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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan



  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I have to even admit myself...

    After looking at the pics this morning, they favor more than I even thought they did.

    But they are still more different from each other than the Fusion/Milan/Zephyr twins.

    Actually, if you take a close look, you'll notice that the dimension and some of the cut lines in the roof, door panels, the bumpers, and front are different.

    I started to post all the different variations of the Accord/TSX/TL but I figured it would get to long-winded and too heckic.

    The Trplet twins are one car that share everything completely except changes in the front and back.

    The ES330/Camry aren't that exact same way. They favor in terms of styling (UGLY UGLY UGLY) but they are different. The ES330 is longer, and slightly wider and it gets its own roof line and its own door shapes.

    The Maxima/Altima are even farther apart from one another, especially interior wise. I drive an Altima I do believe that for 05, the Altima actually has a better interior than the Max does...
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    The Zephyr will have thicker door glass, more insulation and different driving dynamics. Just as I suspect the Lexus and the Toyota drive and sound far different from each other.

    Looks ain't everything, but they do matter.

    Witness the Ford Five Hundred vs. The Chrysler 300, for example....

    I do totally agree that the Milan and Fusion (and Zephyr, for that matter) would greatly benefit if they didn't look so much alike...
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    John beat me to saying it, but the photos really prove my point, and I agree with John that the interiors are more different than the exteriors, but less so when sitting in them than when looking at photos.
  • jj1980jj1980 Posts: 4
    The Lincoln interior does not look much like the Fusion interior to me.


  • jj1980jj1980 Posts: 4
    different hoods, different front fenders, different rear fenders, different front bumpers, different rear bumpers, different lights,......... turn signals, deck lids, rear bumpers, tail lights, relectors, different color lights, mirrors, fog lights, and so on and so on and so on.....

    Even when painted the same color, these two cars do not look alike. Maybe because that's because they are not.




  • jj1980jj1980 Posts: 4
    Try this game, which one of these is a Lexus?



  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Er, the one that is the subject of THIS forum, the Fusion?

    Would that be the one?
  • jj1980jj1980 Posts: 4
    Errr, the subject of this board for the past 50 posts seems to be how the Fusion and Zephyr look "almost identical," eventhough that is clearly not true, even to the most casual observer.

    This board has also been comparing and providing photos of other makes (Acura/Honda and Lexus/Toyota, GM) and I believe the pictures of the Lexus LS and Toyota above provides a great illustration of what would fit the definition of "almost identical".
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I was speaking of the Toyota Camry and Lexus ES interiors, but since you posted pictures of the Fusion/Milan and Zephyr interiors, they do look different in some ways and much the same in others. They have essentially the same hand-operated parking brake, console and shifter, same steering wheel with slightly different decorations, same pillars, and same radio and HVAC controls in the same places. The seat covers, dashboard, and door trim are different.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Too bad that you omitted the Milan, as I like it the best of the three. Also, Toyota does sell many of both the Camry and the very similar, but more expensive ES, so that would indicate that Ford is following a profitable path, and that they are superior to Toyota, since they have the third version of the car, the Milan, while Toyota only has two versions (Lexus and Toyota) of the various paltform-mates they sell.
  • frizz2112frizz2112 Posts: 84
    I'd like to see greatly differentiated Fords, Mercurys and Lincolns much as the next guy, but the fact remains that this is a company under extreme financial stress right now. Further differentiating the F/M/Z cars would have cost more money, and would have taken more time, which means dealers would be waiting longer for new product. I think all things considered Ford made the right move, but I'm hoping the next generation of these cars sees them develop more distinct personalities. Let's also remember that, as I think ANT once pointed out, Mercury's top sales days were when their whole lineup was nothing but rebadged Fords. We car buffs might not like it, but people buy into badge engineering all the time.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I find it funny that you state they don't look alike...

    Especially when I have said time and time again that the fronts and backs are DISTINCTLY different between the Fusion/Milan/Zephyr twins...

    But you didn't post pictures of the sides..which they ALL Share EXACTLY to the TEE

    That's been my point all along.

    They are different from the fronts and backs...just like how a Taurus and Sable are.

    But they are the EXACT same from the sides.

    Post some pictures of the cars from the side, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    You "left" those out though :P

    And like I said, the Camry and ES330 look similar, but they aren't the EXACT same from the sides.

    And the TSX/TL/Accord are even more different.

    Fusion will sale great, Milan will sale okay, Zephyr will FLOP.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    And futhermore, I have always stated that the Zephyr has a different interior than the other two cars.

