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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • I had the "Intermediate shaft" replaced on my 2003 YXL just this last weekend for my own "clunk" in the front-end. The service advisor said that they had been having trouble with some of these and had just received some more replacement intermediate shafts. It was covered under warranty, of course, and solved my problem decisively.


    As for the exhaust ringing, others have reported defective mufflers (a loose internal baffle, I believe). This too should be covered under warranty, but you might need to be a little bit assertive (trying to remain nice for better results) to get them to fix it. Still, unless you have a poor-service dealer, they should come through for you. Seems like they could handle both in one visit....
  • Well, it was justat start but I had it out last night and it was doing it then but it primarily does it at startup for about 6-8 minutes then goes away. Its very strange. Things that strange can not be normal!
  • this is robert i have a yukon and a yukon denali and i just said screw this...the exchaust system i put on was a borla..THE BEST...GET A BORLA..nice rattle..great is expensive...but will give you piece of mind..hopes this help
  • Hello,
    I have an 04 Denali with only 6k miles. The problem is when i put on my left turn signal the "Hazard Lights" come on. This happens at lest every 1 in 5 attempts. This only happens with the left turn signal. The dealer replaced a "Multifunction Switch", but the problem still occurs now every 1 in 4 attempts. It is presently at the dealers today. Has anyone else exprerienced this and if so what cause of action was taken. Please help will be a father for the 2nd time any day now and this was suppose to be our family vechicle!!
  • 05denali05denali Posts: 1
    I had an 03 Denali XL.

    Experienced the same Left Turn Signal controling the hazard lights. Took it into the dealer 3 times. The first time it only did it 1 of every 4 times, but I also think weather may have had something to do with it. Or maybe how the Sun, Earth and Moon were alligned at the time. Seemed like the wet weather made the problem worse.
    The dealer of course couldn't replicate it so I walked out of there looking like an idiot.

    About 3 weeks later it started happening every time. In addition the driver's seat controls went crazy. The memory positions stopped working, the seat lost range, and the controls were the exact opposit. Meaning pull the lever back the seat should move back. It moved forward. Pull it up and the seat goes down. etc...

    The dealer had it in the shop for 2 days searching for the problem. (At 39000 miles) Finally found some control switch that went bad.

    About 3000 miles later the problem reappeared.

    I was fed up and traded it in for a new 05.
  • I own 04 Yukon with 11K miles. Around once a month the SUV will not start. Everything looks normal, but it will just not start, it doesn't make a sound (similiar to a kill switch) but all power is fine. Roadside took it in twice, but the truck started as soon as it got to the dealership, and once it started once I put it on the wrecker. I bought my 04 late in the model year, and it was old inventory when I bought it, but I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. So today, the truck did it again. The wrecker guy this time told me this is common, and he was sure that once he got to the dealership the truck would start. He stated it happens alot when there are bad thunderstorms. He said that all of the "shaking around" on the wrecker would disengage some sort of security glitch and the truck would be ok. He stated that the dealership's service will never figure it out as they can not replicate the problem, and that has been the case the first three times. Sure enough, he called me from the dealership no more than 10 minutes after he picked it up and the truck started. Has anyone heard of this type of problem. The wrecker guy is not a mechanic, but he was right as far as it starting as soon as he deliverd it to service. Please help if you have any info...
  • tomar7tomar7 Posts: 1
    I own a 2003 Denali. I had the annoying dash rattle/squeak sound that you describe. If I pressed on the dash, it would be quiet.

    I took the dash face off (it snaps off easily) and modified it by applying several small dots of silicone sealant, no different than tub and tile sealant. When you see the back side of the dash, you will notice where the factory had applied very small streams of silicone in certain areas, probably in an effort to do what I'm describing.

    Allow the silicone to dry, and for good measure, spray the areas with silicone lubricant too. Also with silicone lubricant, spray the spring clips that hold the dash in place, and the open dash where the spring clips mount (the holes).

    I've never heard a sound from the dash after this procedure.

    For the record, I too had a muffler replaced (under warranty) at 27,000 miles. This was due to the classic rattle sound. That was the only repair this vehicle has had.

    I love my Denali, and it rides like a dream, compared to the Tahoe LT that preceded it.

