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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • booggaboogga Posts: 5
    While I'm driving over 30 MPH there is a loud whistling's coming from's not the windows...any idea what I can do about it?
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    Move to Dallas. It won't stop the whistling. However, either heat, smog, noise, cussin', or one-finger salutes here will keep you from driving with your windows down no matter what time of year it is! ;-)
  • cornellpinoycornellpinoy Posts: 196
    Have you installed anything on the exterior? After I installed a stainless steel bug deflector on my Denali, I occasionally notice a noise from outside at highway speeds. Other SUV owners complain about wind noise from roof rack rails/accessories. If these don't apply to you, definitely have it checked out by the dealer. I think I remember older posts in the Yukon/Tahoe forum about windshield wind noise.
  • booggaboogga Posts: 5
    I haven't installed anything, this was happening from the start. I took it to the dealer and they heard it also and now is investigating it. We also test drove a new D/04 and it did the samething. Any other ideas on what it might be?

    Hey willing to pay for my transfer to Dallas?
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    Sure thing! If you'll pay for mine to Tampa! ;-)

    Happy Friday!
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    If you have any problems with your Denali find a good lemon law lawyer. Fortunately, I found one in San Diego on the Internet. See my prior postings re my problems. While some think I should be happy and not complain that GM finally bought my car back, per the California Lemon Law, I have little doubt that I needed a good lawyer to properly resolve my problem. I would not advise trying to resolve problems with a GM rep without consulting a good lawyer. The Denali had some design advantages, but, in my opinion, when a problem arose, it took me a year, and I was told that it was only because I was persistent, that GM finally accepted responsibility. I hope others do not have a similar experience as me with their Denali. Good luck to all.
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    Best case was they gave me all (I repeat all) my money back including down payment, all monthly payments, paid off my loan, interest, and they also paid my attorney fees per California Law. They did take a small amount of depreciation to the date that I first noticed the problem, but you are wrong that they bought it back at the depreciated price. I think I came out way ahead with a knowledgable lemon law lawyer.
  • fndlyfmrflyrfndlyfmrflyr Posts: 668
    Just browsing this forum because my friend just drove over with his new Denali XL (second one).

    You don't need a lawyer for lemon law cases in California if your vehicle is covered by the BBB autoline arbitration program. The arbitrator can award a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement.

    The amount of dollars deducted for use, by law, can be no more than a fixed percentage of purchase price based on the odometer reading when the vehicle was brought in the first time for the problem that resulted in the buy back or replacement.

    I heard many cases over 16 years and there were cases that justified and received a 100% reimbursement, with no deduction for miles used.
  • g357g357 Posts: 4
    I have a 2003 denali, and installed a vortex muffler. Now, when I accelerate from a stop the bass from the muffler is making something rattle. Any suggestions?
  • There are plenty of comments on this thread about people experiencing a low rattle/vibration when running the A/C and idling or slowly accellerating. I have experienced it on my '01 D., but I do not find it too disturbing so I'm leaving it alone. Search the thread - I think an exhaust hanger/braket may be the culprit. If this is the case, your Vortex with even greater bass would likely cause the same issue as the much quieter factory exhaust. Not sure if anyone has really found a good solution for this including GM.
  • artyarty Posts: 3
    do not give another chance, I had the same experience. search for bbb autoline to find my post. There is no way to win with the BBB. Get with the state Attorney General to get the ball rolling. The manufacturers are more responsieve when you have an attorney.
  • evans1evans1 Posts: 1
    I love my new(4k mi) 2004 Gmc Yukon Denali. It does, however, make some weird noise while I'm driving at around 20 and around 40 mph. Not under full accel, but when I'm coasting or lightly accelerating.
    It sounds to me like the exhaust system, or a rattling heatshield(does this veh. even have a heat shield?) but I'm just not sure.I took it to the dealer twice while they replaced my steering gearbox(SQUEEKY) and the tech says that's how they are. C'mon everybody, is that "how they are"?
    For my $55k they should be able to stop this. Does anyone else hear this rattling/vibrating/resonating noise?
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Tell the service department try to look for a loose baffle in the muffler. I drove a 2002 as a loaner that sounded similar. I mentioned it to the dealers rep when I returned it and got a call later to let me know what their mechanics found.
  • My '02 Denali also made a resonation noise at light throttle. It was really noticable when I would back it into my driveway. The repair order simply stated "repaired muffler" and problem was solved. It might have been the same repair as ocmike3 posted. I put the truck on a lift shortly after and didn't see any weights added as I've seen posted by some owners on the Tahoe/Yukon board.

