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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Everyone-
    I live in Boston and Im a recent college graduate looking to purchase a new car. Its been a toss up between an 03-04 Accord Coupe EX or a 2004 Acura TSX. I really want the TSX but Im not sure if I can afford it. When i do an auto searche on 2004 Acura TSX I get a range of prices. Do think i could get a 2004 TSX for $18,000 -$19500. Or am I wishful thinking. Thanksimage
  • tawneycattawneycat Posts: 114
    I bet this is 28,400 even 27,400 too low at this point.
    Now 28,400 would be a good deal.

    2004 6MT for $19500 easy. Step one (NO dealers)
    Step two look at autotrader and ebay. I found mine 04 TSX mint, 17k miles, spoiler, trunk tray, tink, wheel locks and I paid $20,500, higher miles will be less. Over xmas saw some go for $19k with 40k miles.

    Be advised 3 year leases come due march 06 and end value of $17,000 means a bunch of 04 TSX on market and prices will come down.
  • how much Acura dealers usually or are willing to take off sticker price on an '06 6spd with Navigation? (~$30K)
    The only accessory I'd get is wheel locks and maybe a spoiler.
    This is for an East Coast dealer if that makes any difference.

  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    It depends on your negotiating skills but invoice+500 is a good deal. Wheel locks should be free, spoiler maybe invoice+100.
  • jlesbcjlesbc Posts: 7
    Just wanted to post a message to let everyone know that a good deal can be had if you are persistent and patient. Just bought a 06'TSX Navi for 30,500 Drive-out. Granted it is a 45 min drive from Houston. It's well worth it. Good luck and remember P & P Baby! :)
  • I'll second that. I initially contacted a dealer in San Jose, CA about a glacier blue/black non-navigation 06 TSX in December. They told me the best they could do was $500 off MSRP, and they wouldn't budge. I told them that if they really wanted to sell me a car, they would have to come down to a more reasonable price. They called me back several times over the next month, on each occasion with a lower price. On Wednesday night they called me to let me know the exact car I wanted had just come off the truck, and if I was still interested, I could have it for $500 over invoice.

    I picked the car up yesterday. I haven't had much of a chance to take it out on the open road, but I love it so far. :)

    Be patient, and persistent. It will pay off! Good luck to all buyers out there. ;)
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    I got the following quote from a dealer in the DC area, which seems to be about $500 over invoicPe, but he said he could knock off another $200. Also, I might be able to get the processing fee waived. Is this a good deal or can I get a better price? Is the invoice the true cost the dealership pays for the vehicle or are there hidden ways they are making money? Please help me save more money.

    MSRP: $28,505.00(includes $615.00 destination)
    Your Price: $26,559.00(includes $615.00 destination)
    $1,290.00(17" High Performance Sparkle Silver Wheels)
    $627.00(Wing Spoiler)

    $857.28(Va. 3% sales tax)
    $85.00(new Va. tags)
    $100.00(processing fee)

    Total $29,518.28
  • razvitrazvit Posts: 6

    We are also in the DC area looking for a TSX (auto with Nav). Which dealership gave you $500 over invoice.

    The dealer also gets a "dealer hold-back"... it's usually about 3% of the inovice or MSRP (depending on the manufacturer). But it's rare that the dealership will permit this to influence the negotiations.
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    Got quotes from a few dealerships. Chevy Chase gave the initial offer of $500 over invoice without me asking for it. The Internet sales manager at Chevy Chase didn't specifically say the offer was $500 over invoice but that is about where it was. The Internet sales manager at Rosenthal said he could beat it buy about $200. Chevy Chase said they can do the same. So now the quote is about $300 over invoice. Pohanka, which is only 5 miles from me in Fairfax, wasn't/isn't willing to bargain at all beyond their initial Internet price. I haven't seen anyone at Chevy Chase or Rosenthal face-to-face, so the quotes are simply offers right now. I'll let you know if the offers change when I show up at the dealerships.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    That $100 doc/proc fee is the giveaway that it's a MD dealer. The price of the car itself is good but I'm not sure about the accessories. If you really don't like the stock wheels you might be better off getting exactly what you want from Tire Rack and sell the originals - or keep them for the winter. For $1300 you can probably get a set of nice wheel/tires. :shades:
  • razvitrazvit Posts: 6
    I checked with Chevy Chase, but I didn't use the internet lead, I just walked in to the dealership. But the price for the 2006 TSX w/Nav (standard wheels) was about the Edmunds TMV price (just below it). IT was not near the $500 over invoice price.

    Let me know how you do. I think perhaps part of my difficulty was that I was negotiating for a car that they didn't have in inventory yet (it was being shipped). Perhaps if the car was in inventory, they may have been willing to make a better deal.
    Good luck.
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    Actually, the car I want 6M w/out navi is not in stock there either.
  • I purchased a 2006 TSX w/o Nav today in North NJ. First dealer I went to gave a price of $ 26,995 and was stubborn about any negotiating. Went to another dealer and ended up getting the car for $ 26,200 with Wheel Locks. Did not bother trying to go back to the first dealer and bought the car from Park Avenue Acura. I thought $ 150 over invoice with the Wheel Locks was a fair price.
  • I just purchased an 2006 Carbon Grey Acura TSX w/o Navigation from South Coast Acura in Costa Mesa, CA for 25,800 (OTD price was 28,100).
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    With prices like (~300 UNDER invoice) that I'm wondering if there's some money under the table Honda is giving the dealer we don't know about.
  • I used Costco's auto program. It listed the invoice+destination. then i emailed all the dealers. i found the lowest price and used it as a bargaining chip.
  • sac14689, could you detail how the price went from $25,800 to $28,100? I'm shopping in OC as well (for exactly the same car/color) and hope to buy next weekend.
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    I was offered a price of $25,636 by a dealerhship in Maryland, which is only $200 over invoice. I test drove a TSX on Saturday. It is nice, but it seems awfully small for so much money. I feel I could get something used and save some money. Any thoughts on buying used, whether it is a TSX or another car. The used TSXes do not seem like much of a bargain based on the prices listed online.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 86,499
    If you can get that price, I would definitely get a new one...