    I have a very good dealer too. After reading the other messages, I think many of the issues relate to poor service from a dealer. However, as you can see from my reply, I take a pro-active role in my car's needs. Most people may not be willing to take the dash face off and de-squeak the thing. But I assure that it was easy, it took no more than the time for the silicone to dry, and it will stop the squeaking cold.
  • A few of us here have had their exhaust making loud popping sounds - even after having the exhaust system replaced under warranty. My '02 has 38K miles and now it is making the same noise.

    I read in MotorWatch that with the full size GM trucks, "moisture trapped between the inner and outer layers of the muffler causes steam and makes a loud popping/cracking noise".

    So my question to those owners who have/had this same problem - do you notice the noise to be constant or just when its wet outside? Since I've only starting hearing it on my truck this winter, I'm curious if the noise will stop when the weather dries up & gets warmer or even if drilling a small hole will help the moisture escape.

    Thanks in advance for any feeback!
  • I have a 99 yukon with the same problem. My truck will turnover, run for a few seconds, then die. This always happens during periods of intense rains, high humidity, or even when I camp near the beach. After it dries up, the truck starts and runs fine. I have had it in to the dealership many times, they can never find the problem, although they think it has something to do with the anti theft system. Wish I could be more help... but I'm not sure how to fix it.
  • kebrakebra Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Yukon Denali that has been doing this about once a month for two years. I have had it in to two GMC dealers and no one can seem to get it right. Very frustrating! It always starts after about 15 minutes or so but it is becoming a very annoying problem.
  • jsinellijsinelli Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Yukon XL Denali, with 36,000 miles. I purchased a 5 year 75,000 extended warranty when I bought the truck. I have a chance to purchase an additional 25,000 to give me 5 years/100,000 miles of coverage. Additionally, I can choose $0/$100/$200 deductible.

    Does anyone have any advise on the value of purchasing the extended warrant for this vehicle.
  • Hi there everyone. I own a 2003 Denali and have only 16,500 miles on it. I love the truck and was hoping to never have to post in this forum, but alas, I finally had to take it to the dealership (Englewood Auto Group, NJ) and now all hell has broken loose! Since the vehicle was new, every once in a while "service stability" would pop up in the display when the truck was started. Turning the ignition off and back on again would clear the message and the truck always drove fine regardless. Mind you this happened only 6-10 times in over a year and a half. I finally had to go to the dealer to have the brake booster valve recall performed and asked them to simply check if there was in fact any problem with the stabilitrak. Well, the truck I loved is now an embarrassment due to the fact that the service stability is constantly displayed and my ABS, T/C and parking brake indicator lights are now constantly lit!My dash looks like a fireworks display! After I realized this I went back inside and spoke to the service advisor who so advised me that they could not access my PCM and therefor could not clear or reset the codes. He then continued on to tell me that they could not cover this under warranty because the vehicle was in an accident (was parked and bumped into by another parking vehicle at MAYBE 10 mph!) and because a wire was attached to the PCM. Well, this wire is part of an auto start which was installed by their installer. I had asked to set up an appointment to have it installed there in order to maintain the warranty over a year ago but they were too busy and sent me directly to the installer, telling me not to worry!When I argued that none of the dash indicator lights were previously on, he told me the tech said that they were when he pulled the vehicle in, and accused ME of lying. When I pointed out that I made no mention of such on the service request and obviously would have because the vehicle is still under warranty he just stood there dumbfounded. So, after going to the dealership to fix a problem I am now left with several others! I called the GM customer service line and am waiting for a call back tomorrow. Has anyone ever experienced problems such as these? Has anyone ever dealt with GM customer service and if so, was it a positive experience? Hell, I only want the truck back the way it was!
  • jsinellijsinelli Posts: 2

    I had a similar problem with the Stabilitrak on my 2003 Denali. I took it to the Dealer they reprogram it per a TSB and I have never had another problem with the Stabilitrak System. Unfortunately, I do not have the TSB number to pass along.