    FWIW, the first month with my Denali was very disappointing & frustrating since it was at the dealer a few times for several problems that weren't noticeable during the test drive. However, the dealer did fix all of them. And its been trouble-free since then.
  • charmercharmer Posts: 1
    My 2003 XL Denali (30k) miles, just lost all electrical power in front of my house. Was running yesterday, today not even the interior lights work (no power at all). Batter charger shows battery has full charge. Has anyone heard of this before I get it towed to dealer?
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    These things have so many computer parts now that it could be anything, but old world thinking should point to the alternator. If your alternator is dead, you get nothing, even with no problems with your battery.
  • Seems like most of you are talkin' about the new Denali but I was wondering, anyone out there with the 99-00 Denali or Escalade with the rear cargo doors have this problem... When I go to open the right cargo door it is almost as if something is swelling in the door and the hinge is stiff (Kinda like they are when you first buy it but worse!) However the left one works good as ever. It's not a really big deal right now but i would like to get it fixed. Sitting outside in the college parking lot probably doesn't help!
  • My 03 Denali does the same exact thing. Still under warranty so I will be taking it in to the dealership for service.
  • Transmission clunking is a mystery only until today. This is your opportunity to educate a GM dealership about clunking and the fix for this symptom. After fighting the cause myself I proceeded with the fix on my own time and expense.

    The complaint: Customer experiences clunking noise under normal accleration from a stop light.

    The fix: During production GM installed a soft metal driveshaft yolk. What this means is that the yolk that fits into the driveshaft is made of softer metal than the output shaft on the transmission. This is an engineering method that is industry standard. If you are mechanically inclined, remove your driveshaft and take it to a highly reputable driveline service shop. Have the shop replace the u-joints with Spicer servicable u-joints and also have them install a Spicer yolk. The yolk is manufactured with a harder material and will make the clunking go away. Easy fix for about $120.

    The problem is that the splines on the inside of the yolk get burred up and stick to the splines on the output shaft of the transmission. One way you can diagnose the problem is by removing the driveshaft lubricate the splines inside of the yolk with CV Joint grease (blue or green in color). Make sure that you don't over do it because you will have a fight on your hands trying to get it back on. If the problem goes away get the yolk replaced.

    Good Luck.

  • I own a 1999 Yukon Denali 4WD and am experiencing the following:

    Symtom: Upon normal acceleration onto a freeway and as the vehicle approaches 65 - 70 mph the torque convertor kicks in and the truck shakes harder than a 7.0 earthquake. The computer compensates and disengages the convertor which softens the vibration but does not eliminate it. I had a Tech 2 in the vehicle to attempt a diagnosis and found that as the converter engaged around 65 mph the number 3 cylinder began misfiring over 160 times. I don't know how number 3 cylinder and the convertor are tied together but they are not singing a pleasant tune. What's the feedback.

  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Was a P1870 DTC set? If so, the TCC isolator valve bore is probably worn in the valve body. A Sonnax sleeve and valve will fix it.

    If not, when the TCC engages it lowers engine speed about 300 rpm. This reduction in engine speed increases volumetric efficiency of the engine, causing higher compression pressures. That's when marginal secondary ignition components start breaking down. The mechanical connection between the engine and drivetrain provided by the TCC tends to amplify the symptoms. Replace the plugs and wires with ACDelco, and take a hard look at the coils for any signs of carbon tracking on the towers.
  • It is a pleasure to read a knowledgeable, clear, and informative response to a question. I may not need the knowledge myself right now, but seeing you response just warmed my heart! Thank you.
  • Alcan,

    thanks for the quick response. A 0330 or 03003 Misfire in number 3 cylinder was set. I replaced the entire fuel injection system with an updated version from GM. I also replaced the #3 spark plug ruling out a possible hair line crack. Upon further review I swaped the #1 and #3 spark plug wires and the problem still surfaced. This vehicle is equiped with only one coil. The truck has a little over 100,000 miles. What items should be replaced? The valve body was recently replaced by a GM Dealership. How can I isolate the problem to the transmission if it is the problem? Look forward to hearing from you.

