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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • I have to say I am a Nissan enthusiast and especially enjoy my 05 Murano SL AWD. I had a 96 Nissan Sentra GXE which was purchased used with 54k and I sold it with 118k to purchase the Murano in July 05. All was well until about 2 weeks ago when I used the AWD lock feature. Turned the car off and when I got back and started it, the check engine soon light came on. I wasn't sure why but proceeded to drive with no problems. Called the service dept and they said could be a couple of things but not to worry(as long as it wasn't blinking) and keep an eye on it. I was bringing the car in for an oil change and tire rotation the following weekend. Later that same week turned the car on and the check engine soon and AWD light came on. Tried to drive the car and had little power when accelerating. Pulled over, turned the car off and waited a bit and then re started the car. Check engine soon light came on and stayed on but no AWD light. Drove the next couple of days until I made it in for service. They diagnosed the Throttle Position Sensor to be bad and replaced it as it is under warranty. The mileage at the start of this problem was 8244k. I now have 8650 and so far so good and the acceleration on the car is as it used to be. I hope this helps others who may encounter this problem. :D
  • What kind and size of replacement tires are Murano owners finding? An internet search found only Goodyear making a 235/65TR18 tire. It does not seem to be an outstanding tire. Kind of makes one think about buying a Murano with no tire choice.
  • I have an '05 SL FWD Murano that I purchased new in March '05, and it currently has 8300 miles on it.

    I recently heard about the alternator recall, and was wondering if I should bring it in for the replacement.

    I've read that the recall affects Muranos built before 9/24/04, but the Nissan Customer Service agent wasn't able to tell me my date of manufacture through my VIN.

    In any case, does any one know of the extent of this bad alternator, i.e. does it affect every Murano, or just a small percentage? Mine's been running for 8300 miles trouble free, so I'm hoping it should have already shown reliability problems. Does the battery warning light come on first to indicate a bad alternator/low battery charge?

    I really don't want to take my car in to the dealer service center, since I've heard horrible stories about other stuff breaking down after the alternator was changed, due to bad workmanship putting the stuff back together.

    Also, with the holiday travelling season, I'm wondering if I should leave my Murano at home and take my coupe out instead, lest I gt stuck on some country road in the cold because of the alternator.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Gokaden: Alternator recalls stopped long before March 05. On previous posts the VIN numbers were Jan 05 Murano VIN 5W413599 was past the line, so I would believ you must be also. Look at your VIN. I read these posts regularly and now firmly believe that service personnel are unable to correctly diagnose problems. I am sure I am seeing transmissions blamed for throttle position sensor failure, batteries blamed for alternators, transmissions ruined by JiffyLube folks putting in regular ATF fluid (guaranteed to corrupt it) and so forth. I believe Murano is a sound product, complicated and sophisticated...and the people servicing it are not up to speed. Current Consumer Reports Nov 05 has transmission failures at "less than 2%"...(which is huge if it is your vehicle), but is far less than most other brands.For 03 and 04, the Murano has received a CHECK with almost perfect (Honda-like)ratings for all the CR categories, electrical, drive train, fit/finish, brakes, etc. I have a 15K check coming next month. My dealer service chief will level with me...I am going to ask him the tough questions about the CVT...and I will so post when that happens. Meantime, I drive with eggshells on that transmission... John B...
  • blc4blc4 Posts: 3
    see my two previous postings.
    From the service report: "Customer states rubbing noise from front of vehicle while driving."
    "Performed inspection. Detected noise (rattling) from front of vehicle. Performed chassis ear test. Noise from inside auto trans. Performed performance test. Line pressure at idle 110 PSI. Stall test 830 PSI. No DTC malfunctioned stored in memory. Checked auto trans fluid / not burnt. Removed auto trans pan for inspection. Detected metal shaving inside pan and small metal debris all over magnets. Further inspection detected differential idler and input gear failed and damaged other components. Replaced auto transmission unit"

    This whole thing started above 11,000 ft with the throttle position sensor failing, and went from there over about 4,000 miles. Alternator was replaced at that point, too. Noise became gradually noticible over last 2,000 miles, if windows open and radio A/C off etc.

