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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • windy6windy6 Posts: 57
    What a suprise that Houston area dealers get compaints. I'm not sure exactly which is which but IIRC the 5 Houston area dealers are ownded by two groups.
    I tried dealing with Westside as well but they tried loading up the car with BS items such as VIN etching/gold package/window tinting (over and above what the car comes with. I ended up buying in Austin, quick, clean deal.

    BTW, I would definitely go to Lexus corporate on that threat.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Etching is worth about $5 tops in my book. Some police departments do it free as a community service (emphasis on community, since the etching itself is useless inho - anyone ever hear that someone got their car back due to the VIN being etched on the glass?).

    I'm not so sure that Lexus corporate cares about this type of behavior, but the local GM should. Maybe write that person and cc corporate.

    Steve, Host
  • gator430gator430 Posts: 13
    I finally got a deal with another dealer, Lexus of Clear Lake, in Houston. They were very easy to work with, and I was out in an hour. I hightly recommend them. This is the deal for my FWD, Flint/Black, Nav w/rear camera, premium plus, heated seats w/rain sensing wipers, towing, 18" wheels, and preferred accessory pkg.

    MSRP $42,888
    Selling price $38,183+TTL+fees
    OD $41,263.75

    I did pretty good.
  • dmorelli1dmorelli1 Posts: 13
    I am trading in a 2002 Toyota Highlander LTD w/11,000 miles (brand new condition)& want to purchase a 2004 RX330 w/AWD, Premium plus pkg & addt'l options totaling MSRP $41,938.Anyone have any dealings (good or bad) on Long Island that they can share? I also have a '99 RX300 but I am keeping that one. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and pricing/negotiating info.
  • dmorelli1dmorelli1 Posts: 13
    From everything I've read about negotiating price on a new car they always say to work from the dealer invoice up NOT from the MSRP down...yet on all these posts talking about pricing on the RX330 everyone is talking about how much off MSRP they got.Can someone please explain? How much over d.i. are the dealers in NY willing to accept?
  • dmorelli1dmorelli1 Posts: 13
    I would certainly appreciate it if you could share which dealers you e-mailed who bid on your purchase? I was just quoted 39,000 for the exact same vehicle by a Long Island dealer?
  • ramarama Posts: 10
    Same RX config as #927
    Could not get a deal anywhere close with 3 dealers in north Alabama or Atlanta. Not sure why. Perhaps the competition for price is not as keen or the few dealers keeps the demand and the price high. After 2 weeks of negotiation, the best I could do was $37,000 plus TTL. Deal was with Tom Williams in B'ham. Nalley in Atlanta wanted $200 more.

    Only good thing is OTD was $38,265.
  • twm01twm01 Posts: 12
    Greetings all,

    I am looking for a 2WD 330 with the following options:

    PT - Premium Plus
    HH - Front Dual Heated Seats W/ Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers & Headlight Washers
    TO - Towing Package
    FT - 18" x 7 Alloy wheels w/ Michelin or Goodyear

    Will even take the "forced" port installed cargo mat and wheel locks...

    Any idea on where to get a good deal? Anyone get a similar car in FL/GA area? If so, please PM me with details.

    Tried email, only one response - local dlr in Tampa, tried to give me the Premium (not premium plus) package and other small opts. for 36,900 (on 39,383 MSRP) - 2,483 off.

  • ramarama Posts: 10
    The config you want is what I just bought in Birmingham, my MRSP was $40,538, I paid $37,000 (plus TTL) giving a discount of $3,538, not a great deal by any stretch. I've seen others pay $36,200 to $36,400 on this board in the last 60 days. Can't get those prices where I am.
  • bmw4me2bmw4me2 Posts: 23
    I just talked to the dealer in Sarasota on the exact same car ($39,383). The dealer offered me about the same discount of $2,400 but they have a $495 dealer services fee. My son said the dealer in Orlando is more aggressive with no dealer fees.
  • handshands Posts: 1
    Purchased an RX330 AWD, Neptune Blue Mica w/grey leather, premium plus, 18" whls, tow package, heated seats w/RS wipers. MSRP $41,838. Was offered $37,650 and accepted. I essentially e-mailed 4 dealerships and set the parameters and told them to give me a price. The best price would win my business. I pick up the vehicle this weekend.
  • camillecamille Posts: 3
    I bought a RX330 with the same package, including floor mats for $362000. I purchased it in NJ, so this number probably can only be used as a reference for your area. Please refer to message #912.
  • What I wanted:
    2004 RX330 AWD
    Navigation System with Rear Camera
    Premium plus package: wood and leather steering wheel and shift knob
    Rear Seat Entertainment System
    HH Package: Two-Level Heated Front Seats and Rain-Sensing Wipers
    FT Package: 18" Alloy Wheels
    Towing Package
    Wheel locks and Mats.

