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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lubdhaklubdhak Posts: 15
    I bought mine from Lexus of Watertown in MA end of Feb. I got >4k off on MSRP. I also had a very pleasant experience without any hassle. PLease let me know if you are still interested and I can gie you the name of the person I dealt with.

  • Just purchased FWD model Black/Ivory. MSRP 40,438 for 35,700. FWDs almost gone in this area. We wanted Bamboo/Ivory but couldn't find it. Great experience at this dealership. They beat a quote we brought in from another local dealer and we drove the car home 3 days later.
  • This seems like a "no-brainer," based on what I've seen on this board already (thanks to all of you who've posted), but thought to run it by all you experienced buyers on the board:

    In New England:

    Prem Plus Pkg
    Htd Sts/Rain Sens Wipers
    18" wheels
    Towing Pkg
    Cargo Mat/Wheel locks

    $37,600 + TTL
  • ukulele2ukulele2 Posts: 21
    Can you e-mail me the name of the dealer at Watertown? My e-mail addy is

    Thank you
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It's ok to post dealer names and locations (just no contact info, phone numbers and the like).


    Steve, Host
  • mvb8500mvb8500 Posts: 7
    Hi All:

    My wife and I recently purchased a Silver/Black Rx 330. MSRP was $44,188. We also had the dealer install a remote starter and negotiated in an extra service. Total MSRP was $45,000
    We paid $40,605. The package includes:

    Premium Plus Package
    Rear Camera
    18 inch Wheels
    Dual Stage heated front seats/rain sensing wipers (HH Package)
    Tow Package
    Cargonet/Mat/Wheel Locks
    Remote Starter
    Extra Service (10/11k)

    We live on Long Island and have 4 area dealers. Two are owned by the same person. I had all 4 compete and added a NJ dealer to the mix.

    A strange fact about the process was the two dealerships owned by the same person gave the best prices. Another strange fact was that between the two dealerships with the same owner, we received two different prices. Of course we went with the lower price. We were told that the dealer we bought from was new and could offer better prices.

    I have a question. At the time of delivery, I asked about the Cargonet that was listed on my contract. Dealer said that the RX 330 does not come with a Cargonet. The dealer said it was an honest mistake and should not have been listed. Is this true?
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    Hi all,
     yes please email name of contact at Watertown lubdhak ,also any one else who was able to get 4k off,please feel free to forward as well.So far the two cardirect quotes are comming at at 3k and 2990 off sticker of 41838.From reading here we suspect we can do a bit better.
    Hoping to do better and anxious to get wife in her RX330.
    our email is
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    Looks like we got our first Lexus,a RX330.
    We test drove one last Sunday,loved it of course (so much better fit finish and ride than the EB Explorer,Envoy and Mountianneer we drove.Local dealer,very nice but could only go 1900 off list.Came home read posts here and posted ourselves.Tonight,Thursday,gave deposit over phone with dealer in MA (will be happy to post name after we pick up next week or email),a few calls a number of emails and we ended up at 37500 (4338 off list of 41838)for AWD RX330,premium plus,r/s wipers,ms seats,18inch wheels,tow pkg,mats.
    Thank you all for emails and imput,this works!
    Why pay more with a little knowledge and research anyone can do this.Great site !
  • mvb8500mvb8500 Posts: 7
    Congratulations on your purchase. I agree -- it is amazing the impact consumer knowledge and healthy competition has on the car buying experience.
  • alolewisalolewis Posts: 36
    I did not get a cargonet with my RX330 which I picked up a month ago.
  • mvb8500mvb8500 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the information. Do you now if the RX330 can be suited with a cargonet? The dealer said the RX 330 does not come with the "hooks" to string up the cargonet. So it looks like I might have to look into an after-market solution.

    The reason I am interested is because we occasionally travel with our dog and I was considering placing him the back of the RX330. I was thinking of using the cargonet to block him from climbing on the rear seats.

  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I'm still waiting for my RX so I'm not sure if it comes with one but...

    ...I've had many cars with a cargo net. The cargo net runs width-wise at the opening of the liftgate/trunk. It is useful for putting shopping bags in so they don't move around and is about 18" high.