    But I still think its cheap looking. Espeically compared to the Acura TSX and TL.

    I actually find the Fusion's interior more pleasing to my eyes, seriously.

    Lincoln wants to attract younger buyers with that mess of a dashboard?!?!?

    Also, I'd like to Thank you for posting pics of the Japanese Versions of Toyotas.

    As you might know, in Japan there is NO Lexus. Its all Toyota.

    Do you think Toyota would build Luxury cars ONLY for the U.S. market?

    No, it makes sense to sell them over there as well. The Japanese just don't get caught up in "Brand image" the way us American's do.

    Those Lexus models aren't sold over here as Toyota's either.

    Futhermore, we could go a little bit deeper with this.

    Considering the Avalon rides on the Camry platfrom too...and they look NOTHING alike either.

    I'll stick with my statement. Ford has got to do more with the Lincoln brand then what they are doing.

    These rebadges haven't helped in the past, and they probably won't help in the future either.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467


    Interior's..this is where the Zephyr is most dramatically different (as I stated in the first place, but it looks CHEAP compared to even the Fusion/Milan, much less the TL, ES330 that it will be competeing against..)
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Acura TL/TSX/TL

    Interiors: These interiors make the Fusion/Milan and ESPECIALLY Zephyr appear cheap looking...
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Please dont criticize the Fusion/Zephyr's interiors, especially when you probably haven't been in one. Give them a chance at least, pictures dont tell the whole story. In some cases they do - look at a Chevrolet interior and it screams cheap.

    I dont see how the Accord interior is in any way better/worse than the Fusion. Sure, the only thing the Accord has that the Fusion doesn't is navigation, but it'll probably make its way in 2007/2008.

    And please - what is so wrong with the Zephyr's dash? It's not as conventional as a TL/ES330, but it's just a little unique in it's colors, and woodgrain. I dont see how the Zephyr lags behind its competition. It's not a mess - just different.

    In post 1569, you mentioned the Zephyr will flop. Why? It's got a low base price, and a loaded one is only 35K. Much of the competition is much higher. As for horsepower, 221 isn't bad, just midpack. It also has navigation, THX sound and some other features. I doubt Lincoln will have trouble attracting younger buyers, because of the low price.

    The only one that will flop is the Milan, because it's only a dressed up Fusion.

    When the new cars come out, I hope you test drive one and hopefully you'll change your mind. ;)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I spent a good amount of time in the Milan interior at the Mercury Rolling Showroom event, and I would 100% echo that which maxamillion has stated. Its not a very impressive place to be, the hard-touch plastics of the dash leave a lot to be desired in tactile quality, the ambitious use of metallic plastic everywhere is distracting, and the instrumentation is diminutive and gaudy, nothing like the classy electroluminescent gages on vehicles like the TSX, TL, ES.... or heck, even the 16K Corolla. Too bad, the vehicle's exterior is as close to eye candy as it comes in this segment (save the wretched taillamps).

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    If you look closely at the side profiles of the Milan and the Fusion, you can clearly see that the crease in the Fusion is BELOW the door handles and in the Milan is above the door handles.

    :P to all you who told me I didn't know what I was talking about.

    Incidently, I read an article where the president of Toyota said they want a million units a year out of a platform to consider it viable.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Not really fair, you'd have to add the Avalon since Ford has THREE not two twins on that platform, and the Avalon looks nothing like the other two.

    The Zephyr looks a little different, but the Milan and Fusion are basically twins.

  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    But I have been in a Fusion.

    It was better than any Ford to date, but that's not really saying much.

    As far as competiton. After being in that Fusion for a considerable amount of time (at the Autoshow), I have got to say that it DOES beat the current Malibu, Galant, and Sebring/Stratus twins.

    But I thought the new Sonata, Altima, Accord, Camry, Passat and even the Mazda6 had better designs and better interior materials.

    Those materials were hard to the touch, and the overall design is BLAH.

    No style whatsoever. Everything is stacked on top of everything. Its about as plain as vanilla ice cream (or the exterior designs of the Accord/Camry)

    Interior design and materials have been a rough spot for the domestics. At least GM is trying to make it right with the new interiors they are making (New Impala, LuCerne, DTS, etc.) but the Fusion's interior is lacking IMO.

    As far as the Zephyr, lower than its competition @ 35K???


    I think NOT. You can get an Acura TL (LOADED), an Infiniti G35 sedan and a Lexus ES330 for similar or even LOWER prices.