    I still like the car :)
  • Michelin Cross Terrains come in the exact size. I purchased mine from Tire Rack. More exppensive than the Goodyears but from what I can tell, are better than the Goodyears.
  • Hi John B,

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I've heard really bad things about Nissan dealership service departments and their ineptitude, so I don't want to send my Murano in if it's unnecessary.

    The funny thing is, I did give my VIN to the Nissan customer service agent, (who was from an Indian call center nonetheless), and she did say it was part of the recall. I'm more incluned to believe your statement, since you have a Jan '05 Murano, so I think I'll stay away from the dealership for now.

    Thanks again!
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Hi Gokaden: 1. Regarding your post on alternator VIN numbers. Back on page 41, post #801, is what appears to be a very authoritative list of the VIN numbers that were recalled. Check it out.
    2. Date of manufacture: open the driver's door, and down low on the latch post is a white will have the month and date. My VIN 5W413599, purchased in Jan 05, was made (in Japan) in 11/04. Check your manufacture date that way, and the VIN and the alternator situation should be clear.
    3. The Throttle position sensor issue is real...the failure to accelerate when you hit the gas...the "Service Engine Soon" light goes on...this is cured by turning off ignition, wait 30 seconds, pray, and restart. I personally believe a lot of folks have had alternators, entire transmissions and batteries replaced because of this. And when a garage goon gets a wrench into your robotic-made-complicated Murano, only God knows what will happen next...John B...
    Driving in snow with 15K....7K troublefree since TPS replaced. However, driving with all fingers crossed. Like petting someome's pit bull in the back of an old truck...very carefully and without great faith. John B.
  • There ARE now available, the absolute BEST tires available for our Muranos, albeit about $180 per Michelin!!!
    You can't find them online directly, but I have been in contact with Michelin directly....if you contact Tire Rack, they can get them for you....They are OEMs for the 2006 Ford Explorer, but they ARE available to the public....they are the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tire, NOW AVAILABLE in 235/65/R18...they arent even listed yet at Michelin's website, but, by calling them and having them communicate with Tire Rack, I got them!! So go to, or, call Michelin directly at can also get them with RAISED WHITE LETTERS!!!
    Thats what I did, and they look awesome, baby!! Quiet ride, aggressive-looking, great road-holding, and GREAT in the snow!! Pass on the news! The Goodyear Witch is Dead!!
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    Hi all,
    It has been a year since I had my 04 SL AWD Mo. No major problems(knock on wood) There is a rattle from the front side corner where the speaker is when going over bumps it rattles which is annoying, and now there is a minor humming or buzzing sound coming from the main console when accelerating. It comes and goes. Anyone come across the rattling noise from the front dash or buzzing noise?
    I guess to pay so much money and the vehicle only a year old that you start to hear the rattles and squeaks. I'm disappointed in the quality of the vehicle.

  • Just wondering if anybody else had bad wheel bearings in the 2004 Murano? After 15,000 miles of driving, I noticed noise from the frontend. The dealer replaced one of the front wheel bearings and said that they road-tested and it was fixed. I drove away and still heard the sound - this time more specifically from one side. I drove it for a week and then called the dealer and made yet another appointment. I sat and waited 2 hours AGAIN to learn that the other wheel bearing was bad. This time they had to order the part. I then had to make a 3rd visit to get this fixed. I owned 3 Honda's prior to this car and never had an experience like this. Oddly, I still love the Murano. It is quiet, comfortable, roomy enough to haul lots of stuff, handles well. I wish the gas mileage was as promised, but other than that, this is my favorite car - out of other vehicles that I have owned - Honda civic, Prelude, Accord, Triumph TR6, Mazda,Chevy Pickup, Subaru, VW rabbit, MGB, Pontiac Catalina - still love my Murano.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I've driven a lot of miles in a lot of brands, but wheel bearings going out at 15K is pretty unusual. I hope the noise is cured by replacing these...let us know. John B
  • To date I'm extremely pleased with my 2005 Murano now at 10K miles. Only issue to date has been with the 6 CD changer, which would not eject the #2 disc. Dealer is looking to replace under warranty.
    I am still looking for a good cleaner/protectant for the dash and other "hard plastic" interior parts. The Armorall seems to leave it with a uneven color finish and I have read where other cleaners have actually discolored the dash. Any insight would be appreciated. Other then that the vechile is performing great and being a 1st time Nissan owner - very pleased to date.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I have been an ArmorAll fan since its inception...and wish I had bought stock in it. Some people do not like it, as it is water-based, but it never fails on plastic surfaces. In the Murano, if you have leather, than your choices widen.. Funny thing, the various products for tires...which are pure silicone, really preserve, protect and waterproof leather, better than anything else. Spray it on, wipe it and let it soak in. It is not on the label, but for ten years, that is all I have used on leather...with great results. JB
  • gokadengokaden Posts: 28
    Hi again John,
    Thanks for the tip about the date of manufacture for the Murano. I haven't noticed it on the door post, since it's my wife's car, but I'll check it out.