    I can't imagine how it would help with dogs unless you were going to put them IN the net, which would not be nice.
  • mvb8500mvb8500 Posts: 7
    No I would not put my dog in the cargonet. I have also had trunk cargonets. However, the RX 330 is a truck so the trunk is the space behind the back seats.

    I planned on using the cargo net to extend above the back seat headrest to the roof. This would create a cargonet wall that would prevent the dog from jumping over the back seats (from the cargo area of the truck)
  • brooklynbrooklyn Posts: 3
    Purchased RX330 AWD Black exterior & interior
    premium plus package
    Heated seats/Rain Sens Wipers
    18" wheels
    Towing Pkg
    Cargo Mat/Wheel locks

    $38,000 before tax, license & fees

    All dealers said invoice was $37,200 and MSRP was $41,698

    I would have been able to do $500 better if I settled for black and ivory interior but I wanted black. Dealership I purchased from was Ray Catena Lexus in Oakwood NJ. Got better offers in NYC and Long Island but as I said they did not have the black interior. Don't pay more. It appears the larger the drealership the more room they have to negotiate.

    Also financing. Apparently the financing rates ARE negotiable as long as you have a written quote. Lexus offered 5.15% apr on 72 month lease but I received 4.59% from Capital One on-line. After going back and forth a couple of times between the 2, I ended up paying 3.85% from Capital One. Everything is negotiable.
  • jeevesjeeves Posts: 2
    Wanted to know what price has a recent buyer paid for a 2004 RX 330 AWD with Navigation and DVD and Mark Levison Sound (Premium) in Michigan.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    What I was saying was that SUV cargo nets work the same as the trunk ones. There would be no way to attach it to the roof or the tops of the seats to make it a cargo gate.

    I've actually found the cargo nets in my SUVs to be much less useful than the ones in the trunks of my cars. With the SUV, I have to dettach the net every time I want to haul anything or even put a suitcase in.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Lexus Financial (in fact no company I know of) does not offer a 72 month lease. The highest they go is 60 months. Of course any lease over 48 months on a vehicle with a 48 month warranty would be ill advised.
  • I am interested in the same package, so I would like to know if it was FWD or AWD. Any chance they will come down on the price if they dont have my color choices.
  • mvb8500mvb8500 Posts: 7
    The model we purchased was AWD.

    MSRP was $44,188. We negotiated down to $40,200. I also wanted the remote starter. Dealer MSRP on the starter $700. I offered $40,500 for car with the starter. Dealer counter with a price of $40,605. I said at that price I also want the starter and a extra service thrown in. Dealer agreed. So the total price was $44,188 plus $700 dollars for starter plus $125 for Service = MSRP $45013. We paid $40,605.

    As Far as color goes... We originally thought we wanted Black/Black. The dealer told us that vehicle was hard to locate. I found out that Toyota's production practice creates a situation were only a small percentage of Black/Black color combos are produced. So don't let a dealer tell you you have to pay more because it is popular. It has nothing to do with popularity and everything to do with the preset production allotment.

    The dealer said we might have to pay more if we wanted Black /Black, however, the salesperson said to make the deal he would bend on the color. Before going into the dealership to complete the deal, we walked through the lot and looked at the RX's in black and silver. We liked the silver better. So we bought the silver.

    You can use your color preference as leverage. Even if the dealer says your color preference is hard to locate and/or you might have to pay a premium. You can counter that you will settle for and alternative color package but the dealer must provide an additional discount. An even better solution is to find another dealership that has the color combo you want and use it as leverage. If you use this alternative it works like magic. Prices drop and all-of-a-sudden the dealership can get the exact vehicle you want.

    Price - If you look at our deal (without the starter and extra service) the price was $40,200. At that price, I had three dealerships tell me that they could not match it and one tell me it would be very close. Since it is the end of the month, and from what I understand, Toyota's fiscal year ends 3/31, I think you could do $500 better. I would target $39,800.

