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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Where is this quote from Devo1214? I am getting that price after the yours is a better deal thats for sure.
  • bigbwbbigbwb Posts: 12
    Looking to buy an 2005 V8 Sport, wondering if $30,500 including the $1000 rebate & 1.9% for 60 mo. sounds high or what? I just sold my 03 Sport looking to move up a few years. I thought they would be cheaper than this being that its almost November?

    Thanks for your help,
  • Just got (Oct. 30) a brand new 2005 V-8 Sport Edition 4x4 for $26,350 (including $3000 rebate and $300 gas card) with rear spoiler and mats.
  • Mechanicsville Toyota east of Richmond, Va. Good folks there but they have no more 2005 V-8 SEs. They may have some other 2005 V-8s, though.
  • Got a White '05 V6 4runner SR5 for $28,000 after rebate(10/30). No trade. Included options were

    SR Power Sunroof
    EJ JBL Synthesis
    GY Curtain and Side Airbags
    DR Roof Rack and Cross Bar
    NE Leather Steering Wheel with audio controls
    E5 Exhaust Tip by Valor
    9G Cargo Tote by Nifty Products
    4P 7-Pin to 4-Pin Adapter

    Stevinson West in Lakewood, CO
  • Bought a 2005 SR5 V8 w 17" wheels & third row, etc., for 29k otd, (incl 7.375% tax)
  • I am currently in the first stages of attempting to buying a 2006 SE V8 4x4 4Runner. Invoice is $29,940, MSRP is $33,630.00, including sunroof, rear spoiler and JBL 3 in 1 audio. Factory holdback by my calculation is $709.90, rebate is currently $750.00. My current target price for this vehicle is $30,982.90, minus the $709.90 holdback, plus $907.80 or 3% fair dealer profit over dealer cost, minus the $750.00 rebate. Are there any others in this forum who bought at this target price of $30,982?
  • Better off just going invoice minus rebate, which according to edmunds is invoice plus tax minus rebate.
  • Hello fellow forum members,

    $31,700 plus tax and tags for the 2006 V8 Sport Edition 4x4,with moonroof, rear spoiler, cargo deck system, JBL 3 in 1 with 6 disc changer, mats, cargo net, first aid kit and roadside emergency kit. After a week of playing one dealer against another via the internet, two dealers lowest final price for this vehicle as equipped was $31,700 plus tax and tags, this included the $750.00 rebate. Does this sound like a good deal? Tried, but could not get the two dealers to go any lower.
  • Can get '05 Ltd. V8, with everything but Nav and 3rd row seats, for $36,500 at 0% financing. List is $41,600. 0% means $1000 rebate instead of $3000.

    Local dealer has to trade with another dealer for the vehicle.

    Good deal?
  • Am presently shopping a 06 4Runner and wondering about the difference between the 17" and 18" tires offered on the sr5 or limited. Does one give a better ride and is a smaller tire mean a smaller step up?

    Appreciate any response out there.....thks for all and any input.
  • I got the same truck (same options and MSRP) for $33,500 after rebate at the end of September . I didn't take the 0% because I was putting a bunch down, so I got a full rebate which was $2500 at the time.

    So does the 36,500 price include the rebate or not? If it does, I would say they can go lower. If it doesn't, that isn't too bad but I would think they could go lower on an '05 since the '06's have been out for about two months now.
  • It includes the $1000 rebate. They are giving me what I need for my car, so it basically works, for me. Invoice, minus the $1000 @ 0%. I might get them to go below invoice, but I imagine that they would have offered less on my car. Another dealer offered $2500 less for my car; the highest other offer - about 3000 mi ago - was still $1000 less. Just don't have the energy to keep shopping my car. Plus, this is a small local dealer who is trying to match the big-city dealers - and, generally succeeding.

    Best deal I heard of - in Worcester MA (about 85 mi. from my house, but close to one of my offices) - was $34,200: invoice-$3000 rebate-$300. But, the salesman said that trade-in value might be lower, based on the low price of the vehicle!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Prices are probably higher in MA than WI, so considering you are getting what you want for you trade and the 0%, it is a pretty good deal. If you decide to make the deal, you won't be disappointed. I really like mine. :D
  • Thanks. My big hang-up, right now, is the mpg. I also drove a Highlander Ltd. I know: a very different vehicle, but much better gas mileage. I drive a great many miles on the Mass Pike and they actually seemed equally quiet. Of course on 'regular' roads, 4Runner was more the truck. Overall, Highlander was quieter and smoother. Very comfortable, very nice interior...but very bland look. 4Runner was very good, too....more attractive look. Just not sure about mpg, in this world.

  • I have the 8 with 250 miles and I am averaging a little over 16mpg, primarily city driving -- average speed 22 MPH. It seems to do over 20 on the highway, all according to the trip computer and all using regular gas.

