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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Take it - even if that didn't include destination that's still under invoice.

    I still say there's gotta be some under the table money Honda is giving the dealers to make such prices possible.
  • Where are you located?
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    That price is $656 UNDER invoice and personally I do not believe it. This is the persons first post on Edmunds. If it sounds too good to be true...
  • I live in VA and got my 2006 TSX w/out navi from a dealer in MD for $25,636 + TTL, which is $200 over invoice. It is the best price I've seen posted here. I'm happy with it, but this new price someone is saying they were offered, does seem suspicious.
  • w/out destination, which is $615
  • You are correct about the 656 under invoice. The price is a mistake by the dealership but I'm holding them to it since they submitted it to me in writing. I just wanted to see if it still was a great deal I'm getting. It appears that it is. So what if it's my first post here, what difference that that matter. No , it's not to good to be true. The dealer quoted me a price and I'm making him stick to it, that's all. In fact, I'll be calling the dealer in about an hour or so to put my deposit down on it. Unfortunately he couldn't get the color I wanted, the closest car with the color I wanted was on the East Coast and I wasn't about to pay the shipping cost just for a color.
  • And the price does include destination. The only other BS costs added in is the 100.00 "Document fee" or the "thanks for buying a car from us fee" If people here are so mad at someone else getting a good price, I can't help that, but I willinclude the dealership's name AFTER I give my deposit and he get's my car ont he lot. Never expected the negativism that I've seen here. Oh well. Everyone, enjoy your TSX's, I can't wait to get mine!
  • It's not negatism - I don't think anyone here holds a grudge for someone doing really well on a car, even if it's due to a dealer's error on the quote. Part of the problem is that your original post was incomplete, leading people to wonder "what else is there." With a price that good everyone was wondering if you excluded destination (you didn't) and whether there were other fees (there are - you have to add the 100 before geting a true +TTL number) Also, even a vague location would help. We've seen some great prices hiting the board from some states (eg CA) and if you told us the state you are buying in that would have helped. I think everyone here who has yet to buy will be interested in knowing (1) how your deal turns out and (2) how close they live to your dealer.

    Good luck, and congratulations of your purshase! Keep us posted.
  • Thanks for the response. The reason I have kept the location vague is due to me not having my deposit down yet on the vehicle. I didn't want the dealer getting freaked out because 20 people were calling him demanding the same price. I apologize. I was being vague for a reason. I'll let everyone know how it turns out.
  • ontopontop Posts: 279
    the Accord EX 6cyl (man or auto) and it costs about the same as the TSX, butthas the room, and a lot of the luxury of the TL, but for thousands less.

    Well lets see... the TL has more HP, more torque, a longer warranty, SportShift, better tires, DVD sound system, Xenons, tire pressure monitoring system, Hands Free Link, passenger power seat, driver recognition memory settings, free roadside assistance, carbon fiber trim, auto dimming gauges, mirrors that tilt down when reversing, and of course...MUCH better looks. Sure you need premium fuel, so that adds what $20 a month to your budget? And although the rear seat does not fold down there is a passthrough. Who's gonna put lumber etc. in a car with leather interior anyway?

    I too looked at the Accord EXV6 before buying a TL. I think the Accord's hurting in the styling department. They need restyle quick - I do like the Sports4 concept that the new Accord might emulate.

    The TSX's restyle is great. This car definitely needs to be bought with the 6MT so it can be fully appreciated.
  • AGain, everyone loves the 6MT but dealers simply either cannot order them or Acura limits production to 9%. Which is it? BTW if buying an Automatic TSX save yourself a lot of money and get an accord EX-L auto. I have never seen a manual transmission so completely transform a car.

    On Accord 6MT. Drove and nice but high clutch engagement, still ugly front end but a nice and fast car.
  • Just knowing the state would help - even Rhode Island has 3 dealers (I think), and it's hard to take a test drive from one without going past another (ok, ok, an exageration). So unless there's only 1 dealer in Wyoming, and that's where you are, knowing the state puts the price in perspective w/ other posts
  • My wife and I drove both the TL and TSX, and drove away with a TSX. Far more fun to toss around and a much sportier feel. And you can't get a TL in Milano Red!. But the real reason is that there were 2 other couples at the dealer looking at TL's and they were both about 20 years older than us. Maybe next time around!
  • goodegggoodegg Posts: 905
    I drove the TSX as well, before I bought a TL. I liked the TSX and its price, but the TL's overall package grabbed me. Awesome acceleration for a near-luxury car. If I was to buy a 4cyl for $25K+ it would be turbocharged.