  • My 2002 Denali is approaching 34K miles. Recently I've noticed that it idles a bit rough when its in gear with the A/C on. Its noticeable when the I'm at waiting at a stoplight or trying to park. Has anyone else experienced this or have an idea what might be causing it?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Mine did this and the dealer replaced the throttle body. It idled so rough at stoplights that the A/C would cut-off. This was on a 2001 around 34K miles.
  • Thanks for the reply. Mine has 34K now. Need to get that rough idle and some smaller issues addressed before the warranty expires.
  • I just purchased a used 2002 YD. There is a problem with the engine shutting down after placing it in Park. Of course this doesnt happen that often (4 times since we've owned it) and when we took it to the dealer they couldnt find anything wrong. We're just a month away from Warranty expiration and would like this fixed now. Anyone have a similar problem? Car runs fine until its placed in park...then the engine shuts down just as if you turned the key off.
  • hey jdtv0316 I have a 2001 denali as well. Noticed the same thing with mine. I have not had it looked at yet, but I believe it has something to do with the exhaust system. Perhaps the muffler has a dent in it and it is popping in and out when the pressure is increased and then reduced. If you have had yours fixed let me know what it was. Thanks
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    It is the muffler popping. To fix it, they replace the entire exhaust system. I had mine replaced under warranty. But, about 18,000 miles later the noise has returned and the exahust is no longer under warranty. They offered me a 50% after warranty adjustment. But, since the problem was just a pop, I declined the repair. I would cut out the muffler and put in an aftermarket muffler before I spend 50% of an entire exhaust system (about $500).
  • cant wait to see if thats my 2003 denali's problem. Dealer had no idea and of course it acted like the Michigan Frog,and failed to make the noise after a 33 mile road test and 3 days w/the dealer. He "could not duplicate the noise". So therefore could not fix it. Dealership told me to bring it by when I was hearing the noise again. Obviously very convenient for me...thinking ok,next time I hear the noise,Im sure it will be between 7:00am & 6:00pm Mon-Fri,and surely I'll be right by the dealership...awesome. Surprisingly, two days later, all that criteria came together, and I pulled into the service driveway. After Tony,my awesome service guy got back from lunch{of course he was at lunch,I couldnt have everything fall in place}he jumped in the truck w/me and we went for a test drive.Nothing.Silence.Quiet as a forest when your not there.Well,@ this time Im sure i was just a pain in the booty to him,not a customer that had a ligitamate problem.My husband told me to tell Tony he thought it was the muffler vibrating.Whatever,but it was a suggestion cuz Tony either thought I was crazy,or going crazy.At one time he did politely,unintentionally made me feel like a child and or a helpless lil' woman that got herself a Denali.He told me that "you know,big trucks do make noises sometimes and that I may be being alittle anal about "normal" noises.Thats great and all but this woman is telling him half the time what is wrong w/my vehicles.So his answer...dont know,turn the radio up!So...long story longer,I cant wait to bring this info to him.55K $ vehicle and it now consistantly,continually & constantly makes that rechid noise.Oh yes,I can turn the radio up,but what about the people w/in a block from me supposed to do? ITS EMBARRASSING!!!!
  • i just replied to another comment on that noise,and it was a carbon copy of what you just said,from 55k to the dealer saying...I donno.That noise is just getting louder and louder and constant...I HATE IT.Im P.O'd
  • bcb1bcb1 Posts: 149
    My 2000 Yukon with 92K miles started making the same rattle about 2 months ago. Only does it when the vehicle/exhaust is up to full operating temperature.


