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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hull22hull22 Posts: 31
    Well, some of us would like a sporty car even though we can't drive a stick. Coming from cars like a civic, corolla, and camry, even an AT TSX has plenty of power. I don't need to be driving like a maniac from stoplight to stoplight.
  • What? I guess I was unclear. I'm on your side. Manual production is actually like 8-9 percent. So a certain color with nav not nav a hard find.

    I hate having dealer go get one. That will cost you money every time. I like what I did, dealer intercepts one made and enroute from JAPAN and it comes to dealership with no miles, they kind of swap on line coming inventory.

    Of course I mean no one (5% maybe)wants to drive a 6 speed or a 5 speed or any clutch for that matter. My Acura dealer has ordered zero for 06 and has zero on order. Why? No one wants to drive them anymore. The auto is a real dog compared to 6 sp. I did manage to get the auto to hold a 6-7000 rpm before shifting and felt the new 06 vtec profile even in automatic. Salesman did not like that kind of shifting on a 9 mile car. The TSX has always been limited production, well made, and well equiped. Getting a little pricy but since drive out is $26,500 in most cases--a lot of luxury for the price.

    I am amazed at any quotes $25,700 but then again $26,550 was immediate with tint and mudds included.

    Have Acura dealers learned to live on holdbback like the american dealers? REmember Odyssey, new MDX, TL all around sticker. Heady days--long gone.
  • After talking to several local dealers, I went with Vandergriff Acura in Arlington, TX for my new TSX. Picked up the car on Friday. $26,500 plus TTL. (No extra charges for destination, theft guard, wheel locks, tint, or any of that kind of stuff).

    Also got the 7yr/100,000mi warranty for $1,200. Well worth it in my opinion, especially since I drive so much. I believe "retail" for it is $2,600, which is crazy. Hopefully nobody here has actually paid retail for the extended warranty.

    Vandergriff was great and I love the car so far!
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    I test drove a 2006 Passat 2.0T tonight, well last night. It's past 2AM now! The ride was smooth, but the console and steering wheel just seem so cheaply made compared to the TSX. The Passat is bigger, but the TSX is more luxrious for less money. I just wish the TSX was a hair wider and had more leg room in the back. I'm seriously considering buying a TSX now. Reviews make it sound like you have to get a 6M to enjoy the car, but I have only driven the automatic so far. Is the 6M really a necessity? Do you think it will be harder or easier to resell in a few years?

    Thanks for listening.
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    How did you get all the things free you listed in your "no extra charges" list? What does the list include? How did they waive the destination charge? What is the sales tax on vehicles in TX? By the way, I used to live in Arlington, DeSoto, Dallas, and Ft. Worth.
  • dfusnikdfusnik Posts: 10
    I,ve been looking over this thread lately and it seems that the figure that's thrown around alot for selling price is $26,500 for a TSX w/o nav. Is this without the destination charge and has anybody had any experiences with the dealers here in Cleveland?
  • toscitosci Posts: 18
    Just purchased a '06 TSX w/ nav (white w/ parchment interior) for $27,590 from Acura 101 West in Calabasas. I still can't believe they sold it to me for below invoice. Picking it up later today after they clean it up.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    If you want to get the most out of the car.
    Depends on the trends at that time.
  • I just signed a contract for an '06 non-navi for $26,300 (including destination, but without TTL and the $50 documentation fee). The dealer threw in wheel locks and window tint at no additional charge. Street price (not from a dealer) of these extras is $15 and $159 respectively, so you could argue the true price of the car was $26,126. No trade or financing, so this is a true reflection of the deal. Transaction was handled by phone and express mail. Very straightforward dealer with no surprises (can't say this for some of the dealers I contacted). Take delivery next week.

    Thanks to members of the forum for your sage advice.
  • I went to a dealer in the NYC area today. Negotiated lease offers on a 2006 TSX No/Navi A/T. Here is what I got...

    $ 299/mo EXCLUDING 8.375% TAX
    12k mi. year
    Sign and drive .... no money down... just fees!

    Is it me, or does this sound too good to be true?
    This was even before negotiating the price of the car (cap cost).

    Please let me know what you think, and what should I watch out for in terms of hidden fees, prices, surprises, etc.

    And could somebody also give me the residual and money factor for 2006 TSX?

    I appreciate the help.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,098
    Don't pay the taxes up front, roll them into the payment. Do this for the same reason you don't put "money donw." If the car gets smashed up while you're driving off the lot or stolen, good luck getting your money back from Gov. Pataki :surprise:

    Sounds cheap. I saw a lease deal in the post today at Raylle Acura for $375 per month with the same terms as you describe above.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 117,357
    It really does sound "too good to be true"..

    If they had offered me that, it would be in my driveway right now..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    I live in No. VA, but I'm getting better prices on a 2006 TSX from dealers in MD. Chevy Chase said they can give me the car for $25,636 + tax, tags, and freight, which I have in writing in the form of an email. They are holding a car for 24 hours without a deposit. Rosenthal said they can give it to me for $25,535 + tax, tags, and freight. Also, they will include at least two of the following three items: trunk tray, cargo net, and all-season floormats. However, I don't have that offer in an email even though I asked for it. I have been told to be wary of offers that sound too good. I am hesitant to drive to the Rosenthal dealership, because it is so far away and I don't want to waste my time. What should I think or do? Has anyone had any experience with either dealership? Also, can you get dealerships to absorb part of the freight costs?