    I may be middle aged but I feel like a kid when leavin' a TSX in the dust.
  • I guess that's the difference - I don't have to drive a certain type of car to feel like a kid - I am one! (At least if under 30 can still be called a kid)!
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I am having a hell of a time deciding which car to buy. I am narrowed down to four models and I have listed my pros and cons as well as the price I expect to pay for each one below. I am the type of person who buys exactly what I want initially, but then I keep the car 8-10 years. As I buy a new car I will be getting rid of a 1995 Civic EX that has been outstanding. I was in college when I bought the Civic, so I plan to buy a little more upscale car this time.

    Acura TSX ($26500) pros=drive, fit&finish, decent value cons=interior space, V4

    Acura TL ($30500) pros=interior and exterior styling, power cons=price, has a cassette player (I don't know why this bothers me so much)

    Hond Accord V6 EX ($25,000) pros= interior ergonomics, excellent value for price cons=handling compared to Acuras, very bland exterior, no bluetooth option

    2007 Camry V6 LXE ($26000) pros/cons= don't know, haven't seen or driven this one yet.

    Anyone have comments or advice that may help me make my decision?

  • I have been looking at the TSX, TL, and about 6 other cars too. I'm 30-ish with a wife and 1 small child, and the TSX size would be fine ( I have an SUV as a company car, so plenty of room when needed). I have driven both Acuras, and frankly dont have an issue if the TL can do 0-60 1.2 seconds faster tahn the TSX - I don't plan to drive my new car in a manner that will "leave others in the dust", thank you. Might as well get a Dodge Viper.

    I've looked at the Accord V-6, too, but everyone and their neighbor seems to have one -which speaks well for the car, but with so many good cars to choose from these days, why chose the same one as everyone else?

    I was dissapointed in the October Car and Driver that placed the TL in 4th place out of 5 - calling it " The staff car of real-estate agents" and "Hustling real estate never offered such exquisite compensations", while otherwise not finding much fault with the car at all except torque steer which has always plagued the TL, but generally liked everything else, but still came 4th place. Hmmm.

    Another C&D review last month placed the TSX in 3rd place out of 5 -it lost out to an Accord EX V6 and a Jetta (CD does seem to have a German bias). However, the only complaint seemed around HP, which everyone seems preoccupied with these days. Other than that the comments were " It's rare for anyone to emerge from a drive in the TSX spouting anything but superlatives....excerpts from the logbook of our '06 test car: "Such a treat to drive this car after herding some of the others around the course. So much more certainty, so much more precision." "This is a case of all the parts working together—quick responses, crisp steering, excellent brakes, minimal body roll, and it's all so easy." "Just brimming with confidence. Even on a long, dull interstate, you can feel the athletic tension of the chassis, all ready to burn up some twisties. Bravo!"
    The biggest complaint was needing 20-30 more HP and stickier rubber.

    However, I do prize driving excitement (athletic handling, sporty feel, nimble cornering and parking, etc.) over cushy ride and raw HP, and think the TSX has more than adequate power (the TSX is no Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla).

    So if I can get ito a TSX for 5K less than a TL, get better MPG, and give up some room that I don't need and HP that I don't care about, then why not? It's the smart decision - for me.
  • Wow, thanks for your post and the excerpts from C&D. Now I just need to get behind the wheel of one. My RSX's days are hopefully numbered!
  • im tryin to get a 06tsx and i was wondering if i can get a copy of the writing you got in the form of email?
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I have a very similar situation. We have an SUV as our other car. Early 30's with one small child and I have another on the way. I thought I wanted a TSX for sure until I test drove it. I loved the performance and handling, but space was the issue.