    The first GMC dealer was a real scam artist. He tried to soak me for $2K worth of unnecessary repairs. I'm not a mechanic; but I know BS when I see it and hear it. Never again will I go there.


    Second GMC dealer (today) found that the place in the exhaust where the O2 sensor goes is loose, causing the rattle. The weird thing is; the O2 sensor is near the front of the truck; and the rattle is coming from the back (near the muffler). I know noises can travel...but I swear I think this is coming from the back of my truck.


    The repair will be $90 part plus 1/2 hr labor; and I'm reluctant to do it because I'm not sure that's what is causing the rattle. I'm thinking it's an exhaust baffle that only comes loose and rattles under high temps - and they can't duplicate it in the shop or even after the exhaust system has cooled down even for a minute or two.


    So unless I want to replace an otherwise perfectly good muffler; I guess I'm stuck with the rattle too. Please post if any of you guys figure out this stupid rattling noise.
  • bcb1bcb1 Posts: 149
    The stalling described several posts ago is a very familiar, common problem in many (if not most) Tahoes and Yukons.


    Mine is a 2000 Yukon with 5.3L engine; and like many others; my throttle body was replaced under warranty at around 20K miles.


    And about 20K-30K miles started doing the EXACT same thing. Just on a whim; I decided to go to a local independant shop that advertises the JB fuel injection cleaning system. I figured it was $90; a little expensive, but worth a try. They pull (loosen) the plastic intake piece and insert some kind of brass nozzle in there; and spray it while the engine is running.


    Whatever they did; the engine ran LIKE BRAND NEW. Even now (1 year later), I still don't have any problems with stalling. I'll probably do the fuel injection service about once a year.


    It really surprised the heck out of me. Something that actually WORKS just like advertised! I know there are plenty of other fuel injection cleaning systems (Jiffy Lube does it; GM dealers have their brand, etc) -- but I can guarantee you that the system by JB does indeed work.
  • Anybody have a problem with their heater surging air until it heats up to operating temp?
  • My 2004 ($55K) Denali air conditioning system is producing a noise written off by GM as “normal”. This oscillating hiss is coming from the lower dash area and sounds like a cross between a bearing rattle (like a belt tensioner worn out) and an interior fan rub. NOTE that this noise is neither the tensioner nor fan.


    You hear this sound when the A/C is on and fan set to one the lower speeds (radio off and windows up). Vehicle speed does not make a difference. There is NO way to get a quiet vehicle, even at idle, UNLESS you turn off the A/C. So … off to the dealer (3 times) until finally the shop produces GM document ID# 1528380, which states in part:


    “Customers may comment of a hiss noise coming from the dash area with the A/C on. The noise can come and go or change intensity depending on A/C system loads (outside temp, engine RPMs, humidity, etc.)”


    “The noise is normally only heard while stopped with the blower on low and radio off. The noise is coming from the A/C orifice tube and is normal. No repairs should be made.”


    ARE YOU kidding me … NO REPAIRS should be made? What company makes a 50K+ vehicle and accepts this problem (that they documented) as NORMAL? Buy the way, this document number applies to “03-04 Chevrolet All Full Size Trucks and Utilities, and 03-04 GMC All Full Size Trucks and Utilities, and 03-04 Cadillac All Full Size Utilities”. One would think that the engineers have been placed on overtime to resolve a defect which affects such a large number of vehicles, but NO, the easy fix is to send out a one page doc stating this is normal.


    Any way, I am requesting your assistance. If this noise situation is indeed normal in your Denali, please post a response. If you have found a solution, please advise of that as well. If you do not have this noise problem, you may be one of the luckly ones.
  • I think I know the noise your hearing, its kind of like a little fan chugging away... If this is it, my 1998 Chevy pickup has it too and there is no fix for it as its been to the shop a few times for this also. It is annoying but we have grown to live with it. My denali also has this but I notice it all the time as I'm probably alittle sensitive to it since I have heard it forever. I just hope it doesn't get worse.
  • I purchased an '04 a couple months ago unable to resist the pressure from GMC to dump my '99 Sub and get a new Denali.