    Wanted the Mark Levinson Audio also but was told it would be min 3-6 months wait. So I opt it out.

    From Bay Ridge of Brooklyn NY:
    MSRP 46,700
    Trade in 15,100
    Discount 1,200
    Total cost: 30,400 before tax + other fees about 150$

    From Lexus Latham:
    MSRP 46,700
    Trade in 16,000
    Discount 2,630
    Total cost: 28,070 before tax + other fees about 100$

    Did not try Lexus of Manhattan.

    Just 2 more weeks of waiting.
  • hotinherehotinhere Posts: 10
    Avoid the Atlanta Nalley Lexus dealerships. Also, check They're run by Hennessy Lexus (ATL), but may have some good advice.
  • ken3ken3 Posts: 2
    I am currently looking for a RX330 with navigation package. Anyone got a good price from the Lexus dealers in Philadelphia and NJ area? Please share .... Thank you very much!
  • ken3ken3 Posts: 2
    Hi friends, please recommend some lexus dealers with good price in philadelphia and NJ areas. I am currently looking for a RX330 AWD with navigation MSRP $44,188. The best quota I got is $41,500. It seems many person good better price. Please share the information. Thank you very much.
  • jeffs2jeffs2 Posts: 1
    if you don't mind northern nj, try ray catena or prestige. I paid $40,700 for the same MSRP at the end of March and in hindsight felt I left a little on the table
  • twm01twm01 Posts: 12
    Greetings all,

    (UPDATE to post #948)
    This weekend I closed the deal at Wilde Lexus of Sarasota. Here's the lowdown:

    2WD 2004 RX330 with the following options:
    PT - Premium Plus
    HH - Front Dual Heated Seats W/ Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers & Headlight Washers
    TO - Towing Package
    FT - 18" x 7 Alloy wheels w/ Michelin or Goodyear
    cargo mat
    wheel locks
    MSRP with options $40,538

    The deal:
    $35,915.83 Price offered
         489.50 dealer fee
            6.50 FL tire & lead-acid battery fee
    $36,411.83 Taxable amount
       2,234.71 sales tax
         225.00 new license
    $38,871.54 out the door price

    How did I do?

    As a side note, I did this all via email initially, then a couple of phone calls to confirm everything. Was concerned there might be some 'surprises' when I went to pick it up, but everything was as specified, the signing of the paperwork (only 4 or 5 things to sign as I had arranged financing at my credit union) took about 5 minutes with no 'upsell' pressure, and the salesman turnover was excellent. Can't give salesman's name per board rules, but pm me if interested.

    Good luck to all!


  • I concur with jeffs2 - bought AWD w/Prem Plus, 18" wheels, tow pkg, pref access. pkg from Prestige in Ramsey last month. Really easy to deal with - no games. Only two dealers I've seen or heard that will work with you on price are Catena and Prestige. The discounts on NAV vehicles are not as deep, but still better than other dealerships. Good luck.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I dealt with Nalley Lexus in Marrietta and had the best automotive experience of my life! When I decided (after a month of using one of their loaners) that the LS430 didn't really have a color that I liked (I had ordered the Moonlight Pearl but then saw one and thought it looked white.) they were extremely accomodating! I finally decided to get an RX330 (I had originally been planning to replace my Tahoe in Jan '05 with one) and they did the order and gave me another loaner.

    The people were extremely nice and I knew at every minute that they were going to ensure that I was happy.

    Although I don't have much experience with Hennessy's Lexus store, I did get my STS from their Cadillac store and they were nice. I contacted the Lexus store when I began and never got a response.
  • hotinherehotinhere Posts: 10
    No, I'm not wrong. I know exactly what they did to us. The situation is too long to recount here, but check out message 2369 on the Lexus RX330 board if you want to know. As for "extremely nice," so what? Nalley was "extremely nice" the entire time they were lying to us repeatedly and causing us a lot of trouble for no reason other than to cover their previous lies. As for Hennessy, I don't know anything about them. I've never dealt with them. I'm glad you had what you feel was a postive experience with Nalley, however, and are happy with your car.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819 was the Roswell store that you had the problem with, not the Marietta store. What I see is that you were cross-shopping all over the place and can't understand that when dealers trade cars to other dealers the updates aren't instantaneous.

