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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I suspect that there is something wrong with the autoride as I had the opposite experience in my 2001 Denali. It was very stable at high speeds(75+ mph) and on windy roads I preferred it over my wife's Volvo XC70.
    Try a different dealer. (they all have to honor the warranty)
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    I initially took it into Dealer who with a grinding sound in the steering at low speeds found the ride "soft" and rotated the tires. The grinding sound remained and the 2nd dealer's technician found the ride soft, didn't hear any grinding sound in the steering wheel. I was resigned to a poor ride when a friend drove it and insisted there was a serious problem and I not give up on the car or GM. So I took it back and played the phone message to the dealer who said he contacted GM but there was nothing to be done with the computer assisted steering, suspension, or shocks; that the tires were over inflated (although the tires rated between 34-44 psi); and grinding was normal. Took it back to the 1st dealer who's tech contacted GM with the same response that the ride was normal for the Denali. Everyone who drives or rides in this vehicle except for GM dealers and technicians agree there is something seriously amiss with the handling of the vehicle. No technician has indicated any testing (other than a short road ride) of the computer, the shocks, or the suspension has been/can be done. They say I have a normal vehicle. If this is the case, then I wouldn't want or recommend a Denali. Like I said, I've just about had it. If I do any after-market attempt at a fix I know they will deny the warranty. I guess I'll just dump it and try a foreign car because they seem to have a better reputation these days.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Have you tried test driving another Denali from stock and comparing it?
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    I have not. However, a friend of mine has a Denali like mine, (same year, model, and even color) and I've explained my experience to him, and he indicated his ride was firm and firmed up in corners, etc. If mine is typical of the Denali ride, I would think there must be a lot of problematical vehicles on the road. That being said, I think I will take your suggestion and ask if he will switch vehicles with me for comparison (he rides in mine and I ride in his).
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    If the difference in the ride is so pronounced, you may probably do well in a Lemon Law action. If you purchased your Denali in California, you have probably got a better than 50-50 chance of prevailing on a Lemon Law action. As I have stated in previous posts regarding Lemon Laws, I am NOT giving legal advice; only exchanging information.

    If you do go the Lemon Law route, find a stretch of highway near where the hearing will be held that causes the instability. Take the referee/examiner/whatever they call themselves along for a ride so they can experience the instability first-hand. First-hand experience usually gets a visceral response from the examiner. (Especially if there is another Denali that can be driven as a reference vehicle....)
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    Thank you guys who responded to my concerns. It appears that the local dealer (good guy) found that my suspension was "out of geometry". Thankfully GMC appears to be stepping up to the plate and will replace the vehicle. Any advice regarding what GMC should do to remedy my problem? I've lived with this problem for approximately a year.
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    What more are you looking for if they replace the vehicle? Best case, in a Lemon Law action, they buy the car/truck back at a depreciated value. If you are getting a new truck in exchange with the same options, it would seem that GM has already stepped well up to the plate. (If not over the plate, to continue the analogy.)
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    It seems GMC now remembers that in fact there are problems with the Denali and that they knew that there were cars out there with bad welds rendering them "out of geometry". No solution as yet - in the place of my rock and roll ride - I'm getting the shuck and jive from GMC. More later.
  • siennac70siennac70 Posts: 2
    Hello, I presently own a volvo c70 (coupe), but I've been contemplating getting a used 2001 or 2002 denali xl, mainly for it's space, one with around 60K for miles. My main concern is how frequently do they give problems? and What should I look out for before actually purchasing one? thanks
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    Just follow any other standard procedure for purchasing a used vehicle: pay to have a competant mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection and run a title search. Denalis make excellent cars. I bought an '01 over a year ago and have had excellent service now with over 61k.
  • booggaboogga Posts: 5
    While I'm driving over 30 MPH there is a loud whistling's coming from's not the windows...any idea what I can do about it?
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    Move to Dallas. It won't stop the whistling. However, either heat, smog, noise, cussin', or one-finger salutes here will keep you from driving with your windows down no matter what time of year it is! ;-)
  • cornellpinoycornellpinoy Posts: 196
    Have you installed anything on the exterior? After I installed a stainless steel bug deflector on my Denali, I occasionally notice a noise from outside at highway speeds. Other SUV owners complain about wind noise from roof rack rails/accessories. If these don't apply to you, definitely have it checked out by the dealer. I think I remember older posts in the Yukon/Tahoe forum about windshield wind noise.
  • booggaboogga Posts: 5
    I haven't installed anything, this was happening from the start. I took it to the dealer and they heard it also and now is investigating it. We also test drove a new D/04 and it did the samething. Any other ideas on what it might be?

    Hey willing to pay for my transfer to Dallas?
  • dako_tiandako_tian Posts: 298
    Sure thing! If you'll pay for mine to Tampa! ;-)

    Happy Friday!
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    If you have any problems with your Denali find a good lemon law lawyer. Fortunately, I found one in San Diego on the Internet. See my prior postings re my problems. While some think I should be happy and not complain that GM finally bought my car back, per the California Lemon Law, I have little doubt that I needed a good lawyer to properly resolve my problem. I would not advise trying to resolve problems with a GM rep without consulting a good lawyer. The Denali had some design advantages, but, in my opinion, when a problem arose, it took me a year, and I was told that it was only because I was persistent, that GM finally accepted responsibility. I hope others do not have a similar experience as me with their Denali. Good luck to all.
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    Best case was they gave me all (I repeat all) my money back including down payment, all monthly payments, paid off my loan, interest, and they also paid my attorney fees per California Law. They did take a small amount of depreciation to the date that I first noticed the problem, but you are wrong that they bought it back at the depreciated price. I think I came out way ahead with a knowledgable lemon law lawyer.
  • fndlyfmrflyrfndlyfmrflyr Posts: 668
    Just browsing this forum because my friend just drove over with his new Denali XL (second one).

