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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sorry for the late reply. Texas tax 6.25 % + 225 fees= 2018 in taxes and fees. Love the car. Came out of Best Buy tonight with a lady walking around my car and checking it out. She and her husband were parked right beside me in an 05 CGP TSX they had picked up last week. Like my color and the new "tweaks" to the exterior.
  • carl12carl12 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2006 TSX w/o Navi for $26799 out the door. It comes with a
    Norhtwest package all Acura dealers in the Pacific Northwest put on. I guess you
    are stuck with it. Not bad, locking lug nuts, trunk tray, all weather floor
    mats, rear mud flaps. Some dealers add a bit more for more money. I bought it at
    Acura of Portland and the internet. I
    tried to get a dealer in the Seattle area to match or even come close. Nobody
    would even counter offer saying I should go on down there an buy it quickly.

    They are a very good dealership and didn't force anything upon me on arrivel.
    There were no hidden surprise costs. In fact, 6 days later, I received a basket
    of snacks from the dealership. Pretty cool!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    A good price would be $500 above invoice (some people have gotten that in the DC area). The walk away price is up to you - but virtually all dealers should give you at least $500 off MSRP. BTW, watch out for dealer add-ons, some DC dealers still have a "area adjustment" fee they try to tack on.
  • pevelipeveli Posts: 5
    I just bought a 2006 TSX w/o Navi for $26799 out the door. It comes with a Northwest package all Acura dealers in the Pacific Northwest put on.
    Just pointing out that OTD in Oregon is without any sales tax.

    Good price.
  • jim35jim35 Posts: 5
    $26,699 is a good price with those added options & with Edmunds TMV at $27,731 for the non-navi without the options. We will be purchasing one within the next 2 months and doubt that Salem (OR)Acura will match this even though we have bought our last 2 Acura's from them. Thx. for the info.
  • We just brought the car home. Nice car indeed :) Per my previous posting, this is for a NON-nav in NoVa, purchased from Rosenthal in MD. INCLUDED in car price below is 1) all-weather mats and 2) trunk tray. Here is the breakdown as shown on paperwork:

    - Retail price: $26679.27
    - Dealer processing charge: $95.00
    - Electronic Title & Reg: $12.00
    Total: $26786.27

    - Title Fee: $41.50
    - 3% Tax: $803.23
    - Registration Fee: $19.00

    Total "On The Road": $27,650.00

    Hope this helps you all. Thanks again to those who posted their own info. Good luck to all of you about to do your own negotiation.

    Over and out for now, until our next car purchase ;)
  • Yup! The OTD price for the TSX with navi was $29.3k. i faxed out to local dealerships to get the price i wanted. i highly recommend faxing local dealerships for the price you wanna pay. Very happy with my deal :-)
  • Picked up this past week an 06 TSX w/o nav, 6 spd MT, Pro Pack (splash guards, trunk tray and wheel locks) including all season mats. A couple of dealers in town (Cleveland Area) were willing to negotiate but found my best deal with the dealership that I contacted via the internet. This is my first auto purchase using the internet as a lead. The agencies are really in tune to the internet consumer. They have read all of the posts such as can be found on this site and know that they are dealing with an educated consumer. A big plus! However, the salesman that we dealt with was absolutely first class. I'd purchase from him again. By the way, our negotiations resulted in the following and the wife really loves the car!!!!
    26,800 Base (as described above)
    1,681 Tax (6.25%)
    100 documentation fee
    10 30 day temp tag
    5 Bank Fee (?)
    10 Title Feealer prep fee
    28,606 Out the door :)
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Seems like around $5-600 over invoice is the sweet spot at the moment.
  • Thanks everyone for helping me. Can anyone explain to me what is "on the road" price mean??
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
    You might check out our Out The Door (OTD) Pricing questions discussion for more info, but it generally means that the price you're quoted includes everything - vehicle price, fees, taxes, title - nothing should be added on to this price when you go to pay for the vehicle.

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  • I just bought a black 2004 TSX with Navigation (48,000 miles) for a sale price of $22,270. Is that a decent deal?
  • I live in Los Angeles area and I have been offered a 2006 Tsx AT w/o navi for $26,851.13. It includes the destination charge, wheel locks, mud guards and the cargo tray
  • Which dealership is it? If you dont mind me asking! That sounds pretty good in my opinion, but I will add the NAV! What is the ext/int colors!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Obviously this question should be asked before the purchase but you did OK. The milage is kinda high but the price is about right.
  • I just picked up my 2006 no/NAVI TSX on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this forum. It is by far the best resource I found on the web to help with my purchase.