    From what you stated, the Marietta store tried their best to give you that car AND at a lower price than before. There is a reason why all ads have disclaimers about incorrect information. They didn't have to come down at all.
  • We purchased a black/ivory FWD a month ago in MA. Same options but we did also get the cargo mats and locks. MSRP 40438 - we paid 35,700. Good luck!
  • twm01twm01 Posts: 12
    balsmasbabe - was your $35,700 the final cost, adding only tax, tag and title? Or was there a "dealer fee"??? If that was it, my hat is off to you! I thought I did well, but you would have beaten my deal by over $700! Great job!

    (BTW, I got the cargo mat and wheel locks as well, see my previous post #959)
  • Hello
    Congrats your purchase. Would you mind telling me the name of the rep you dealt with. My e-mail is
  • hotinherehotinhere Posts: 10
    Okay, this is the last post I'm going to make regarding your comment. We'll just have to agree to disagree. Like I said, I'm glad you had a good experience. I did not.

    * The Roswell and Marietta stores have the same manager. Therefore, that manager is responsible for lying salespersons at both stores.

    * "Cross-shopping all over the place"? Yes, I understand that's what one is supposed to do when one is shopping for a car. We saw an ad for a car and answered it. How bad of us.

    * I understand that dealers trade cars. I understand that they can sometimes make mistakes. These things aren't problems. I have a problem with dealers who lie. I'll try to be very succinct here: The salesman told me over the phone that he was looking at a car -- physically looking at a car -- that was not there and never had been. The car he said he was LOOKING AT in Roswell had been in Marietta for a very long time. I'm not sure about you, but I consider this to be a point-blank lie. This isn't about bad updates.

    * Although the VIN was the same, once we tracked the car down, it was not the advertised car. It was 12,000 miles older. 12,000 miles. I guess they drove it from Roswell to Marietta the long way. Perhaps via Texas. Or maybe they only update their ads once a year.

    This all could've been avoided by the salesman telling the truth to begin with--that he wasn't sure if the car was on the lot, that updates aren't instantaneous--or admitted his mistake when we got there.

    Again, I'm glad your Roswell experience was good. Their treatment of us was so egregious, however, that I will continue to warn GA shoppers away from them.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    Hotinhere is certainly entitled to his opinion, as is everyone else, without having to defend it because someone else labeled it as "wrong". Facts can be wrong, but opinions are purely subjective and therefore you don't get to say it is wrong. At most, you can state that you "disagree" with his opinion. Even then, I don't know how you can try and tell hotinhere that he really did not have an unpleasant experience. Then, he must have imagined it!


    If the guy had an unpleasant experience, I believe him. Just as I believe that your experience was pleasant.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    when they tell everyone to "Avoid" a certain dealer because of a bad experience they had at ANOTHER dealer.

    We're not talking about a salesperson who said "I'll sell it to you at this price" and then lied and said he wouldn't. We're talking about a salesperson who said he "was looking right at the car". Of course there is no way that he could have just been mistaken because we all know that there is only one vehicle out there in each color. He couldn't possibly have been looking at a similar car!

    The only thing I'm saying is this "bad experience" is just as much "hotinhere"'s inability to be flexible and understand that, unlike himself, people out there do make mistakes. What is more important in any business is that in the end he clearly states that the Marietta store worked hard to rectify the situation by working with him on the price of the vehicle.

    What you don't seem to realize, GARDENCAR, is that I stated MY experience WITHOUT suggesting that everyone should go to Nalley Marietta. What I was commenting about was his "Avoid ALL Nalley" statement.

    I am certainly entitled to MY opinion and, in MY opinion, he is WRONG!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I guess if I had been associated with the car business at one time like you I'd be sympathetic to blanket condemnations of a dealer too.

    I suspect every dealer has a few people telling everyone not to trade there. I know I've warned a few friends off a couple of dealers in my day.

    Let's move on shall we - anyone buying this week?

    Steve, Host
  • twm01twm01 Posts: 12
    I did! See post 959!

    Couldn't be happier (well maybe if the dealer had knocked off several thousand more and threw in free service for life, and a free cargo net, and, and, and...!!!)

    Best of luck to everyone out there looking for the deal, and to those who have already done so. Here's to years of trouble-free driving!


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