    My BMW averaged between 19 and 20 MPG using premium when also primarily city, and could get up to 30 on the highway, FWIW.
  • Does anyone have information about what I should pay for a 2003 SR5 4 Runner in the Denver area? Or better yet does anyone have trade in information of what they received for their 4 Runner in the Denver area. Either one of these values might help me decide what is a fair price for this vehicle. They are asking around $23000 for this vehicle with around 38000 miles, V8 engine. Any information would be appreciated.


  • That price is WACK. For a little over 2k more you can buy a NEW 2005!
  • sage5sage5 Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me if they purchased a vehicle from Oakdale Toyota or Amity Toyota on Long Island in NY. Would like to know how the purchasing experience was with all depts, Thank You
  • Where can I get a new 2005 4 Runner SR5 for $25000. Is this in Colorado or do I have to travel out of state for this deal?


  • w/ 17" wheels, spoiler, roof rack, side air bags, hitch, tourneau cover, upper $27K (after rebate) + TTL. Is this an ok deal or an awesome deal? I'm in the early stages of my research. Thanks!
  • dima1dima1 Posts: 19
    Are 2006 4Runners made in Japan?
    I am getting V6 SR5 quotes of about $30K for package C in NY with the $750 rebate.
    It looks like it is 1K below invoice. Good deal?

  • locomolocomo Posts: 29
    I bought a SR5 4WD V8 in Memphis, 6 weeks ago for $25,300. A V6 was $27,500 which sounds weird, but hey this is Memphis. I was in CO, about a month ago, and in the Denver paper they were advertising V6 4WD for the same price I paid for the V8. Later got an oil change in Colorado Springs, and they said Memphis pricing was the exact opposite of theirs.
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,801
    I'm looking at 2 different 2005 Limiteds (on one of the on-line used car sites), both with around 10K miles. One at a dealer for $29,987, the other by a private seller for around $32K. Obviously, the one at the Toyota dealer is a much better deal, "if it's still available"--I can't call today because it's a Holiday. But, are these fairly good prices for low-mileage '05 Limiteds? In the ballpark? TIA!
  • after months of indecision am the very happy owner of a new 06 ltd.
    loaded with x-reas,side air, hitch, stereo upgrade, lugs, + all the standard stuff of the ltd. Almost bought the sport but the ride of the 18" tire, nice leather seats, and very nice JBL stereo pushed us into the ltd for few thousand more. 37,754 with the 3.9 financing and got 1000 more on my trade then expected. Nice folks at Beaver Toyota in Santa Fe, NM.
    What a ride this suv is!
    thks to all for all advice! Anybody know much about the protective coatings on body & inside that dealer it negotiable after the sale? Is it worth doing?
  • I found a new 2005 LTD at the dealer. V6 with a navigation system. MSRP is $42k and I am curious to see what type of discount I can get.
  • Ready to buy in California: 2006 Toyota 4Runner V8 Sport Edition 4x4

    Here is what I found today: the dealer invoice was shown to me for "Model 8686A"

    $31,812. Invoice price which shows total model & FIE
    Then they add
    605.00 Del Proc & handling fee
    434.00 TDA (Toyota Dealer advertising fee!)
    32,861 total invoice price (before rebate)
    +150 over invoice is what they want (fleet price, supposedly)
    $33,011 is what they are asking

    45.00 Doc fee
    2562.00 sales tax CA
    311.00 DMV fees

    -750 rebate

    35,178 out the door

    QUESTIONS: am I obligated as they claim to pay the following:
    605.00 Del Proc & handling fee
    434.00 TDA (Toyota Dealer advertising fee!)
    or Are those negotiable? (the salesman claimed that it's written in stone...)

    And: The invoice stated "Invoice does not reflect dealers ultimate vehicle cost in view of $672 reserve and $336 wholesale finance reserve which are returned to the dealer, and any rebate allowance and incentive which are paid to the dealer"


    So it looks like there is another $1000+ in there as padding too... suggestions on which of the above to push back on, and what is a realistic price to expect to pay would be appreciated! Seems to me the advertising fee is just a rip off and the processing and handling fee is mighty suspect... Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with the fee on the fee fee... ( I will reciprocate with the final price paid after the deal is done!)
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    605.00 Del Proc & handling fee
    434.00 TDA (Toyota Dealer advertising fee!)

    These are "garbage fees". You can do research here on Edmunds for the correct price. I would go to a large mega-dealer" and offer 250.00 over invoice. These things ARE NOT IN DEMAND. I purchased an '05 Sport w/V8 (4X2) at Crown Toyota in Ontario. They will deal here, or Longo Toyota as well. Remember, $250.00 0ver invoice OR WALK.
  • I offered invoice minus rebates but I bought the mats.
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