    My local dealer Thousand Oaks GMC has some wonderful service advisers and mine has been working hard to understand and fix the issues - no problems, only praise there, but.....


    I have the muffler popping and pinging and they are working on fixing this, however....


    The electronics associated with the seats is driving me nuts. It pulls back to the exit position ( as set) only sometimes when exiting. Sometimes it pulls up tight to the steering wheel. Other times on entry the seat moves forward to the driving position instead of moving back to entry/exit.

    Sometimes the "auto position" button (I'm the #1 position) will work and pull the seat forward from the entry position, other times it does nothing ( and yes, I'm in Park) and I manually reach down and move the seat forward so I can drive. The dealer service advisor got in the car and manipulated it several times and said that it seemed to work fine. He also said that the seat position "trigger" was set to "on remote" not "on key entry". I was baffled. I set it to "on key entry". I don't know how it changed.

    Well, I think this car is causing me to question my mind. Is it so complex I'm getting all turned around? Is it sporadically working?

    I'm reduced to keeping an extensive log so we can pin it down.


    Oh! Did I mention the rear hatch occasionally ringing chimes wildly and turning on the interior lights saying that it isn't latched? Well it is, but if I open and slam - it seems to go away.


    In addition, occasionally, when making a left hand turn, it turns on the interior lights and starts chiming wildly - no interesting message in the Driver Info Center for this one.


    Pretty wild stuff - and a little frustrating.


    The dealership has taken a couple cracks at it, and is unable to duplicate. So I am reduced to complaining and feeling a little foolish.


    Anyone had these experiences?


    Anyone have ideas on how to run this to ground???


    A thousand thanks.


  • Can't comment on the seat settings as mine is a YXL and remembers nothing. But the tailgate issue I've had. I think that it happens because there are two latches in the back. One will securely latch and the other not unless the door is closed pretty well. Then the loose side will pull away enough when there is a little body flex (like on a turn) and set off the alarm "noticing" that it isn't securely latched on the one side.


    Good firm closing by pushing down in the middle of the door seems to prevent it from happening.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    The popping means the muffler needs replacing. Since it is all one piece, the exhaust system will need replacing. That will resolve the problem for about 30K miles when it will happen again.


    The tailgate is a latch adjustment issue.
  • Well, it's sad to see an expensive exhaust system replaced on a car with very few miles on it. And if it fails in 30,000 miles, then GM will be in the saddle again?


    Was it poorly designed?


    The latch was replaced/adjusted/threatened and we'll see if it stays on good behavior.


    The gremlins in the seat programming are still elusive so the solution will wait for another day.


    I'm going to keep a log to see if I somehow can find a pattern to the mischief!
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    There is a baffle in the muffler that is poorly attached and breaks loose over time. Mine broke after my warranty and GM offered to pay half of the $1500 replacement cost. I declined because the repair was not worth $750 to me. If I did anything after the warranty, I would cut out the GM muffler and put in an aftermarket muffler to solve the problem permantly. Since it is a minor cosmetic problem, I did nothing after the free replacement. Since mine is a 2001 model, it is sad they still havent resolved this problem on new production.
  • bcb1bcb1 Posts: 149
    The freakin' dealers drive me NUTS. I have the exhaust rattle also (2000 Yukon with 93K trouble-free miles). GMC dealer #1 was a crook. Said they had to "reconfigure" the exhaust and tried to get me on the hook for $3K worth of un-necessary repairs. Told them to stick it.


    GMC Dealer #2 (my original dealer) said it was the fitting where the O2 sensor plugs into the exhaust pipe was loose/rattling. About $90 for the part and 1 hr labor to fix it. The problem is; the noise sounds like it's coming from the BACK of the truck; not the front where the o2 sensor is located!


    So now I still have the problem. I agree with the post above; it sounds like an exhaust rattle coming from the muffler. I'm tempted just to go to Midas or Meinike or Joe Independant or whoever and have them put on a lifetime guarantee muffler and say the heck with the dealer.
  • bcnetbcnet Posts: 14
    I read the above post regarding the "hissing" and the claim by GM this is normal.