    Additionally, it sounds like you have a poor Dealer versus a bad vehicle. Save all your documentation and try another Dealer. I found changing Service Dealers worked for me.
  • mom49mom49 Posts: 1
    my son in law brought a 200 yukon denali and it does the same thing a frist they said it was the ingition switch they replace tt at a cost of 400dollars . it stop on my son again now they say that its the fuel pump; please help me.
  • They've changed the Center Console! Does anyone know where to purchase aftermarket products to allow for an optional Contractors Message Type Clip Board to be attached?
    The 2002 I sold had 2 compartments with a Writing area. The New 2005 does NOT have the Writing area - and only one DEEP storage Section.
    Mr. Bill
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I had my exhaust system replaced under warranty for this problem. The fix lasted 20K and now the problem is back. I am now out of warranty and even though GM offered to pay half of the over $1000 replacement, I elected not to do it because it is a simple annoyance and would probably happen again in another 20K miles. If I were to fix it, I would put in an aftermarket muffler since this is more likely to permanently fix the problem.
  • It is just an annoyance and I'm not in any rush to spend money to "fix" it either now that I know what causes it.

    The Corsa system that was posted on the Yukon/Denali forum really got my attention. I'll probably look into it when the stock exhaust finally goes.

    What I find interesting is that the popping sound does not happen all that often with my truck. The way some other owners complained on the Yukon forum and the Tahoe forum, I thought the popping would be more constant. I guess time will tell if the sound on mine will get any worse or not.
  • I have a 03 denali and have had the same problem, even after taking it to the dealer 5 times. During those 5 visits, the GM mechanics blamed it on a host of problems - from changing the whole computer that controls the stability system to blaming my upgraded navigation system that they sold and installed in my car. Finally i had enough and had it out with the service manager and mechanic. I returned the car for a sixth time. They worked on it for 5 days - turns out it was faulty "Yaw sensor." I've been driving the car for about 6 months now without a problem!
  • I have an 03 denali AWD and i want to get performance rotors for it. Can anyone tell me if the 03 denali has "Limited slip." Every brake company is asking me for this info - GM was no help - the 2 dealerships that i contacted didn't know for sure.
  • What brands are you looking at. I was planning on installing the Baer EradiSpeed+1 rotor on my 03 Denali after reading an article about them in the September '04 issue of Truckin. The difference in stopping distance with the mere replacement rotors was pretty impressive, although it was tested with 22" wheels on an Escalade. (90-0mph was 448.44 ft. w/stock rotors and 304.62 ft. w/ Baer rotors)When I went to order them there was no question about limited slip or not, just the year of the Denali was requested. Unfortunately I had to hold off as these rotors require an 18" rim or larger and although I have 22" rims I still put the stock 17s on in the winter. If that isn't a concern for you, they appear to be a great addition to the vehicle and are a simple bolt on at about $1300 for all four. They also utilize the stock brake pads so you don't have to worry about hunting down custom pads for every brake job.
  • hey, thanks for the input - i found out that the 03 denali's do have limited slip in their rear diff, but they don't call it limited slip. Its incorported with the stabitrak and ABS systems. I too saw the baer brakes but i have the same problem - still need to put the stock 17s for the winter. I've settled for a sock size rotor from SP performance (cross-drilled, slotted and nickle-plated). They say it would decrease my stopping distance in feet about %12. I got Hawk performance pads said to last three times longer than stock ones. All together it's come out to about $1000.
  • robhrobh Posts: 5
    Hello all, I was wondering if you guys have had any hard ride problems.
    My 2001 denali has been in the service dept. over 6 times in the past 2 months. We had a hard start problem when hot.. that took 3 times for them to finally put a new fuel pump in.. and tons of bitching.
    Now this hard ride is driving me crazy.. they say I have bad tires. So I go out and
    buy 4 new michillin cross terrain's at about 800$ Now it rides just slightlly better.
    and pulls to the right a little. had it aligned 3x allready. went through the whole tire pressure game..jeese it only has 50,000 on it. When I hit a reflector in the road i can feel it forget about a bump in the road.. you'll spill your drink..I went and drove a new 2005 XL and wow.. what a nice ride.. worlds different from what i have.

    Anyone know what I should do about this. I just cant go and buy a new one.

  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Shocks? Tire pressure? I have 60K on my 2001 DXL, but I have all new shocks which were replaced under my extended warranty for fluid leaking or a bad sensor.
  • robhrobh Posts: 5
    I also have the GM extended warrenty. they replaced 1 shock front drivers side for squeaking ( that took 3 trips as well ) What kind of tires do you have ?
    I have about 30 PSI in mine. Still stiff as a board. How does yours ride ?