    Regarding the TPS issue, is that also part of a Nissan recall, or can I just drive the Murano into a dealership and have them inspect it without charge? I haven't been able to find any information on a TPS recall.

    Thanks for your help again.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Dear Gokaden: At least on my Murano 05...sticker is on the post where the front driver door closes...down by the sill. White, about size of cig pack...all data and #'s.
    The TPS has never been a recall. I have no idea of what percent failure triggers recall...on Murano, I would bet that if it has not failed, it won't be "testable" as bad. It's a wireless deal that transmits accelerator position to the engine...??? leap forward or backward???
    I also asked my reliable foreman at Central Valley Nissan, Modesto....11 years in the slot...."we have had six TPS failures in three years, and the CVT is essentially trouble-free. We have replaced one in that time."
    Now, I can only take it for what it says...If your own personal CVT fails, you know it...but I don't think Bill would BS me...he stated the most common thing is for the Jiffy Lube guys putting ATF in it....that is why the dip stick is nearly people proof and hard to remove for the average Joe Jiffy...
    I am pleased with our M...a whole lot better than my A6T which went from Car of the Year in 01 to "Avoid" four years later in Consumer's. JOHN B
  • I used Armorall for years- albeit with the same resuls as you were having. It did seem to be the best product on the market- until the past couple of years.

    I ride horses and I only use the best products on my $ leather equipment. Much to my surprise and enjoyment the company's who products I use to protect my leather (I even use their products on our couches!) recently started making a vinyl, rubber and plastic protectant. It is called Vinylex and is made by Lexol. I use it everywhere I don't have leather- rubber seals around the door frames, vinyl dashes, plastic... EVERYWHERE! I even use it in my 87 Porsche and I'm really picky about "my baby". It has DH-60 UV Screen in it. It leaves a nice uniform matte shine and IS NOT GREASY. I honestly cannot say enough about this product!
  • I have an 04 SL AWD also. I started hearing a similar noise- I don't know if it is the same though. My noise was coming from between the seats, but more so from under the console area. I described it to the mechanic as a "fluttering". Originally, I noticed it mostly when I was coasting. Now I hear it all the time.

    I had it in the shop before Christmas and they told me it was the drive shaft. "I was lucky b/c they just had a Murano in last month and it took a lot of trial and error to figure out what the noise was." Just my luck! Anyway- part is on order. Not a huge deal.

    I have 10,000 miles. The alternator died on me at one point, have a few squeaks here and there. I still love my Murano though! :) My dealership is good, which makes a big difference too.
  • gokadengokaden Posts: 28
    Hi John B,
    Well, I checked the date sticker on my Murano, and the VIN #, and it falls within the ones listed. What's more, the date of Mfg is actually 8/04, meaning that there was a 7 month lag from manufacture till when I bought it off the lot in March 05.
    Not too sure how that happened, but I bought my Murano from Town North Nissan in Austin, TX.
    In this case, I'll probably be considering sending my MU in for the alternator recall.
    Thanks for all you help on this.
  • I have a 2004 Murano which develops a strong odor of buring rubber after driving up a two mile dirt road in Vermont. Other vehicles such as the GMC Envoy and Olsmobile Bravada also had similar "burnt" rubber odors after driving up the hill. This is an unimproved public highway which goes up to a mountainside home. The dealer told me he found nothing wrong when I brought it in after the first time I noticed it. Has anyone else noticed this odor? It is not coming from the brakes.-Thanks
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I apologize for posting again, but Gokaden, I cannot but ask you if a Murano built in August 04 was sold to you as a 2004 or a months between the last rivet in the Land of the Rising Sun and a sale in Texas, USA! Wow... When exactly did 04 end for Murano? When does a new model year start...anybody know?
    Rubber you think, since all three vehicles smell like rubber, that there is rubber tire dust coming up from your unimproved road, landing on hot catalytic converters? Especially if your dealer inspected and probably looked for rubber hoses near hot exhaust ducts...
    Just a thought. JOHN B
  • gokadengokaden Posts: 28
    Hi John B,
    That's exactly whatI was thinking. I'm not sure why it took so long for the Murano to get delivered to Austin.