    But I am sure the Zephyr will get its share of rebates in time.

    The Fusion is the best looking of the three to me thus far.

    Ummm...a crease you say? They still share the exact SAME greenhouse (Zephyr almost does, except toward the back of the rear door, the crease is a little different.

    Otherwise, the cars are thee exact same. Inside/Outside (Fusion/Milan) that is...

    The Zephyr has its own unique (albeit cheap looking) interior.

    Spray painted buttons on a dash board with a silver looking trim all over the place doesn't scream elegance to me.

    I could see the use of metal trim in some places, but when it covers the majority of the radio/climate areas that comes off as looking cheap.

    The design is plain ole BLAH, and it's not a design that goes well with the techno-crazy of today's cars. It looks cheap looking and that bright wood trim doesn't help at bit.

    It's trying too hard to be retro, but it comes off looking cheap. I'd give the Mustang a higher rating...

    This doesn't....

    Doesn't look better design-wise than this?



    Now, the Fusion has the better exterior (most definately compared to the Accord/Camry, but the interior is lacking IMO.)

    And its even more apparent in Zephyr trims...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It's OK, maybe just one step behind. Not terrible, though.

  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    and Ford needs it to be...
  • fbcjrfbcjr Posts: 19
    Ok, I've looked at all the wonderful pictures that have been posted, and I still don't see the problem. I can see the differences in the doors and greenhouse between the Fusion/Milan and the Zephyr just as easily as I can see the differences in the Acura triplet. ANT said that the Zephyr shared only the roof and that is indeed what it looks like to me. I guess appearance is always subjective . . . .

    Regarding the interior quality, I haven't yet sat in any of the Ford cars, but I think the "cheap" looking air vents in the Zephyr are the same ones used in the current generation F-150. If that is the case, they do not feel cheap at all. The vents in my 2004 F-150 were the most satisfying to use of any vehicle I've ever owned. I currently own a 2005, $30,000+ Honda Odyssey with air vents that don't feel anywhere near as satisfying as the air vents on my 2004 F-150. Indeed, the Honda Odyssey's interior is poster child for bad dash design: huge panel gaps, minimally adjustable (and cheap feeling) vents, un-ergonomic HVAC buttons, etc. I know the Odyssey is not a sedan, but it stands proxy in this case for the Accord, because I highly doubt the Accord has significantly better materials (if they are different at all). There are many things I love about my Honda van, but the interior isn't one of them.
  • maverickmaverick Posts: 11
    I just read on one of the message boards that Ford was going to drop the Freestyle in it's current form after the 07 run. Can someone explain why the Ford has made no effort to bring diesels into the US market? I am aware of the emission standards, since I work in the heavy truck industry.

    I would like to see the 2.7 in the Freestyle and Fusion, it's either that or I'm going to convert my LS using European components.
  • nedc2nedc2 Posts: 192
    "Can someone explain why the Ford has made no effort to bring diesels into the US market?"

    Several reasons:

    1. Supply constraints in Europe where the demand is very high.

    2. Lack of suitable low sulfur fuel in the US.

    3. Emission regs. in certain key US markets, e.g. California, and parts of the East Coast which make those states off limit for diesel sales with currently available technology and fuels.

    4. The price premium that a diesel powertrain exacts.

    5. Uncertainty about demand, future emissions regulations, fuel prices, etc.

    And I'm sure there are still more reasons.

    That said, I certainly hope Ford sees fit to bring out a diesel option in the Future, especially for the new D3 (Volov P2) based Lincolns that are in the works, as well as for their SUVs and Crossovers,
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    There's a "Diesel team"currently in place in Ford N.A. to study the possibility of diesel powered vehicles in some of the Ford brands. Mainly it's about who is willing to pay for it, don't be surprised if it LEAPS towards you.... I hear those engines PURR.... And definately they are engines that last for LIFE....
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Someone is being very catty with us!
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Sorry, but the Honda interior you show is inferior to the Zephyr interior, and I have sat in the Honda and seen the Zephyr up close. The Zephyr interior is not cheap, nor is that of the Fusion. The Honda, Toyota, Nissan cars all have their own style, and I think that people will really welcome something different.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    A new Cougar - based on the Mazda 6 / F/M/Z platform, or based on the Mustang platform? I hope they bring back the 1-2-3 rear turn signals and other classic Cougar features.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    "it LEAPS towards you.... I hear those engines PURR.... And definately they are engines that last for LIFE.... "

    So it to be Jaguar! And it will have nine lives!
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