    The front seats just don't feel as spacious as the TL or Accord, it actually feels more like my current Civic size wise. The back seats were tight as well. I tried putting a car seat in the back and it fit okay, but I don't think two adults could ride comfortably.

    After test driving the TL, the main issue is price. The TL was a little nicer than the TSX in every way and much more spacious. The main problem with the TL is that I just don't think it is worth $5K more than the TSX or $6K more than a loaded Accord. If the TL could be had for around $28K I would be all over it. I may end up paying the extra and getting the ATL anyways, I am afraid if I buy the TSX I may always be thinking it was a little too small.
  • New here but wanted to know if $27,986 +T&T is a fair price on the 06 TSX w/Navi? The dealership is Pohanka in NoVa. Any advice is much appreciated.

    Also, does anyone know the invoice for tsx w/navi?
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    What ever happened to the gentleman who stated that he could get a new 2006 TSX for $650 UNDER invoice?
  • Don't worry, I'm still here. I spoke with the dealer this morning and we are having a very difficult time finding the color I want with the 6-speed. We can find cars that match my want, but I don't want to buy a new car with 500 miles already on it. It's not good for the car to be driven 500 miles on the highway at a constant speed. Not good for break-in. I may actually have to settle for the automatic. I told him I want the Royal Blue Pearl w/ the Parchment interior. He says he can have it Monday/Tuesday and it's only approximately 30 miles away from his dealership. Same deal. By the way, I went to Lindsay Acura in Columbus, OH and advised them of my situation with the other dealer. I advised them of the price and showed them the price sheet. I told him I would be willing to pay a few hundred more just so I wouldn't have to drive two hours to pick up the car that has the dealer pricing error. The dealer looked at the price sheet and snickered. He said I should go buy that car immediately, since the TSX is "hot" now, the best price he would do is 26,9. I already have placed a 500 deposit down on the 25.3 deal on Friday. I'll post the purchase sheet after I close on the vehicle. Gentlemen, this price was an ERROR on part of the dealer, that's all. The Lindsay Acura dealer told me that "you know, this guy is eating cash on that deal, don't you?" I said "I don't know anything about that, I just know it's the price he is going to sell me the car at. I'll get back after I pick up the vehicel.
  • I don't think he's eating cash, but he's not earning dinner either. With the 3% holdback he is about even compared to not selling it at all.
  • dvrice - I am of the opinion that the '06 Accord EX-L V6 will cannabilize sales of the TL and possbilty the TSX. From everything I have read, it is the most refined Accord ever, and only lacks minimal features vs. the TL - the TL is no way worth $5-6k more. I view the TSX as a personal sports car for those who need 4 doors, the TL and Accord are more family oriented due to their larger size and for those who want a more "cushy" driving experience. But if I had a couple if kids, I'd be looking at the Accord EX V6 over the TL from a pure "value" perspective.

    That being said, I LOVE my TSX. The TL is great, but lacks a sporty element to the driving and handling experience, IMO. It's more than just horespower or acceleration. The TL leaves you more isolated from the road. As someone said above, it is the perfect car for a real estate agent. And it appeals to an older demographic, which is fine by me, it's just not me.
  • ixenvyxu - go to "" and click on buyers guide, then go down to road tests and comparisons. I did the same thing after I read thurstonp's post. Good reading and I thought very fair re: the TL, TSX and Accord, as I've driven all three '06 models myself.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Compare to a couple of MD dealers to see if that's a good deal. You can find all the pricing info right here on Edmunds.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Thanks kozman for keeping us updated. That's a great price if you can finalize it. Do you have a trade-in?
  • No, no trade-in thank God. I sold my wife's 01' Lexus ES300 to the first buyer that came to look at it. I don't know why my wife wants a new car because I thought that 01 ES300 was one of the best car's ever made. I hope this TSX doesn't let me down, reliability wise that is, my wife just wanted something a little sportier. Now you have me rethinking selling that Lexus. That car was PERFECT! Damn woman!
  • FYI, Just closed the deal. Royal Blue Pearl/Parch interior with an automatic unfortunately but it's my wife's car, she won't care. 25360.00 + 100 Doc Fee. 19.50 title/license and 1853 tax.
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