor of .0034 and with an acquisition fee of $400. Seems high compared to other messages. Please let me know what you think.

  • Soldier to Soldier. I recently also got price quotes for a similiar 2005 V8 SE Runner here in the North East, around $29,800. However, this was the lowest price from only two dealers in my area for the V8 2005 SE. I decided to wait and purchase the 2006 V8 SE. I plan on using the various car purchasing web sites to obtain the dealers quotes and the lowest, best price. After having driven almost all of the Army's tracked and wheeled vehicles, I can say, the 4Runner is an exceptional vehicle; for on and off road driving.
  • Ok I made an error, he alctually quoted me 30,800. The 29,080 was after $1750 off.
    Out the door price is like 32,800.

    I am thinking that is just too much for me and I am going to wait for the FJ40. I have nothing but time anyway and just hope to be home before Xmas.

    Either that or an Xterra.

    I am off to check the FJ forum. Would have liked the 4Runner but at least the FJ is based on the 4Runner. :)

    "Scouts out"
    SSG Lemire 2/172 MP
  • Just bought a 2005 4Runner SR5 V6 4X4 with Sunroof in MA for $27,200. Keep looking for deals on the 2005's and you will find them. Also the offer was matched on the day of purchase by another dealer. Good luck everyone.
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