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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • U r a hero, pls let me now d dealership name, city and state .
  • Anybody have a guesstimate about when Toyota will offer pricing or finance incentives for 2006 4Runners?? I'm looking to buy a 2006 (because I can't find 2005 with options I want), and I'm willing to wait until some pricing incentives appear. I'm struggling to balance that urge to buy a new car with that competing urge to save a couple thousand bucks. I'm guessing that with fuel prices high, and SUV sales slumping, the incentives should be coming soon after dealers sell the last of the 2005s. What's your guess?
  • Already offering $500 on V8 06's in PacNW.

  • After approximately three months of researching & visiting phony baloney dealers, I purchased an '05 SR5. It was an ad vehicle but it came equipped with a leather interior. The price? How about $23,988.

    I thought they gave me a pretty good deal. Although, right before finaliziing the deal thaty tried to tell me that I had to pay for the leather interior option. They finally let it go for their advertised price. What do you gouys think of this deal? Was it worth the wait?

    I was initially shopping for the DC Tacoma, but the dealers are really playing hardball with these. So, I opted for a better vehicle, at a better price. :shades:
  • I just leased a 05 V8 SE with a money factor of 0.00024. The V6 money factor is 0.0044 with excellent credit. Burt Toyota, Broadway in Littleton. They are awesome!
  • mike805mike805 Posts: 33
    Does anyone know where we can get the total invoice price that includes Toyota holdback, PIO holdback, Toyota advertising, Regional advertising, and finance charges? In the Gulf states these charges amount to $1500-$2000 and come as a surprise when you go to a dealer for a quote. :confuse:
  • I too am in Colorado. Which dealership was this? I am considering a 4runner, but definitely don't want the same hassles you had.
  • locomolocomo Posts: 29
    Anyone know what the new incentives, starting tomorrow, will be?
  • eekceekc Posts: 1
    I did some research for the price of 2006 4 runner V6 limited. The edumund's invoice price is 35552, MSRP 40035. But the dealer shows me the invoice price is 36304, MSRP 40221 ( I think they add some dealer option). anyone know why there are several hundrends difference in invoice price? Thanks in advance :(
  • locomolocomo Posts: 29
    Answering my own question, $1500 rebate for 2005 V6's, and $3500 off 2005 V8's.
  • This was Stevinson West near the Colorado Mills mall....AWFUL!!
  • I finally landed up leasing an '05 SE Galactic Gray V8 at Burt Toyota in Littleton. They were great, upfront about their costs and I got a great deal you could not beat. I would also try John Elway on Arapaho and Liberty Toyota in the Springs. The new lease money factors for '06's of 0.0023 to 0.0025 were not that great when compared to 0.0002 for the 05's; especially when you compare differences b/w the 2005 and the 2006. The 2006 has been refined a lot but not worth the $200+/month I would have had to pay for them.
  • kenstlkenstl Posts: 1
    Sounds like a great buy. Can you give me some details of the model, 4x4 or 2wheel drive, and the dealer that you went through?
  • lexyfanlexyfan Posts: 13
    Can you do price match on the rebates? I got the v6 with $1000 now it seems toyota is giving $1500. :cry:
  • I just traded in my Sienna for a new 4runner V8 4WD Sport. What a big difference in power. I got $300 over Edmunds on my trade in, and I paid $27K after rebate for the 4runner. The 4runner came with an MSRP of $35,350 and 2 miles on the odometer.
  • jgghjggh Posts: 9
    What is your OTD price?
  • OTD price is misleading because it varies depending on local sale tax rate, trade-in sale tax credit, and local and state fees. I had a trade in for my purchase, so my sale tax was low.
    Here is my deal:
    $27K for the SUV ($31K - $4K cash rebate)
    $469 for sale tax
    $242 for all other fees
    $27,711 Total
  • jgghjggh Posts: 9
    That's a good price. I bought one Sport V8 4WD with OTD $30,500. The tax rate is 6.25%. The MSRP is $36,500. I don't have trade in.
  • miket5miket5 Posts: 12
    Where do you (locomo from post #1171) see $3500 rebate on the 2005 V8? All I've seen so far is the standard $2000, like the V6. Also, anyone know of any other kick backs or marketing incentives from the factory to dealer? One more question--I'm kind of new at this "get all the bottom line facts" price negociation game. I pulled up the edmunds price guide. This link is for a Honda Pilot,but the 4Runner can be accessed by clicking "Compair Vehicles" and then search for the 4Runner.

    The price report shows an Invoice Column and a What Others are Paying Column. I'm inclined to think the Invoice column reflects the absolute bottom line cost of the dealer when you subract out the incentives and rebates. Then, in negociation add maybe 5-600 mark up for the dealers time and overhead. Does this sound reasonable, or am I missing something. If this approach really gets at the bottom line I'll forget ordering the Consumer Reports pricing report.
  • That is a great price. Is it V8 4WD? I paid 27K for mine last week; V8 4WD Sport with sunroof, mats, double cargo deck, plus other minor options.
  • redzredz Posts: 3
    Have anybody just purchased 06 SE 4runner 4x4? how much is a good price without the option? thank you...
  • I wanted to thank all of you for the information you have shared. I just bought a new 4runner 2005 SR5 V8 4x4 from Washington (Carmax) for 25.6 + TTL. I drove it to my state. Why did I buy from Washington? When I tried finding one locally I went through the general hassle of not the right color/sales man tactics/hidden dealership fees of $600. In that sense I liked carmax because it was painless (well... except for the driving back part).
    Dont know OTD price yet - still need to register and pay taxes.
  • mike805mike805 Posts: 33
    Sounds like a good price. What DFW dealer did you use? I have not found one in the area that will deal below their invoice. From looking at their invoice it looks like the Edmunds base price include the dealer holdback since the dealer shows a lower base price by this amount. Can anyone confirm this?
  • I have a quote on a 2005 SR5 V6 w sunroof ,roof rack and rear spoiler for $28,550 before the $1500 rebate.What do you think? I've seen better prices for V8 models but i know the rebates are much bigger on the V8's.
  • Mike,

    It's Texas Toyota of Grapevine, and they will deal way below invoice if you can stay firm with your offer. I have bought 3 autos from this dealership; however, you will need to be carefull during negotiation and financing. They will show you a bogus dealer's invoice, and during financing, look at your paper work carefully because they will try to sneak in junk options and insurance and a whole bunch of other craps. Good Luck
  • gostrosgostros Posts: 10
    just ordered a 2006 V6 4x4 SR5 with
    6 disk/10 speakers
    no tire upgrade
    compas rearview
    leather steering
    side airbags
    tow hitch
    roof rack
    no nav, dvd, or spoiler

    $33,700 +TTL
  • WMass dealer has a new '04 LTD - 200 miles - for just a tad below $33,000. List is $41,000.

    Am new to 4Runners. Good deal?
  • Because depending on the dealer, destination and gas charges, and dealer advertising fees are different.
  • I wouldn't buy it. It's a 2004. For around $4000 more you can get a 2006. Despite the low miles, the model year puts it at 2 years old now (or shortly). Good deal? Barely, but I'd go 2006 new. I'd be more concerned about where the vehicle has been for two years to have such low mileage.
  • Picked up a New 2005 4X4 SR5 with the Option package A and also first aid kit, cargo net, floor/cargo mats, emergency assistance package and 3rd row seating (MSRP over 32K) for $28K. Got $1500 cash back and 60 Mo 2.9 APR for a final total of $26,500 (before TTL of $565 and $200) :)
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