    For anyone concerned about the power of the 4-cylinder engine, don't be!! (Unless you plan to race for titles.) My wife has a G35 and while there is a difference, I really only notice it when starting from a dead stop. It's quick, but just not as quick as the G35. The Honda/Acura 4-cylinder is also very reliable... I have 240,000 miles on my 1997 Prelude (oil changes & maintenance).

    Two NJ dealerships quoted 26,750 (including destination). I think I could have done a little better, but I stink at price negotiation & I know one of the salesmen. (I did get wheel locks and a decent interest rate: 5.44% through American Honda Finance Corp).

    26,750.00 Base
    139.00 Document charge
    1,605.00 Tax
    199.00 Registration
    40.00 Title
    7.50 NJ tire fee (NJ does everything it can to take my
    _________ money!!)
    28,740.50 Out the Door
  • I live in the LA area and have been offered $26,500 for 2006 Tsx w/o Navi and it includes destination, wheel locks, mud guards and cargo tray. Just about to finalize the deal
  • I know, we jumped on the purchase kinda quickly. The carfax reported that it's been on the road since July 2003. Nevertheless, like you said it's an ok price. Thanks
  • That sounds like a great price! I'm looking for the same car in Alabama area - best $ I can find is a quote of $27,200 plus all the "add-ons". This was in Atlanta.
  • I found a 2005 non navi
    carbon grey, 6M
    in one of the MD dealers

    I am thinking about offering $25500

    I saw in the forum that 06 NO navi are selling for about $26700

    I think it is a fair offer. what do you guys think?
  • goodegggoodegg Posts: 905
    I'd say get the 06. Not much more money and there's no mystery about the car's history. You never know what a used car's been through.
  • There are a few improvements on the 2006 TSX that you may want to consider: a little more horsepower, bluetooth/handsfree phone (really nice feature), 2 person seat memory, iPod/aux jack, and fog lights.
  • 05 that i found is not used or a demo (i called)
    it is a brand new left over in the inventory
  • I agree with you man. those options are nice. It keep me thinking twice about getting an 05

    I don't care about more HP and memory seats.

    But Bluetooth and Ipod will be so nice to have. Considering I will be buying 6M

    I am trying to save some money that's all
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    If the 06 improvements are not important to you, definitely go for the 05. At the end of the month you might strike an even better deal. Go and see the car in person - if it has more than 50 miles on the odo tell them to lower the price some more.
  • You posted, my goal is to persuade you that your offer would save $1000. Now, the 06 will be worth easily $1000 plus more. Why? Warranty, fogs, memory, ipod, nicer steering wheel, new style mods, more HP plus a year newer. $3000 yes! $1000 why. Your car, your choice. I would take a 06 and put the 05 wheels on it--those new ones just look too busy and lexus like.

    let us know what you do, the 6mt is the way to go either way!
  • maybe a big value as cell phone use is outlawed, I am in military and hands free only on any military base. Add the cities no doing it and I see a trend adn bluetooth will be a demand item.
  • LA los angeles? Let us know I'm trying to get one w/o navigation myself. Thanks
  • notjafonotjafo Posts: 63
    I think the 06 trumps the 05 at this point for a number of reasons, more than just bluetooth - for less than $50 you can get a nice bluetooth headset.

    a previous post highlights all of the model changes, and they add up to pretty close to the price difference between an 05 and an 06. But remember that the biggest hit in value a car takes is when you take it of the lot, and I can't help but think that if you get hit with 1 years worth of depreciation when you drive an 06 off the lot, you''ll be hit with closer to 2 with an 05
  • I just purchased a 2006 Carbon Gray TSX w/ Navigation for 28,200, 30,240 OTD price. I went to Sussman in Maple Shade, NJ, and the salesman I dealt with was exceptional. Best I've had, I talked price for literally 1 minute. I said 28,150, he said 28,200, and I agreed. I felt like 325 above invoice was good enough for me, especially for such a hot car. Very happy with the service, and would HIGHLY recommend Sussman. I pick it up tomorrow, I cannot wait!
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