  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I still have the original Cross Terrains, but will have to replace them later this year.

    I run 32 PSI. I do have 4 new shocks. It is not a good idea to replace the left shock without replacing the right shock. Fortunately, I had a problem with each shock so they were all covered.
  • robhrobh Posts: 5
    wow. this dealership is crazy. They told me that shocks are not covered under the extended warrenty, and gave me shome story about how the delership paid for it out of their pocket. This is going to be shuch a battle.
  • robhrobh Posts: 5
    how is the ride quality of your denali ?
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    It may vary on the extended warranty you have. I have a Chrysler extended warranty. It covers shocks for leaking and electronic failure, not normal wear.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I would rate the ride quality as good. I think it will improve when I replace the tires. This rating is very subjective.
  • robhrobh Posts: 5
    I know, but you probably do not chatter your teath when you hit a reflector or a small bump in the road. Whatever you do do not get the michilins the 05's comewith goodyear's they are putting on a set this morning to see if it is in fact the tires. I'll post and let you know the outcome.

  • absolutely, my 1999 now at 120,000 had the problem 3 times, the fuel pump!!
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    I could be wrong, but I think what you're describing is not so much a function of a limited slip, but the way the AWD system works on the '03+ (not 100% sure about '03 but almost positive) AWD Yukon Denalis and Escalades. IIRC--those vehicles no longer came with a locking (or limited, if you prefer to call it that way) diff; OTOH, I believe '01 and '02 AWD Yukon Denali (and Esky?) offered locking diff. I mention all of this because the '04+ Sierra Denali (and Chevy Silverado SS w/ AWD) both offer AWD and locking diff because the AWD mechanics on those vehicles are different from those on the '03+ Denali and Esky--IOW, the AWD unit offered on the '04+ Sierra Denali is not the same as that on the '03+ Yukon Denali.

    But yes, you are correct in describing the integration of Stabilitrak and ABS in helping to detect and correct wheel slippage...I guess you could call it a "software" solution of a limited slip diff, versus a "hardware" solution...LOL!
  • mckanemckane Posts: 1
    we have a 2002 yukon denali w\65k,bought used 2 months ago.had problem w\terrible noise when turning.started out only in sharp turns or going in circles now does it almost in all turns.louder on drivers side.dealship has replaced ring-n-pinion,gear set,transfer case,bearings , axle bearings,reset gears,transfer case,differentals,etc.they say just drive it till it breaks ,they dont know what else to do or DON"T really care.Not a good exp.w\dealership.they had done some repairs on car before we bought but obvisouly just patched it so it would sell. NEED SOME HELP PLEASE!!!
  • g357g357 Posts: 4
    Most likely it is the passlock system. If it sounds like the starter is turning over but isn't getting fuel, and the passlock light is flashing it must be the passlock system. Wait 10 minutes, the light should stop flashing and it should start. It's pretty useless to take it to the dealer, because they won't be able to duplicate the problem, unless your lucky and the problem ocurrs while you are there.
  • mamaof4mamaof4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Yukon XL and I am having the pinging noise you mentioned after shutting off the truck. I am in the preliminary stage of being heard by GMC. I would like to keep in touch to be a unified force against this giant. After reading the post in the forum I think we might be in for a battle. I spoke with GMC (very nice, so far) and they connected me to my local dealership. From what I have heard GMC is so aware of this and are willing to do some things to "fix" the problem, but apparently there is no sure fix. I am so disappointed! I would think when you spend 10's- of- thousands of $ on a vehicle you shouldn't here embarrassing pinging sounds.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Suggestion: Don't use the word "pinging" when describing your problem to the dealer or technicians. The term "pinging" refers to something completely different than you are experiencing and may confuse the people you are talking to.
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    I don't know if you are referring to the sounds of the catalytic converter metal shifting and snapping as it cools off (and the size necessarily changes due to the laws of physics). That is something common to all the vehicles I have owned since at least 1973. You can hear it more clearly on trucks because they sit so much higher off the ground than most vehicles.