    Size isn't everything.. some people think the small size is an advantage.. If you want more room, then an Accord might be a better buy for you..

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  • Costco's price was invoice+destination.
    Then I emailed most of the Acura dealers in LA and OC.
    Power of Southbay in Torrance, emailed me back with a price of 25,900+tax and title. I used that quote when I was at the South Coast Acura Dealership. I started out 26,900 OTD, then moved up to 27,200 OTD. They wanted 28,900 OTD. Then I threw in the curve ball, telling them LA wanted 28,100 OTD. They lowered it to 28,350 OTD. But I said 28,100 OTD or I walk. And they agreed at 28,100 OTD.
  • Not everyone lives in CA. Useful is pure prices. taxes aside as some states 0, 3% like mine or 8% like new york (yikes).

    Prices are way down on TSX. Talked with a dealer today who I know quite well and traffic is waaaaaay down.

    I was instantly quoted $500 over ($26,550)on any TSX, any style, any color combo and free tint and splash guards--well free sort of. Bottom line. $500 over is the easy price and less appears common. It does smell like there could be some incentives perhaps volume ones that are quiet.

    I ordered Alabaster silver TSX in 6 speed. One in a 3 state area and 3 weeks out. Yikes. Why does Acura offer a car no one apparently wants to drive? The automatic makes no sense in this car. TL yes, TSX what is the point?
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I will be purchasing a 2006 TSX auto w/o nav within the next two months. This forum is a great thing, it makes negotiating a price so easy!

    I have been watching the posts for the past couple months and it looks like $26,200 - $26,600 is a good target price for TSX w/o nav including the mats, trunk tray, and mud guards. That price should include all fees except TTL.

    The last couple posts threw a curve ball at me. People are now throwing prices around like $25,700 and $25,900.

    Is my original target range of $26,200 to $26,600 a good goal? or are these $25,700 and $25,900 prices for real?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    It depends on where you are but it seems like a price around invoice (26,051) is the new low mark now. I think some of the quotes mentioned on here do not include the destination charge. The approach of the end of the month might have something to do with it. It sure seems strange that prices are so low when most folks say that inventories are pretty low. :confuse:
  • I am looking in the Northern Va area. Which dealer in Md gave you that quote?
  • rbk1rbk1 Posts: 5
    Looking for a 6 speed manual w/o Nav in Carbon gray or silver (maybe black) Valley Stream (Long Island) is my closest dealer and they only have auto trans. They do offer loaner cars for servicing and warranty work. If I find a 6 speed elsewhere, I'm pretty sure I could service the car locally (Valley Stream); but what would be the deal with a loaner?
    Also are 6-speeds so scarce or is it my area (Valley Stream)? Hoping to get some feedback. Valley Stream also told me they might be able to locate a manual; but I probably won't get the price I would get on a auto trans that they have in stock.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 12,226
    Servicing a car at the dealership will definitely not be a problem, but if you don't buy from them they might not extend you the courtesy of a loaner car.

    There are Manuals out there, they would just rather sell you the slushbox TSX on their lot. It is their nature. Everyday a car sits on their lot costs them money. So they might have to do a swap with another dealership which costs them money. They either have to pay someone to drive their car up to another dealership and drive yours down or pay to have you car flatbedded to their dealership. You can't fault them for knowing their market though. How many people on Long Island really want to drive stick?

    Email other dealerships in the area. I know Raylle Acura in Roslyn always advertises in the papers and Paragon Acura (Bayside, I think).

    Say you have to travel to Jersey or Connecticut to get the car YOU WANT, when it comes time for service you slip the service advisor a couple of bucks and see if he/she will hook you up with a loaner car.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    Chevy Chase gave me the quote. Can we get referal fees I wonder? I haven't bought the TSX yet, but I have emails from the Internet sales manager quoting the price. The TSX is nice, but seems a little small (narrow and leg room in back) for the money; however, bigger cars (Altima) have cheap looking interiors. Any thoughts? I might like the RAV4?
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    The salesman that let me test drive a TSX said that the car will display codes when there is a problem and I can call the service department to find out what the code means. Is he lying? Knowing how the dealerships work normally, they will want me to pay to find out what the code means or does the manual show an index of the codes? Is the TSX a good car?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    It's very easy to find out - talk to the service manager.

    You can probably go to some Internet site and find the meaning of the codes but it's not something you'll be doing often - the whole point of the TSX is that you will likely not get any codes. And if it's during warranty the dealer should take care of it.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    I ordered Alabaster silver TSX in 6 speed. One in a 3 state area and 3 weeks out. Yikes. Why does Acura offer a car no one apparently wants to drive? The automatic makes no sense in this car. TL yes, TSX what is the point?

    I'm not sure where you're getting your information, but the TSX has been selling like hotcakes since its introduction.

    If your are referring to the AT TSX as the "car no one wants to drive," then why are 90% of TSX's sold equipped with the auto tranny?

    BTW, I agree that the TSX with the MT is the way to go, which is why I own one. :shades:
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