    Good luck.
  • brooklynbrooklyn Posts: 3
    my mistake. 72 month purchase financing.
  • I live in the Maryland/DC area, there are 4 main dealerships in the area, ALL the dealerships are not trying to budge from 42k with the Nav. and Prem package. They are saying that this car is "HOT" and I won't get it cheaper..I see people are getting this car at a cheaper price, please let me know if anyone in this area is buying the car cheaper or should I go to NY or MA, because it seems like they are getting the best deals. any suggestions?
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Although we ordered the car on 3/1/04, we just did the paperwork today. Supposedly it is being built tomorrow (4/1) and will be here by 4/12/04. What a process this ordering is, it was supposed to be built on 3/8 originally. Anyway here is the deal here in Atlanta:

    2004 RX330 AWD
    Base MSRP: 32,367 + 625 Dest = $32,992.00
    Mark Levinson/Navigation Package ($6,770)
    Preferred Accessory Package (158)
    Towing Package (160)
    Heated Seats/rain-sensing wipers (665)
    18" Wheels (215)

    Total MSRP: 45,168
    Total Invoice: 39,390

    Negotiated Price: 42,995

    I feel I got a good deal especially as this is the second go around (we originally were going to buy an LS but when it got here the color was terrible (Moonlight Pearl) and we didn't like any other LS colors.) and they have provided us with a loaner since 2/14/04.

    Absolutely great, great service and people at Nalley Lexus Marietta.
  • mvb8500mvb8500 Posts: 7
    I would check-out some internet sites, (look at previous messages to find the sites etc. Cars Direct,Invoice Dealers ....) If the internet price is lower, tell your local dealerships.

    Also, look to see if your local dealers have websites. If so, the dealer will usually offer "Special" internet prices. The "Special" price is usually lower than the initial sales offer BUT you should still negotiate down from this "Special" price. The sales people you dealt with at the dealers will most likely compete with the "Special" price.

    Once you get the ball rolling, see which dealer drops the price to your satisfaction.
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    Agree with mvb6500,once you get the ball rolling it tends to go lower.Also would check internet for other dealers,very pleased with both our price and buying experience.Did not get the nav or M/L (dealer said in only one 1 came thru with that in a year with 50+ units a month).Picked ours up yesterday and love it!
  • bsaunders - try Lexus of Rockville, MD. Another poster got a good price there back in August, and I got a very good quote but eventually bought in MA. If you want more specific info, let me know you've posted your email address in your profile and I'll send specifics.
  • Thanks Katherine, I will check the Rockville Lexus, didn't know they had one...What part of MA did you buy your RX and did you have it delivery or you went to pick it up? What was the "out the door" cost, if you don't mind me asking... Also, I will check the internet specials...Thanks!
  • I started this and it vanished. I bought in Norwood MA and paid about 3,200 below MSRP and then paid 5% MA sales tax. I posted exact numbers here back in Aug-Sept. Another poster here just bought in Watertown, MA (Lexus of Watertown) and paid about 4,200 below MSRP. Check out post 884.

    I live in MA but would have bought in DC area because I have a daughter who lives there and I could have combined a visit with car pick up.
    good luck,
  • Purchased the following last night at Woodfield Lexus in Schaumburg:

    -Rx330 AWD
    -Mark Levinson/Navigation Package ($6,770)
    Preferred Accessory Package (158)
    Heated Seats/rain-sensing wipers (665)
    18" Wheels (215)
    - 10k and 15k service (oil changes)
    - rubberized mats at cost

    Total MSRP: 45,168
    Purchase Price before TTL: $41,000

    Traded in an ML320 at KBB "good" rating. The deal stood with or without the trade. Wife's new car.

     I actually printed and brought in previous posts regarding recent purchases. (regardless of where they were made in the U.S.)

    Thanks for all the info!
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Did you have to order yours? Mine is taking forever just to have them build it and it's being built in Canada.
  • Purchased ours at Lexus of Riverside:

    RX 330 AWD,
    Crystal White with Ivory leather,
    Nav pkg,
    DVD (RES),
    Towing pkg,
    HID Lights,
    Heated Seats/rain-sensing wipers,
    18" Wheels (Chrome Lexus rims),

    Final price 42,000 + Tax and License.
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