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BMW 3-Series 2006



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,177
    I also have a 325i from SA.. an '03 model... Virtually no problems at 20K miles..

    I'm not sure, but I think they only make 325i sedans at the South Africa plant...



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  • peakpropeakpro Posts: 65

    thanks...i was cruising so many forums i placed the question in the wrong one.

  • ger3sfger3sf Posts: 29
    E46 coupes/convertibles are built in Regensburg, about an hour NE of Munich. The Munich factory builds sedans (and maybe wagons too).

    During my ED trip last June, I was booked to do the Munich factory tour, but missed it.

    The BMW Group website (not BMW NA website) has the factory information.
  • BMW is getting ready to open a brand new assembly plant in what is now the former East Germany. It will asemble the new 3-series. The other plants have been designated to build the 1-series. It kind of makes me nervous about buying a brand new re-design built in a brand new plant. Sort of a double jeopardy whammy.
  • novicenovice Posts: 64
    I've seen references in this discussion at times to the E46 or the E90, etc. What do they mean? Being fairly new to the BMW world I need a little education. Thanks.
  • e46 is the model designation for the 3 series within BMW (and among gear heads).

    e90 refers to the next generation 3 series coming in 05 as an 06.

    The generation before the e46 is also known as the e36. Before that is the e30.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    Does anybody have any spy shots of the new e90 touring?
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251

    OK in response to my own question here is a photo of the e90 touring. Appears this board is on snooze mode or that members view BMW touring vehicles with as much interest as Pinto hatchbacks.

    I know I am being quite solo in saying this but I think the E90 touring looks amazing. Cant wait!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,177
    You realize that is a photoshopped image, right? I hope it looks that good, but I wouldn't bet on it.


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  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    Oh well, hopefully the person responsible for this image has ESP.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    You guys think that the 06'330i quoted 0-60 in 6.3 sec is for manual or Steptronic?
  • wstevecwstevec Posts: 126
    To see the official BMW 3 Series informational video just click on the following site. As rumored, the 2006 3 Series will be available in March, not next fall as some people previously assumed. Enjoy!
  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244
    I second that. It appears that the E90 will be available around the March timeframe.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    "As rumored, the 2006 3 Series will be available in March"

    True, it is likely to be available in March just as in March 1998, when BMW introduced the then new 3series. That is fortunate if your are European. In N. America we usually receive the 3 series 6 months after the European Intro date.
    Dont set yourself up for disappointment---expect it during Fall 05.

    At least we fellow BMW driving N. Americans do not have to wait as long as VW customers. Can you believe the new Golf was introduced in Fall 03 and will not be seen on our side of the Ocean until 06. VW is one screwed up company managed by a bunch of inept executives, who are still scratching their heads wondering why VW is not successful in our continent.
  • wstevecwstevec Posts: 126
    My dealership in the Boston area is already taking deposits for the 2006 3 Series which they say will be here by Spring, so I am going by the March date on the BMW site as well. According the dealership (whatever that is worth) the last of the 2005s will be built in December of this year so the Spring date makes a little more sense.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    That is a great video, thanks for the find and passing it along.

    I personally thought the car looked just okay in the early unofficial released brochure but this video really shows the car and how nice it really is. I am very surprised!

    One thing tho, with a 0-100km in 6.3 does that put 0-60 around 6.1 for manual and Steptronic around 6.6 then? And it didn't mention the option for SMG either.

    Any thoughts?
  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244
    That brings up a good question-will both the 325 & 330 have SMG.

    By the way, here is another link:

    Be sure to read the "press release." I found it very interesting.
  • Production for U.S. cars begins in December. It will absolutely be in showrooms in March. Mark it down, slam the hammer!.. I have my deposit in now for my 330i.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    How much did you have to put down for a deposit? Did they give you any idea of pricing relative to the 2005 330i?
  • $500.00. No word on pricing.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Press release for this site shows Summer 05' for release.

    It seems they are intending to release in summer but there are conflicting advertisements for March. Maybe Europe will get it in March and we are destined for the summer.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    How are they guarantying you a March delivery schedule? Kind of odd that all BMW material is stating Summer for release, I don't doubt they will get people to put down a deposit but there is a big difference between March and August.

    When did they mention an order guide would be available?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,177
    is for BMW AG... The March availability is for Europe.. Figure at least eight weeks later for the U.S., just for shipping.. and that is assuming we get it "at the same time".

    Spring '05... March 21st to June 21st.. I wouldn't expect it before late May or June.



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  • Great scott that's a bland car. Sigh...BMW may have lost me.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    "My dealership in the Boston area is already taking deposits for the 2006 3 Series which they say will be here by Spring"

    Your dealership knows more than I do. But I do know some sales reps do on occasion provide mistaken info. This is definitely unprecedented---usually European intros of BMWs are months before intros in N. America.
  • psyran1psyran1 Posts: 27
    I guess we all have our own perceptions. I certainly do not see this new 3 as bland. Besides, There is much more to the car than the looks I am certain. I know many 3 lovers may have trouble with the change, but what is expected. It is time for the change.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    I find myself liking the design. There are individual elements of it i'm not sure i like, but overall i think it's very attractive. I never really warmed to the e46, but i still like my e36 very much.

    I think the kidney grill is a bit too "pontiac", and think the hood eyebrows above it are a bit silly. However, i really like the hood bulge ( lifted up from the quarter panels ) that travels down the grill to the bottom of the air dam. Not overpowering, but it definitely guides the eye. Like the strong crease along the side and the subtly uplifted trunk--vaguely reminiscent of the new a4, but boxier ( good ).
    The new engine sounds fantastic, really a fantastic design.

    I like the looks of the idrive-free interioe but i wish they'd leave the window switches in the middle, where they ought to be. I am dissapointed that the interior is becoming less "driver focused" over time though.

  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Posts: 1,491
    isnt bland at all for sure, i dont hate it as i used to but i certainly dont like it that much either. funny thing is the car is much better looking now than the previous pictures i saw, i moved on from hating it to accepting it :)
    true it has agressive character in it, but i still hate the taillights, they just dont match with the cars profile.
    what i still really dont like is the interior, looks darn cheap and the design is plain awkward, looks even worse than previous pics showed
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    Not bland at all. I thought the old ones were bland. (ducks)

    I like that it doesn't look as tall and round-boxy as the last one. It's sleeker, like the early-mid 90s 3-series was - the only BMW I've ever really found attractive.

    This one's gonna be expensive though, huh. And barely a "compact".
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280 ml

    Actually it doesn't look good from a 3/4 front view. Not at all. It's either the transition between the shoulderline and the windows, or the roofline that's bothering me.
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