  • tcwattcwat Posts: 10
    One thing to keep in mind is future service. I went with Chevy Chase because they are two blocks from the Metro. I hate those vans that dealers send out to pick you up from the Metro. If you will need to use the Metro when you car is serviced, keep that in mind.

    I found the salespeople at Rosenthal to be helpful and nice but I didn't talk money with them so I can't help you with their trustworthiness.
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    The Pohanka dealership was over $1000 higher on a 2006 TSX than all the other dealerships in the DC Metro area. Now it is the end of the month and they are willing to negotiate. I really don't want to buy from them, because the Internet sales manager was rude from the beginning. I'm dealing with another saleman now. He said if I wait tomorrow and the color I want is still available, I can probably get the price I want, because it will be the last day of the month. I have always heard you get better deals at the end of the month. I have an offer of $25,636, which is $200 over invoice. I can maybe get $100 over from Pohanka and get the processing fee waived. I'm also trying to get some freebies thrown into the deal. Should I hold out? Also, will they get upset if I get too good of deal and I'm picky havings things fixed on the car that I don't like, such as scratches, etc.?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I also received what sounded like a desperate e-mail from Pohanka - sales must be slow so they will deal but once you get down to around invoice it makes no sense to argue over the last $100 - throw them a bone. If you can get it for $200 over invoice and waive the processing fee (which is usually 299 vs. 100 in MD) you got yourself a deal.
    Wheel locks and the other little stuff that might already be on the car should be free.
  • gjustus,

    The destination charge was backed out on the invoice, as were the dealer-added accessories. They don't have to charge you for those things.

    The salesman agreed to $26,500 plus TTL and that's what they gave me. They were very upfront and didn't try to sneak in bogus charges.

    I believe tax in Texas is 6.25%.

    A couple of days before I was going to pick up the car, another dealership called and I told them about the price. They said they could go "slightly lower" but that was it. So, I just stuck with Vandergriff. Besides, that other dealership didn't have the color combo I wanted. (carbon gray with black interior)

  • How much are they charging for "freight?"

    I've never encountered that before.

  • I may have missed this somewhere in this forum, but does anyone know about any deals that were made in florida. I live in south florida, near the Ft. Lauderdale area, and have been to some of the local dealerships. It seems that the hunt for a 6spd can get difficult here as well, and some dealers are so certain that the car will sell for sticker, that they immediately come off as if they aren't willing to negotiate!! anyone have an idea of what kind of deal i can get around here?? :confuse:

  • when MSRP is $1000?
    I like the "Silver Star" wheels on this car and am just curious if anyone in this forum has purchased wheels from an Acura dealership and can shed light on this subject.
  • I live in Fort Lauderdal too, and I've been hearing that Rick Case is giving the best deals. Althoguh, Acura of South Florda is giving free life time tires, for the orignal owner of a purchase.
  • elenadelenad Posts: 11
    Picked it up yesterday. Glacier Blue Metallic color - the only car in this color in New England. With Nav. and rear spoiler $28.7K Pretty happy with the deal. Couldn't get anything lower that that in the area.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
  • free tires for life, eh?? well that would be a great deal if i weren't intending on throwin on a set of 19's the day i get the car. well maybe i can spin off that deal and get something like free service for the life of the warranty (kinda like audi.) any other florida people that actually purchased a car?
  • auto or MT? do they have many tsx's on the lot? Also, did they break out the price on the spoiler? I've seen it sold on the web for $473 (and then there is installation) so taking that out of your pricde brings it down quite a bit
  • elenadelenad Posts: 11
    Auto. They have a lot of cars on the lot. Spoiler with instalation is 700. So the car by itself is $28K - not too bad:))
  • enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. ny brother got his in december and is having a lot of fun with it
  • elenadelenad Posts: 11
    I love it! it has everything in it. Navigation works perfectly. I had Accord before. It such a huge step up...
  • So, I finally got my TSX w/out navi. It cost exactly what the dealer at Chevy Chase Acura in MD said it would.

    $25,636 base price
    $100 processing fee
    $790.53 VA tax
    $85 tags
    $27,226.53 grand total

    I think I got one of the best prices listed here; however, I only got the standard floor mats and wheel locks free. It would have been nice to get all-season floormats, a trunk tray, and/or a cargo net for free, but I would rather get a good price than have some things thrown into the deal that probably aren't worth 10% of their retail value. I tried to wheel and deal with Pohanka in Fairfax, where I live, a couple of times, but they simply aren't willing to give customers a good price. I think being the largest Acura dealership in the world has gone to their heads. I definitely would recommend Chevy Chase Acura. Also, they give you free car washes M-F, which is nice.

    Good luck!
  • I for got to include the $615 destination charge above.
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