    I seem so have a "clunking" or "tapping" sound from right below the driver side dash when the fan is in the low to medium positions. It sounds as if one of the flaps that directs the air to the proper vent is loose.


    Any comments appreciated.
  • bcnetbcnet Posts: 14
    In addition to my air problem in the previous post...


    BTW, I have a 2003 Denali


    1) My rear door locks do not lock with the remote, internal drive door mounted lock button, or upon putting the vehicle in drive like the front doors.


    2) Sometimes all my presets in FM, XM and AM will complete wig out and change. The next time a start the truck, they are pack to normal.


    3) There is annoying squeak coming from right below the automatic climate control display. It is very annoying and almost continuous on some road surfaces. I can hold the plastic trim piece and it stops - not sure if anyone else has this one.


    Thanks for any input.
  • Well, just got my D out of the shop. They replaced the heater blower control module. Got rid of the little chugging fan problem, I think! Original problem is still there at a cold start. Look like we're heading back to service again!
  • I have a friend that has a 1999 yukon and currently his vehicle will not start. He says he had this problem within the past year, but the last time it was under warranty and he took it to the dealer. He lost the work order sheet and is not sure what work was done. However now the problem is back. He also mentioned that the starter is attempting to turn over, however it never quite gets the engine turned over. Has anyone had a problem like this with a Yukon?
  • Well well well.You know the dealerships are screwed these days per the internet. it is so refreshing to know that I'm NOT the only one w/these"mystery problems" that my 2003 Denali is having. I have replied to other people with similar "Fluke" problems. this is yet another problem I can relate to regarding my 2003 Denali. That god d*@# noise that has made an appeareance since the day I drove it home can not be "normal noises" coming from my passenger side dash. Like you and many,many other Denali owners have expressed,IT IS SOOOOO NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR A $55K+ VEHICLE TO SOUND LIKE A MACK TRUCK WHEN ITS IDLEING! Like the dealership told me for my other prodlem...well, @ least you cant hear it when the radio is up. You know, that may be funny at another time and all...but not so much when it comes to my Denali.Tell me you have corrected someone that referred to your Denali, as a mere Yukon or worse a Tahoe.Denali owners drive Denalis because they ARE the classiest,smooth, subtle SUV out there.We dont drive Escalades purposely.They're too flashy & scream look @ me and what I most likely cant afford. The Denali is for us that want the nicest ride...we dont need a huge awkward looking grill & cadi emblem advertising.We know what we have.So,GMC...What are you fixing for your customers in reference to your ac/dash noise design flaw???
  • I have a 2001 Yukon XL. The heated mirrors to defrost during cold weather

    have quit working. The indicator light on the button which switches on the

    mirror heaters and the rear hatch defroster lights as if power is being sent

    to the mirrors. The rear hatch defroster still defrosts. I have checked

    the fuse for the mirror heaters and it is OK. Any ideas of what is causing

    the mirrors to not get power to their defrosters?


  • drmwksdrmwks Posts: 1
    I have an 03 Denali and at start up the heater motor seems to surge. It goes away after a couple of minutes. Was yours chugging or surging all the time or just at the start?
  • slramsslrams Posts: 4
    Hello everyone.

    I have a 2004 5.3, 2WD Yukon that has developed a front end noise when turning at slow speeds such as backing in and out of the driveway. It sound like a "thump". I inspected the steering column and wheelwall areas to see if the tires are maybe hitting something but I have not been able to pinpoint.

    Also, ever since we bought our Yukon the muffler/exhaust pipe makes a bell ringing sound for 2 to 5 minutes after turning the vehicle off. It will sound off about every 5 to 10 seconds and rivals a few churches in our area on Sunday mornings. I mean you can hear it a hundred feet away in a parking lot. Seems to be less on colder days. I've taken to the dealer and they said to let it break-in. Its broken-in with 9k miles on it and still ringing.

    Any suggestion and information on these two issues would be helpful before taking back to the dealer.

    thank you all,
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