    Heck this sort of popping sound as things cool off is something even my TV does and I can sometimes hear clearly at night from the one in my bedroom.
  • mydmousemydmouse Posts: 1
    On my 2002 denali the service ride control light is on and when I turn the suv on there is a noise coming from the back near my tires. Is there something I can do to get rid of the noise and the service ride control light? And my abs light is on.
  • I have a 2001 denali and I have been getting the service ride light as well. It will come on and stay on for a day and then it won't come back on for a couple days. I am not sure if I have a sensor that is loose or what. Now it hasn't come on for about a week.
  • frank310frank310 Posts: 45
    I just had the my 2005 DXL in the shop for that same problem. There is a bulletin on it and they installed a new heat shield, a clamp and 3 straps (reading off the work order. They dealer told me this will not make the noise go away for too. I'll let you know what happens. Also had two other issues: when turning steering wheel to the left you hear a constant squeaking sound, "adapter" has been ordered for that, another bulletin on this also. Windshield molding flaps when driving at highway speed, moldings ordered, there is a bulletin on this for 2000-2004 models but not 2005, dealer doing work under warranty.
  • vevette77vevette77 Posts: 2
    Hello...This is my first time using a message board, so let's hope I do this correctly. I just bought an '01 Yukon Denali with 62K one month ago...I am starting to get frustrated with the rough idle with and without A/C on and some rattling noises coming from the front of the truck when accelerating normally until around 35-40mph....It does not have a warranty....any suggestions?? I have read about some throttle body concerns others have had as well as some exhaust issues....Does anyone else have similar symptoms? Remedies? Thanks for your help!! [email protected]
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    It could be loose heat shields in the muffler.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Have your spark plug wires checked or just have them changed. I had a problem in a 2004 tahoe with spark plug wires. Some of them were really loose on plugs and I could clearly see that it had been arcing between the wire terminal and the plug.

    Just fixed this same issue again two days ago. Made a big improvement on idle. Also runs smoother during all driving.

  • barstoolbarstool Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Yukon xl that I bought used. The previous owner replaced the air suspension components with standard shocks. The Service air suspension message is constantly on. Is there anyway to dissable this message? It's driving me nuts.
  • vevette77vevette77 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice....I just got the rattle fixed...It was a bad driveshaft and U-Joints on the front end....$463.00 - I think I could have gotten a better price elsewhere, but needed it done quickly.

    I will try the Spark plug wires - hopefully that will work -

  • bossardbossard Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. I have a 2000 Yukon XL. It's only happened to me 4 times, well 5 now!!! Before when it would start I would wait a little while (couple of hrs.) then it would start right up. This is the first time that I've tried all day long and nothing happens. I hear some relays clicking in the dash but the Fuel pump and the starter do nothing! Do anyone send you anything helpful? :(
  • pictonatorpictonator Posts: 3
    Hi mckane,
    I have a 2001 Denali XL and I had a similar problem when turning. It initially only happened with sharp turns, but then got worse until it was happening every time I turned into a parking space. The sound was kind of a grinding sound and the front wheels felt like I was running a 4 wheel drive vehicle on dry pavement. It was a choppy jerking feeling along with the grinding sound. It took several trips to the dealer and a lot of patience to fix this.

    First they changed the power steering pump, no luck. Then they tore apart the transfer case and put it back together, with no luck. Next, they replaced the front differential, with no luck. On my fourth visit, they replaced a coupling in the transfer case and it finally worked right!! After changing that coupling in the transfer case, I have not had any more steering problems, going on 4 months now.

    I would love to hear what solves your problem, if they ever figure it out. As I recall, there is a technical service bulletin for some denalis that experience a "shuddering" in the front when turning sharp. My dealer never would acknowledge if that was related to my issue.
  • mkindermkinder Posts: 3
    our rear air is ice cold and the front is barley cool. anyone ver had this problem? thanks mike also the relay for the turn signals clicks all the time it might not a few miles then there it goes again.but the blinkers are not flashing when it happens.but the blinkers and flasher all work fine. :confuse:
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    I do believe there is a separate condenser for the rear (notice the water dripping near the right-rear tire as well as the "normal" condensation drip up in front?). That would explain why the difference if the front unit alone is having trouble. Sounds like a trip to the shop....
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