    You don't need a lawyer for lemon law cases in California if your vehicle is covered by the BBB autoline arbitration program. The arbitrator can award a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement.

    The amount of dollars deducted for use, by law, can be no more than a fixed percentage of purchase price based on the odometer reading when the vehicle was brought in the first time for the problem that resulted in the buy back or replacement.

    I heard many cases over 16 years and there were cases that justified and received a 100% reimbursement, with no deduction for miles used.
  • g357g357 Posts: 4
    I have a 2003 denali, and installed a vortex muffler. Now, when I accelerate from a stop the bass from the muffler is making something rattle. Any suggestions?
  • There are plenty of comments on this thread about people experiencing a low rattle/vibration when running the A/C and idling or slowly accellerating. I have experienced it on my '01 D., but I do not find it too disturbing so I'm leaving it alone. Search the thread - I think an exhaust hanger/braket may be the culprit. If this is the case, your Vortex with even greater bass would likely cause the same issue as the much quieter factory exhaust. Not sure if anyone has really found a good solution for this including GM.
  • artyarty Posts: 3
    do not give another chance, I had the same experience. search for bbb autoline to find my post. There is no way to win with the BBB. Get with the state Attorney General to get the ball rolling. The manufacturers are more responsieve when you have an attorney.
  • evans1evans1 Posts: 1
    I love my new(4k mi) 2004 Gmc Yukon Denali. It does, however, make some weird noise while I'm driving at around 20 and around 40 mph. Not under full accel, but when I'm coasting or lightly accelerating.
    It sounds to me like the exhaust system, or a rattling heatshield(does this veh. even have a heat shield?) but I'm just not sure.I took it to the dealer twice while they replaced my steering gearbox(SQUEEKY) and the tech says that's how they are. C'mon everybody, is that "how they are"?
    For my $55k they should be able to stop this. Does anyone else hear this rattling/vibrating/resonating noise?
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Tell the service department try to look for a loose baffle in the muffler. I drove a 2002 as a loaner that sounded similar. I mentioned it to the dealers rep when I returned it and got a call later to let me know what their mechanics found.
  • My '02 Denali also made a resonation noise at light throttle. It was really noticable when I would back it into my driveway. The repair order simply stated "repaired muffler" and problem was solved. It might have been the same repair as ocmike3 posted. I put the truck on a lift shortly after and didn't see any weights added as I've seen posted by some owners on the Tahoe/Yukon board.

    FWIW, the first month with my Denali was very disappointing & frustrating since it was at the dealer a few times for several problems that weren't noticeable during the test drive. However, the dealer did fix all of them. And its been trouble-free since then.
  • charmercharmer Posts: 1
    My 2003 XL Denali (30k) miles, just lost all electrical power in front of my house. Was running yesterday, today not even the interior lights work (no power at all). Batter charger shows battery has full charge. Has anyone heard of this before I get it towed to dealer?
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    These things have so many computer parts now that it could be anything, but old world thinking should point to the alternator. If your alternator is dead, you get nothing, even with no problems with your battery.
  • Seems like most of you are talkin' about the new Denali but I was wondering, anyone out there with the 99-00 Denali or Escalade with the rear cargo doors have this problem... When I go to open the right cargo door it is almost as if something is swelling in the door and the hinge is stiff (Kinda like they are when you first buy it but worse!) However the left one works good as ever. It's not a really big deal right now but i would like to get it fixed. Sitting outside in the college parking lot probably doesn't help!
  • My 03 Denali does the same exact thing. Still under warranty so I will be taking it in to the dealership for service.
  • Transmission clunking is a mystery only until today. This is your opportunity to educate a GM dealership about clunking and the fix for this symptom. After fighting the cause myself I proceeded with the fix on my own time and expense.

    The complaint: Customer experiences clunking noise under normal accleration from a stop light.

    The fix: During production GM installed a soft metal driveshaft yolk. What this means is that the yolk that fits into the driveshaft is made of softer metal than the output shaft on the transmission. This is an engineering method that is industry standard. If you are mechanically inclined, remove your driveshaft and take it to a highly reputable driveline service shop. Have the shop replace the u-joints with Spicer servicable u-joints and also have them install a Spicer yolk. The yolk is manufactured with a harder material and will make the clunking go away. Easy fix for about $120.

    The problem is that the splines on the inside of the yolk get burred up and stick to the splines on the output shaft of the transmission. One way you can diagnose the problem is by removing the driveshaft lubricate the splines inside of the yolk with CV Joint grease (blue or green in color). Make sure that you don't over do it because you will have a fight on your hands trying to get it back on. If the problem goes away get the yolk replaced.

    Good Luck.

  • I own a 1999 Yukon Denali 4WD and am experiencing the following:

    Symtom: Upon normal acceleration onto a freeway and as the vehicle approaches 65 - 70 mph the torque convertor kicks in and the truck shakes harder than a 7.0 earthquake. The computer compensates and disengages the convertor which softens the vibration but does not eliminate it. I had a Tech 2 in the vehicle to attempt a diagnosis and found that as the converter engaged around 65 mph the number 3 cylinder began misfiring over 160 times. I don't know how number 3 cylinder and the convertor are tied together but they are not singing a pleasant tune. What's the feedback.

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