    As far as I know, the dealer sold me my Murano as an '05, and it is indeed an '05 because of its color; Platinum is only offered on '05 Muranos and later. The previous color was some kind of yellowish silver.

    In any case, I hope other potential car buyers will pay attention to this when they have their vehicle delivered. I sure know I will!
  • These posts are always informative, but I haven't seen a definitive answer regarding dashboard rattles. I have an '04 Murano, and it's had a rattle in the dashboard almost since I drove it off the lot. Multiple trips to the dealer haven't solved it. Anyone have any ideas? Also, does anyone have a good car wax to use on a Murano? I have pewter color, and wax seems to last about three weeks. I park it underground at work and in the garage at home, so it's not weather/sun that's doing it. I currently use NuFinish (bright orange bottle). Any info from anyone is much appreciated.
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    My post #1093 about a rattle coming from the left corner(where the temp sensor is) when going over bumps. It seems loose to me.
    I am planning on bringing it in to the dealer as well.
    Just wondering what the dealer said?
  • My rattle is on the other side over the glove compartment, and also one in the middle over the console. Previously, the dealer said they replaced some loose parts behind the glove compartment, but every time they do something, the rattle moves in the dashboard :-). I'm going in for scheduled maintenance (15k miles) on Friday, so I will have more details after that.
  • Is there any trick to checking the transmission fluid on this car? After all the transmission problems I've read about here I'm afraid to mess with it until I ask.
  • I have a 2003 SL, it's had rattles and squeaks since day 1. They got rid of all of them in the first few months but now at 36k I have a bunch of new ones. Of course the warrenty is up so I'll just live with it or try to find them myself. I don't like my dealer. The squeaks are coming from the back of the car, from the dash on both sides, the whole car creaks on rough city streets. I like it but I wouldn't buy another Nissan. The original squeaks were from the door panels making contact with the door frame. I don't know if you've noticed but everything moves on the Murano. You can push on the dash, the door panels, jiggle the hatch. Everything moves, nothing is tight in this car. I had a Ford Explorer with 110k on it and it was tight with no squeaks the whole time i owned it.
  • i too have a 2003 and i agree that wax doesn't stay very long. i am not very impressed with the paint job. my wife's toytota highlander is white and surface finger nail scratches doen't even occur.
    my car is garaged but out all day. it appears that the newer nissans have a better paint job. just wax a little more often. use a liquid or spray way to ease the job.
  • I have 22k on my silver 04 SL. So far no squeaks or any other mechanical problems. I use Mobil 1 5w30 which I change with filter every 7500 miles. I just had an interesting experience changing the inside cabin filter. It turns out the auto part places on line will charge you anywhere from $10 to 45 for a "murano" filter. It is the same one used in the Altima. I confronted the supply house on why the same item had two different prices and they explained it was different. I would have believed them if I did not have both in front of me and have since changed the murano 04 and Altima03 cabin filters myself. Let me know if anyone else notices a rubber odor after a long climb. thanks- agmurano(silver murano!) :)
  • Well, I just got back from the dealer, and they found a broken clip on the exhaust manifold hose. They replaced the clip (under warranty), and so far so good. I'll have to drive it for a while longer, but hopefully this fixes it for good. BTW, I had several people at the dealer today tell me how much they like the Murano, and that they wished they had one. :D
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